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Chapter 1: Arrival

The sky was filled with thick black smoke. Blood and broken glass covered the ground in a horrid display. The crowd that had gathered to see the spectacle held their mouths in pure horror. Varied mumblings made their way through the crowd. "Who did this?" "Are their any survivors?" Questions as such were spread to the ears of others.

The fire department began to hose down the remnants of the burning home. An older man began to push his way through the crowd, making his way toward the house. A woman who had been in his way gasped, bowing in respect, "Master Hoenheim, please excuse me!" Hoenheim nodded and pressed forward.

The blond man strode over to the chief and asked sorrowfully, "What kind of monster can do such damage with no remorse?" The chief shook his head and let Hoenheim continue, "They all died then?" The chief went to nod before a young man ran up to him.

"Sir, we have found a survivor," he reported, a tint of relief in his voice.

The chief beamed and immediately asked, "What are we dealing with here?" The man lowered his head and led the way to a group of men. They were looming over a body the chief and Hoenheim's eyes widened at the form of a young girl. "Why, she's just child!"

Hoenheim eyed the girl before kneeling to the ground. He placed a hand on her cheek, which had been blackened with sot and smoke. She was quiet beautiful, with her sun kissed blond hair and sapphire eyes. He smiled and muttered, "She's still alive, thank goodness. A little rest and fresh air and she should be fine."

One of the men announced grimly, "But, Master Elric, she's the only survivor; an orphan at such a young age. What shall we do with her?" The chief eyed her then Hoenheim.

"I shall take her in," the older man announced. The chief and fire fighters stared at him in awe. "She is the daughter of the doctors named Rockbell. Her father did all he could for my Trisha. I owe him as much to take her in. She's around Edward's age anyway. It will no longer be discussed," Hoenheim stated.

The chief nodded and stood. The men watched as the dictator scooped up the girl and made his way away from the burning villa.

- - -

The female's eyes slowly fluttered open to find a white roof above her body. She lay on a comfortable surface. Thinking of the worst possible outcome of her previous endeavors, she unconsciously questioned no one in particular, "I am in heaven?" A chuckle came from somewhere in the room, capturing her attention.

As her gaze focused, she realized an older man with long blond hair sat in the room's corner. He looked somewhat familiar. He spoke kindly, "I would hope not. Miss, you are currently in my mansion. Please, I encourage you to find yourself at ease. You've been through a lot." She nodded and scanned the area.

The first thing she noticed was her clothes. She was garbed in a white silk dress. Its seam ended at her mid-thigh. The girl also spotted a slightly shorter black dress at the bed's end. An apron sat atop that along with stockings. A maid's clothing? "Miss, may I ask your name?"

She shook it off and looked back to the man. She nodded and answered respectfully, "My name is Winry, sir. You are Hoenheim Elric, correct?" He nodded, "I must thank you. I would be dead currently if not for you. What may I do to repay you?"

Hoenheim chuckled once more and answered, "I owed your father for a previous aid, so it was really no problem. I will allow you to stay here if work for it. The other maids may aid you and there will be pay. What do you say, Winry?" Winry gasped and jumped up, bowing.

She shook her head, "No, sir! No pay will be needed for me. I will work for free." Hoenheim nodded and rose from his seat.

"I shall accept that, then. I will…" he was cut off by a young boy bursting into the room.

"Father! What did you want this…time?" The boy's question was halted by the realization his father and he were not alone.

He blinked a few times before looking to the older man. "Well, good morning Edward. You're right on time! I'd like for you to show our newest maid around the mansion. I would appreciate it if you'd end the tour with the kitchen. Leave her there then, alright?"

Edward heaved an annoyed sigh and muttered, "Yes, father." The two watched as the older Elric left the room. Edward heaved another sigh and gazed at Winry. His breath was caught in his throat. Good mercy, she's beautiful! She can not be a mere maid! He gasped and shook the thoughts from his mind.

Winry slipped on her stockings and black dress. Her shoes and apron soon followed. She turned to Edward and curtsied, "My name is Winry, sir. We may leave whenever you wish." Edward smiled, increasing her heartbeat ten fold. What a gorgeous boy! Oh, what am I thinking?! He's a major government official's son! Bad Winry. The boy extended a hand to her.

He watched her look from his hand to his face. He laughed and stated, "Fear not Winry, I won't bite you. And, could you please call me Ed? No sir, no titles: just Ed. Edward is fine, but I prefer Ed." Winry smiled and took his hand, shaking it. The two turned and exited the room.

- - -

Winry looked around in amazement. The mansion was wondrously huge! Everywhere she looked, people were busy with some work. Ed explained the various jobs and rooms within his home. A smile glued to both the entire time. "This is wonderful. You're so lucky, Ed."

Ed gazed at her and laughed, "I don't think so, but whatever you say. If anyone would agree with you there, it's my brother Alphonse. He's too happy-go-lucky for his own good! Well, that just my opinion." Winry laughed as his face switched emotions wildly.

Edward snuck a glance at her and added, "What was it like where you use to live, Winry?"

Winry's eyes widened and she focused on the tiles below her. Ed noticed the look of terror in her eyes and immediately took a hold of her shoulder, soothing her gently, "You don't have to answer. I was just curious." A nod served as his answer.

The pair reached the kitchen and Edward reluctantly halted. "Well this is the kitchen. You should find a maid by the name of Rose in there. She should help you," Ed stated, a hint of disappointment in his voice. Winry picked up on this and giggled.

Ed's mind was thrown for a loop when the girl lunged into a tight embrace. "Thanks for the tour, Ed," she murmured into his chest. She released him and asked sweetly, "I'll see you later, then?"

Edward's face was crimson, but he shook it off as much as possible and replied cheerily, "Of course!" Winry nodded and turned toward the kitchen. Ed watched her go, then quickly turned on his heel and headed toward his father's study.

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