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Chapter 44 Epilogue: Fantasia Alla Marcia

4 Months Later...

Sora's legs twitched underneath his black khaki pants, picking at the folds that wrinkled from the tension. After undergoing another meeting today, he was feeling rather stressed. Renovation for the Hikari Keyblade Inc. was one of his top responsibilities as head director of the company. He couldn't afford any mishaps or distractions, although, that was proving to be a lot harder to achieve these days. That was only because of his new partner who was currently sitting next to him inside the sleek black limo.

"Would you stop fidgeting?" The male beside him barked with a firm scowl on his face, "I didn't think the meeting this morning turned out that bad!"

Sora grimaced at his partner with a matching glare of annoyance, his lips twisting scornfully with disappointment, "Vanitas..." He firmly spoke out, "You were hustling the poor man for money! That's not how we run things around here." He scolded lightly with a sigh, "Honestly, why do I take my chances with you?"

He shrugged and crossed his arms over his chest, "Hey, don't blame me for my brotherly charms." He gazed through the tinted windows at the scenery outside, "Besides, how can I get a kick out of anything by playing the nice boy?" He spat the word out like venom, "It's so boring~."

Sora tried to force a reassuring smile, "Oh come on! Being nice isn't all that bad."

Vanitas turned his head and glowered at the brunette, "Its days like these where I wish you left me back at that loony bin." He pulled at his collar, feeling uncomfortable, "That way I didn't have to dress like a complete idiot!"

The younger Hikari couldn't contain his amusement, chuckling softly, "Yeah, I got to admit...it doesn't really suit you."

"Neither does yours." He countered bitterly.

Again, he had no chance in retaining the chuckle that escaped his lips. He had to confess, it really wasn't his style. Being the head of the Hikari Industry had taken its toll on him to make a lot of changes within his life, and, within himself. The same thing could be said for Roxas, who was also experiencing his own amends. Vanitas was no stranger to this either. The raven-haired sibling was in his late thirties, but Sora swore, he could act like a ten-year-old when he wanted to. When offering him a place in partnership like he promised, the brunette knew there was going to be a lot of mixed reactions for it. Roxas obviously wasn't keen on the idea, neither was Namine, who tried her best to seem supportive. Vanitas's progress within the year was remarkable, but also skeptical. Sora couldn't as well say he could trust him either yet. Which is why, despite having his own apartment, the older sibling was constantly under surveillance. They couldn't afford him to be influenced. After all, Xehanort had accomplices, Xigbar being one of them. His son Xemnas was also a possible threat. Revenge was a dangerous cycle, and there was no telling if certain events would happen again. Sora wanted to avoid that from happening at all cost. It's what he owed to his friends, and family; to make sure it never does.

Vanitas folded his hands behind his back and disrupted the silence in the air, "So...you're turning twenty-five tomorrow."

Sora had almost forgotten, "Um...yeah." He answered hesitantly, wondering why such a topic was being brought up.

The older Hikari shrugged dismissively, "Planning anything special?"

Sora twisted his face into one of amusement, "Are you actually trying to start a civil conversation with me?" He laughed quietly, finding the situation to be absurd.

The older male frowned at him, "Shut up. The doctor said it was good practice for me. Now..." He sulked while trying to hide his embarrassment, "... Answer the damn question."

"I don't know." He answered honestly, "I know Namine was planning some type of party, I think. She tried to be discreet about it, since it was a surprise, but, that girl never was good at lying."

"Guess that means I'm not invited." Vanitas stated indifferently.

Sora's expression became crestfallen, "Yeah, I don't think she would be comfortable with that."

"Meh." His attitude proved he wasn't bothered by it, "Kind of figured~, considering with our past and all."

"Yeah...seeing the guy who almost killed you isn't someone you would think about in adding to the guest list." Sora joked.

"Whatever~." He pressed his back against the leather seat, "I'm not good with that type of crowd anyway~."

"Someday, you will, you never know."

"Always the optimist." Vanitas didn't seem impressed, "Guess that's what happens when you start sleeping with your brother's ex."

Sora tried not to seem offended by his accusations, "I've always been a optimist." He then stated coldly, "And don't bring Xion into this."

"Oh right~." Vanitas added cruelly, sensing his rage, "She and Roxas never really were together, were they? Fuck buddies." He defined their relationship vulgarly without mercy, "Nothing more than some pussy to sink your cock into. Got to admit, she does have a nice piece of ass though, despite the shortage around the chest." He patted Sora's stiff shoulders, "You've done well my grasshopper."

"It's not like that." The young Hikari seethed furiously.

"Oh~? So what is it like then?" He ventured cunningly, "Are you trying to tell me you're actually in love? Seriously? Again? Geez, I thought you would have learned your lesson when you were head over heels for Blondie."

Sora sucked in a gulp of air before releasing it with tension, "Just when I thought we were connecting, you turn around and go say something nasty to bring me down. Well, it's not going to work, not this time."

"Is that so?" Vanitas carefully inquired with a hint of bemusement.

The younger male grinned with triumph, "Yeah, I really do. Besides, I figured it's your own defense mechanism in letting people in by making them feel worthless in the process. Because...you just want them to experience the same hurt as you have."

Sora waved his hand to the driver at the front, gesturing the vehicle to stop. This gave Vanitas a moment to ponder what he just said to him. He felt disgruntled, finding his words to be partially true. That didn't mean he was willing to admit it though.

"Whatever, you're still weak." He confided arguably.

Sora laughed at his retort, "And that's fine. At least I'm still breathing, so learn to enjoy that fact as well. You're not alone anymore, Vanitas. So stop acting like you are like some child already."

His nose flared up, "Shut up." He fumed quietly, "Not like I care what you say."

"Yeah you do. Otherwise, you wouldn't be getting so defensive about it." He pointed out confidently, opening the door skillfully while making his way out, "I'll see you later. So behave yourself and make sure you get home safely."

"I said I don't!" He stated crossly, ignoring him entirely.

Sora muffled his words out by slamming the door in his face, "In due time...you will." Approaching the driver at the font, he decided to tip him for his service, "Here you go. Make sure he gets back to his apartment."

"Yes sir, Mr. Hikari." He bowed respectfully, thanking him for his charity.

Sora leaned his head inside the vehicle, "And make sure to meet your appointment with the doctor tomorrow, Vanitas!" He chimed affectionately, his only response being a grumble.

He then brought his head back out and tapped the hood, signaling them to drive out of the curb. When they where far gone to see, Sora turned to inspect his location. He had a look of nostalgia on his face, a smile slowly spreading across his lips out of familiarity.

The sun's beams brightened the windows to the old apartment building, enhancing its beauty like a relic of time. This was once his home, but now, it was nothing more than a castle to a story long ago.


Riku entered the pub of Seventh Heaven, greeting the crew that awaited him inside, "Hey guys. I was hoping to meet you all here."

Demyx grinned and bellowed happily, "Riku!"

Seifer took a sip of his drink, "What do you know, it's the groom to be."

Pence directed his hand at the empty stool beside him, "It's good to see you. Why don't you take a seat?"

Riku raised his hand and declined the offer, "No thanks, I'm only here on business."

The drummer scoffed, "Always the buzz kill when it comes to work. Why am I not surprise?"

Their Manager snickered humbly, "Trust me, it'll be worth it."

Just then, Tifa came back from behind the bar, "Riku, what a surprise! It's rare to see you here. What can I do you for?"

"No need, Tifa." He placed his suitcase down on the counter, "I'm only here to bring in some news."

"Well, don't keep us in suspense." Demyx leaned in closely with eagerness, "Tell us what it is already!"

He nodded, "I had a run in with Utada Hikaru this morning."

"And~?" Seifer lagged curiously with dullness.

A smile bloomed over his lips, "After releasing our newest album, Kingdom Hearts has officially made it to the top of the charts after the new year."

Pence's eyes opened widely with astonishment, "Are you serious?"

Demyx pumped his fists into the air, "Hell ya! We're number one!"

Tifa beamed cheerfully, "Congratulations guys!"

Seifer asked though after registering the information, "Does Sora and Roxas know yet?"

"I plan to tell them tomorrow for their birthday as a surprise." He confirmed calmly.

"Holy...what...oh my God!" Demyx could barely contain his excitement, "I can't even!"

Pence placed a hand on his shoulder, "Calm down, Dem."

Much to his dismay, the blond refused to act casual over the news. He leaped off his stool and started a little victory dance, catching the patrons' attention without any fear of embarrassment.

However, it didn't stop Seifer from mocking him, "Sit down, you moron!"

They started to bicker with one musician whining over the other.

Riku took his briefcase, dismissing himself from the scene, "I should leave you guys to celebrate then."

"Wait, you're not going to join us?" Pence inquired with displeasure.

"Nah, I got a woman waiting for me back home after all." He responded truthfully, "Wouldn't want to keep her waiting."

"That's right, you're life isn't your own anymore, is it?" The pianist empathized gently.

"No, it's not...but I'm happy that way." He then smirked teasingly, "So why don't you call Selphie to join you guys? Since I know you two have been going steady for awhile, right?" He winked suggestively.

Pence tried to conceal his blush and muttered over his glass, "I might and go just do that."

Giving one final nod, Riku prepared to make his way out the door, "Anyway, I'll see you guys!"

Tifa waved at him, "Bye Riku!"

The boys shouted their own farewells, returning to their drinks and undergoing their cheers of victory. The platinum-haired male stepped outside to the moist weather of upcoming spring and gazed up at the sky with silence. Everything was still with mystery, a potential promise for tomorrow to be sunny like the day before. Just then, his cellphone began to go off, alerting his senses immediately to answer it.

He slid the gadget open after retrieving it from his pocket, "Hello?"

Kairi's voice chimed joyfully through the other line, "Hey, honey! I was wondering what was taking you so long in coming back home." There was an obvious sigh of anxiousness in her voice.

He chuckled deeply towards her eagerness, "I'm on my way back home now."

And with her soothing voice to guide him, he began to make his way towards the dawn ahead.


Olette placed a book onto the shelf, waving goodbye to one of her last few customers. It was nearly closing time, and she had to make sure everything was in order before Hayner arrived to pick her up. However, she never realized she had so many books, each one being a classic. Each month, it seemed like her collection expanded with a new story to tell from a famous writer or poet. Observing each title with interest, her fingers delicately foiled with the plastics around the covers. Sometimes, she wondered herself why she didn't become a writer. When she thought about it, it didn't seem like a bad idea to pursue. Not like Hayner would object either, he was a supportive husband, despite his brash characteristics at times.

Speaking of being impulsive, the young bookkeeper was startled when his voice echoed across the hall.

"Hey, Olle!" He grinned with triumph, knowing he caught her off guard.

She put a hand to her chest, doing her best to calm her racing heart, "Hayner, don't do that!" She scolded sourly.

He continued to approach her with a bit of laughter in his steps, "Sorry, babe." He looked around the scattered library shop, "You still haven't closed up yet?"

She climbed down the ladder she was sitting on, "I just finished with my last customer." Her foot touched the ground, "And only putting some books away."

He nodded and reached for a random book from one of the shelves, "So~, can we go home now?"

She gave him a skeptical grin, "Oh right, I forgot you're a patient person." She mocked with sarcasm.

He shoved the thick tome back where he found it, giving her a blank stare, "Oh you're so hilarious~. You should start doing standup comedy~." He stated cynically with a pout.

Olette walked over to the registrar, her mind contemplating on a certain other career, "Or maybe I should become a writer." She stated mindlessly with enticement.

He heard her punch in the codes to the cashier, "A writer?" He asked quizzically, his face dropping to confusion.

"Yes... a writer." She took out the money and counted it carefully with mild concentration.

Her husband tilted his head to the side, "Well, that's different..." He went over and leaned on top of the counter, "What brought this up?"

She shrugged casually, "I don't know."

He quirked his eyebrow at her with suspicion, "You don't know~?"

She put the money away inside the safe inside the backroom, "I just feel like I need to do my own share somehow... to leave my own mark on the world."

Hayner stood quiet and pondered over his wife's words, "If that'll make you happy, then I support you one hundred percent."

She turned towards him and giggled deviously, "You wouldn't have a choice."

He laughed at her comment, "Story of my life." He then became serious, "But you know I would either way."

She smiled contently at him, "I know...I love you." She added unexpectedly.

He blushed from the comforting words, "I love you too." He muttered smoothly with confidence and slight embarrassment.

Olette locked the safe and headed over to her husband, "Let's go home."

"Finally~." He groaned happily.

She rolled her eyes at him and followed him to the exit after retrieving her personal belongings. She went over to set up the alarm before locking the entrance behind her. When the bell chimed after closing the door, a quick breeze suddenly flew by them. It whispered a story to her, a tale she knew all too well by now. After witnessing so many hardships, she knew the deepest inspiration she could ever explore in sharing, was the love that had conquered it.


"Terra! Eraqus! She's walking!" Aqua exclaimed joyfully from down the hall.

The two males came dashing out of the dining room and into the living room. They were both holding some type of beverage in their hands, sliding skillfully into a complete stop. Their main focus was on the one-year-old who was currently lifting her feet up to move forward. They waited in anticipation, holding their breaths deeply with their eyes following her. Sol giggled from the attention, finding their expressions to be comical. It didn't stop her progress though. She wobbled clumsily from the new weight of her body, stumbling back to the brink of falling. Her parents and grandfather gasped and leapt forward to try and catch her, but she quickly dismissed their aid by shaking her head.

Terra felt proud over her determination, "You can do it, honey." He silently cheered.

Aqua turned to Eraqus, "Quick! Get the camera!"

He nodded and left the area to go fetch it. In the meantime, the couple stayed where they were to admire the moment. Sol awkwardly brought her foot up and slammed it forward onto the hardwood floor. She repeated the same action with her other foot, slowly making her over to her father.

Terra patiently waited for her with open arms, "Dad! Hurry!" The brunette shouted anxiously.

"I'm coming!" Eraqus answered hurriedly.

He rushed back inside the living room and turned on the video camera. He pressed the record button and focused the lens onto his eye. Sol continued to make her journey across the hall, letting out fits of laughter by each step she made.

Her grandfather grinned with pride, "Our little sun, she's grown up so fast." He confessed warmly with a hint of admiration in his voice.

Aqua gazed up at her husband with a tender smile on her face. He squatted down to the floor and stretched his arms out, beckoning Sol to come closer to him. After noticing how far she got, Sol paused for a moment in order to collect her balance.

She looked back at her mother who pointed at her father, "Come on, Sol. Go to Daddy." She advised softly with encouragement.

Terra joined in, hoping to catch her attention, "Come on, sweetie."

The navy-haired infant studied her father's expression with fondness. Without warning, she sprinted towards him, taking her chances in reaching him before she could fall. Everyone cheered when she collided into his chest, knocking him right over on his back. Eraqus went over and recorded the two with a low hum in his chuckles. Aqua lifted herself off the floor and clapped happily from her daughter's achievement.

Terra rubbed his hand over Sol's soft mane, "You did it, sunshine! You've caught daddy!"

Sol gurgled happily into her father's chest. Terra placed a gentle kiss upon her forehead when she lifted her head up towards him. She giggled happily from the affection, resting her head underneath his strong sculpted chin. Eraqus stopped the recording and smiled contently from the scene. Aqua though in the meantime, had tears falling fast from her eyes. She cupped her hand over her mouth, muffling a choked sob of laughter. Even with each year that may pass, it was hard to believe that all it took was a matter of a day to make a difference.


Axel wiped the tables to the café after serving his last possible customer for today. Dusk was already settling in through the windows, projecting clear skies for tomorrow. He stole a glance over to Larxene who was busy counting money behind the registrar. He grinned shrewdly at her when noticing the soft color of red upon her cheeks. There was no one around, and it left her vulnerable. Slipping the wet cloth around the string of his apron, he slowly made his over to her. She was on guard towards his advancement, glaring furiously at him with suspicion. Leaning over the counter, Axel pushed his face closely to hers, hoping to earn a kiss.

Larxene blocked his pursed lips with her hand though, "Don't even think about it. You know I'm the flirt around here."

He gave a fake whine, "You sure know how to tease a man."

She lightly patted his cheeks, "Nice try, but even complaining about it won't help."

"You'll fall for my charms eventually." He countered flirtatiously.

"Like you always fall for mine?"

"Damn straight. Now give me a kiss already you insufferable woman you~."

Becoming distracted by his words, she never even realized they had another customer waiting for them. Not that she even cared, since she was too engrossed by his fiery lips to even respond.


It's been over a month since Hayner and Olette had moved out of the apartment, and nearly three with Namine. Sora had almost forgotten while packing his stuff inside the boxes. Memories poured into him by each item he stored, making his movements a bit sluggish as he went. He stopped for a moment to collect a sigh, closing his eyes shut as he pinched his nose. The dust to the apartment was getting to him, filling his nostrils with a sick temptation to sneeze. Luckily, the sensation went away, and he got back to packing. When opening one box in particular though, he was surprised to find a certain accessory that was absently displayed at the bottom. Digging his hand inside, he brought the necklace up to his face to examine it. It was the crown-shaped chain Ventus had given to him when he was child, right before his death.

"I almost had forgotten about this thing." He commented soberly.

He shook out of his trance though when he heard someone knocking on his door. He bit his lip anxiously and headed over to the entrance. He didn't need to look through the peephole, as he already knew who the mysterious guest was.

He grabbed the handle and pulled the door back, "You're late." There was pleasant tease in his voice, "Xion."

She playfully pouted at him, "Well~, I would have gotten here sooner if certain people weren't making out in Axel's café."

His eyes lit up like a child during Christmas morning, "Oh! Did you get it?"

She brought her hand out from behind her back, "Yes, I got it. So you can stop drooling now."

A devious smirk spread across his lips, "Who said I was drooling over the papoucake?"

She shoved him lightly with heat rising to her cheeks, "Stop that!"

He chuckled blissfully with amusement, signaling her to come inside as he shut the door behind her. He gracefully took the bag from her, making his way around the kitchen to place it on top of the counter. Xion strolled and examined the half empty apartment, amazed by how much he got done on his own. Sora took out the container that held his dessert, fetching a fork from within the drawer at the same time. He hummed a certain tune before stealing a glance at the ebony beauty behind him.

"We could share if you want?" He proposed with a tender voice.

Xion quickly turned her head towards him and declined his offer, "No...it's okay." She shrugged facetiously, "Not like you have to treat me like your girlfriend. Our relationship is superficial after all...not like it's real." She added softly while brushing some hair behind her ear.

He gave a short sigh of hilarity, feeling sort of hurt by her words, "You call moving in together not real?"

She avoided his yearning eyes that glistened beneath his eyelashes, "You know what I mean. Besides, it's probably only a place for you to run and hide in...just like Roxas did."

That's when his face altered into a scowl, "I'm not going to treat you like Roxas did. So you can stop right there."

She flinched from his sudden harsh tone, not really sure on how to respond. Throughout all her years of studying therapy, Sora was the most difficult person that she couldn't dare understand. His way of thinking was always spontaneous, and more importantly, sincere. It was a one-night stand, nothing more; it shouldn't have meant anything to them. The older Hikari obviously had other plans though. He wasn't just digging his sorrow into her like those wasted nights at the bar. She became his salvation for something better from what he hadn't explored or realized yet. Their visits became frequent, the sex, she must admit, breathless and raw. Each night in bed almost became like a ritual to them. Then, he had to ruin it all, by actually talking about "us". Within the four months, he actually proposed for them to live together. She foolishly accepted the idea, since she didn't like the thought of living alone. But what she didn't prepare for was the intimate scenario of them actually being a couple. They wouldn't be sneaking around behind the others' backs anymore. Still, what made her so suddenly special in his eyes? And did he really not care what the others might think? He may be willing to surprise them, but it certainly didn't mean shewas ready.

With that thought in mind, she voiced out her opinion, "It's just...I'm not ready."

He replied with the same mutual feeling, "Neither am I."

"Then why?" She frowned with displeasure, "Why are you rushing things?"

He soon became quiet, "You don't want to move in together?"

She shook her head, "No, we can...I'm just...scared. I don't want this feeling anymore of being some type of puppet being passed around."

"You know you're not like that to me, Xion."

"Then what about Namine?"


"Don't you still love her?"

He bowed his head with discomfort, "I'm just happy with you...happier than I could ever been. Isn't that enough?"

Now it was her turn to become mute.

He roughly scratched the back of his head, "Look, just eat this papoucake with me, and...we'll just start from there."

Seeing as she had no other options displayed to refuse him, she went over and sat across from him. Sora silently brought the papoucake over to the table between them, and handed her a fork. Like an old couple, they started eating peacefully together, slicing the soft texture evenly for the other to have.

Xion took a cautious bite from the tip of her fork, "I just don't want to be a rebound for you." She suddenly professed.

Sora paused and took a glance at her, "Shouldn't I be saying the same thing?"

She settled her hand down, "Well, Roxas was different...I knew we weren't in love. Not like your relationship with Namine."

He folded his arms over the table, "True, but still...I've at least accepted one thing for sure."

"What's that?"

"We were never meant to be together."

"And you think we are?"

He shrugged with an upbeat smile, "I'm willing to take my chances."

She whispered his name with obvious doubt, "Sora..."

"Do you love me?" He suddenly asked without warning.

"What?" She leaped back and straightened her posture in shock, "Do I love you?" She repeated awkwardly with confusion.

He nodded firmly, "Answer the question, Xion. Do you love me?"

"That's hardly..."

"Because I think I might be in love with you." He confessed boldly.

"Stop it..." She buried head between her shoulders, trying her best to conceal the shameful blush that possessed her cheeks.

"No, I won't stop it." Before she could even react, he had already pushed the papou cake to the side and leaned forward to capture her face in his hands.

"Sora...don't..." She wheezed nervously, but then, how could she resist?

He smiled and stroked her cheeks with his thumbs, "I could feel your heartbeat, Xion." His fingers coiled gently around the pulse to her neck, "It's beating fast like mine."

He gently nipped her upper lip, savoring the taste of the cake's crust upon her skin. She whimpered from the contact, their tongues intertwining slothfully with passion. Her body's temperature rose drastically, urging her hands to move forward to touch him. He stopped her though and withdrew from the heated kiss before it became intense.

He could sense her disappointment, "Not after you answer me first."

She huffed with defeat, "Must I really answer?"

He grinned jubilantly, "Come on~, for my birthday!"

"That's not until tomorrow." She argued softly.

He pursed his lips, "Must you always be difficult?" He folded his arms across his chest and sat back into his seat, "I can't believe how Roxas even managed to survive living with you."

To his secret delight, she became furious towards his comment, "What?"

"You heard me." He countered smugly, "Maybe it's best I just get you a dog and be done with it."

As much as she did have a weakness for canines, she didn't like the thought of him leaving her, "You're going to live with me, whether you like it or not."

"Oh yeah~? Then what are you going to do about it?" He challenged softly.

She searched around the room for some type of ammunition, and she found it. Lifting the papou cake roughly with her hand she flung it to his face. Sora gasped from the assault, taking a moment to wipe the pastry off his face in shock. Xion cupped a hand over to her mouth in order to stifle the laughter that wanted to escape.

"Oh you think that's funny do you?" He required questionably.

He suddenly pulled her body over the table, causing the young woman to squeak in alarm. She thought he was going to retaliate, but instead, he went with a better punishment. Sora wiggled her legs apart and pinned her down against him. Despite the new tightness inside his pants that wanted to penetrate her, he remembered to be gentle. Xion gasped from the shadow of his erection, enticed by how hard he was already. Sora buried himself between her legs, hoping she wouldn't refuse the offer of committing to his desires.

In the meantime, they just stared at each other.

Xion lifted her hand up and caressed his cheek, "It must have been hard for you to even tell me that." She regarded to his earlier confessions.

He turned his head and gave her palm a chaste kiss, "You have no idea."

She felt honored, her sapphire eyes soon becoming glossy with tears, "I don't know what to say. I want to, but then...I..."

"Can you at least show me?" He dangerously goaded her, lightly shoving into her.

She hissed from the taunting bulge, "I...I think I can..."

With his invitation accepted, Sora kissed her hungrily with a deep and guttural groan. Xion responded eagerly and captured his lips with approval. She slipped her tongue inside his damp mouth, drinking in the remains of the fruit that lingered across his teeth. With their lips occupied, their hands decided to join in and perform their own investigation of intimacy. Xion hastily unbuckled his pants, zipping the lock to his appendage that pulsed wildly for her touch. Sora promptly ripped the buttons to her shirt across without breaking them, meeting the black brassiere that awaited him. He fervently unclipped the link to her bra and hastily tossed it to the side, along with her shirt. The raven-haired female held no shame in her nudity, begging desperately to feel his warmth. Almost sensing her plea telepathically, Sora reached over and greedily gripped her tender bosoms. Xion gasped and tossed her head to the side, letting out a soft whimper as he mold the globes together. He flicked his fingers over her taut and pink nipples, pinching them gently between his digits. His lips soon left wet trails under her round chin and slender neck, piercing each spot with sparks of divine pleasure.

"My...pants..." She panted breathlessly, "Take... them off."

There was moist irritation inside her underwear, and she needed him to fill the leak fast. He complied with her wishes, already unfastening her pants to reach her stain undergarment. Still, he couldn't resist toying with those delectable ivory spheres, giving them a soft lick with his innocent and curious tongue. Xion moaned irritably at the sensation, digging her hands into his hair for more. She was the one who was supposed to be showing him how she felt, so how did it get like this?

Before she realized it, they were both completely naked. They had managed to create a feast by using each other's skin. It was a fitting way to use the kitchen one last time before the new residence decided to move in. Sora buried his hand beneath the space between them and successfully captured her clit. He rubbed her cum over it, providing friction before sinking his fingers inside her. Xion twisted her back upwards, letting out a gasp of ecstasy from the blissful invasion. She was at the brink of passing out, her eyes becoming hazy from the heat of the room. Sweat seductively dripped off her pale skin, enchanting the brunette above her. Her trim and wet garden was tempting him to devour the sweet elixir that was dripping out of it.

Xion was aware of his desires and halted him from doing so, "No...please..." She gently pushed him back, silently demanding him, "Just...be inside of me. I need you inside of me, Sora... just for today."

He flipped over on his back, and cradled her waist with his hands, "Okay...if that's what you want."

She got on top of him and straddled her rear against his stiff erection, "Yes...it's what I want." She answered as if reassuring herself.

"Then come here." He whispered huskily while dragging her head down to kiss her forehead.

Xion got into position above his member and slowly edged his length inside her cunny. A timid like moan rumbled within her throat, his timber plugging each empty space possible. It pulsed wildly against her tube, awakening her fluids to trickle out even more. She flushed deeply from the feeling, placing her hands over his slender hipbones for support. They never really tried this position before, even though they had experimented many things in the past already. She gazed down at the brunette for a signal to start thrusting, she giggled though when she noticed cake still on his face. Leaning down to the point where their chest touched, she daintily licked the frosting off his nose and cheeks. Sora became flustered by the procedure and gripped her rear instinctively in embarrassment. Xion yelped from his hold, stretching her legs apart even further.

He breathed heavily with wonder, "I hope this table is strong enough...for what it's about to endure." He then stated somberly, "We forgot the condoms."

"Don't worry, I'm on the pills." She lifted her hips up before sliding back down, earning a sweet groan from between his lips, "And as much as I do love dogs, I don't think I really need one."

"Hah, so I was right about the dog thing." He chuckled huskily.

She rubbed her hands into his spikes and kissed him tenderly, "Let's just say I rather be with you than a dog."

He smiled brightly from her words and slowly began to move with her. They created a familiar rhythm after months of collected sexual encounters.

"We should really... finish...packing." She suggested diligently.

He leaned his back and inspected the room, thrusting forward without faltering, "I say that can...wait."

After that, they continued with their lovemaking. It wasn't just sex anymore, this round between them felt different. Someday she would tell him how she felt; since it wasn't like the feelings he had grown for her weren't mutual. Still, there was a deep fear that lingered inside her heart. Would he turn away from her if things didn't turn out the way he wanted? These types of thoughts plagued her mind constantly without remorse. Being merged with him like this though, she knew there was a chance that she may never want to leave his side. That should mean something, right? It was like she could trust him to bear with her own pain and memories. In a sense, like she belonged to him.

For Sora, he had journeyed through the sea and passed over the waves of the abyss. When the tides came though, he knew there was no way in turning back. He would peacefully drown himself in it, rising with the currents with a seashell in his hand. All it took was one crack for him to find the pearl within it. It was comforting and warm, recovering the sleep from his eyes after being lost for so long. With Xion, everything seemed possible.


Ansem walked down the dusty corridor of the prison, his chin held high with power. He had to keep his image strong, so he wouldn't lose composure. When making it to the end of the hall, Zack kindly directed him to a seat at one of the phone booths.

"We'll bring him out to you." He spoke respectfully.

Ansem only nodded and took his seat casually with patience. The officer left the room, leaving the old man to his thoughts. He shifted his gaze side to side at the other empty booths, finding most of them to be unoccupied. His wait wasn't long either, spotting a familiar scarred face at the other side of the window. Zack stood behind the criminal and ordered him to sit. When taking his seat, a grin was plastered across his face with irony. In the meantime, the officer assigned to him decided to wait around the corner by the door. They had to take caution in case one of the prisoners tried to escape; it was out of safety procedure.

Soon enough, the villain took the phone at the side of him and whispered hoarsely with amusement, "Boy~, I never thought I would have you as a visitor."

Ansem took this moment to retrieve his own phone, "Xigbar..." He answered with familiarity, "...I've only come here to say goodbye. Since I know you'll be rotting in this prison for the rest of your life."

"Closure huh?" The one-eye man leaned back into his chair, "That's so like you. You're only thinking about cleaning your own slate."

"No..." He responded deeply with denial, "...I'm doing this for my grandchildren."

Xigbar slapped his knee, "So, you're a great grandfather now huh? Man, isn't that a kicker. You sure have a screwed up lineage, sir."

"I find it inappropriate for you to address me as sir..." He slanted his eyes dangerously at the man before him, "...And I don't find your comment very appealing either."

"Why?" He questioned slyly, "Because it's the truth?"

"I just rather we forget about it. It's best that they never know either."

"Wait..." He chuckled into the speaker, "They don't even know?"

Ansem glared at the sinner, "It's none of your concerns." He checked the time on his watch, "Not like you have the luxury either."

Xigbar didn't seem discouraged by his remark, "How do you know someone won't bail me out before my sentence?"

The older gentlemen pondered the idea, "You must be referring to Xemnas."

"The guy won't let all his old man's work go to waste. He will get back at the Hikari family of what's rightfully his."

Ansem hummed with mild interest, "See to it that he does." He pulled his chair back, "I'll be waiting to defend them, and make sure he suffers for it."

"Heh, so you're on their side now, huh?" Xigbar scratched the back of his head and shrugged, "You've really changed."

"I'm not going to make anymore mistakes towards my family." He clarified stonily, "Even if we are tainted. I'm willing to protect them from the truth."

"That's what Sora did once, and look at the trouble it brought him."

"There is no doubt...I will be punished by keeping such secrets from them." Ansem hook the phone back on the wall, but spoke loud enough for the traitor to hear, "But...it's a consequence I'm willing to endure." He bowed his head down, "Now, if you excuse me. There's a party my granddaughter is planning for tomorrow, and I was kindly invited to attend. This will probably be the last time we would ever see each other."

Ansem turned and made his way down the hall without any further exchange of words. Zack came behind Xigbar at this point in time in order to lead him back to his cell. The eye-patched man grinned with a sinister gleam in his eye.

"Oh no Ansem, I promise you." He swore underneath his breath with confidence, "This won't be the last time."


Namine had placed the last piece of ornament over the wire that spread across the backyard. She leaned back to examine her work, squinting her eyes curiously while swaying her head side to side. She wanted to make sure everything was evenly spaced out and perfect for tomorrow. Luckily, the weather this evening was comfortable enough for her to do that. She stepped off the stool she was using and turned her head to the sky with a satisfied grin. The sun was barely visible now, the golden tones of twilight settling in for the night. Having faith that her task was done in arranging everything for tomorrow, Namine went off to head back inside the house. She stepped up onto the porch and walked pass through the open screen before closing it behind her. She smiled affectionately at the faces that greeted her inside, placing a hand on her cheek with amusement.

"Are you guys up from your nap already~?" She questioned harmoniously.

Soren and Vennis were wrapped up inside their personal baskets, blinking harmlessly at their mother. Ven released a yawn while his brother hiccupped silently. Their features were more evident now throughout the months. Vennis was the splitting image of Roxas, besides his pale skin and hair that resembled his mother's. Soren had Namine's silky tresses and features, although with him, his skin and hair was tan like his father's. They both possessed hazel-blue eyes, containing dark shades of green around the rim of their pupils.

Roxas turned his head back, already preparing their bottles, "They got up just a few minutes ago while you were outside."

"Aww~, is that right?" She went over and started to tickle their tummies, "My little boys are hungry are they~?"

They both grumbled and whined as if to answer her.

Namine put on a face, puffing her cheeks up in order to mimic them, "Daddy is taking too long is he? What a jerk!" She exclaimed in fake shock.

Roxas tried to defend himself, "Hey~, it's not my fault that Vennis prefers his milk chocolate flavored." He turned his attention back to the separate pots, "I had to make sure I was using the right formulas." He declared sourly.

Vennis seemed to play off a glare towards his father, not liking that idea of taking the blame. Soren gave a sympathetic smile though, his considerate heart never faltering. Namine was engrossed by their behaviors, becoming amazed by how different they could be. If she ever lost them, she wouldn't know what to do. They've all become so attached to each other after living together for a few months now. Things haven't changed much though really. She and Roxas weren't even married or engaged yet. However, that was fine with them. There was no need to rush. For even if things weren't forever, the moment they had now with each other was precious enough.

After all, they loved each other, to the point that it was fatal.

"So~." He took the twins' bottles and spoke carefully, "Is what you're making outside for tomorrow? I know it can't be work, because you're off."

She sat down and sighed with defeat, "So you saw through my plans did you?"

He poured the separate liquids inside the small containers, "You never were good at keeping secrets."

The twins took her fingers, "I do tend to break easily."

"I find it to be one of your strengths than a weakness." He complimented softly.

She gave him a doubtful smile and kissed the boys' tiny hands, "You're just saying that because you love me."

"No." He shook his head and rolled the tops over the lids, "I only say that, because it's the many reasons why I love you."

She blushed from his words, taking one bottle from him, "I'll feed Soren, you can feed Vennis." She pulled the infant out of his basket, "You think Sora knows?"

"Oh I'm pretty sure he does." He took Vennis out of his carrier, "Although I'm sure he'll pretend to be shocked."

"He seems happy lately." She confirmed curiously.

"Does that bother you?" He questioned with concern.

"Surprisingly...it doesn't." She brought the tip into Soren's gaping mouth, "I thought it would, given our history, but...I'm actually glad to see him smiling again like he used to."

Roxas inserted the rubber tip inside of Ven's mouth and sat down beside the artist. The twins sucked generously and sipped the liquid with great haste. Their eyes became dreary with fatigue, their hands wiggling in the air from their parents' bouncing knees. They were trying to keep them awake, but also careful not to disturb their stomachs from throwing up. The rubber tips squeaked from the friction of their gums, becoming content without any further tantrums.

Namine decided to break the silence peacefully, "I guess, it just makes me wonder what it could be that's making him happy again."

"He'll tell us when he's ready." Roxas offered gently, making sure to clean his son's chin every often with his bid.

She turned to the blond with astonishment, "You really think so? That's unlike you."

He laughed briefly with a hint of huskiness, "Well, he left a lot of faith in me at one time...as his brother, it's only fair for me to do the same."

She beamed brightly, "You're right."

His face soon was replaced with concern though, "But Namine, I can't help but shake off the feeling you've been hiding something from me."

She leaped back in bewilderment, sweat already dripping off her forehead, "Wha—what d—do you mea—mean?"

He scrunched his lips and eyebrows suspiciously, "Well for one thing, you're stuttering, and you only do that when you're nervous. Also, you've been acting weird lately this whole month. You won't even let me see you in the morning when you're locked in the bathroom feeling sick."

Namine instinctively took a glance between Soren and Vennis, "I've just been tired is all. I didn't want to worry you."

"It's something more than that." He firmly declared, "You don't have to lie to me you know. If there's something wrong, you can tell me."

"I know...It's just..."

"Are you unhappy?"

"No...!" She felt appalled by his question, "I never even thought I could be this happy."

Roxas felt disheartened by her reaction, guilt consuming him for even asking, "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to..."

She shook her head, "No you have every right...to know..." She leaned her cheek over her shoulder, "...Even if I am scared..."

Just then, Vennis pulled his face away from the bottle and squirmed uncomfortably against his father's hold. His stomach expanded and he whined for some type of assistance to ease the irritation within him. Roxas gave a shrewd smile and picked his son up over his shoulder. He patted his back, hoping to trigger some gas out of him. Eventually, there was a chorus of burps, along with an elated burst of laughter. Ven was always amused by the sounds, taking pride in them from how loud they were. Soren followed his brother's example and started to throw a fuss as well, yearning to unload his own boil of gas. Namine immediately tended to his needs and placed his nearly empty bottle on top of the table. She gently soothed his back and hushed him, encouraging his bowels to erupt so he could be pleased again. A sudden stream of burps erupted from his mouth, echoing silently within the kitchen. He hiccupped soon afterwards, closing his eyes peacefully against his mother's shoulder.

The artist sensed his weariness, "We should put these two to bed." She looked over at Roxas who clearly desired an explanation from her, "We'll talk soon afterwards, I promise."

He nodded in understanding, lifting himself off from his seat, "I'll take care of Vennis then."

Namine followed after him to the twins' room and already began singing her usual lullaby to them. Their wide and sacred blue eyes became hazy along the way, drifting stubbornly into slumber. Vennis tried to keep his eyes open, blinking a few times when he noticed his eyes were closed. Soren gladly accepted the song, snoring soundlessly with drool dripping off his lips. They entered the room and made it over to their cribs. Namine cradled Soren's body closely to her chest, giving him a gentle kiss upon his forehead. She moved his blanket with one of her arms, bringing him down gently between the sheets. She smiled tenderly at his sleeping form and began to turn the switch to the mobile music box overhead. A familiar Disney song came on, and soon, the dolls that were tied around the hangers began to rotate above him. She passed him down his pacifier, slipping it inside his mouth. He engulfed it and started to play with his ears, falling deeper into sleep.

Roxas kept swaying Vennis back and forth in his arms, doing his best to soothe him to slumber. The infant continued to be stubborn, whimpering softly with resistance. The parent sighed with frustration, turning over to his lover with some manner of plea in his eyes.

Namine giggled softly and walked over to them, "Time to go to sleep, little man."

Vennis pouted at his mother and buried his face from view between his father's shoulder and neck.

Roxas pulled him away from him, "That's not going to work this time, buddy."

He put the older sibling inside his crib, watching him kick and scream in the process.

Namine quickly put the pacifier inside his mouth and rubbed his tummy, "Shhh..."

He spit the object out of his mouth, his face scrunching up in rage.

Namine frowned at him, "What's wrong, honey?" He usually wasn't this difficult.

"Wait..." Roxas went over to their toy chest, "...I got an idea."

He opened the lid and took out Pupu, the blue alien he had bought Namine during her baby shower. He went over and handed the doll to his son, waiting in anticipation. Vennis examined the toy with fascination, giggling softly with his hands stretched out towards it. Roxas tilted the doll further down until his son's awaiting grip. Ven grabbed Pupu and snuggled against him with a pleased smile on his face. With that, he fell completely to sleep without and further argument.

Namine was left amazed by the display, "Wow...you got him to sleep!" She yelped quietly in shock.

Roxas scratched the back of his head, "More like Pupu did."

The artist leaned forward and turned on the tune to his music box, "We should go now."

He nodded in agreement, leading her out of the room while switching on the nightlight that was hooked against the wall. They closed the door by just a crack, leaving the baby monitor switched on in case of any emergency. Namine grabbed Roxas's hand and led him back to their room, seeking privacy for the rest of the night. The young Hikari stared at the back of her head quizzically, wondering what it was that she was going to say earlier.

"Namine..." He heaved with an unsure sigh, "...Are you ready to tell me what's been bothering you now?"

Her head bowed down to the floor when they entered their room, "I will soon...just...let me take a shower first." She looked over at him with a carefree smile.

He seemed bothered by the cheerful expression, reading her like a book, "Um...ok."

She directed him over to the bed, and silently demanded for him to sit, "Just wait here. I also need to prepare a surprise for you, since your birthday is tomorrow."

He grabbed her hand delicately and shook his head, "Namine, you know you don't have to do anything for me."

She sulked with denial, "But... Kairi had helped me picked it out!" She quietly exclaimed with embarrassment.

Okay, now he was curious, "Picked out what?"

She shyly winked at him, "You're just going to have to wait and find out."

He chuckled a bit from her comment, "Someone is sure acting devilish...that's unlike you."

She fiddled their fingers together, "Well, I just want this to be special, and to warm you up a bit before I tell you what I've been keeping away from you...for about a month now." She rushed the last few words with shame.

"A month?" He gaped in shock.

She stuck her hands out weakly in defense, "Just let me take a shower and prep myself up first, okay? I'll explain everything soon."


With that, she took off to get a certain Jasmine's secret bag from the closet and took off for the shower inside their room. Roxas blushed deeply from the label of the product she carried in with her, leaning back comfortably with dirty thoughts already entering his mind of vision. He heard the shower turn on, heat already rising through the crevices of the closed door. He took the moment to take off his shirt, leaving himself shirtless. His muscles were toned and well sculpted as ever, keeping his built well in tact. He turned to the baby monitor that was on their dresser, finding everything to be peaceful with no disturbances.

Even so, there was a bit of a ruckus going on inside his head towards Namine's nervousness.

What could it be that she's been keeping dormant from him for a month now? It couldn't be that she was keeping Sora as a secret lover inside their closet; or maybe it was? He slumped his head forward with fixed frustration. True, she has been acting pretty weird lately, but he always thought it was because she was trying to get used to the fact that they were living together again. Plus with the twins, things have changed a lot for them to adapt to in such a short amount of time. Licking around his dry lips, he put his face between his hands. He had a bad habit in being paranoid, so maybe he shouldn't jump to conclusions quite yet. For all he knew, it probably wasn't even a big deal. After all, Namine always did have the insecurities of a turtle; maybe she was just blowing things out of proportion.

While mentally battling the possibilities, he never realized the shower had stopped running. Namine slowly opened the door and flicked the lights off inside the bathroom.

She kept herself hidden behind the shadows of the door, "Roxas, can you turn off the lights inside the room? I...I don't want you to see me quite yet."

He got off the bed, "Sure, take your time."

He went over to the wall and pressed the switch, engulfing them in complete darkness. Namine carefully tried to maneuver herself through the dim room, the floor beneath her feet creaking slightly from her weight. Roxas remained where he was, reaching his hands out in order to catch her. She made it over to the other side and grabbed his hands carefully with trust.

"Okay, you can turn on the lights now." She commanded briefly amongst a whisper.

He turned and flipped the switch behind him, becoming stunned by her wardrobe and complexion of curves. She had on a type of white translucent lingerie, exposing her slender torso and hips. She was wearing a pair of white erotic underwear and bra too, the hem of her gown covering just above her waist. Different types of flowery designs hung around the straps, hooking around her breasts and arms seductively with lustful intentions. Roxas stared with a dumbfound expression, doing his best to conceal the tent that was currently growing inside his pants.

"Well...what do you think?" She asked uncertainly.

"Um..." He finally settled down, urging his hormones to calm down, "...I'm speechless...if that counts."

She blushed tremendously, "You hate it, don't you?"

"No...!" He yelped, "I... mean...wow..." He shook his head in order to gain back concentration, "It's just different...a good different." He safely assured her.

She bit her lip suggestively, "Do you want to get on the bed?"

She noticed how his shirt was off, ogling the muscles that twitched underneath her fingertips when she touched them. She loved how he wasn't muscular, just strong and slim. It enticed her to no end, hypnotizing her with the strong desire to be in his arms constantly for warmth. Right now though, she was seeking another type of warmth from him, the ache between her legs desperately seeking purification from his staff.

"We can..." He shrugged, "But...I rather you tell me what's been going on around you first."

Namine stepped back with uneasiness, "I should have known it wasn't going to be easy to make you forget about it."

"You promised you'd tell me, Nami." He firmly griped.

"Okay..." She lifted her head up with a soft plea, "Can I tell you while sitting down?"

He nodded and walked over to their bed, doing his best not let his eyes wonder. With her dressed like that, it was easy for him to get distracted a bit.

He swallowed loudly, "So, what is it already? Is it something I did?"

"Part of it." She answered honestly, "Something we both did."

"Is it something bad?"

"No...I don't think so at least."

"Can it be fixed?"

"Not really..."

"...Well, then what is it?" He asked with confusion, not liking the tension.

She became quiet and rested her hands upon her stomach.

Roxas continued to persist, "Namine, you can trust me. You know I..."

She clenched her eyes shut and exclaimed fretfully with mortification, "I'm pregnant!"

He blinked numerous times in shock, losing all air in his lungs. He sat there quietly, his mind completely going blank. She was pregnant, again? How could she in such a short amount of time? What kind of sperms was he carrying? Godly ones? They weren't even used to raising the twins yet! Having two babies was enough of a handful, but a third? It was too much! He thought for sure they were being careful, although, not like he wore a condom all the time. Maybe it was the time when he joined her in the shower? Or maybe it was that time when she was working late one night and he paid her a visit at work while Sora baby-sat the twins? There were so many types of scenarios running through his head.

Even so, only one thought process managed to slip his lips, one she didn't expect.

"Am I the first to know?"

She whipped her head over at him, "What?"

His fingers coiled awkwardly around her hand, "Am I the first to know that you're pregnant? I mean, does Kairi know? Or Olette? Or...Sora?"

It was then that it all made sense to her, recollecting the time when she found out she was pregnant with the twins. Out of everyone who knew, Roxas was the last to know. He was the father of her children, and yet, she never even got the chance to tell him that. She wasn't planning on making that mistake the second time.

"No...you're the first to know." She smiled affectionately at him.

He breathed out a sigh of relief, "That...makes me happy to hear."

"Wait...you're not upset?"

"No...why would I be?" There was a pleasant grin on his face, "Now that I know, I could be there for you this time..."

Her eyes glistened with tears, "Roxas...I..."

He leaned in close and clasped her face gently between his hands, silencing her, "Namine, even if we're not forever...I want to treasure every moment I have being with you. I missed so much of it...that I feel like...my life has just begun."

She breathed heavily through her nose when he captured her lips, pressuring her slowly to go down onto the mattress. There was a brilliant glow of crimson on their cheeks, relieving their lips just for a moment to speak.

"Are we even ready to have a third child?" She wheezed breathlessly, "I mean, we just had twins."

He smiled down at her, "After everything we've been through, I'm sure we can handle it. Well...we can try at least." He corrected sensibly, "Either way...I'm looking forward to it."

She held the same amount of sentiment, "Me too." She wrapped her arms around him, seeking comfort in his embrace, "I love you."

He cradled her slim body closely to his, breathing in her honeysuckle scent, "I love you too."

They could never get tired in saying that to each other, creating new vows each time they did. Namine moaned anxiously went he pressed his body harder into hers, reviving the heat between them almost instantly. They didn't need to say anything more about how they felt. Their bodies were responding well enough to accomplish any further discussion. Nothing was certain, only their hearts. Being in his arms was all Namine needed to know that everything was going to be all right. He delicately began to remove her gown, becoming enchanted by the glow of her nudity. His lips caressed across her porcelain skin, tasting the sweetness of her breasts, savoring her nipples like he always did. Her hands clutched and squeezed his taunting hot flesh, yearning to be one with him. Their lips shifted against each other, creating heavy amount of friction between their shivering tongues. An overwhelming wave of pleasure ignited within them, their kisses becoming possessed by a wild urge to have more. They separated for a moment, pressing their foreheads against each other. Namine teased the band to his pants, whimpering silently for him to take her already. She swooned when he gave her one of his divine smirks, memorizing his features handsomely with appreciation.

Waiting for a signal to proceed, Roxas nodded at her with consent. She urgently slipped the rest of his clothing off, gaining freedom to worship the rest of his body. Roxas followed her example and stripped her underwear elegantly down her legs. The flesh between her thighs, finding she must have shaved while in the shower, captivated him. There was a clear stream around her labia, sending a trail for him to enter in with a willful craving to be filled.

He spoke comically, "I hope I don't get you pregnant again when you're already are."

She giggled from his concern, "I think it'll be okay." She framed his face with her hands, "Roxas..."


They didn't speak any further after that, sealing their commitment to each other for the rest of the night. His breath was hot and heavy against her ear, muttering sweet promises to her. Namine accepted his warmth inside her, a sudden peace overtaking her. There was once a time she thought she could live her life without him. Being with him like this, she realized she probably wouldn't have survived it. She couldn't imagine him not existing; she could never imagine him disappearing. All she could ever want was for them to be whole again. This life growing inside of her, and the twins, was a result of that. For a moment, she had almost thrown him away to be a part of it. Clinging onto him desperately for reassurance, she knew he was real and that he wasn't going to leave her the next day.

Namine always thought if she had just followed orders and kept a strict schedule, she would never have the fear of being alone. She made herself be used in order to have a purpose in life. It was her only source of guidance ever since she was young and living with her grandfather. Coming to the city, she had expanded her world from the dark to a new door of light. She grew to care for the people around her, grew attached to them to the point that she was able to be herself. It was something her mother had once tried to show her before her death. The world that she wanted her to embrace in without the confinement of those four walls so long ago. She didn't need that room back home in Destiny Island as a proof of her existence, nor did she need the success of her career as an artist.

Love is about discovering, never finding; those were words left by her father. Her and Roxas would be together everyday, making those discoveries, she was sure of it now. With a new canvas in hand, a masterpiece was born, but this time, she would have her family there to frame it.


It was April twenty-fifth when the sun rose to the sky, marking another year of Sora and Roxas's birth. Namine had invited nearly everyone, hoping to share the occasion in the backyard as a surprise. Even though the Hikari twins were aware of the party that was planned for them, they still were left amazed by the people who came. All their friends were there, each harboring their own expression of gratitude towards their birth. They were even amazed to see Ansem there, the old man apologizing constantly when striking a conversation with them. The twins would always dismiss his apologizes though, finding the past to be where it was, and just seeking to repair their relationship with the future. Luckily, the weather wasn't too bad either, making it warm enough for them to celebrate outdoors. Decorations were lit everywhere, containing multiple themes of party favors and gifts. There were two separate tables that held their presents, making sure each one was assigned to the right twin. A large birthday cake was displayed at the center between them, the words "Happy Birthday Sora and Roxas!" written across with golden frosting.

Everything just seemed perfect, and it all it took was one girl to prepare it all.

"Namine..." Roxas whispered her name quietly into the wind, "You really are something."

"You could say that again." Sora spoke and startled the blond from where he stood, "I still can't believe she had arranged all of this." He turned to his brother with an encouraging smile, "You sure are a lucky man, Roxas. Ventus would be proud."

The young Hikari shook his head, "I think he would be proud of both of us."

"Yeah, you're right." He walked over to stand beside him on the porch, "I mean, how could he not? We've endured and conquered so much." He placed his hands over the railings, "Things sure have changed."

"Not really." Roxas shook his head, his eyes landing on Namine's, "If you think about it, we've only just returned back home...to the things that matter to us most, before everything had changed."

Sora cupped his cheek with mock astonishment, "Well, look at you. You sure have turned out philosophical these passed few months." He followed his brother's gaze at the familiar blonde heroine, "Going to have to thank Namine for that one, including for the party."

"Yeah, make sure you do. She worked really hard on it. Although, you sure look happier these days...can I ask why?"

He grinned blissfully, a certain ebony-haired girl entering his thoughts, "I'll tell you in due time, don't worry."

Roxas seemed a bit dejected by his response, but respected his answer, "Okay...I trust you."

Sora felt pleased by his words, "Thanks."

The blond soon brooded risibly, "Even if I don't agree with your judgment sometimes."

"Hahaha, we wouldn't be brothers if you did." He added fondly while patting his shoulder.

"You got that right." He directed humbly with amusement.

And just like that, after years of torment, the two men laughed just like they once did when they were children.

"Uncle Sora! Papa Roxas!" Namine called excitedly behind the cake, holding Vennis close to her chest, "It's time to blow out the candles!"

"Coming!" Roxas called out and stepped down from the deck with Sora following behind him.

They all made it over to the table, all their friends gathering around them. Ansem handed Soren to Roxas who gently blew into his cheek to make him giggle. Axel started lighting up the candles, making sure to block the wind from blowing them out. The small flames grew, and with them, their voices sprouted to sing.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear..."

"Sora and Roxas!"

"Uncle Sora and Papa Roxas!" Namine waved Vennis's hand, while Roxas did the same with Soren.

"Happy birthday to you!"

"Wait!" Fuu called out in alarm and hastily took out her camera, "Picture!"

Sora's cheeks were blown up, having been prepared to blow out his portion of the candles that were lit up. Roxas leaned back with confusion, making sure to keep Soren safely away from the flames.

Namine smiled and nodded with approval, "Okay! Go set it up, Fuu."

The woman rushed over to one of the other tables, setting the camera down after putting a timer on it.

"Ten seconds!" She came back over to the group, "Be ready."

They all huddled together, posing differently to capture the memory. The camera's light started blinking; indicating that time was running out. Namine took the moment to get in between the siblings, laying a soft kiss upon their heads. They leaned in close into her touch, sharing a smile of delight. The camera's light flashed, signaling them to blow out their candles.

When the photo was developed onto the screen, there was no smile that faltered. There may not be an eternity, but if they were willing to exist, then there might as well be one. Memories within a story are never an ending, but more of a beginning to those who chose to create it.

And for them, it was everything.

The End

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