Through Blood and Tears

Chapter 1: Incident at the Club

The music was upbeat and loud as dancers crowded the floor. Kagome smiled as she glanced over the wild and crazy club that was her friends' favorite hangout. She turned her attention back to what her group was saying.

"Seriously," Sango said, eyeing her boyfriend suspiciously. "You can be such a pervert sometimes." Kagome shifted her gaze and saw Miroku sporting a red hand print across his cheek. Along with his stylish face mark, he wore a black tank top and dark, slightly baggy, blue jeans.

"What can I say? It runs in the family. Besides, I was only making sure you were okay. These seats can be a bit hard to sit on." The dark haired woman looked over to see Inuyasha scowling at the lecher's feeble attempt at an excuse. When Miroku saw no one was buying his charade, he quickly dropped the act and offered up a sheepish grin.

Kagome laughed at the situation. That's how it always was between their group. Miroku was a pervert, but Sango had somehow grown to love him. The brunette was more of a tom-boy, but still knew fashion; evident of the pink halter top and low faded blue jeans adorning her athletic frame. Kagome glanced across the table to see Inuyasha's eyes roaming the dance floor. His silver hair seemed to sparkle from the lighting in the room and she smiled when her gaze fell upon the pair of dog ears atop his head.

"I'm going to get something to drink. Anybody want anything?" Kagome asked while taking a glimpse at the bar across the room.

"Just get me a coke," Sango replied, keeping her gaze on her boyfriend's wandering hands. Her friend nodded before looking at the boys expectantly. They both shook their head and Kagome stood up, making her way through the crowded room.

After a few minutes of trying to push her way through the tightly packed bodies, the raven-haired beauty sighed in frustration and moved to the perimeter of the room, glad to be out of the group of dancers. She began walking again, looking around for any one else she knew. Immediatly, she spotted her friend and ambled over to her, squeezing between a couple in the process. "Excuse me," she whispered quietly. They appeared annoyed with her and quickly separated, allowing the slender female to pass.

"Hey, Ayame!" Kagome called out to the red head facing away from her. Ayame quickly turned around at the sound of her name and her emerald eyes fell on the dark haired teen coming towards her.

"Hey, Kags! I've been looking for you all night. Where have you been?" Kagome smiled. Everyone who was anyone always showed up at the club on Saturday nights.

"Oh, I've been over there with Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku," she replied, hooking a thumb over her shoulder. "When did you get here?"

"About an hour ago. I had to sneak out this time. My grandpa can be so overprotective." Kagome laughed at the tired expression on her friend's face.

"I'll talk to you later, okay?" the dark haired teen said, remembering she had to fetch their drinks. "See ya!"

"Later," Ayame mumbled as Kagome once again disappeared into the crowd.

Kagome sighed in relief as she finally made it to the bar. She took a deep breath, noticing how hard it was to breathe on the dance floor. "Two cokes, please," Kagome politely asked as the bar tender noticed her. He nodded and walked away to retrieve the drinks she desired.

"Hi Kagome!" The young student winced at the high pitched voice and turned to her right to see Rin's face inches from her own. Her big doe eyes stared at her.

She leaned her head back a bit, startled by the petite woman's sudden appearance. "Oh, hey Rin. What's up?" Rin leaned back and sat down on one of the available bar stools. Kagome smiled at her friend's hyper attitude.

"Not much, just waiting for Sesshy to get our drinks." Sesshomaru, or 'Sesshy' as Rin had nicknamed him, was Inuyasha's older half-brother. He was cruel and cold hearted, but Rin somehow pierced through his tough exterior. She was the only human that the full-blooded demon had come to liking. Of course he didn't mind Kagome, but he always seemed to enjoy Rin's bubbly spirit.

Just then, the bartender reappeared with Kagome's drinks. "See you later, Rin," she said as she laid some money on the counter. Rin waved in return and Kagome once again made her way through the crowd. She was really getting tired of this.

Suddenly, she felt someone tug her waist, gently guiding her over to him. "Hello, beautiful," a sweet, masuline voice called to her. Kagome glanced up to see Kouga's bright blue eyes staring back at her.

She gave him a smile. "Oh, hey Kouga." The young woman had her hands full, giving the wolf demon an opportunity to snake his arms around her waist, holding her close.

"Where have you been all night?" he asked. Kagome tugged against the barrier his arms provided, but soon found it to be futile.

"Oh, just you know ... around." Kouga eyed her suspiciously. His piercing orbs narrowed as his senses shifted through the scents around her.

"You've been with the mutt-face, haven't you? You tired of him yet?" The demon's eyes filled with hatred, but a seductive smile blessed his lips.

"Well ... um ... you know, Kouga, I have to bring these drinks to my friends." Kagome once again tried to pry out of his arms. His cocky attitude was getting tiring and she knew if Inuyasha found out about this, all hell would break loose.

"Come on, Kouga. Seriously, let me go." The dark skinned man loosened his grip on her, but had no intentions of letting her go.

"Dance with me?" he asked.

"Maybe later." Kagome's smile vanished from her lips. She knew Kouga liked her, but this was pushing it.

Inuyasha sat in their booth, ignoring the quarrel going on between Miroku and Sango. What's taking Kagome so long? She just needed to get a couple of drinks.His eyes roamed the dance floor. The two appendages atop his head perked up as his senses took ahold of the scent coming from the direction Kagome had gone off in.

His anger flared as his golden orbs landed on the dark haired woman, wrapped in Kouga's arms. Inuyasha quickly stood up and immediately stalked towards their location. Sango and Miroku paused for a moment to notice the sudden change in their friend's attitude.

They glanced over in the direction Inuyasha had gone and worry immediately crossed their eyes. "Uh oh. This doesn't look good. Should we follow?" Sango asked, shifting her chocolate irises back towards her boyfriend. Miroku nodded in response and they both followed the half-demon, hoping he wouldn't start anything.

Inuyasha's ears picked up Kagome's voice as he made his way through the crowded room; pushing or shoving anyone that happened to be in his way. He listened to the irritation in her words as she continued to persuade Kouga to release her.

The wolf demon held the slender female close as a growl erupted from the crowd. He looked over to see Inuyasha stalking angrily towards them. "Well if it isn't the mutt-face himself. What do you want?" Kouga asked, a smirk playing on his lips.

"Get your hands off of her!" the silver haired male yelled, ripping his rival's arms away from Kagome's waist. As soon as she was free, the young woman backed up towards Sango and Miroku; who just arrived at the scene.

"Here, hold these," Kagome said, handing the brunette the drinks she had paid for earlier. "I better go calm them down before real trouble begins." The twosome nodded as they watched her sigh and head back to the bickering men.

Before she could reach them, however, Kouga punched Inuyasha square in the jaw, knocking the half-demon back a few steps. Obviously, their little spat had turned into an all out brawl. "Stop it you two!" Kagome screamed as she watched Inuyasha regain his balance and throw a punch at the dark skinned man.

Just then, Kouga's companions, Ginta and Hakkaku, ran out from the crowd to help him. This turned the odds against the silver haired male, as it was now three to one. Miroku took a step forward, prepared to step in, but was beaten to it when another silver haired dog demon appeared on the scene.

He pushed Ginta and Hakkaku to the ground with a mere glare, leaving their leader vulnerable. Inuyasha glanced up at the man standing next to him, immediately recognizing it to be his older brother.

"What the hell are you doing here?" he bluntly asked, blood dripping down the side of his mouth. The siblings may hate each other, but they couldn't stand by and watch as the other was pummeled to death; especially when the odds were against him.

Sesshomaru gave him a cold stare. "I suggest you leave while you have the chance." His icy tone echoed in the now silent room. In the mist of the confusion, the music had ceased playing and the entire club had formed a tight circle around the fight. Kagome glanced over the crowd and saw some of her friends. Ayame and Rin stood off to one side, obviously frightened by the event.

The dark haired woman was surprised, however, when she saw Kikyo in the crowd as well. A ghost of a smile played on her lips. Kagome didn't have time to ponder the thought as to why a rich person like her would be in a high school hang out such as this. Instead she turned her attention back to the objective at hand. She took a few steps forward until she was standing in the middle of the three.

"Stop it, you guys. Jeez, do you always have to fight?" Inuyasha opened his mouth to respond, but quickly shut it when she gave him a hardened glare. Kouga and Inuyasha both looked at the ground. Getting a lecture from Kagome was not their idea of fun. Sesshomaru's emotionless gaze didn't waver as he continued to stare at the mortal girl before him.

By this time, the bar manager had pushed his way through the crowd, bat in hand. "Alright, take it somewhere else." He tapped the steel weapon in his hand, preparing to use it if need be. The quarrelling duo glared at each other a final time before Kagome was able to lead Inuyasha away.

After a moment, the crowd dispersed, slightly disappointed at the change of events. The music started back up as Sango, Miroku, Kagome, and Inuyasha made their way back to the table. The dark haired teen angrily shoved Inuyasha into the booth. "Inuyasha, you can be so inconsiderate sometimes!" she screamed, crossing her arms over her chest.

The half-demon cowered at her defiant stance, but didn't dare give in so easily. His own anger boiled as he responded. "It's not my fault Kouga was all over you!"

Kagome almost smiled. She liked the way Inuyasha was so protective of her, but picking unnecessary battles was taking it a bit too far. The scowl stayed on her face. "You didn't have to go and pick a fight." Her tone was stern and determined.

"Kouga is the one who threw the first punch! What did you expect me to do? Get on my hands and knees and beg for mercy?" Inuyasha was angry at her accusations.

"If it would have prevented a fight, then yeah." The silver haired man was taken aback by her response. Kagome dropped her heated gaze from his and turned around, trying to keep her emotions in check.

During the exchange, Sango and Miroku stood by, scared by their friends' tempers. "Maybe we should get them out of here," Sango whispered to her boyfriend, drinks still in hand.

"Yeah, I don't think this night will get better anyways." Miroku sighed, knowing they had to cut the night short because of Inuyasha and Kagome's childish behavior. The brunette set down the plastic cups and took her friend by the arm, leading the young woman away from her frustration.

"Come on, Kags. Let's go back to my place." Kagome refused to go, but after some careful persuading from Sango, she reluctantly nodded her head in agreement. Miroku had managed to convince Inuyasha to leave as well, using a similar technique.

He left the half-demon alone for a minute and gave his girlfriend a peck on the cheek. "I'm sorry, my dear Sango, but we must part for now. Call you later?" The brunette blushed at his display of affection and only managed a nod. Kagome turned away, jealous towards the love they shared.

Sango pushed her friend out the club doors toward her pink convertible. The two were silent as they left the loud music and their problems behind. Inuyasha and Miroku could be seen in the rear-view mirror as Sango sped away into the night.