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Chapter 1 Once Upon a Time

Namine's plane had just landed on New Twilight's airport, her plane landing 12:00 pm at the dot, just like the pilot had said through the intercom. She had let out a sigh of relief, her nerves calming down; this was her first time being on a plane and she was frightened the whole way. Luckily, she had a safe flight, drawing the majority of the time in her sketchbook. She figured if she drew, she could get her mind off of her fear.

She had come from Destiny Island, taking a plane there to New Twilight City. Once she was cleared from the seat belt signal, she didn't waste any time in turning on her cell phone. She called her best friend Olette, making sure she was waiting for her at the arrival area; Olette and her boyfriend Hayner was suppose to pick her up from the airport.

Namine didn't get a signal though, and she had sighed in disappointment. In the meantime, she waited for everyone to get their stuff from the compartments above. She was at the window seat, so she didn't have a problem in waiting on her own.

While she was waiting, she was able to reflect why she was in New Twilight in the first place. She came here because she received an offer in establishing her own art studio here. She was really happy and ecstatic over the news when she received it back at Destiny Island. She didn't get to have an interview with the Art Industry of Alantica face to face; so she had mailed them a video instead, along with a CD that contained her artwork. Needless to say, she was accepted right away because of her extraordinary talent. The Art Industry of Alantica only accepted those who were the best. It was a tough competition, but she took the risk in participating in their application; fortunate enough, she was worthy to be accepted. She was hoping by accomplishing her dreams, she could one day open up her own show or gallery. Hopefully, by living with Olette and Hayner, she could accomplish her goal.

Finally, after much recap of why she was there, the aisle was clear for her to get her stuff. Although all she had was her book bag, which contained her traditional art supplies and electronic entertainment; in case she got bored in the plane. After she doubled check she had everything, she left the deserted plane, saying good-bye to the assistances and pilot as they welcomed her to New Twilight City.

Namine went through all the customs, going through clearance as an immigrant before meeting up with Olette and Hayner. After she was cleared with the help of her passport, Namine spotted the two from afar.

Hayner had already obtained her luggage, seeing as she had her name and address on it; the information listed Olette and Hayner's apartment building's address. Olette squealed when she saw Namine, running up to her and hugging her tightly, "Namine! It's been so long! I see you've grown up a little!" Namine blushed, becoming shy over what Olette was referring to.

Hayner sighed in annoyance, "Olette, give the girl some air. I'm sure she's still tired from her trip." She ignored him, which got him boiled up.

Namine giggled, finding it hard to believe that the two of them were getting married. Olette started grabbing onto Namine's book bag, "Here, let me hold that for you."

The young girl protested kindly, "No…I got it, Olette."

Olette already had the small package attached to her back though, speaking up cheerfully, "It's no problem at all, Namine." She then signaled them to start walking to the parking lot.

While they took the passageway to get there, Olette started to speak again, "I already dispatched a truck that picked up the rest of your luggage, since you're moving here. They're going to drop it off at the apartment building." Namine nodded, feeling glad that Olette was already taking care of her like she always did; not that she was irresponsible or lazy, it was just a nice feeling, like having an older sister who looked out for you.

Olette spoke as they crossed the street to the parking lot, "So, how was your flight? You must have been trembling like a kitten since it was your first time."

Namine shook her head, "I was terrified, but I ignored the feeling by sketching in my notebook."

The brunette responded with glee, "Really!? I need to see what you drew!"

Namine chuckled lightly, "I'll show it to you in the car." Olette nodded, coming to a halt as they neared the car.

Hayner popped open the trunk, hauling the suitcase inside the free space that was available. Olette placed the book bag next to Namine in the back seat, hoping for her to show her the drawings when they get inside. They all entered the car, Hayner reminding everyone to put on their seatbelts, or else he isn't driving. Namine did so politely, Olette producing a huff in annoyance as she did as well. After they were all settled in, he pulled out of the parking spot, making sure he was on the clear before driving off.

He drove out of the airport, giving Olette time to turn herself around from the front seat next to Hayner. She asked Namine excitedly, "So Namine, can I see your sketchbook now?"

The blonde smiled sweetly, "Sure." She unzipped the bag, taking out her brown covered sketchpad. She gave it to Olette carefully, hoping that the pages wouldn't rip out from there bindings. She took it with the same kind of gentleness, not wanting to ruin any of Namine's drawings.

Hayner took this time to turn on the radio, flipping through the channels as he found the station he was looking for. He kept the volume lowered as not to disturb their conversation. Olette flipped through the pages from the sketchbook, gasping in amazement after each page she turned. Hayner kept shifting his eyes to the road and each page Olette had turned, the both of them taking time in seeing the details Namine had put emphases on in creating.

He spoke in amazement, "Those are really good, Namine. No wonder you'll be working with professionals."

She blushed slightly from the comment, "Thank you, Hayner."

Not taking her eyes off the page she was on, Olette spoke, "Namine, this is really good. This one is my favorites so far, since it's colored." It was a scene from one of Destiny Island's beaches. Namine captivated the scene and had brought it to life with vibrant colors; she had used watercolor to fill out the white spaces.

Once again, Namine turned red from such praises, "Thank you."

Olette hummed happily, "I can't wait for you to start your own studio gallery. I bet it will be great when you do. You'll be like, the top artist in the whole city!"

Namine asked hopefully, "You really think?"

Hayner agreed with fiancé, "Yeah, definitely seeing you going up there."

Namine smiled, appreciating their enthusiasm and support. She soon expressed happily, "I'm glad I will be living with you guys until I do then." That's when both Olette and Hayner became quiet, the air becoming dense from their silent.

Olette stuttered, becoming uneasy, "Namine, honey, about that. We have some things to tell you." She looked at Hayner for help in explaining the situation, but he kept looking up ahead at the road, avoiding her. She glared at him for abandoning her, but looked at Namine who looked back with an innocent expression.

Olette had beads of sweat nervously appearing on her forehead, "Namine, you won't be living with us." There, she said it straightforward and bluntly.

Namine became confused, her eyes becoming uncertain, "What? I don't understand."

Hayner finally entered the conversation, "With Olette and I getting married, we won't have time for you to move in, or the room; if you know what I mean." He was hoping what he was saying was getting through to her; when it did, Namine became red as a tomato.

Olette quickly began to explain, finding Namine was getting the wrong idea, "No, Namine! It's not like that! It's just that Hayner and I really need this time to get things prepared for our wedding. Plus, the house is a disaster area with wedding plans. With the wedding taking place in four months, we really need time in figuring everything out."

Namine began feeling nervous, "Then; where will I be living?"

Olette smiled confidently, "Don't worry, Hayner and I figured everything out so that you could still be near us." She paused before continuing, "As we mentioned before, we live in a residence building. You see, there's a room available in one of the apartments there!"

Namine became skeptical, "A room?"

She nodded, "Yeah, you would have to be living with somebody else, but at least you'll have somewhere to live!"

Hayner spoke, making a right turn into the city, "We set up for you to meet with the guys today; to make sure you'll be a good roommate."

That's when Namine became REALLY doubtful, "Guys? As you mean-"

Olette smiled; though it wasn't reassuring, "Yeah; you'll be having two boys as your roommates." Namine became frozen as the words sank into her brain, causing her to become brain dead.


Roxas shouted as he screamed at Axel's face, "I said NO!!"

The tall man pouted, "But Roxy! Why won't you let me be your new roommate?"

Roxas began counting down the reasons with his fingers, a clear throbbing vein appearing on his head, "One, you have your own apartment. Two, I'm not gay. Three, My brother and I have an interview today for a possible roommate already. Four, I'm not Gay. Five, I don't want you to be our new roommate. Six, I'm not Gay. Seven, if you didn't catch it the third time I mentioned it, I'm not GAY!!" He screamed the last word with extreme anger, glaring at Axel who continued to pout at him.

At this time, Sora walked into the kitchen, his guitar strapped onto his back and a piece of cookie in his mouth. He dropped his cookie though, astonished to see Axel, "You again!?"

Roxas glared at his twin brother, "You! You left the door open again, didn't you!?" He then pointed at Axel, "That's how he got in here!"

Sora protested, "No I didn't! I made sure to close it and lock it this time." They both turned to Axel who pulled out a spare key that was identical to the one they possessed to their apartment; a wide grin was visible on his face.

They both produced ill expressions, Roxas soon boiling to the peak of his temper. He shouted, snatching the key away from Axel's hand, "GET OUT!!" Axel dashed out of the apartment, laughing with pure merriment as he closed the door behind him. Roxas quickly locked the door, putting the chain lock on it as well. He sighed, "We really need to put more chain locks here." Sora agreed, his cell phone soon ringing to the song 'Sanctuary' from Utada Hikaru.

Roxas became quiet as Sora flipped his phone open, "Hello. You guys are here already. Yeah, we'll come down and help. Yeah. Alright, bye." He closed his phone to hang up, placing it back inside his pocket.

Roxas asked, curious who was on the phone; although it was obvious, "Who was that; Hayner?"

The brunette male nodded, "Yeah, he said they're here." Roxas nodded, already heading towards the door to open it, but not after looking through the peek hole; he needed to be sure it was safe for him to walk outside without being tackled by Axel's 'endearment' towards him. Seeing how it was safe to step out, he opened the door, turning back to his brother, "Well, lets go." Sora nodded, following after his younger twin.

The deal with Sora and Roxas was simple; they're twin brothers who are trying to succeed their dreams in Twilight City; the place you want to be if you want to make it to the top. They both lived in a three room apartment for a couple of years now, the extra room being nothing more than a storage room; that is, until now. After sometime, both brothers finally decided to clean out the room and try to find anyone who was sane enough to live with them. So far, they had not succeeded in doing that.

The first person they lived with was Sora's ex-girlfriend, Kairi; which ended tragically after Sora found out she was sleeping with his best friend, Riku. After that fiasco, they had some guy named Luxord who had a gambling debt problem move in with them. Discovering that he couldn't pay a ¼ of the rent, they had kicked him out admittedly. The next person they had, they didn't even want to remember. The last guy that had moved in with them was named Sephiroth, a man who turned out to be a serial killer. Luckily, they discovered this 'little' information from their friend Pence; who actually watched the news and informed the danger they were in. The guy was arrested, Roxas and Sora deciding to watch the news for now on.

It wasn't until recently that Hayner and Olette, their friends from down the hall, mentioned a friend of Olette's who needed a place to stay. Both boys agreed in seeing the girl, hoping she would be the roommate they've been looking for. They didn't know her name yet, or what she looked like; the only thing they knew was that she was Olette's best friend since they were young. They may have also heard a little on what the girl was trying to achieve, respecting her talent and strive. Who knows what was to be expected, both were desperate to get a roommate; not to just pay the rent, but someone to fill the gaping space in the free room they had.


Namine had stayed in the car when Olette and Hayner had parked, the both of them leaving to check if her luggage arrived. She couldn't believe the predicament they had put her in. She was going to have to live with two complete strangers, the both of them being boys no less!! Olette and Hayner explained that the two of them were good friends of theirs, saying how they were trustworthy. Namine scoffed though, not feeling comfortable with the idea at all. She discovered that both boys were twins, their names being Roxas and Sora. Hayner explained to her that they were identical twins, but that they possessed some attributes that were considered their own. He also said if anything, him and Olette were just down the hall if she experiences any problems with living with them.

She closed her eyes, contemplating a way to get out of this, but she figured this was as easy as it would get for her in finding a place to stay; and the rent wasn't bad either, according to Olette. Hayner already told Namine to be careful in the city, and that not everyone and everything was kind here. She took it to heart, deciding she needed to stop being naïve like she usually was and become more confident in herself. Namine's train of thoughts was cut short when she heard a soft knock on the window beside her. She turned her attention to see Hayner, who was motioning for her to get out of the car. She complied with his demand, unlocking the door and stepping out of the vehicle carefully. She took her book bag and strapped it on her back; ready to follow Hayner to wherever they needed to go.

As they began to walk towards the truck where her luggage was, she noticed two handsome looking boys who were already bringing stuff inside the building. They looked almost identical; she presumed they were her future new roommates. Namine took this time to become panicky, hiding behind Hayner as they walked forward.

She spotted Olette, who was conversing with the two young looking boys. Hayner called out to them, Namine flinching from the sudden attention that was about to be drawn in on her, "Hey, look who decided to join us!" She could have killed Hayner if she had the backbone to do it.

Sora, Roxas, and Olette turned to them, attempting their search to find the girl as she tried to blend in behind Hayner's back. Sora seemed to chuckle with amusement towards the girl's antics, Roxas crossing his arms and quirking a brow with similar amusement.

Hayner stepped sideways unexpectedly for Namine, making her gasp out in shock as she was spotted. Olette laughed, walking towards her and putting a comforting hand on her shoulder, "Roxas, Sora, this is Namine. She's the girl Hayner and I were talking about to move in with you guys."

Namine blushed timidly, not use to such attention, but she knew she had to step it up a bit, "Hello, nice to meet you both. I hope I qualify in being your new roommate."

Sora greeted her happily, "Hey Namine, nice to meet you too. I'm Sora by the way; and this skater boy beside me is my twin brother, Roxas." Roxas didn't greet himself yet, he just examined the girl in front of him, admiring her curves; but that wasn't what caused him to be interested in her.

Sora coughed, "Roxas!"

He snapped out of his trance, glaring at his older twin, "You're only older than me by two minutes. Anyway…" He scratched behind his neck shyly, "Like Sora mentioned, I'm Roxas; nice to meet you Namine." He pulled out his hand, which Namine gratefully shook with her own hand.

Olette clapped her hands together joyfully, "Well, now that we got the introductions down and settled. Namine, why don't you come with me and Hayner, so we can show you where are apartment number is and where you'll be staying; that is-." She turned to Roxas and Sora, wondering if they decided in accepting Namine to be their new roommate.

They stared back at her, Sora speaking with a big grin on his face, "Why the hell not! In the meantime, Roxas and I will bring your stuff up for you Namine. We'll put it in your room."

She smiled thankfully at Sora, "Thank you, Sora. You're very kind."

He nodded, applying his grin to become bigger, "No problem, anything for my roomie." Olette, Hayner, and Namine entered inside the large residence building, taking the elevator inside to the top floor.

When they were gone, Sora smiled cheerfully, "Well, she's cute."

Roxas agreed, already picking up boxes to bring up inside the building, "Yeah, best look out for that one. She's a country girl and may not know how to survive in the city like we do."

Sora nodded, also picking up some luggage off the sidewalk, "Hope she'll like us; I don't want us to be bad roommates and all." Sora entered inside the building, making sure none of Namine's belongings were outside before entering.

Roxas was behind him, holding the last number of packages that had Namine's name on it, "We'll take it slow, that way; we can get to know each other. I don't want to have to find another roommate. God knows how I don't want Axel as a roommate."

Sora chuckled from the thought, entering inside the building with Roxas, "Yeah, let's try and keep this one."

End Chapter

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