Choxie: hi guys!, recently, I bought a game that I used to rent before and now own it, it's called "Capcom VS. SNK 2 EO", so I also learned about the story of Rival Schools. Well, just for fun, I'm making a Kyosuke/Athena story (even though Athena is a SNK player) GUNSHOT HEY I SAID IT WAS JUST FOR FUN! SHEESH! Even though Hinata (Rival Schools) and Sakura do too, but this time I'm doing this for fun! GUNSHOT HEY WHAT DID I SAY?!...oy, so btw, "Yosougai Ai" means "Unexpected Love"...I dunno, but check me if I'm wrong, I translated from English to Japanese to Romaji... GUNSHOT AGAIN?!

Hinata: come on guys, just let her be...sheesh

Athena: yup, she is always a fanatic for ROMANCE right?

Choxie: HEY!, also, everyone from the game is here (well not everyone...XD), also Athena in this story is a Sophomore at Taiyo H.S as well Kyosuke, Batsu, and Hinata are Juniors! so well...enjoy the story anyway!! runs off

Hinata and Athena: ...

Hinata: I got to admit Athena...

Athena: what?

Hinata: that I'm also like Choxie too.

Athena: DING! Eh?!

Hinata: nothing, I'll be going (mwahahahah!)

Yosougai Ai


Chapter 1: Arrival! – The newcomer at Taiyo H.S! Part 1

Athena sighs as the unpacks her things in her new apartment meanwhile she is wondering around of how the high school she is going is going to be a new life, when she left her closest friends, the Psycho Soldiers, they we're all right when they're on their own. Athena had to move for a reason, and a reason that Athena felt dumb about, the true reason why is because she has to move to a better high school, the other is...she is heartbroken...She did accept that the fact, her crush, Kyo, loved someone else, better looking, boasting attitude, well...ahem, let's go on, her roommate is, but she hasn't arrived to greet her yet. But Hinata has another room to live on, which is really Hinata's room, Athena's room is Hinata's second, which she rarely uses.

'Let it Go Athena-chan!' though Athena

'You're already at a new life, don't forget em'! just live it!!'

"UGH! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!" Athena groaned.

"Hello?" someone comes in

"eh?" Athena turns around

"Oh! You're my roommate right?" said the person

the person walks close to Athena

"Welcome to Taiyo H.S, I'm Hinata Wakaba!" Hinata grins

Athena surprised to see a kind greeting she does one too but...

"I'm...Athena, Athena Asamiya..." well, that was a good one but...she comes out too shy... (Choxie: aww!)

Hinata grins again "Aww, don't you worry, I know you'll get used to this!, ah! Just one question!"

"Um, Hai!" said Athena, alerted (Choxie's Note: 'Hai' means Yes in Japanese)

"...are you a freshman?" said Hinata, she is still grinning

"no, I'm a sophomore"

"my bad... but that doesn't matter!, at least you're gonna start a new year at a new high school anyways!" Hinata is always excited to know more people, especially freshmen.

"umm...arigato!" Athena bows to a new friend she has found (Choxie's Note: 'Arigato' means 'Thank you' in Japanese)

"no prob!" said the happy Hinata

Hinata and Athena: o.o...

Choxie: I'm gonna continue this story anyways, remember! Do not FLAME! Or else I'll send a carnivorous-cannibal munchkin to EAT YUUU!!

Athena: yikes...

Hinata: aww, no lovey dovey this time! TT


Hinata: oh, but still!

Choxie: ayy...

Athena: see you at the next chapter!

Choxie: HEY, that's my quote!

Athena: my bad...