A/N: heres the next book as promised...though i am srry it took so long for it to come out...but fair warning: my beta has been busy with RL and such so any mistakes still left behind would be my fault (feel free to point them out as i did my best to re-read through this several times trying to correct what i could)

Title: Perspectives of a Diverging Path Book 4

Author: nile-reina

Pairings: Undetermined (mostly cannon)

Summary: In a war of Dark versus Light, a prophecy calls for a savior. In the eyes of the magical world one child carries their burdens. But what most do not know, and possibly only a select few who do, this child holds a secret that could change everything. After all, the prophecy did say a power he knows not. Then again, will this unknown power work for them or against them?

Warnings/Disclaimers: Characters belong to J.K. Rowling….Ember is mine….AU setting/alternate time line…Situations of: (includes or may include) violence, character deaths, cannon pairings as in the books (only the adults for now but may change later)…Spoilers of Books 1-7...AU setting

Author Notes: I'm taking the same curve as those out there where Harry has a sibling as a savior, but in this story his twin is actually the savior and young Harry is something completely different that only his twin knows. The Potters are also involved, though not in the normal sense as other stories. I wanted a story where Harry truly isn't the Boy-who-lived and not abused/hated in any way with his family, although his family don't always understand what he does, especially as Harry will follow the line of being in Slytherin and his twin in Gryffindor

Key Code:

Blah: yelling/screaming, Parseltongue

Blah: thoughts, emphasis

/Blah/- Flashbacks, possible voices in Harry's head

"Blah": Mental conversations with the Sorting Hat

Blah-titles, print

Chapter One

Gasp! Ember jerked awake, pale and terrified. One hand clutched her blankets while the other grasped at her fluttering pulse, chest heaving, as she desperately tried to calm down. Her mind raced, thoughts confused with what she, at first, figured to be a frightful nightmare. "Too real to be one." She barely kept from screaming, though a tiny whimper escaped from tightly drawn lips as a familiar voice swept through the silence of her dark room.

There in the shadows of her doorway stood a calmly watching twin. Nothing in his bland tone showed any hint of him sharing her terrifying dream. "It's more real then they will wish to believe. In time they won't have a choice. No one will."

"Harry?" But he had already vanished back to his separate room. Left alone in the dark, in the silence, her fear began to eat at her. Too real nightmares played across her waken vision, repeating. As worried as she was for the elderly man, she refused to tell anyone. If it was real then it was already too late for anyone to help. No one would be able to find him, not if Voldemort truly was actually involved, especially with his ecstatic minion, Pettigrew, groveling at his feet.

Just relax. Think of it as a regular nightmare. Yet, she had no experience with regular nightmares. The girls at school giggled as they spoke of such dreams. She merely kept quiet during those times and they were too afraid to ask her. Who would enjoy her company should she speak of memories of green lights preceding death? Or memories of vague travels, possessing people and animals? Or memories of abuse preceding horrifying revenge to satisfy a blood-thirsty need of self-contentment?

No one, that's who.

She never told anyone of those vague impressions, although Harry always seemed to already know. Then again he was different. He always understood what she could not speak. Their bond was deep, part of her would always remember and remain only on his side. The other part might stray but never would it stay away.

Even now he knew as a calming effect flowed down their bond, sweeping across her entire being, relaxing her racing thoughts to a muted calm background. Slowly, her breathing deepened as she fell back to sleep, this time dreamless. Never feeling the slithering of her brother flowing through her weakened shields, strengthening them.

He sat up in his bed, silent and almost sightless as he stared at nothing in the dark of his room. He had been awake since the moment Ember's shields had fallen, allowing that dream to flow through. Even now as she fell back to sleep, he pulled those terrifying feelings and thoughts from her, harboring deep within himself.

There was a part of Ember that even she herself feared. A part she denied simply because she didn't wish for it to be real. As much as Ember took after their mother in all her glorious mood swings, a darkness seemed to settle in a deliberately forgotten corner of her mind. When it seemed Ember was being swayed or giving in, he would soothe those frayed thoughts, filling them in with nothing but good and happy memories, swallowing those very horrors deep into himself. Unlike what many thought, Harry lived with fear. Fear of the unknown, even to this day he still wondered who and what he was. Memories were constantly warring with the being he could feel calling to him so sweetly. But since the Dementor attacks the submission techniques were failing, slowly, so slowly he feared when the lock would break for the final time.

For soon it shall be freed. With that thought echoing through his mind, Harry gave into the call of slumber, never hearing the sweet voice growing in volume over the murmurs of his guardians and the one woman who brought him to life.

Soon, my child, soon.

***Later that week***

Ember giggled brightly as she skipped down Diagon Alley. For their Fourteenth birthday they were given free reign of the shops, although their parents were not too far behind. But she still enjoyed that bit of freedom with a pouch full of money to buy her school supplies. She was also looking for an eye-catching present for her twin.


She twisted at the call of her name to find a smiling Ron and Hermione bounding her way, "Hey, guys!"

"Did you hear!" Ron was practically vibrating with excitement. She had heard but didn't have the heart to tell him such so she allowed him his moment, "Dad won tickets to this year's Quidditch game! I'll get to see Victor Krum in action!"

Both girls nodded politely as he rambled on about the seeker's achievements. Hermione never cared much for the game while Ember loved it yet at the same time she didn't have the same passion for it as her father and Ron did. It just wasn't often Ron had his moment to shine with such joy in a subject among his two female friends, especially Hermione. And when he finally paused to breathe, Ember quickly interrupted, "Dad already told us. He got tickets too, though Mum isn't too sure about going. She never really cared much for the game but willing to go along for Dad's enjoyment."

"Oh," Ron deflated in disappointment. It was great news for him yet the Potters' had been ahead of him until he realized, "Want to go, Hermione? Dad has an extra ticket! Since Ember's Dad is providing them you can go with us!"

Ember could see the uneasiness in their fellow Trio's eyes but knew Hermione wouldn't disappoint their fiery redheaded companion. She smiled even bigger as the brunette sighed and nodded, "Great! We can all meet up at the same portkey! Dad and Mum are letting us come to the Burrow early tomorrow so we can all go at the same time!"

Ron grinned with joy until he realized another thing, "Your brother's coming?!"

Hazel eyes glared, causing both Gryffindors to flinch back, "Yes, he is. Dad's dropping us off and meeting us there. He and Mum will be setting up our area with Sirius and Remus." She then stomped off to continue her shopping, not bothering to reply to Ron's soft apology. With one ear she listened to Hermione rapidly lecture their stubborn friend. All she could think was, glad Harry's with the Malfoy's.

***Game Day***

Ember fidgeted, trying hard to hide it. Once again she had woken to too real nightmares. Each time she knew it was too late to do anything, she couldn't understand how she knew but she did. All she feared was what was coming and the price to be paid. She fought hard to ignore such possibilities in hopes of it never happening. But that nagging sensation would never go away.

"Arthur!" She barely fought back her scream as a familiar boy dropped from one of the few trees surrounding the portkey location. She had been following the Weasley family since they left their home. Not realizing she had been lost in thought while everyone else struggle to just wake up.

The tired group simply stumbled alongside Arthur Weasley. Only his wife and three eldest children were taking a different route to set up their campsite. But seeing a fellow friend cheered him up from their long walk, "Ah, Amos, I trust we're on time?"

Amos Diggory grinned back, leading the way of the last of their trip before realizing his bad manners, "Oh, yes!" Patting his son on the shoulder, he proudly stated, "This is my son, Cedric."

Like any other proud parent, Arthur smiled and showed off his brood and their friends, "As you know, my twins, Fred and George, my youngest son, Ron, and my daughter, Ginny." He then pointed out their friends while explaining, "Molly took our three eldest to the campsite to set up already to give the younger ones a bit more time to sleep in. But these are Ron's fellow friends from Hogwarts, Hermione Granger," he ignored Ron's mutter of 'Potter's not my friend!', "Ember Potter and her twin, Harry Potter."

The entire Wizarding world enjoyed meeting Ember Potter, she had no problems giving the interviews and such, but they were just as ecstatic to get a glimpse of the usually quiet and hidden twin. Everyone knew if there was one thing that stood out from their savior beside her defeat of You-Know-Who was her intense relationship with her brother. It worried many of her adoring public to acknowledge the obviously darker twin.

But as much as the Diggorys wanted to know more, the portkey was ready to fly. "Time to go."

Seeing Hermione's unease, Cedric easily grinned with reassuring grace, "Just get a good grip and don't let go." Still concerned, it took Ember bodily yanking Hermione's left hand to grasp the ratty looking boot just moments before it took off, flinging them through the air to their destination with a forcible jerk. Most of the passengers had swiftly closed their eyes in hopes the rushing scenery would stop upsetting their stomachs.

On one hand it was a good thing. No one who wasn't ready could no longer see the rushing landscapes and blur of colors.

But on the other, it wasn't. No one was ready to meet the jarring stop which ended up having most crashing to the ground with startled yelps. "Gah!" "Get off!" "Ow!"

Those left standing, Arthur and the Diggory's, chuckled at the jumbled pile of children. Though they were curious on how one child stay standing, Harry. At least, two were as Cedric had already seen the curious way on how Harry started to fall only to be jerked back to his feet by an invisible force. Instead of asking, he simply did the right thing and aided his fellow schoolmates into standing and brushing away the dirt.

They too ignored the landing in hopes of enjoying a game of international Quidditch. But never knowing before the day was out their enjoyment would turn to fear when a familiar group would crash the party, only to leave behind another familiar group feeling shamed when an irate mother flayed them verbally for attacking her daughter, their savior.