Title: Perspectives of a Diverging Path

Author: nilereina

Pairing(s): undecided

Rating: T

Summary: In a war of Dark versus Light, a prophecy calls for a savior. In the eyes of the magical world one child carries their burdens. But what most do not know, and possibly only a select few who do, this child holds a secret that could change everything. After all, the prophecy did say 'a power he knows not.' Then again, will this unknown power work for them or against them?

Warnings/Disclaimers: HP characters and world belong to J.K. Rowling….Ember belongs to me….Situations of: (includes or may include) violence, character deaths…cannon pairings as in the books (only the adults for now but may change later)…Spoilers of Books 1-7…AU setting

Author Notes: I'm taking the same curve as those out there where Harry has a sibling as a savior, but in this story his twin is actually the savior and young Harry is something completely different that only his twin knows…the Potters are also involved, though not in the normal sense as other stories…I wanted a story where Harry truly isn't the Boy-who-lived and not abused/hated in any way with his family, although his family don't always understand what he does, especially as Harry will follow the line of being in Slytherin and his twin in Gryffindor

Author Notes2: Although the setting is AU, there are times where Harry will have the same abilities (such as Parseltongue)…there will be other times he seems powerful, but only because of the situation he is in and nothing more (it will be explained throughout the story)…This will follow all seven books, though many events and possibly people will be changed or dropped to fit my storyline

Key Code:

Blah—yelling/screaming, Parseltongue

Blah—thoughts, emphasis

/Blah/-- Flashbacks, possible voices in Harry's head

'Blah'—Mental conversations with the Sorting Hat

Blah--titles, print

Prologue—Book One

A shimmering shadow flitted from room to room, silently as possible. It didn't wish to disturb anyone nor have its presence detected by fellow spirits floating about. It was searching, looking for something. As it carefully riffled through various objects and papers, memories replayed a past it once lived, replayed a sworn promise of return. It remembered hearing that death was the next grand adventure or how it was just the beginning. The truth was much more. The greatest adventure was using death as a comeback.

Creak! The shadow froze as it faced a wall where the sound rose, watching as it hadn't noticed before opened. It watched in dark silence as a small group of robed figures slipped inside. It listened closely.

"What's wrong, Albus? Why have you called us?" Dark eyes watched a young woman with bright green eyes and auburn hair frantically call out to another as a milky white hand pressed against her stomach protectively. But what really was interesting was the single split second flash of a familiar look in her eyes, I see.

"Albus?" At the woman's side, more like holding her from behind, had to be the possible father if where her hand was resting any indication and the worry in his voice.

"Please, sit. Lemon drop? Tea?" The two watched the elder man with twinkling blue eyes with concern. He whipped out a small stick, waving it slowly, causing two comfortable chairs to appear. "Please, sit."

Another woman, this one with a tight bun and stern features, demanded, "Why call only us, Albus, and not the entire Order?"

Albus simply smiled, waiting for his visitors to sit. Then it dropped once they were comfortable, confusing and worrying them more. "I received some good and bad news."


Albus eyed the young couple before him, surrounded only by their closest friends, and his most trusted colleagues. "It deals with only four of you, possibly."

"What do you mean, possibly four of us?!"

"Calm, Sirius, I shall explain. It's not just James and Lily and you but James and Lily, even quite possibly Frank and Alice," he glanced to the second couple, who gasped with shock at hearing their names, sitting to his left. "It deals with a child of prophecy and Voldemort."

Lily and Alice sobbed as they were held by their concerned husbands. Lily choked out, "what is it? What will happen to my baby?"

Solemn blue eyes peered over half-moon spectacles to the distraught families, "Do not worry yourself, child, all shall be well."

James was angered by that, "How is any of this good news!"

Albus didn't' mind the anger nor telling what only he knew, and possibly two others. He knew there was a spy somewhere among them. Voldemort had to have heard part of the prophecy, if not the whole thing, by now. The two couples before him were in great danger if he discovered them. "Because the child in question shall be Voldemort's downfall one day."

"Our child?" Both mothers-to-be questioned the possibility of that claim.

"I cannot say. All I know is that it shall be a child born shortly. And as of now, only Lily and Alice have met the requirements stated by the prophecy. I shall review the prophecy once more while we begin to take steps in protecting each of you." He suddenly changed personas as his eyes twinkled, "Though I am quite sure you are now late for your appointments with one Poppy Pomfrey. Seems she's heading this way to find you instead of using the fireplace."

Dark eyes watched with curiosity as the group fell to only a select few. It was thinking of following when once again the strange white haired and bearded man called Albus was questioned. "Albus, how can we protect two unborn children from Death Eaters? You know they will find them, no matter where they go. We had to hide them here, especially Lily, as she keep going to the Muggle doctors! And you know if their children are born soon, the Ministry will automatically know, which will allow…"

Albus held up a hand, cutting off a rambling Professor, "Ah, Minerva, I know. We simply need to know which child is the prophecy child. We shall build strong wards around the one needed, and keep the others under heavy surveillance."


"We shall do as we always do, my dear, survive. I will be reviewing the prophecy once more to see if I can find any more clues. I suggest you to check up on our parents-to-be and what needed security wards would be best for them."

The shadow smirked, as if that wasn't a dismissal. In the shadows it still waited though, watching as a fire phoenix suddenly appeared, staring at the creature as it stared back without a sound, as the creature's bonded seemingly stared blankly into a bowl of shining liquid. At least until its thoughts were interrupted by the memory of flashing green eyes, so familiar. Why?

Curious, it began floating through walls until the faint tugging of his memories lead it to a sterile hospital. It still looks so familiar, as if times haven't changed. It watched as a single nurse waved a stick over the female named Lily, a stick? Who uses a stick instead of a staff? Then a second flash in Lily's eyes had its attention, who are you? Why do I know you?

/You are my message./

I know this voice, why? A long lost memory played, flickering in and out of focus, showing a young beautiful redheaded woman with power behind her eyes and voice. Who? She walked in a circle about a young man dressed in gold armor, tossing about sparkling sand, blessing him.

Yes, I know I know you.

/You are my message./

Who? Another vision. This of the same pale redhead dressed all in black as she writhed upon a stone slab, as her protruding stomach glowed and a storm raged while men in black chanted.


/You are my message./

Who am I, Mother?

/You are my message/ then a strange language spilt from the lips of the same female, suddenly aging her from youth and beauty to old and crippled. A blurred figure in gold cried out, raising a sword above his head. Just before it impacted the rambling woman's neck, her voice murmured, /You are my message. You are the future. You shall win./

Who am I!

/You are my message…My son./

I remember! He jerked with shock as memories of an old life flashed through his head as her voice called out one last time, /you are my message./ Mother. A flash exploded from his body, spreading out quickly as it seemed as if time was slowing.

But up in his office, Albus jerked from his memories as an aura of power flooded against his shields. It ripped out an memory of the prophecy, "born as the seventh month dies." Blue eyes widened as he realized exactly what day it was, "Lily, Alice!"

And running ragged as Albus hurried to help was a worried Poppy Pomfrey. She had been trying to check both her patients when suddenly an alarm went off from Alice Longbottom's bed, "Oh dear!" Said woman was going into labor. She hurried to help her when minutes later went Lily's alarm, "Oh!"

No one, not even an arriving Albus Dumbledore or St. Mungo's nurses, saw the sudden second flash of light, Mother. No one could see the shadow exiting Lily's body as it reached out for the stunned ghostly male, yanking him into said woman's body. A pale redhead switched places with her son, chanting softly, thoughts running wild, my son, you shall win this time. She began chanting louder when her son's last memory before a new life took him over played, / "we swear an oath upon our blood. We swear fealty to this land, to our people, and to our King and future Queen. We fight until our last breath, loyal only to our vows. Let nothing tear us asunder, be it man or god. Let Death decide our betraying fate should our honor break." Blood smeared across raised blades, heads held high as several Knights stood only about a roaring fire, "we swear!"/

In the end, a confused, worried, but excited Albus stood to one side as he eagerly awaited the arrival of a child spoken of in prophecy. Whispering, "Merlin help us aide them in their journey." Both mothers screamed in labor pains, pushing forth new life in an era of war.