Author's Note: This is a story im doing to answer a challenge on another site. It is my first smut story and im kind of excited, kind of anxious too. The title of the story is not mine. It is by WulfHartDrahgunChio on . I am using it solely for identification purposes. R&R.

A Ravishing in the Woods

Lord Sesshomaru, Rin, and Jaken were once again travelling the lands of Japan, the aspiration and ambitions of the last daiy̬okai leading them onward. With the goal of uniting the four corners of Japan under his rule, Sesshomaru led his group even though some of them were miscreants. Jaken was behind him, the repetitive thump of the Staff of Two heads in quick succession telling Sesshomaru the state of his loyal follower. Not sparing a further glance but to see if he was dutifully leading Au-Un by the reins, his gaze wandered over to the right to look at his ward before dismissing her from his mind as well

As Rin walked over the dirt path and hummed herself a random tune, she began to spin around and gaze up at the sky in marvelous childlike wonder at how the slow clouds spun with her. Her Lord paid her no mind. This was just her nature as it was a bird's to fly or a bee's to sting. And even as she strayed lightly from the path, she was not worried, for her Lord would always find her before she could get into any significant amount of trouble.

But trouble was following her as she danced beneath the sky and sang a song with no words. And trouble followed and lurked and watched her as she first found a patch of edible mushrooms and legumes, rolled up her sleeves and hiked up her skirts when she waded into the water. Trouble waited for her as she bent over and curled her finger under the water to entice fish nearer until they were lost prey for a hungry woman. Something was always there without her notice while she came upon a patch of wildflowers, her weakness, and sat in their midst, picking the choice and most beautiful blooms to weave a garland of flowers for her hair and save for perfumes. The forests of Japan were her playgrounds from the time she was a young girl until the summer she blossomed into a woman, just like the flowers she so cherished.

It was only until she stopped to see if there were any more choice wildflowers did she notice the darkening sky and the forest which held an innocent touch now thrummed with an ominous hunger. Her Lord Shesshomaru had not come to retrieve her and she was partially grateful for personal time alone, but he had never allowed her to wander so far. She turned quickly as she heard the sound of a tree branch snapping nearby.

"L-lord Sesshoumaru…?" she queried hesitantly as she slowly inched towards the sound. Her heart was pounding in her ears. Her mouth was dry. She tasted fear, a flavor that almost left her sick. Just then a jackrabbit pounced towards her and away, causing her to scream then chuckle at her own foolishness. And when the shadow towered over her from behind, she relaxed even more.

"Lord Sesshou—," she began, only to gaze upon an unfamiliar face and upon seeing it let loose a blood-curdling scream.

The great daiyoukai of the Western Lands heard the scream of his ward and with the speed born of his heritage he blazed a trial towards the source of the sound. Rin wasn't a skittish human. No, he raised his Rin to be mostly self-sufficient, only coming to him if she were to need protection and those were the only times she ever troubled him. And when she screamed, his head snapped up instantly and he ran towards the sound, his every sense intent upon finding her, not even bothering with his other, much more annoying servant, Jaken. She was his only concern and he raced towards her even as a bandit pinned her to the forest floor with a blade pressed to her throat, immobilizing her.

This was Rin's greatest fear, to die the same horrible death that had befallen her family.

"My, my, you're a pretty one…" he drooled as he stared at the width of her chest and the sight of her legs. Gripping her thighs he tried to nudge her legs apart, but realizing the situation, Rin kept them closed. The bandit, with a scar across his right jaw and his head left eye hidden under a black bandana, repaid her resistance by pressing the point of the blade firmly against neck until it pricked and left a droplet of blood on her skin.

"My Lord will kill you for doing this to me. Sesshoumaru-sama!" she screamed as he tore open her kimono.

The bandit rumbled with menacing laughter, "A demon's whore. Then you should be able to handle anything a mere mortal can give you. This will be exciting." A cruel grin spread across his face and dropping the knife to use both hands, he forced her legs apart with a harsh jerk that would leave a set of matching bruises. The knife clattered to the ground and without thinking, she wrapped her hand around the hilt of the knife and stabbed wildly. The sound of metal piercing flesh meant she hit her target and she shoved him off her body. Then she shakily got to her feet and tried to run. But the bandit grabbed her by her long locks of hair and brought her back to the ground even as he pulled the dagger out of his upper arm.

"You'll pay for that. Now I'll just kill you when I'm done with you…" he paused as he considered his next words, "or maybe I should kill you first then carry on with my business. A dead body is less trouble than a live one!" His threat was in vain for as soon as he cried out the last word Sesshoumaru picked the man up by his throat and threw him across the clearing into the trunk of a thick oak.

Sesshomaru had held back on purpose, determined to make this knave pay for what he had done. With the desire to torture this man into a bloody mess he launched himself at the man, reaching him in two steps.

Rin wasn't the sort of girl to get riled by two men fighting over her, but the way Sesshoumaru moved with the grace of a wolf, had her blood pounding in her veins. He was only using a menial percentage of his power to lay waste to the human and even though he was leaving a gory scene behind, Rin could only focus on her lord and master. The way his youki leapt into his eyes had her shivering in anticipation and longing that he might look at her that way under completely different circumstances.

Since becoming a woman she had oftentimes fantasized about the demon before her but nothing had her rubbing her legs together wantonly and panting like a cat in heat quite like watching him kill for her. Gone were the days when she was simply grateful and indebted for his protection. Oh, no, she had a perfectly good idea about how she'd like to repay him. Only, unfortunately, she was only making this connection now and it simply wouldn't do to have him be completely aware of her baser needs at a time like this.

The fight was over but it had not lasted long enough in Sesshomaru's opinion. He had landed six vicious punches to the pathetic creature's chest, each blow pulverizing a rib to dust. Then with deadly precision, he had proceeded to break every bone in its body. Then as the imps of the afterlife began to claim the creature, Sesshomaru swung Tenseiga to revive the knave, only to chop his head off with a swipe of Tokijin. Revenge taken, he took his place before Rin.

"Thank you my Lord," she murmured as she closed her kimono, covering her nakedness. However, not before he got a long look at her body. And it was all his. Humans' life spans were so short that she had grown up seemingly overnight. Still, she had grown up. Her dark nipples had grown slightly taut and—with a little teasing from his experienced hands—could have given her pleasure enough to coax her into a sexual act. He could see the reason as to why the degrading human acted in the manner he did, but he would kill him a thousand times over just for staring at his Rin. Unfortunately he could only kill him twice.

Still, he could smell the distinct scent of arousal on Rin as she stood before him, could hear the erratic beat of her heart and notice how her breaths came shorter. He followed her eyes as she bent to pick up the salvageable bits of what she had gathered for her meal and stood again.

"Forgive me my foolishness," she begged and bowed, knowing he would probably just walk away. So she was extremely surprised when he bent to lick the blood off her neck and tongue her tiny wound. She even let out a startled squeak though it was only meant as a soothing gesture. The innocent way in which she acted would be his undoing and that damn scent coming from her was so strong now he didn't know what to do. The demon part of him, the canine, was urging him to mate with her, completely unconcerned with the fact that she was a human…or his ward.

"My Lord?"

Her shaky voice brought him back to his senses enough that he could pull away from her. He wouldn't sate the aching in his loins with her here. Not that this wasn't a perfectly nice place. In fact, he would thoroughly enjoy pushing her up against one of those trees and burying himself in her sweetness. Rin would not resist him. She knew to whom she belonged and, if the way she murmured his name in her sleep was anything to go on, she was in need of fulfillment from the way her desire for him had peaked. The only problem was this wasn't the time. And the only thing that made this time inconvenient was the one Jaken.

Rin stared heatedly at her Lord though he acted unaffected by any of it, even after he made her weak in the knees by licking her throat. She tried to say something, but she could form no words. She needed an explanation, hoped beyond hope that he had done what he had done for reasons having nothing to do with practicality. Of course, that was not her Lord's way. Just then there was a shrill shriek of Sesshoumaru's name that could only be Jaken calling, and Rin dared to think she would never be enlightened. But then, he surprised her.

"Your blood would attract demons." She looked around at what was left of the bandit and grew nauseous at the gore. Her blood obviously wasn't the main problem. Of course, he knew that so he left the clearing in search of a more suitable place to stop and rest. Rin followed, rolling her eyes at his behavior—Yeah, way to play that one off Sesshoumaru—but at the same time thought deeply about the nature of her feelings for her Lord. He saved her life many times and yet, never asked or demanded anything in return. Well, of course, since she had been revived there had been a silent vow of servitude between the both of them but even that meant surprisingly little. More often than not she only got herself into trouble that he felt obligated to get her out of.

After her little scare in the woods she figured that should be the last time she should allow herself to wind up in such a predicament. And if it was not to be the last time…well…then she would continue to repay him from this point on, whatever that entailed. Even staring at his back, as she had done for almost eleven years now, she remained extremely aware of how much she adored him. The smooth way he walked, with the subtle grace of a predator, entranced her. The way he held himself straight and tall made her do the same in the hopes that he would notice her. She desperately wished for that and even tried sending him signals though he never gave any indication that he would turn around. It was incredibly frustrating how determined her was to deny her his gaze. It made her unexpectedly aroused.

But he was already more than aware of her. She had bled monthly since the turn of her fourteen winters but normally he had left her alone for those couple of days. When he could not rid himself of her, the scent of her blood was overwhelming to his nose but it was nothing like this. She had been wounded, but it was not only the scent of her blood that had enthralled him, it was the scent of feminine arousal, of desire, and the fading scent of fear turned to excitement that had woken the demon deep within him in a way that no other woman, human or demon alike, had ever done or could ever do. He was infatuated with her and he desired Rin and only Rin despite her ningen heritage. The girl whom he had fostered into adulthood was his equal, his match, in many ways. If Jaken weren't following, then he could and would show her that. As it was, he would have to wait for the appropriate moment until he could have the toad distracted and the human girl in his arms.

He found a suitable place to stop for the night and though it was not as acceptable clearing as the one he'd filled with gore moments ago, he hadn't the patience to go searching for another when Rin was tiring and the demon lord had other agendas on his mind. It annoyed him in the smallest fraction, but it would have to do for the time being.

His ward was about to find stones nearby and begin creating a fire circle, leaving the task of finding firewood to Jaken, but Sesshoumaru grabbed her arm gently.

"Go clean his smell off of you first."

Rin looked confused since making the circle later would require another bath, but knew better than to argue with him, especially after a killing. He may have looked calm on the outside, but his demonic energy was frenzied just below the surface.

"Yes, my Lord."

The sound of running water was not very far off so she knew which way to go, but just as she faced the cool, running stream, she could also feel his eyes burning into her back as he stared intently with longing. Fortunately, his faithful—though undeniably annoying—servant Jaken found himself in the clearing not long after that. He didn't need to be told what to do about the lack of firewood though Sesshoumaru felt compelled to order him to take care of the fire pit and the spit tonight.

He grumbled something about how it could take him all night to erect the spit with his short arms and small hands.


Sesshoumaru barely waited for Jaken to leave the clearing before he sought out Rin with all of his senses and tracked her to the nearby river. The river branched off into two veins. One supplied water to the body of a pool and the other continued on with a high current as the main river. The pool was not especially elevated over the river but as the rest of the water flowed downward, the pool held the water at its own elevation and let what excess remained run of in a thin stream back to the fast and tumultuous river.

Though the scene was obviously created by some greater power with a master hand, natural beauty aside, Sessohumaru could not keep his eyes off of the woman standing before the pool. What he saw made him pause in awe. If he were a lowlier type of dog instead of a demonic one he could have fully imagined himself panting with his tongue rolled out from his mouth to the ground. But he just watched as she untied her obi and lowered her open kimono to the ground slowly, allowing it to skirt down over her curvaceous form. Shoulders, hips, thighs.

All she had to do was take that ridiculously thin robe off from underneath. It was already hanging down low over her shoulders, a revealing slit running down the middle, leaving a small view of her ample bosom and abdomen open to his gaze. It was hardly enough and if he wanted more, he would have as much as he craved. She would deny him nothing.

"Rin," he murmured, coming up behind her with his lightning fast speed and whisper quiet stealth to stroke her naked forearms until the skin tightened, tiny hairs standing up and goose bumps breaking out over her supple skin.

She jumped in alarm and gasped, "My Lord…" even as a small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. "What took you so long?"

Author's Note: i know, i know. No smut! don't worry. this chapter is just for setting things up. chapter number two will be almost completely dirty, but at the same time surprisingly clean