Just want to say that I love Sandy and Kirsten but with that said I wanted to explore how Ryan would deal with their death. How he would deal with raising a seven year old Sophie which is what this story is about. It's RT and SS of course.

Today was the reading of their will. Ryan Atwood hadn't seen this day coming, at least not yet anyway. He had a comfortable life lately. He was married to the love of his life with a son on the way. Then this happened. Now they were gone and a lawyer was standing in front of him reading off of a document that Ryan hadn't wanted to hear for years to come. They were supposed to be invincible but Ryan knew that nothing in life was permanent. Now he knew Sandy and Kirsten Cohen weren't either.

He was barely listening when his wife gripped at his hand. He heard her gasp and then he saw the looks on everyone's face. His first thought was to panic, even if he didn't know what they were all freaking out about. Seth was glaring. Seth never glared at him. This glare frightened Ryan. Then his brother stood up and started pacing the room with his hand massaging his temple. "What's going on?" Ryan was able to speak out. Everyone was still gawking at him. "Why is everyone freaking out? What did he just say?"

"Why would they leave her to him?! He's not even her biological brother!" Ryan furrowed his brow. Now he really wished he had listened to the lawyer.

"Calm down, Mr. Cohen. I'm only telling you exactly what your parents have written here." The fancy lawyer spoke up. Ryan's wife gripped his hand tighter before looking into his eyes.

"Sophie's our responsibility now." She whispered as tears stained her delicate cheeks. Ryan froze. The Cohen's left Sophie to him? He wanted to know why they would do a thing like that. He wanted to know why they hadn't left her to Seth but most of all he wanted to know why they left at all. How could they leave a seven year old girl? How could they just leave their family like this?

It wasn't their choice to leave their family like this. The drunk driver who had hit their vehicle made that choice for them. He took them away from their children, away from their innocent daughter. Ryan didn't even know they had written a will and he definitely didn't know they would leave their daughter to him.

"Ryan…did you hear me?" Taylor pulled herself closer to him. Taylor. His wife. The woman who was there for him constantly. The woman who was having his son. The woman who was going to help him through all this. He just hoped she'd stick around after everything that was going to happen to them.

"They…why me?" He asked her hoping she'd have an answer for him. She didn't though. She was just as shocked as he had been.

Ryan wasn't even close to being prepared for this.

"I can't believe this…" Seth was beyond pissed off. Ryan was about to tell him that if he thought Sophie would be better in his care than he could take her but then he thought back to the Cohen's. If they had picked him and Taylor to take Sophie then he couldn't back down from that. The two of them had good judgment and they wouldn't make this choice if they hadn't thought about it long an hard.

"I'm sorry, Seth." Ryan croaked out. He really was sorry.

"It's not your fault…I just don't understand." The curly haired man stood in front of his brother looking like he was going to be sick.

"Me either." Ryan told him truthfully. He really wished he could understand. That's when the lawyer told them that the Cohen's had left letter's to each of their sons and one to Sophie for when she was older.

Ryan quickly opened the envelope. Taylor looked over his shoulder as he read the Cohen's words. He instantly recognized the handwriting. It was Kirsten's.

Dear Ryan (and probably Taylor because she's attached at your hip and if I know her then she's reading this),

If you're reading this then Sandy and I are no longer around. If you're reading this I need you to understand we love you. We love you like you're our own, even if you weren't born to us naturally we never saw you as anything other than our son.

Now I have a large feeling that you're freaking out about what our lawyer is reading to you off of our will. It had taken us so long to figure out who we would leave Sophie Rose to if we had passed before she was 18. We alternated between you and Seth plenty of times. We know we chose the right person for taking care of our angel. While we love Seth, we know you'll understand how hard this is going to be for our young daughter. We chose you because you're strong and you can get threw this, and you'll help Sophie get threw all of this. You and Seth both are probably still trying to figure out our reasons for leaving Sophie with you and Taylor. We wish we knew exactly but we don't. All we know is we see it best in our hearts that she goes to you.

With that said, I must tell you our Berkeley home is all yours if you want it but we wouldn't blame you if you couldn't stay there.

We want you to remind Sophie of us everyday. Make sure she never forgets that her mommy and daddy loved her very much. Tell her we didn't leave her to be mean or hurtful. Make sure she knows that one day she'll see us again.

Sandy and I trust you, Ryan (and Taylor), we trust the both of us enough to know you won't let us down.

Sometimes I wonder how I could have even thought about not letting you stay with us in the beginning. I can't picture my life now without you being in it. Thank you, Ryan for everything.

We love you, Ryan.

Good luck with life, son.


Sandy and Kirsten.