Friends to lovers


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"Bella!" Edward moaned.

I kept my hands behind his neck, trying to push him closer to me. Even though he was in me, he still felt so far way. "Kiss me, Edward. Kiss me now."

Edward dropped his head then kissed me, roughly. When his eyes met mine, I realized something I should have seen a long time ago. We are no longer friends. We lost that friendship I kept so close to me because of the mere fact that we were horny. Of course, there was another reason on my part. I love him more then a friend. I have always wanted something more but not this. I wanted him to be my friend and lover not one over the other.

"No,no,no." I repeated as I pushed him off on me. I wrapped the bed sheet around my naked body then got off the bed.

"What's wrong, Bella?" His voice was panicked.

"We can't do this anymore." I started to looked for my clothes.

"Why? Why can't we do this?"

"Because I..." The words wouldn't show themselves.

Because I love you

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