Wilson sat curled up on the couch next to House. He sighed in contentment, glad that they could still do 'friend' things even if House had decided to take such a huge step. Well, Wilson hadn't exactly fought the steps, but the point still existed.

House whacked him on the head with his cane. "Stop sounding happy, you're killing the mood."

He pulled back in annoyance and rubbed his head in pain. "We're watching a romantic comedy and you're worried about my happiness killing the mood?"

"I just know you're about to do something sickeningly sentimental. I'm trying to avoid that at all costs."

"Well," Wilson shifted guiltily. "I was about to do something a little sentimental."

"Oh jeez, you aren't going to talk about feelings are you? Please say no." House clasped his hands together in the classic praying position.

"No, of course not." Wilson leapt up from the couch and walked around back to locate his brief case. He opened it and dug around inside until he found what he was looking for.

He stood up and handed House the cage.

"What's that for?" House looked confused as he accepted the tiny steel structure that had seriously thrown them both for a loop.

"Sentimentality," Wilson answered. "I'm giving you my heart."

"I knew it!" House exclaimed. "First come the feelings then comes the endless rants about me pulling my weight around here."

"I do that anyway."

"So we're going backwards? What's next, wild—?"

Wilson covered House's mouth with his hand. "Just take the box."

"It's a cage." He managed to say around Wilson's hand. But House soon settled back into the couch to watch the show.

Wilson curled back up next to him, enjoying the closeness. He could still hear House muttering about 'feelings' under his breath, but Wilson knew it was all show. Out of the corner of his eye Wilson could see House clutching the cage containing his 'heart' tightly. As if he was afraid of losing it.

Wilson smiled. He could deal with that, with House holding onto him tightly. He could definitely deal with that.

Authors ending notes: So that's it! I want to thank all my reviewers; I don't think I've ever gotten such an enthusiastic response from any of my work. Thank you for all of your encouragement. I decided to post my version of 'the list,' enjoy.

Top fifteen reasons why James E. Wilson is in the Glass Closet – plus one.

1) Wilson dates a lot of women.

2) Hangs out only with House/Gave job to save House.

3) Stands constantly with his hands on his hips.

4) Dr. Wilson was divorced three times.

5) Stares intently at Nurse Brad's butt.

6) Doctor Wilson uses a Hairdryer, and has more personal hygiene then any self respecting straight man.

7) James Wilson dresses far too nicely and has the most adorable ties.

8) Wilson is whinier then me. (XOXO Cameron)

9) He has a nice bum.

10) Turned down a date with Janet Marshall!

11) Was quoted in saying he: 'doesn't date women anymore.'

12) Cheats more often then pro wrestlers.

13) Jewish but lacks 'Jew fro'.

14) Watches Telenovellas in Spanish.

15) Jimmy loves Greg.

(and, 16) James Wilson can seriously strike a pose.