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"And you…" she hesitated, pausing to lick her lips, "you should be mine."

He smiled at her possessiveness around the nipple in his mouth. Though she acted reluctant about admitting these things he knew it was just an act. The first time she had realized she could use this as means of approaching him sexually, he had thought she would prove to be a meek lover, especially since it was her first time. Oh how wrong he was…

Clean Fun and Consummation

His vision of the past shifted to the present and to the woman in his arms. She had already parted his kimono while he was lost in his reverie and now she was trailing kisses down his sculpted chest, working her way towards his abdomen. She began to swirl her tongue around his navel, eliciting an appetizing moan from his lips. He knew what she was going to do and in all honesty, he wanted it, so he let her slowly undo the tie on his pants and didn't stop her when she looked up at him for permission.

Rin let the pants fall down his hips and she blushed as she saw just how aroused and virile he was. She wrapped her hand around him and experimentally moved her palm up and down his shaft slowly. He growled deep in his throat so she knew he was enjoying it. For all the times they had taken a tumble in the grass together, she had never tried new things to give him pleasure. It seemed that he was wholly concerned with her own pleasure and having them both find release. Rin's seductiveness appealed to her Lord, but she too wanted to be experienced in giving pleasure.

Sesshoumaru ran his finger through her hair and chuckled at the focused look on her face. Her hands were so soft and they were moving so slow that he thought he'd die from how slowly the sexual tension was rising. He put his hand over hers and made her stroke him faster. When she picked up the pace, he let go of her hand and gripped her hair again. Rin knew that this was how he liked and wanted it. Still, she thought it better to tease him, so she slowed down again. He let out a whimper and it was possibly one of the most erotic sounds he had ever made.

For that moment, he was completely submissive to her. He was at her mercy. She milked that moment for everything it was worth, moving slow and fast, bringing him to the edge then easing him down just below it.

"Rin!" he barked, desperate but commandingly. He was coming undone and knew it. She was making him weak and he needed his release if he would be able to think clearly about anything. Sesshoumaru did not have to tell her what she needed to do. She understood. She moved faster and kept pace until he started panting like a dog. An instant later, he felt the spasms in his lower abdomen and groin and knew he was going to lose it. She continued to stroke him, squeezing him until he exploded. Then, in an attempt to give him more pleasure, she loosened her grip and lightly stroked him until he could take no more.

His eyes looked down, taking in the view of her kneeling beneath him. His eyes raked along her flushed face, the red strikingly erotical against her pale skin. Her eyes were wide and dilated; fast puffs of air were pushing past those delicate pale and pink lips; her tongue tentatively traced them, coating them in a natural gloss making them all the more seductive. His eyes dropped down even further and the sight made him growl a deep and hungry sound.

His seed was splattered all over her chest, over those round and perfect orbs with rosy tips. Lost in the throes of his ecstasy, he had no control of his body and had released and cum directly onto her. And the sight of her covered in his own seed spurred a deep and insatiable need in him; the need to mark her as his in every way possible.

He curled his fingers under her arms and pulled her up to her feet. He raised her arms above her head, forcing her to stand on her toes and push up her chest towards him. Her tongue came out again to lick her lips and he dipped his head down to sweep the same path, earning a moan from her lush mouth.

He pulled away and spoke, "Walk ahead of me. To the hot spring."

"But, why, Sesshy?"

He bent his head down and licked her from the base of her neck all the way to the sensitive spot under her ear again and again. After the first sweep of his tongue, he was sure she was compliant, but he wanted more than that. He needed her shivering. He needed her to stop thinking coherently. The unintelligible sounds of pleasure she was making let him know that she was no longer thinking.

He took the opportunity to turn her around. "Walk," he ordered her. She did as she was told.

His nostrils flared as he drew in the scent from her neck before she began to obey his directions. He let her walk ahead of him, taking advantage to trace the column of her spine, the lovely arch from top to bottom, admiring the heart-shaped rear that swayed from side to side with her feminine walk. He felt that distinct carnal hunger stirring within him again as he stared, her hips moving in time with the naturally confident rhythm of her body. Rin turned to glance over her shoulder when she didn't hear the sounds of his footsteps. She gasped in shock and her own arousal as she saw the way his eyes were devouring her. She discreetly rubbed her legs together.

The minx didn't move until he followed. Before she could blink, he was behind her and picking her up from beneath her knees. She squeaked as he caused her legs to part, spreading them wide. The cold air on her unbelievably swollen and hot core made her wetter, but she didn't try to squirm. He bore them up the side of the spring and into the hot water, sitting down and settling her in his lap. Her thighs closed around his stiff manhood and Sesshoumaru moaned again. He dipped his hands into the water and slowly ran them over her breasts until she was clean again.

However, though he knew she was clean, he didn't stop caressing the firm pebbles that her nipples had become. He flicked them back and forth with one hand; with the other, he raked his claws lightly down her ribcage and abdomen. He continued down, his hand lost beneath the water, until his fingers pressed against the sensitive mass of nerves between her wet folds. She unconsciously rocked her hips, grinding her core against him. Her breath came out in fast and short gasps, rising higher and higher in pitch until they were sharp enough to echo throughout the woods. He ever so lightly raked his nail along her clit, making her arch and give a short scream. He pinched it between his fingers, making her wrap her arms around his neck and grind harder against his hips. He rolled it between his fingers, tugged it, caressed it, fondled it; every action making her moan over and over until she opened her mouth in a soundless scream and bucked forcefully against his hand.

Jaken came awake with a quick alertness that belied his demeanor.

"That noise. It sounded like the voice of my lord's wayward miscreant," he said out loud to himself. His voice changed into a whisper as realization set in, "if anything were to happen to her, my lord would most certainly punish me in ways I can't even imagine."

He whimpered in fear and began to ran, picking up the Two-headed staff on the way. He had only taken a few steps before that great lump of a beast flew down and crashed on top of him.

The weight of this idiot creature was crushing him. "Get stupid...beast...I must...get to...the human...," his voice came out in a wheeze as his chest was being pressed into the ground.

Ah-un gave a snort and then settled down to sleep. Jaken had no choice but to follow him as he slipped into unconsciousness. Before succumbing he hoped that his lord had managed to find the girl.

Rin slumped against Sesshoumaru, tired.

"I am not done with you, Rin."

"But—" she tried to protest, though she knew from past experience that she could take more than this. At first, these trysts left her completely drained. But, after a while, she began to build stamina.

Sesshoumaru could tell that she was not trying to be difficult. He was also aware that she wasn't completely drained from her previous orgasm. He moved from behind her and turned her around so her back was pressed against the edge of the pool. Then he set her arms on the outside so that she was supported when he cupped his hands beneath her knees and lifted her hips out of the water. The water ran down her legs and dripped off her rear. From this place between her thighs, he could see that she was wet inside and out. She struggled in alarm.

"Wha-what are you doing?"

He smirked and inhaled her feminine musk. It was the perfect aphrodisiac. "Silence." He lightly nipped her cheek, biting not firmly but not gently either, strong enough to mark her. She groaned and whimpered and her arousal sharpened. He soothed the crescent shape mark with his tongue, slowly swirling it around. Her hips began to move in slow hypnotic circles, pushing her rear closer to his face and then pulling away only to come back again. He growled hungrily and took hold of her hips, ceasing her movement. He kissed every single inch of her perky rear, nipping again, licking again. Each action made her moan or sigh in pleasure.

Sesshoumaru pulled away, earning a groan of displeasure from her. Gripping her hips once more, the taiyokai moved closer between her legs, lowering her hips so that her lovely pink sex was right before him again.

She looked up at him sharply, raising her head, "Sesshy...what are you...going to...ooh"

He had cut her off as he dipped his head down and brushed his nose lightly against her clit. His eyes darkened the moment before he ran his tongue over her rosy petals. She cried out, surprised, but aroused. At first Rin tried to close her legs, but after he ran his warm wet tongue over her again and again, it was all she could do not to thrust her hips forward. She felt an ache, a familiar pressure building within her. Her fingers clawed at the dirt and grass as his tongue delved between her folds.

He had speared her with his tongue and when she cried out, he could feel himself throbbing and aching to be inside her. But he wanted to hear her scream, wanted to feel her orgasm from this, wanted to taste her even more. His tongue was quick and nimble, swirling inside her, stroking her walls. He loved her taste, but it wasn't enough, not nearly enough. With a growl he pulled back and then latched his mouth over her sex. He let out an unearthly moan as he began to devour her. He ate her like a hungry and savage dog, using his lips and tongue to touch everything.

Rin could feel his fangs lightly raking her sensitive skin. Her blood was pounding, rushing through her veins, but the rising tension was terribly slow. With every stroke of his tongue, he flicked her clit and swirled it around inside of her. If he didn't stop this sweet torture, she thought she might die of it. She tensed, her toes splashing in the water as she kicked her legs. Her lord held fast to her hips and intensified his actions. She screamed and arched from the pleasurable sensation, making his body howl in satisfaction.

He could smell her rising arousal; see her whole body flushing, the blood rush making her all the more sensitive. He raked his nails down along her inner thigh, making her buck. Again he did, earning the same response. Oh how he would love to learn every reaction of her body.

"Sesshy...please...," she whispered so low that even he had to strain to hear.

Knowing what she asked for he willingly gave it. He clamped his mouth around her swollen bud of nerves and sucked, getting the loudest response from her yet. He continued to suck, nibble, and lick. She was bucking her hips now despite his grip, her body reacting so strongly. She was rising and rising in pleasure, her screams going higher and higher. And then for one breathtaking moment, all was silent; the forest, her moans, his moans, their harsh breathing, the sound of lapping water.

Then it all came back in a rush as she arched and came in a glorious shout. Her hands lost their hold as her body came down and everything went lax. She began to slip down in to the water, her eyes rolled back. Sesshoumaru caught her under her shoulders and lifted her against him until her breathing returned to normal. Her heart hammered within her breast and he could feel it as he plastered her body to his. She was glorious; all woman and warm soft skin. She shifted against him lightly, still disoriented. However, her thighs brushed his groin, causing him to remember that he was still unsatisfied. Odd that he should think of it now.

The Lord of the Western Lands had had many demon women in his long lifetime. He had always been selfish, thinking only of his own release. Truth be told, those harlots were just as cold. They were always hoping that a night would make him want them or a child could make him take them for a mate. They wanted his title, his wealth, but not him. But now, all he could think of was Rin's pleasure. He had told her countless times that humans and demons could never be together and he had made it known what he thought of those who did attempt it. Still, she had never faltered and she had never strayed from his side. She did not even expect a title and she knew that for as long as she lived she would only be a blink in the many years of his. The young woman had given herself to him with complete love and adoration, only wanting his love in return.

Somewhere along the line, he had lost his heart to her. She opened her eyes and stared up at him before pressing her mouth against his. Kissing was something he had never experienced before Rin. Of course the others had tried to kiss him, but he felt nothing. Kissing like this was a first and rare. The concubines never looked into his eyes as they're bodies moved together like Rin did.

Rin could tell he was thinking about something, though she didn't know what. What she did know was that he was still pressing against her with the utmost excitement. Her legs felt like noodles, but she gathered enough strength to wrap them around his waist. At the same time, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"My Lord," she purred. "You still have need of me."

"Yes," he groaned. His heart was sore. Rin cared for him and his needs even if these stolen moments were all they had. Yes, of course she got herself into trouble to make him so emotional he could think of nothing else than her, but it was not as if he was not thinking of her already. It was only that he could not bring himself to throw away his pride and claim her. He supposed he saw it as some kind of weakness.

Rin kissed her lord's neck and shoulder and nibble on his chin, not to entice him, but merely to show her love. She continued as he took them out of the water and sat on his discarded clothes strewn about the grass. She could tell by the look in his eyes that something pained him and it had nothing to do with the sex. It was the same things that always got him this way after they coupled and it had everything to do with the more platonic aspect of their relationship. He wouldn't give her children and he said there could be no future with him, but she knew he wanted one. And sex wasn't going to change his mind. He could have that with any woman.

"My Lord…" she murmured as she cupped his cheeks and tilted his face so her mouth could come down upon his. She tasted him and lightly nipped at the corners of his mouth just like he liked. But he pulled away. Her heart could have broken.

"Do not expect more than this. Nothing will come of it."

"Sesshy—" he narrowed his eyes at her in warning. It stung her that he could go so quickly back to being so guarded. "I mean, my Lord, I do not expect more."

"Little fool," he spat at her. They always wanted more, they always expected it. She was no different. But she was so different. He wanted to give her everything he couldn't give. Or maybe it was just that he wouldn't give it to her.

She sighed and got up, putting her clothes back on. He watched her go through the motions, noticing the angry way her back stiffened. She was proud, just as he was proud and for a moment he could seriously see their future together. He would draw her back into his arms. She wouldn't resist him, but she would want to. He would lower them back into the grass and strip her naked and make slow and sensual love to her from behind. And then, when they would come together, he would bite down on her shoulder and mark her as his. There would be no point in hiding what they did then. It would be out in the open. However, the life they could have together would be nothing but hardships. He could not do that to her.

Her life was so short. She might forget him if he left her, but he doubted it because he knew that he would never forget her. Life without her was no option. He needed her like the moon needed the sun's light to shine. But if he did not take her as his mate, he would eventually have to take another. All they would have was this and this was not a life. He could take her into her arms and make love to her as many times as he wanted, but for naught. She could only be his favored concubine and never his wife. She would have to stand in the shadows and watch him take another and watch them have the children he would never give her. At the same time, he could not submit her to that ill treatment either.

He should send her away. He knew he should send her away. But he was not strong enough.

"Rin," Sesshoumaru whispered next to her ear.

She shuddered in his arms. She could feel that this was the moment their lives depended on. No matter what was to happen, she would always be his. She could never be another's. She reached for him as he snaked his arms around her waist. He teased her neck with his tongue then nibble on her shoulder.

"I am not yet done with you."

He lowered them to the grass again to seal their fates for better or for worse. She went willingly.