When I woke up again, I felt strange, heavier almost. The events of the previous day weighed me down exponentially, grinding me into the bed I felt pressed against my back. I didn't want to move, but there was a voice in my head telling me if I didn't get up soon, I would never be able to.

For the first time in the last 48 hours I breathed, I felt calm and relaxed. There was no more secret, I was unable to know, no more confusing feelings toward my "uncle" Edward I knew were wrong, and above all no more lies. I could happily say my name was Isabella Swan and I'm proud of it. Not that Isabella Cullen was such a horrible name to go by, just that knowing where we REALLY came from is a 200 thousand pound weight of your shoulders let me tell you.

"Pssssttttttt!" someone whispered in my left ear, the same ear I was trying to cover with a pillow that at that moment was no longer in my hands.

"Hey!!! Leave the tired human alone." I mumbled. This caused the annoying pillow snatcher, to laugh. Great! I thought to myself, I'm a comedian. Come on, we have so much stuff to do, and YOU PROMISED ME SHOPPING MISSY!!!!" This proved my theory. Not only was my "Aunt" Alice, a Meany who wouldn't let me sleep, she was also a Meany who steals peoples pillows.

"Not now…Sleepy…tried…ohhhh! I see sheep…one….two….three….OWWW!!!" I struggled free from the blankets to glare at Alice, who innocently stood there a pillow in her hand.

"Is there a need, Alice?????...honestly?" I continued to glare at her as I sat up, which caused her to smile triumphantly and place the pillow back on my bed. wouldn't have been a need Bella, if you insisted on counting sheep…you know I hate them...all wholly, and would it kill them to be a little more human?" she stated. True I had known Alice was afraid of sheep. I learned that one painful day to the Zoo; the zoo we were band from ever since Alice tried to give them shopping advice threw their cages, if you've seen Alice and a sheep conversing threw a glass window, it's safe to say you've seen it all.

"Well Alice, they are sheep…you know animals…smelly, and pee on the carpet… and you know." I mumbled. Alice looked ready to laugh at me.

"What???!!" I asked enraged.

"You weren't a dog person were you Bella?" She said. I huffed. T=not in the least. I vaguely remember René, taking me to the pet store, of course all was fine until one pig headed golden retriever, peed on my new shoes. Safe to say we didn't adopt any pets that day.

"There was an incident." It was obvious I wasn't going to elaborate on the subject so she moved her attention to my closet, while I stepped out of my now train wreck of a bed, and towards my bathroom. I saw Alice smirk from the corner of my eye, and I quickened my pace. When I reached the bathroom, I shut the door behind me and locked it.

Sighing I moved to my sink, it was there I saw it. On top of the sink was a little blue box. I stared horrified at it; they wanted me to use that….thing? I stood there cautiously, testing the ground I walked on, still not sure if I was awake or not, maybe those sheep really were effective, and this was all some nightmare. They wouldn't really make me do this would they? I mean they already know I'm pregnant, right? What more was there to prove? I saw my son; we know this was my secret.

Maybe it's just to entertain them, or they really don't believe I'm pregnant. Well I believe and if they wanted proof, I'd give them proof. I huffed and crossed the distance over to the small marble sink. All the while wondering, maybe this was why Edward wasn't here when I woke up? But how could that make since he asked me what color eyes our son had, he believed me. And Alice said something about our son being graceful; she must have had more visions of him while I was sleeping. What if something terrible happened?

I walked faster and grabbed the test, my heart racing like the speed of light. I carefully opened the box, and took the damn test, all the while confused, and angry, and most of all hurt, that my family could put me though this humiliation. After stalling for as long as my heart could take, I looked at it.

Positive, stared back at me from the digital screen, I sighed, and relaxed. Putting the test down, I dropped to the floor in exhaustion. More questions, still rumbling around in my head, as tears threatened to spill down my face.

What could the point to this have been? I didn't know. But what I did know was right now more than ever I wanted to run, I couldn't face everyone downstairs, knowing they doubted me. ...My heart broke… he left, he didn't want me. Edward...My heart broke… he left, he didn't want to be around me any longer.

Of course not, who would want to be around a screaming baby. No! I told myself, how could you doubt Edwards love, I bet you he's downstairs waiting to great you with pancakes and syrup, and juice.

As much as I wanted to believe it, I couldn't.

Raising myself carefully from the tile floor I looked around for a means to escape, I'm sure there's a way out of here somewhere. The window…I climbed up on the toilet seat to pear out the windows ledge. I could make out some outlines on a road…cars! I looked down. I was still wearing my pajamas, but I had a sweatshirt on. Edward's sweatshirt, the one I had begged him to keep, when I was six. I just couldn't tell him I need his scent around me so I could sleep better, but he seemed to understand, as he handed it to me that day. No! I told myself, if you keep remembering you'll only end up walking downstairs right into his arms. Feeling more confident I rose up to the window and peeked out of the glass. It was sturdy, but I didn't want to take any chances, grabbing hold of the upper part of the window, I hoisted myself up and out through the window. As my last foot came through, I felt hands encircle my foot, and pull gently. I fought against it, pulling harder, which only resulted in the arms to let go of my ankle.

I knew whoever it was would be too afraid to hurt me, but pulling me back through, but as I saw triumph I faced defeat. Alice was smarter than I thought, while I sat there pondering she had ran to the outside window, and stood waiting in front of me.

"Isabella Swan Hale McCarthy Cullen…do you have any idea how dangerous that was?" She stood with her hands on her hips, facing me with an expression that said try to run I dare you.

"Alice" I sighed. "I just couldn't walk down those stairs knowing you all doubted me." A confused expression crossed her face, before it turned to anger.

With her face still livid she pulled me up to my feet and toward the house. The whole way she was silent, calculating almost, trying to hid her anger, or control it.

When we passed the front door, I smelt it…pancakes. I turned toward the smell to find Edward in the kitchen, and apron on with flour all over his face, but the flour couldn't hid the expression of pure happiness etched into his features. He looked so pure, but just looking at him you could see a ray of light just bathing him in its glory. He looked over to our miserable and furious expressions and frowned.

"What did I miss?" he looked so confused, that I began to wonder if he even knew about the test at all.

"Bella here, thought we all doubted she was pregnant, either that or I figure in the 20 minutes I left her alone, she found a way to be as selfless as ever, and try to rid us of her, after calculating we probably didn't want her around." I looked down ashamed.

"Why would she think that?" Edward asked. The happiness whipped from his face, into a mask of fright, confusion, and love. He pulled the apron over his head and walked over to us. I couldn't take the silence, over the comfort of his arms so I ran to him, he caught me and pulled me to him, and I had to struggle to remember why I even wanted to leave in the first place.

Strong hands traced patterns in my back, patterns I made out as stick figures, three of them, one large, and then a medium one, and then right in the middle was one smaller than the rest. I pulled him closer as my emotions raged around me in a tidal wave.

"You want the baby." I whispered.

"Of course my love, how could I not, don't you understand how happy this makes me?" he whispered back.

"I do now" I sighed into him, snuggling unto the warmth as he chuckled.

"Edward I don't blame Bella for doubting you wanted the baby, look what was in the bathroom." From in his arms, I couldn't see what Alice was holding up, but I had a pretty good idea just what it was.

"Rosalie!!!" Edward growled.