A/N: This story was inspired by my friend today.

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. were standing outside the locker room, snickering to themselves. CM Punk - drinking a can of Pepsi and clutching his belt - walked past them, only to be wrenched back by his collar when Ted grabbed it.

"Punk," Ted hissed, barely suppressing his laughter, "you've got to hear this."


Ted and Cody shushed him simultaneously, pressing their ears to the door again. They broke into a fit of laughter, causing CM Punk to become intrigued. He pushed his can of soda into Cody's hand, wedging in between the two to listen.

"You... are a sexy man," he heard someone mumble. "Sexy, sexy, sexy. I'm the sexy boy around here now. No more Shawn Michaels."

Cody covered his mouth and tripped away, spewing laughter from behind it. Ted was choking over CM Punk's shoulder.

"Who is that?" he asked, confused. He looked to Ted and Cody for help.

"It's Jericho," they whispered.

"Oh." He turned back to the door, pressing his head against it once more.

"Suits... suit me. Ha, see? I'm still funny. The American public isn't smart enough for Jerichumor. Hmm... I like that. Jerichumor."

CM Punk felt his mouth sliding open, a smile winking on his face. He looked at Cody and Ted, watching them cover their faces to keep themselves from making too much noise.

"What's going on?" John Cena asked. When no one answered him, he walked away. Maybe his time would come later, because it certainly wasn't now.

"Is he talking to himself?" CM Punk mouthed, barely stopping his breathy laughs.

Cody and Ted nodded, holding their stomachs.

Just as CM Punk turned back to the door, it opened. He lost his balance slightly, but righted himself before he could fall onto Chris's shiny, black shoes.

"What are you guys doing?" he demanded.

Cody and Ted contained themselves quickly, their chest shaking every so often to stop laughing. "Nothing, Chris. Just... getting ready."

He narrowed his eyes at Punk, looking him up and down. "And what are you doing?"

CM Punk bit his lip. "Uh... Looking for my... " He looked at Cody, then back at Chris. "Pepsi! Yeah, Pepsi."

Chris straightened his jacket slightly, pulling at the lapels. He glanced over at Cody, pointing lazily. "Is that it?"

CM Punk looked over, then laughed. He slapped his forehead. "There it is!"

Chris nodded, clearing his throat. "Right. Well, you guys can have the locker room now. I have to go insult a legend - a legend that I destroyed - and smile when the fans start chanting his stupid acronym."

The three boys laughed nervously, wondering if he was joking or not.

"That wasn't a joke." Chris shook his head. "Chris Jericho doesn't make jokes anymore."

Cody and Ted nodded, but CM Punk laughed again. Chris shot daggers at him before he turned and started walking away.

CM Punk seemed taken aback. He watched Chris's retreating back, before looking at Ted and Cody. "Jesus."

Chris stopped, looking over his shoulder. "Did you say Jericho?"

Ted and Cody started laughing.

"No," CM Punk stated. "I said Jesus."

Chris shrugged. "Same difference."

A/N: I just had to write this. My friend thought I said Chris Jericho when I said Jesus Christ today, and since Chris has been acting like he IS God, it seemed to fit.