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Stop This Song

Chapter One

"You're the voice I hear inside my head, the reason that I'm singing. I need to find you. I gotta find you. You're the missing piece I need-"

"Hello?" A 16 year old girl groggily mumbled into the cellular device.

"Good morning sunshine! I hope you're ready for me to pick you up. I'll be there in approximately…thirty-seven minutes." The male voice on the other line exclaimed.

"Shane!" The girl whined mustering enough strength to sit up in her bed to stretch her free arm. "How much Starbucks did you have this morning?!"

"Tres cups of coffee to be exact, Ms. Torres." Shane Grey said in a matter-of-fact tone. "The best part of waking up is Starbucks in your cup!" The boy sang into the phone.

Mitchie Torres groaned and crawled out of her bed. "I believe its Folgers. But anyway. I'm going to get ready. So see you…when you get here." The brunette said through a yawn.

"Are you about to get in the shower?" The popstar asked in a suggestive way.

"Bye Shane!" Mitchie said pressing the end button on her Voyager.

Mitche shuffled her way into her bathroom and did her usual morning routine. When that was taken care, she opened her closet and hurriedly looked for something to wear. After about 3 minutes, she pulled out a pair of skinny royal blue jeans, a white v-neck t-shirt, and a pair of blue Rainbow flip flops. Once she was dressed, she applied some mascara, eyeliner, and her favorite cherry flavored lip balm. She then grabbed her school bag and headed downstairs to the kitchen where she found her parent eating breakfast.

"Morning." Mitchie said taking a seat and immediately began eating her breakfast.

"Good morning." Her parents replied.

"So is Shane picking you up?" Mr. Torres asked while cleaning up his plate from the table.

"Yep. He should be here sometime soon." Mitchie replied through a mouthful of bacon.

"That's very becoming of you." Mrs. Torres said motioning to her daughter's mouth, which was still full with bacon.

"I try." Mitchie said with a smile and laughed when her mother shook her head.

"Well I better get going. Have a good last day at school kiddo." Mr. Torres said patting his daughter on the head before leaning over to kiss his wife.

"Bye." The Torres women said in unison.

About 10 minutes later…


"That's probably your backstreet boy now." Mrs. Torres said looking out the window from the kitchen sink.

"Mom. Don't call him that." Mitchie said trying to hold back a smile and made her way out the front door. "We'll I'll see you later."

"Have a good day!" Her mom called from the front steps as she watched her daughter get into the black Mercedes CLK550.

"Hey Mrs. Torres!" Shane yelled waving frantically.

"Hi Shane! Drive safely. Buckle up!" Mrs. Torres replied pointing sternly at the teenagers.

"Always!" Shane shouted waving off her comment before putting the car in drive and hitting the gas hard to speed through the neighborhood.

"I believe your driving troubles my mother." Mitchie said while turning the knob on the radio to find a station. Once she looked up she noticed the red traffic light and Shane not showing any intention of stopping. "Shane red means STOP!" She screamed shutting her eyes in terror.

The boy then slammed on the breaks, bringing the car to a screeching halt just a few inches over the line. "Uh…my bad. I lost focus." Shane mumbled turning his head to try and hide the obvious blush.

Mitchie reopened her eyes and looked at her boyfriend and managed to chuckle. "Jesus! I see my mom's reason now. Did someone forget to take their A.D.D medicine?" She said jokingly.

He glared at her playfully and replied, "No. I took it this morning, Thank you very much." He stuck his tongue out at her.

"Oh sure you did. But green means GO." She said pointing toward the green light.

"But green means go." Shane mimicked as he began driving again and soon pulled up to the school.

Once he pulled around in the carpool drop-off area, Mitchie opened her door to get out by was stopped by a grip on her arm.

"Shane doesn't get a kiss?" He said sticking out his bottom lip and mustered his best puppy dog look.

Mitchie laughed and rolled her eyes. "Well Shane almost killed us this morning. So I don't know if he deserves a kiss."

"Almost. Keyword almost."

She shook her head but leaned over to give him a quick kiss. She wasn't' too fond of kissing Shane at her school, mostly because people would take pictures and videos. She definitely didn't enjoy seeing the youtube video of her making out with him titled 'Shane Grey kissing What's-Her-Face,' when they first started dating. Once she pulled away, his lips were immediately on hers again. Mitchie allowed herself to fall into the kiss longer than necessary and found herself practically crawling into his lap in the process. The sound of the horn from his car that she had accidentally pressed whilst climbing into her boyfriend's lap was what snapped her back into the word around her.

"Shit that scared me." She breathed removing herself from Shane.

"Jumpy?" He asked playfully and leaned in for another kiss.

But she pulled away and got out of the car and noticed the attention of most of the people who were also arriving at school. Me and my damn hormones. Mitchie thought. "See you after school cutie." Mitchie said to a very dejected looking popstar.

He nodded and gave her the peace sign before zooming off. Sighing and trying to shrug off the stares that she should have been used to, she made her way into the building for her last day of 10th grade.

-Some 8 hours later…-

"Bye Mitchie!"

"Have a great summer Mitchie!"

"I still want Shane's autograph!"

Mitchie smiled and nodded at the students as she waited on Shane to pick her up. It was nice having more people talk to her at school. But she always had to remember it was because she was dating Shane Grey and had been signed with the same label as Connect 3. Sure the attention was great at times, but sometimes it could be too much. Even though Mitchie was just starting out with the whole rising artist thing, there would be some occasions where she would be at out with her mom at the mall and BAM! Paparazzi everywhere. And of course they'd be all up in her business about her and Shane's relationship and if she was going to record anything else since she already recorded This is Me. Oh and if she planned on moving into a new house She would never say much about her boyfriend, but always commented that she wanted to be a normal teenager for a little while longer, and go back to Camp Rock first then record. As for the house questions, she would say that she lived comfortably in her old house, but a bigger house would be nice. She hoped that she could have some normalcy at Camp Rock even if she was considered to be famous.

"About time." Mitchie said hopping into the convertible.

"Shane! Hey Shane!" Girls called out jumping up and down and waving insanely.

Shane waved at the girls and quickly sped off. "Sorry baby. Got caught up at the studio. How was school?"

"Hmm…same old. You know the usual. 'Is Shane a good kisser?' 'Will you be touring with Connect 3?' 'Can I get your autograph?' Oh and my favorite one, 'What did you get on the Chemistry exam?' That was the only one I was happy to answer." Mitchie said smiling gently. "But TGIS!" She threw her arms up in the air as if on a rollercoaster.

"TGIS?" Shane said momentarily taking his eyes off the road to give his girlfriend a funny look.

"Thank God it's Summer! Duh."

"Riiiight. Well summer means more Shane and Mitchie time." He said looking over at her with a suggestive look.

She laughed. "We're both pretty busy this summer and you know that. You're recording and whatnot. I've got Camp Rock and then I'm going to be recording when that's done."

"Yes…but I'll swing by the good ole' Camp Rock when I can." He replied winking at her.

The rest of the ride to Mitchie's house was filled with chatter about Connect 3's upcoming concerts and how she would definitely have to be in it. Mitchie merely nodded her head and said an "Uh huh" now and then, not completely listening to what the boy was saying. She was lost in her thoughts thinking about how different summer would be for her this year. Camp Rock would probably be even more different since she was now considered a celebrity. But she was excited to see her bestfriend Caitlyn Gellar. They hadn't seen each other since Spring Break when Mitchie had gotten to perform on MTV with Connect 3 in Cancun. While she was thinking about the other people she wanted to see at camp she thought about Tess Tyler. Mitchie couldn't deny that she wanted to see the blonde this summer. Mitchie was curious to know if the drama queen had changed her attitude or if she was still the same coldhearted bitch.

"Hey Mitchie! Earth to Mitchie. This is your house right?" The popstar said waving his hand in front of her dazed face.

"Oh." She said shaking herself out of her thoughts and opened the door. "I was like really out of it for a minute."

"Obviously." He said also getting out of the car to walk her to the door.

"Well I guess I'll see you in a week or two."

"Yeah. I actually kind of wish I could go back to camp this year." Shane replied sighing dramatically.

She laughed and encircled her arms around his neck. He smiled down at her and then wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Moments later they were heavily making out not really caring that the neighbors could possibly be peeping out at them. Mitchie moaned into the kiss thoroughly enjoying the sensation her boyfriend's tongue caused in her mouth. He lightly pressed her against the door and began kissing down her jaw towards her neck.

"mmm….we…probably…should…mmm." Mitchie breathed out as Shane found that sensitive spot on her neck. It was rare that they ever had moments like this, usually because he was always working and she was at school. Or they couldn't get any privacy anywhere. Her parents definitely weren't for the whole closed doors with boys in the room.

"Totally agree." He said huskily against her neck.

She quickly snapped out of the trance she was in and gently pushed his head away. "Not what I meant you perv." She said pushing against his torso to put some distance between them.

"I knew that." He said. "Alright. Well I'm going to get going. Call me later tonight?" He said and pecked her on the lips.

"K I will. Oh and please drive like you have some sense." She said watching him hop into the car.

"Don't worry babe. See ya."

Mitchie watched him pull off until his car disappeared around a corner and she made her way into the house and up to her room. She collapsed onto her bed and sighed with a content smile on her face. "It's gonna be an interesting summer." She said to herself as she began a new text message to Caitlyn.

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