A/N- I... I'm shocked I managed to write a fanfic after so long, but so this short thing might be a bit off; I'm aware I'm not great at writing. This is my first KH fanfic so um, go easy on me? And I'll warn you people of spoilers but you should have gotten this far already.

I'm fully aware this concept is overdone. However, as this was the first scene I saw of the game on Youtube, it has a special place in my heart. Even if it's heartbreaking. Thus the title.

Disclaimer- I don't own Kingdom Hearts. Hell, I don't even own the games. Never played them.


He watched the ashes disappear in the air as they floated up. It wasn't fair. He may have kidnapped Kairi and he may have been a member of Organization XIII but he wasn't bad. Not like Saix or... or...

His head hurted. A lot. It was as if someone was screaming (nonononotdeadnotdeadhe'snotdead) and he could barely even think anymore. He tried to focus himself, remembering that the portal could only be open for so long and he needed to get through to rescue Kairi (doesn'tmattershedoesn'tmattercausehe'sdeaddeaddead) and then the two of them would find Riku and they all would go back to Destiny Island.

Sora got up from the floor slowly, trying to ignore the now faint pounding in his head. Then, suddenly frightened, he raised his hand over his chest, where his heart would be. He let out a sigh in relief when he felt the rhythmic beating and it was then when he realized what he was doing and he instantly dropped his hand. He knew his heart was there but at first, it had felt as if it was gone (he'sgonegonegone).

He glanced at the place where Axel had been minutes before.

He didn't understand why it felt as if his heart was split further in two.