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Chapter 3: Trance

Edward sighed as he plopped down in the grass, arms folded neatly over his stomach in content. The sounds of his girls lying down beside him forced his eyes open. Elysia, closest to him, gazed at him though one open eye. Laughing, he rolled toward her, poking her nose gently.

Mei shot up, shouting, "Intruder!" Nina and Elysia also sat up to watch as a young woman strode into the courtyard.

Gracia glanced once at the woman before sighing and soothing the children gently, "Its okay, girls. She means no harm." She turned to Winry, flashing a radiant smile in her direction, "Right?"


Surprised, but greatly pleased to see her, Edward leapt to his feet and beckoned her forward. "Good evening, Winry! How have you been fairing? Did you see your room yet?"

A smile graced her lips as she approached him. "Eager are we? I'm fairing fine and I saw my room. The mansion's beautiful, by the way. And the library is amazing!"

Edward smiled, nodding joyfully. He sent a meaningful glance at Gracia. She nodded and giggled, adding, "Come girls, it is time for dinner now."

Three simultaneous groans had the Winry, Gracia and Edward laughing again. The girls submitted, coming toward Edward to receive kisses on their cheeks. "Bye Ed," they yelled, jogging to the door.

"Good night, Master," Gracia muttered while following them.

The two stared after the girls for awhile. Eventually, Ed glanced at Winry to find her returning his gaze. They once again broke out into laughter.

Winry took his hand gently and began tugging him toward the fountain. She sat on its edge, him close beside her. "The girls are so cute," Winry amended.

"They are."

"It's so nice that you play with them like that. Do they have parents, beside Elysia?"

Edward shook his head grimly, sadly smiling. "Mei and Nina are orphans. Actually, Nina came here just like you did, sort of. Her father was a scientist studying alchemy. He was going to lose his job with the military soon.

"One night, he shot himself. A candle in the room fell and his house burned. Nina was staying here with Elysia and me at the time. She always came over to play. We got a letter that the Tucker house was on fire. Nina was hurt, so Gracia offered to take her.

"We first saw Mei by a lake not too far from here. You can see it from my father's study. She told us she was alone so we took her in, too. Mei's a bit tense around people she doesn't know, but she'll come around." Gazing off into the forest with liquid gold eyes, Edward smiled to himself.

"You love them, don't you?"

"Yeah. They're like my daughters. Fatherly instinct fucked me over big time, huh? A nineteen year old dad of three kids?! Pretty scary."

"No, I think it's amazing."

Ed's head shot in her direction, watching her with awed eyes. "Did she really just say that? Even Noah thinks it's a bad idea, but her…she isn't like Noah…not at all."

"I mean, Elysia should be fine with her mother, but it's wonderful to give Nina and Mei a family; even if it's just you. Is Gracia like their mom, too?"

When Ed found his voice a moment later, he answered blandly, "Not to Mei and Nina, no. Gracia has tried to make them feel like they're hers. It…hasn't worked though. I wish I could give them a mother. I just don't know how."

Feeling the anguish in his body pour from his like a faucet, Winry muttered absent mindedly, "Maybe I…"

Edward returned his gaze to the lovely woman before him. "Maybe what?"

"No…never mind. It was foolish."

"Please Win? I want to hear what you have to say. Please?"

Winry focused her eyes on the ground. A blush found her cheeks and she found herself wanting to tell him.

She gasped aloud. "What is he doing to me?"


Timidly, she glanced at him through her eyelashes, blinking coyly twice. "Yes?"

Edward's heart halted completely, skipping at least two beats before starting at an extremely fast pace. The innocent gesture stirred his stomach and did interesting things to his groin. His hand gripped his pants painfully as heat conjured around his naval. "What is she doing to me?"

Noticing his emotional pause, Winry straightened to look him in the eyes. She soon found herself lost in a sea of rich amber. His gaze was heated, transferring the warmth to a spot between her legs. She squeezed her thighs together in an attempt to stop the throbbing at her core.

Neither seemed to notice how they were slowly leaning toward one another, for they were far too far gone in the other's trance. It wasn't until their lips were a mere centimeter apart did either realize their position.

With a strangled gasp, Winry turned her head, avoiding the contact her heart and body screamed for. Edward stared at her confusedly. Eager to continue, but concerned as to why she stopped he muttered, "What's wrong?"

"I don't think we should do this."

He paused. "Why not?"

Her head snapped toward his in surprise. "Why not?! Edward, you are a diplomat's son! And who am I?" Tears streamed down her face pathetically and she wept, "Who am I?! A lowly, orphaned maid with no future! You can do so much better!" She diverted her gaze, sobbing to the ground. "You can do so much better," she muttered softly.

A strong hand secured her chin in its grasp, forcing her to stare into his now fierce eyes. She continued to sob quietly, closing her eyes. She couldn't face him. It was too hard.


Her heart ached and more tears spilled over. "Why am I crying so much?! I haven't cried about my parent's death, even! Why now? Why him!?"

"Winry look at me."

Reluctantly, her eyes opened. She marveled to herself. Even with such fierce eyes, he was beautiful.

Ed studied her face for awhile before speaking, "Winry, you've only been here a day. But, you do know a bit about me. Do you honestly think any of that matters to me?"

She nodded.

"Hmm. Well, I haven't left a very good impression of myself, now have I? Let me tell you something. My mother was a simple girl from a rural town. My father found her on one of his vacation 'get a ways'. It took them a week before he was begging her to follow him back to his home. And she did.

"My mom was with my dad for a year before she got pregnant with me. One year after my birth, my brother came into the picture. When I was seven and Al was six, she got really sick. Some local doctors by the name of Rockbell tried their best to help but, she died."

"My parents…"

Ed cocked his head to the side. "What?"

"Rockbell. That's my last name. Winry Rockbell: daughter of the Rockbell doctors."

He stared at her with true awe. "Wow. I didn't know that." His anger sparked again. "And you say you're just a maid?! Hogwash! Anyway, what I'm saying is this: my dad loved my mom more than anything. And she was more 'normal and lowly' than you are! Rank doesn't make a difference to me either! So, now give me one good reason why I shouldn't kiss the living day lights out of you."

Winry gazed into his heated amber orbs. Passion, anger and need all resided there.

She closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them and smiled. "I've got nothing."

"Good." Then he leaned down to capture her lips with his own.

It felt so good.

A perfect mixture of passion, danger and heat. Winry let out a low moan as he smothered her in his taste, smell and kiss. She willed her lips to move against his. The action sent electric sparks flying through the two.

Ed deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around her petite waist and crushing her to him. She returned his kiss zealously, running her fingers through his golden hair. Playfully, Ed's tongue slid across her bottom lip. Winry sighed contently into his mouth.

In the heat of passion, Winry tugged a bit too hard on Ed's sleeve, sending them plummeting to the grass below. Their lips separated with a 'smack' sound. It wasn't long before, much to the dismay of their air deprived lungs, their mouths were tacked together once more.

Edward repositioned his body into a more comfortable position, not understanding where it put them until Winry moaned quite loudly. He parted lips with her, ignoring her disappointed cry.

He was straddling her waist, sitting on his knees, so that either of her pearly thighs lay between his own. The heat coming from her core rose certain parts of his anatomy equally. Ed trained his eyes back to hers. Winry's sapphire orbs burned and sizzled with undying need. A groan escaped him as she seized his lips.

Happy beyond belief and horny as hell, Winry began to memorize his face with her hands. Gently stroking his cheekbones and lower neck, she melted into him completely, falling back so his chest made contact with hers. Breaking the kiss, she threw her head back at the sensation of his hard, muscular chest against her breasts.

Edward groaned, kissing her neck and collarbone messily while licking her skin all the while. Anymore physical stimulation or teasing and he'd find himself making love to his maid in the middle of the courtyard.

However reluctantly, he pulled back, falling onto his bottom between her legs. Winry relaxed, laying back and staring into the orange sky as her breathing began to regulate. Edward watched her chest rise and fall frantically, smiling internally and fighting with his testosterone to avoid peeking within her dresses.

"Why did you stop!? You could have just eaten her for dinner, twit!" He chuckled at his inner self's logic.

Standing, Edward reached for Winry's hand. "We'll miss dinner if we don't head inside soon. And trust me, Rose is an amazing cook!"


Ed pulled Winry to her feet and led her into the house, holding onto her hand the entire way. Winry smiled to herself. "I love him."

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