It's been awhile but i'm not dead.

Chapter 29

Kaitlin decided to go to her next doctor's appointment alone. It'd been five weeks since she found out what she was having and she couldn't be happier to know she was having a little boy. She saw this as a new adventure even if she had started out not wanting her baby. She knew she'd never feel that way again.

Kaitlin couldn't wait to hold her son in her arms for the first time. She couldn't wait to have that unconditional love that he would bring to her.

Kaitlin nervously sat there on the exam table. Her regular gynecologist wasn't there so she had a fill in. She had just gotten used to the other lady, she wasn't sure that she'd like this lady.

The door opened and Kaitlin realized that the fill in doctor was no woman.

In fact the person standing in front of her was possibly the most gorgeous man Kaitlin had seen in her twenty-three years of living. He was even more gorgeous then the guys she had been around in New York.

His blonde hair and those green eyes made her swoon right there on the table. She was pretty sure those pregnancy hormones were taking over in that second. Especially when he gave her a smile. She tried to calm herself. She wasn't this type of girl. She didn't let guys have this kind of affect on her.

"You must be Kaitlin Cooper, I am Doctor Michaels but you can call me Nathan. I'll be filling in for your regular doctor for the next few weeks." He smiled extending his hand out to Kaitlin. Kaitlin shook his hand excitedly trying to calm herself down from jumping this stranger. She wasn't even sure how she was able to trust this man after what happened to her. Kaitlin quickly took her hand back and frowned at Nathan.

"So, you're twenty-five weeks along?" He sat down on a stool across from her. He pulled it so he was closer to her. Kaitlin just nodded knowing her voice wouldn't obey her. "Experiencing anything different lately?" He asked her. Kaitlin just shook her head. Nathan flashed her another smile as he scribbled something in the folder he was holding. "Alright, let's listen to your baby's heartbeat." He stood up. Kaitlin shivered not sure if she wanted him to touch her again.

She was beyond nervous as he lifted up her shirt.

She only relaxed when she heard her baby boys heartbeat. She sighed loving the sound it was making. It calmed her down more then she thought it would.

Kaitlin knew she was changing, and she owed it all to her son. She smiled up at Nathan. She took in his eyes as he listened to the heartbeat with her.

"Everything seems just fine." He pulled back after another minute. "You're having a boy?" He asked her writing something down in the folder again.

"Yeah." Kaitlin finally spoke sitting up.

"I bet the father is excited." He glanced up at Kaitlin.

"There's no father." She spoke quickly looking away from him. "Or at least I don't know who he is." Nathan raised an eyebrow at her. Kaitlin wasn't sure if she wanted to tell this stranger why she didn't know who the father was.

"So, you're single?" He asked next. Kaitlin widened her eyes. She couldn't believe what he was asking her.

"Yes." She nodded. She wanted so badly to flirt with him but she was too scared to do that.

"This might seem inappropriate since we just met, not to mention I'm your doctor, but I was wondering if you'd like to go on a date with me?" He asked her nervously.

She just looked at Nathan unsure of what to say. She wanted to say yes but she also knew that she had her son to think of. The guy in front of her had to be out of his mind to ask a woman out on a date when she was almost seven months pregnant.

"I'm sorry, Dr. Michael's but I don't think I can accept." She choked out. That wasn't what she wanted her answer to be but she had a kid to think about now. She had to put him first. Kaitlin knew she had to change her ways and going on a date with this guy couldn't be part of that change.

"Well, if you change your mind." He tore off a piece of paper and wrote down his number. Kaitlin stuck the number in her purse knowing she wouldn't call him, but it didn't hurt to save the number.

"How was your doctor's appointment?" Taylor asked when Kaitlin walked into the kitchen with a big smile on her face.

"Great, I've got a hot fill in OBGYN." She shared. "He's cute." Taylor raised an eyebrow at the girl as she bounced Caden on her hip. "And he asked me on a date."

"Your answer was?" Taylor pressed. She wanted to know if Kaitlin said yes to the guy. Taylor felt that maybe a relationship would be good for Kaitlin. Of course Taylor would have to approve of the guy. She wouldn't let Kaitlin go out with a complete tool.

"No." Kaitlin shrugged like it was no big deal. Taylor opened her mouth to say something but quickly closed it not sure what to say to Kaitlin. "I just want to focus on having this baby, I don't need a guy in my life."

"I never thought I'd hear you say that, Kaitlin."

"How am I even supposed to trust a guy after what happened in New York? Taylor, I was raped there's no way I can trust another guy besides my baby." Kaitlin rest her hand on her stomach. Kaitlin told Taylor she was going to take a shower leaving Taylor in the kitchen alone with her Caden.

Taylor popped a bottle into her sons mouth and smoothed back his light hair. Caden drank the bottle happily as his mother held him. She walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to Caden's room. She knew he'd be asleep in no time, well at least that's what she was hoping for. She wanted to start dinner before Ryan got home with Sophie.

After Caden had fallen asleep Taylor put him in his crib and left his nursery.

She hadn't even heard the front door open but once she reached the kitchen both Ryan and Sophie were in there. Sophie was already set up at the table doing her homework. Ryan was digging through the fridge.

"Hey." Taylor walked over and kissed the top of Sophie's head. Sophie looked up and smiled at her. "How was school?"

"Good. I got an A on my spelling test." The eight year old smile holding up the A paper.

"That's great, Soph." She hugged the little girl then looked up at her husband who was now standing with his hands on the center island. "And how was your day?" She asked him after releasing Sophie. She walked over and stood next to him.

"Tiring." He sighed. "How was yours?"

"Good, I came home early from work since Kaitlin had a doctor's appointment."

"How's she doing?" He asked taking a sip of water.

"I guess she's doing okay."

"Oh, Julie stopped by the office today. She wants me to talk Kaitlin into moving in with her and Frank. I told her I'd try but it probably wouldn't do much to change her mind."

Summer walked into Ryan and Taylor's house after dinner. Delaney was on her hip and Seth was following close behind her. Molly barked and ran up towards them from the back of the house. Summer frowned at the dog.

"I take it you're keeping that thing?" She asked Taylor when Taylor met her at the front door.

"She makes Sophie happy." Taylor shrugged. They hadn't been able to find Molly's owner so Ryan told Sophie if she took care of Molly then they would keep her. Taylor hadn't really wanted the dog in her home but she saw Sophie's smile and that was enough to convince her to let Sophie keep the dog. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Seth wanted to talk to Ryan about something." Summer shrugged. Seth waved to Taylor then walked past them to find Ryan. Taylor yelled after him telling him Ryan was in the study.

"What's going on?" Taylor folded her arms across her chest.

"I don't know really, Seth just randomly said he needed to talk to Ryan." Summer said walking into the living room. She sat Delaney on the floor. Sophie ran down the stairs and smiled when she saw her sister-in-law and niece.

"Hey, Summer." She gave her a toothy grin before walking over and sitting next to Delaney on the floor.

"So, what's going on?" Ryan asked after his brother set down on the sofa. Seth was acting strange and fidgety, more so then usual.

"I did a bad thing, Ryan. A very bad thing." Seth rushed out.

"What kind of bad thing?" Ryan eyed Seth. Seth just shook his head. "Seth, what's going on?"

"Ryan, I think I cheated on Summer." Seth blurted out. Ryan raised an eyebrow at Seth.

"You think?"

"I have this new secretary, Ryan she kissed me but I didn't kiss her back. I cheated on my wife, she's going to kill me." He put his head in his hand. Ryan wasn't sure what to tell him.

"You have to tell her." Ryan finally told him.

"I can't, there's no way I can tell her!" Seth exclaimed. "She'll divorce me and take Delaney and I'll be alone for the rest of my life! Ryan I can't tell her!"

"Just tell her the truth Seth, she'll understand." Ryan tried.

"This is Summer we are talking about, Ryan. Summer will not understand! Taylor might understand but not Summer."