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Apostle of God


Chapter I-Making Sacrifices

Komui Lee could not believe what he had just heard. Rather, he did not want to believe it. He blinked a couple of more times before grabbing his glasses from their perching position between his nose so he could rub his temples, waiting for a couple of minutes before returning them to their rightful place. He didn't want to say anything regarding the subject because he knew that nothing coherent would be able to leave his mouth. But, maybe what they were asking of him had some sort of eloquency to it? He cleared his throat. He had to ask if he had actually heard them correctly. He still had a vague sort of hope that he had actually misheard and that this was some sort of joke meant to play with his head. Perhaps he had just misinterpreted the information they had given him.

"Supervisor Lee."

He gave answer, even when he knew that this beautiful silence wouldn't be able to last for long. He raised his gaze to meet those indecipherable faces.

"Hum. Gentlemen, what you request of me is quite delicate."

"We are aware of it, supervisor Komui." He trembled the slightest bit again when he heard yet another different voice. "But due to the circumstances that we are in, we believe that it is absolutely necessary."

"This war will last for many years, it might even continue on after our deaths," another faceless one spoke. "And you, more than anyone else, knows this."

'But to do this, it goes against my very own principles.'

"Gentlemen." Lee cleared his throat once more before continuing. "Let me make it clear to you that I understand and know what you're referring to. Nevertheless, you are all aware that we currently count on only three female exorcists. I believe that to request this from them is simply asking too much."

In addition, one of them was his sister, for the love of God. He would not allow under any kind of circumstances for her to be used as a guinea pig. Not again.

"The General and the other two exorcists are of no use to our goal." Komui couldn't help but once again be frightened for the second time that day ever since this meeting had started. "What we need is a parasite type."

'A parasite type?'

"But we only consist of two exorcists that are parasite type." The Chinese grabbed two folders from his desk, even while knowing perfectly well to whom they were about. "Arystar Krory III and Allen Walker. Krory is still rather injured from the battle in the Ark and Walker has not fully recovered either. And it is quite obvious that both…"

"You do not need to be concerned about that, Supervisor Lee," he was quickly interrupted. "We will be in charge of informing you of our final decision on the matter. All you need to worry about is making sure you follow our orders."

"God will know to forgive this sin if it serves a much greater good. Everything is for the sake of saving humanity."

The only thing that Komui could do after listening to them was stare at those cloaked faces. Then he tightly closed his eyes before bowing respectfully.

"Krory and Walker."

The platform rose quickly while he remained in silence, still trying to force his brain to process all the information he had just been given seconds ago. He desperately needed a cup of strong coffee. He needed it now.


It had hardly been a week since the exorcists had come back from the Ark incident. And the occurrence had continued to be investigated by both the Eastern division and the scientists of Headquarters. Supervisor Bak Chan took the fact that he was in charge of the whole investigation very seriously, which was the main reason as to why he didn't stop shouting out orders every couple of minutes to anyone that walked by. Although it seemed to stop and diminish whenever he saw a certain girl of dark almost black-green hair. Who, quite generously so, brought precious coffee to them all.

Who, in any other circumstances, would have been given all of Komui Lee's attention in a matter of seconds, if not for the fact that they had finally given him the answer he had been dreading for quite sometime at this very moment. The answer that had taken a couple of days in arriving. And now the only thing he could do was follow his orders. Everything is for the sake of saving humanity.

Once seated in front of his desk, he waited for the one he had called to arrive. He was not very sure on what manner he should proceed with this topic, so he decided to do it as their commanders had requested it themselves; even when he knew and though it to be the wrong thing to do.

"Good morning, Komui-san."

The supervisor lifted his gaze, smiling warmly at the person who had spoken to him with quite a timid tone, even for him.

"Sit down, Allen-kun. You too, Link-kun."

He did not take his gaze off the young fifteen-year-old when the boy sat down in front of him. And he could almost swear that when he looked at him now he seemed even smaller than before. Probably just one of his imaginations, by all means. Or, perhaps, it was only the fault of the guillt that had been invading him for a long time now. The other man silently remained next to the door, refusing to take part in the conversation. Managing as well as he could, the supervisor tried to ignore the inspector that followed Allen wherever the boy went, as he had been ordered by the superiors to do so.

Tired, Komui closed his eyes, trying to choose the most suitable words possible.

"I really am sorry. It wasn't my intention to do so."

Komui quickly opened his eyes, somewhat confused when he heard that usually melodious voice sound so dull.

"What are you talking about, Allen-kun?"

The exorcist fleetingly looked at him before turning his silver gaze towards the floor.

Suddenly, everything seemed to clarify itself for Komui. He remembered now what the boy was apologizing for.

Until two days ago, the scientific wing had begun to analyze the egg found in the Noah's Ark. The commanders had been very interested in the subject; almost as much as they were on Allen Walker; the boy who had been able to control the Ark by playing a melody on a piano using a musical scale completely unknown to anyone else. Something which was extremely suspicious in itself. Even so, nobody who knew the boy (including Komui himself) was fully aware as to why Allen's loyalty towards the Order was being questioned. But orders were orders and now the British was followed everywhere he went by an inspector assigned to him by the Higher Commands. Aka, inspector Howard Link.

Everything had begun the second the initial analyses of the strange structure had been running. Allen had barely approached it by then. He had only been a couple of steps near it. He hadn't even seemed interested on the subject of the strange egg at all, he had only happened to be passing by, walking to relive a little of the pressure of knowing he was being constantly followed everywhere he went (although it also seemed to serve as an excuse to be able to leave the infirmary). Even so, with those few steps that Allen had taken near the egg, said thing had begun to blindingly shine the minute the boy had walked past it. Later, when the boy had already been far away from where the egg safely resided at, it had entirely ceased all kind of reactions: the delightful egg had disappeared completely. And then: the chaos.

Komui had been completely convinced that they were under attack, and had even thought about calling some of his appraised Komurin to protect himself. But nothing happened. Only Allen remained, blinking with surprise while the others looked at him with great wonder and disbelief written on their faces. Had it been because of him that the egg had disappeared? Where in the hell had the white-haired boy taken the egg to? Bak had been the first one to react out of all of them, vigorously shaking the small youth until he had reduced the boy into a state of dizziness bad enough to make him ill. They had questioned him about the Noah's egg and all Allen had simply replied was that he had no idea as to what had happened nor why the egg had reacted so strangely in his presence. The supervisor of the Eastern division had finally calmed himself enough to stop hassling the poor boy after receiving a cup of tila tea from the hands of his dear Lenalee.

And of course the only thing that this strange occurrence had managed to obtain was to make the situation even worse for Allen in the Black Order. The boy was only a couple of more steps away from being branded a complete traitor towards the Order. And, in truth, Komui feared for the small boy. He knew that the strange circumstances that surrounded him were rarely if ever Allen's fault. Was it only bad luck? Or was there something more? It did not matter, it was okay. He trusted Allen completely.

And for that reason alone it hurt him so much to have to put to the boy in this new mess. But, after all, Allen was an exorcist. It was his obligation and duty to obey the orders of his superiors. The Chinese finally noticed the uncomfortable silence that had reigned in his office, reason as to why he quickly resumed speaking, this time cheerfully so.

"Nah, you don't need to worry abut that now, Allen-kun. I called you here for a completely different reason." He showed the boy a big smile as he said this.

"Huh? What reason, Komui-san?" the white-haired boy asked, tone quite confused.

"Well, you will see, you will see, it's just that…" And once again, the words got stuck in his throat, not wanting to make themselves heard out loud. And to see Allen blinking so innocently at him brought him even more problems.

He opted to choose another solution (the easiest, by the way): to give an immense roundup and to allow for things to go on their own merry way.

"Allen-kun, would you be willing to do whatever it takes to regain the commanders trust in you, if you could?"

"To regain their trust?"

Komui cheerfully nodded.

"If you complete this mission, I'm sure that the commanders will feel satisfied and will no longer be able to doubt your loyalty towards the Order."

"Really? It's only one mission?" Allen looked more relaxed now, the tenseness of his body gone.

The supervisor once again affirmed this with a nod of the head. Looking at Allen as the boy stared at the ceiling, lost in his own thoughts. Although he wanted to know what was running through that small head of his, he decided on choosing the answer that wouldn't require him to wait that long to obtain.

"Alright, I will fulfill this mission and I will prove to them that I am not a traitor," the English affirmed, with hope shining in his silver eyes.

'Ouch, now how am I suppose to explain to him what this mission is about?'

"Good for you, Allen-kun! Then, errhmm…" Here he pretended to look over the papers in his desk. "…You must come tomorrow morning, as early possible. Ah! And without having any breakfast, please."

"Eh? Why?" The exorcist was discouraged as he listened to this, distraught that he would have to wait to have breakfast tomorrow.

"Because we will be conducting an operation on you, Allen-kun," the Chinese said, as if it was the most obvious answer in the world.

"O-operation?" Komui could perfectly see the cold sweat that broke out in the younger boy's body. He let loose a cruel little giggle, knowing full well that he was the cause of that fear.

"You don't need to worry, we will be placing you in a state full of general anesthesia. You won't even be the slightest bit aware of what's being done to you until you leave the operating room, I promise."

"But why do I need to be operated on?" the boy, quite nervously in Komui's opinion, asked once again. Apparently the promise of general anesthesia being given to him during said operation had meant absolutely nothing to the boy.

"The only thing you have to know, Allen-kun, is that this operation is absolutely necessary for you to be able to fulfill your mission. And completing this mission is how you'll be able to recover the Order's trust. I promise you this."

Although the boy still seemed far from convinced, Komui was able to get his rather flimsy agreement. Apparently, Allen Walker was determined to fulfill this unknown risk arranged for him if it meant gaining the commander trust again. The supervisor smiled with something akin to sadness. God, he knew that this was completely unfair. But he could do nothing on the matter at hand. No matter how much he wished he could.

"Then we'll see each other again tomorrow, Allen-kun!" the Chinese man unexpectedly shouted with great joy. "Let's remember to go to bed early tonight!"

"Huh, yes." He could feel Allen's confused gaze on him, but he preferred to carry on acting like a crazy individual so long as he wouldn't have to answer any more of the boy's questions.

Somebody knocked on the door: it was his beautiful Lenalee. Thank God! Now he could cuddle with his sister and forget the subject at hand for a little while. And so he did just that: abandoning his desk, he practically threw himself at door so he could open it and embrace his beloved baby sister's legs.

"Lenalee-chan is bringing her beloved nii-chan some coffee! I'm so happy!" he gleefully exclaimed, while crying tears full of obvious joy as he did so.

"Good morning, nii-san," the Chinese girl said, with a tiny bead of sweat nervously running down her face. "Oh! Good morning, Allen-kun. Ah, I woke up really late today so I wasn't able to find you in the cafeteria," she lamented. "I'm sorry, I promise it won't happen again."

"Good morning, Lenalee," the boy politely answered her, smiling sweetly as he did so.

"You don't have to worry about that, it makes me happy to hear that you slept well last night."

"Yes, I did."

Komui stared at the sad smile on his sister's face and then turned to stare at Allen's happily radiating one, the vast contrast of them so easy to notice.


"Eh?" The exorcist involuntary answered the moment he was able to feel how close Komui was to him.

"If you weren't such an innocent little boy I would be forced to believe that you did something unwanted towards my Lenalee," he said, dragging the words out frightfully as the atmosphere around his office turned dark and ominous.

"What?!" Allen squeaked, almost tripping and falling backwards as he listened to this. And also because Komui was getting closer and closer by the second in a rather threatening way.

"Nii-san!" Lenalee protested. "Leave Allen-kun alone and drink your coffee already."

"Yes, of course my dear Lenalee, whatever you want." And as always, the only one who was able to control the supervisor was his sister.

"Thank you so much, Lenalee." The Chinese girl once again returned the boy's kind smile, this being seen by Komui as the coffee cup touched his lips.

"See you later, Allen-kun."

The exorcist rose from his chair, getting ready to leave the office (not without first making a small bow to Komui, something which had always surprised him: as Allen had adapted so fast to the Eastern customs that reigned over the Order since the very supervisor was from the East), followed close after by Link. Nevertheless, the inspector stayed behind to look at Komui quite insistently, something which was immediately noticed by him. He held the man's gaze for a couple of seconds that seemed more like hours to Komui. And in the end, Link also ended up leaving to follow on after his work, seeing as he was supposed to constantly keep watch over the young-fifteen-year-old. The supervisor let out a long sigh.

"Has something happened, nii-san?" Lenalee stared at him with a worried look on her face, causing him to deny the question by frantically shaking his head at her.

"Don't worry about that, Lenalee-chan!"

"Humm, fine, I won't," she whispered, gaze lowered towards the floor. Komui noticed how his sister tried to bury one of her fingers in her hair, although it didn't seem to work as well as she may have wanted it to seeing as it was cut quite short. He drew a tender smile on his face, approaching her so he could embrace her close to his chest, something which seemed to totter her balance a little.

"It will get longer."

The exorcist let out a small laugh.

"I know."

'If only everything could be as simple as waiting,' Komui buried his face in one of his sister's shoulders. He didn't know if she had noticed that his behavior was stranger than usual, but at the very least he was able to feel, even if it was for a little while, how she returned his embrace. He smiled. 'Please give me the strength to keep on going, Lenalee.'


He had finally been able to sneak out of the infirmary so he could turn in his damn report of his battle in the Ark. The fucking nurse was a monster. The last time he had tried to leave she had stopped him and immediately returned him to bed. What part of "I don't need any of your stupid treatments" did she not understand? It didn't matter anymore; at least now he could get rid of the trouble of having to hand in his report. Yes, it was true that the idiot Komui had been thinking (miraculously) when he had informed them that they could take their time with turning in their reports. But he was used to writing it as soon as his mission was completed. Because, fuck it, that's the way it should be done.

In addition: he didn't have anything better to do right now. They weren't allowing him to train without bothering him about it first, if it wasn't that damn nurse that was hassling him about resting, it was his stupid teacher worrying about him training so soon. And at least now, walking down the corridors of the Order, he finally had time to clear his head, using his need to hand in his papers to the supervisor as his excuse. He could come up with an excuse to get out of that damn infirmary again later so he could get himself back into shape.

He was approaching the scientific section, still cursing his terrible luck of having to share the infirmary room with a couple of idiots as his companions, when he suddenly heard both the supervisor and the leader of the scientific wing's voices. Normally this would be of very little importance to him; he would have simply walked in and thrown the damn papers in the idiot know as Komui Lee's desk and he would have left right away. But this time he stopped to listen. Something wasn't right and he knew it by the tone of their voices.

"How are you going to explain this to Allen-kun after the operation? You should have just told him the whole truth from the very beginning!" he was able to hear Reever Wenhamm saying, in quite a low voice.

'Moyashi?' He blinked, unconsciously trying to hear more of the conversation.

"I know I should have! But I couldn't! That damn Allen and his little innocent face, they didn't let me to speak with the whole truth. They played a trick on me!" Yes, those pathetic sobbing sounds undoubtedly belonged to no one else but supervisor Komui.

"You're impossible. You can't just blame Allen-kun for being such a coward."

"Ah, you think so!? How would you have told him then, eh?"

"Well, I would have…" There was long pause. " No, I honestly don't have clue."

"You see? You can't just simply walk up to him and say: 'Oi, Allen-kun, the commanders would love nothing more than to have new exorcists and they choose you to give birth to them. Yes, I already know that you're not a girl, but that's what the operation we will be performing on you tomorrow is for. Exciting, isn't it? By the way, what would you like for dinner?"

The exorcist's eyes completely widened.

'What the hell are they talking about?'

"Yes, I guess it would have been quite strange for you to say that, Komui." The leader of the scientific team sighed heavily. "But sooner or later he will find out about this. And I don't believe for a second that he'll agree to go through with it. But, something bothers me, why did they chose him to do this and not Krory?"

"It's because he was born with his Innocence." There was another long pause, as if with that one statement alone everything had been completely explained. "But he won't refuse. Allen-kun wants nothing more than to make up with the commanders. And you know very well what his personality is like. If it's for the sake of others; he'll do it without caring about what may happen to him. He knows that if he doesn't do this, the duty will fall on either Lenalee or Miranda." It was hard for him to clear his throat before continuing. "Neither of the two are parasite type, the probability of any of their children being compatible is very low. With Allen-kun it's different. Any creature born from him, who has shared his blood during the time of gestation, that has been under the care of his Innocence; has a much more higher probability of being compatible with the Innocence. It is very likely that any child born from him will have a rate of one hundred percent synchronization. And that's the reason why the commanders want him to give birth to any possible exorcist."

"Even so, I still think this is excessively dangerous. Not only is he a man, but he's still only but a small child, for God's sake."

Kanda's knuckles were stark pale due to the fact that he had been clenching his hands with such an exceedingly amount of force. He didn't understand what was happening. He didn't understand why both Komui and Reever were speaking of something so stupid and impossible as that Moyashi being able to conceive. It was madness. A fucking joke.

"The father will have to be Krory."

The samurai quickly snapped his attention back towards the conversation as soon as the supervisor had spoken those last couple of words. And even when he tried to force his body to relax, it refused to comply with his wishes. He could already feel his fingers falling asleep, completely numb. But a couple of seconds later that matter was of very little concern to him as he once again concentrated on the discussion taking place.

"Huh? Because he's a parasite type too?"

"That's right. Apparently, the commanders don't want to leave any sort of loose ends."

"The only loose end here is that Allen-kun is not a woman. If they really don't want any kind of unfinished business, then they should just wait until we find a female exorcist with a parasitic Innocence."

"Now who's talking about being impossible? You know that parasitic Innocence is extremely rare. In addition, I believe that the only reason they wish to go through with this is because it'll be Allen-kun who will be the one to conceive."

More silence. A silence that Kanda was beginning hate for the first time in his life.

"They want to prove his loyalty by forcing him to carry a child inside of his body?"

The answer took a long time in arriving. The seconds even seemed to appear as hours to him. And he was on the very edge of barging into Komui's office and forcing the idiot to tell him everything that they were talking about right this minute. Using force if it was necessary.

"I suppose they want him to reach his limits. They want to kill two birds with one stone: to have a compatible exorcist, more than likely one common to that of a parasitic type, and to control Allen-kun by using the baby as a force of leverage on him. They'll imprison him without the possibility of ever leaving. It's a little disheartening that they know Allen-kun so well." Here he could hear a cynical laugh.

"Allen-kun will not run away from his duties as an exorcist. Not after you made him that stupid promise, Komui."

Silence again. Then, a whisper:

"I'm sorry."

'Of course you're sorry'

Kanda turned around and began to walk towards the opposite direction, to the one he had been fleeing from before. He had forgotten about his damned report. He had forgotten that his duties as an exorcist came first. He had forgotten the whole world. His mind was concerned in one single thing only.

'Stupid Moyashi.'

+To be continued…+


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