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Chapter 16: When Destiny Calls

Almost immediately, the Autobot leader's body jolted as if it had been shocked by a defibrillator, which caused Elizabetta to lose her balance and nearly topple off Optimus' crippled form. She managed to catch herself before she hit the pavement, and Optimus seemed to notice her as his optics came online. He took her in his hand immediately in an effort to protect her.

"Elizabetta," he breathed.

A gun hissed to his left and he immediately looked over to see Megatron walking towards them, gun ready to fire. "I don't know what just happened," Megatron said, "But I'll kill you both!" And he fired.

Using what little strength he had, Optimus managed to dodge the shot. Elizabetta knew that he wouldn't be able to keep doing that though; he was still injured from his last battle with Megatron, a battle that had resulted in his death. She swallowed hard as she watched Megatron aim at them again. She knew that Optimus didn't have the energy to dodge his shot this time. It would be the death of both of them.

The Decepticon leader went to fire when suddenly there was a clash of metal on metal and a flash of yellow as Megatron stumbled forward, growling in pain. Bumblebee suddenly emerged from behind the Decepticon leader, creating enough of a distraction for Ratchet to get to Optimus.

"Sir," the Autobot medic stated, "We need to get you inside, there is no way you'll be able to fight in your condition."

"Someone…has to…stop Megatron," Optimus replied, wincing as he struggled to get on his feet.

"I'll handle him," Jetfire remarked as he suddenly flew in and transformed, landing before the Autobot leader, "It's the least I can do."

Without warning, the pavement beside Jetfire bubbled up before Scorponok erupted from underground. He landed on the elder Autobot, slicing and tearing into his vital systems before Jetfire finally managed to pull him off.

"Jetfire!" Elizabetta shouted, shocked by the amount of damage Scorponok had managed to inflict upon Jetfire.

He tried to get back to his feet, but was unable to. Knowing that he would not survive his injuries, Jetfire looked to Optimus and said, "Take my parts."

"Jetfire…" Optimus remarked softly, not wanting to see the elderly Autobot perish, especially after all the help he had given then in finding the Matrix.

"I'm not going to make it. Take my parts and use them to destroy The Fallen," Jetfire remarked before ripping his own spark out of his chest and collapsing to the ground.

Ratchet set up a system transfer, and as the parts that could still be salvaged from Jetfire were fitted to the Autobot leader, Optimus could feel his systems repairing and returning to full strength. When the transfer completed, he finally had the energy to stand, and he left Elizabetta on the ground as he said, "Megatron, your fight is with me."

Megatron pushed Bumblebee away from him and looked to the upgraded Optimus. "So be it," the Decepticon leader hissed, and he went to attack him when The Fallen suddenly appeared. Megatron halted his attack, surprised. "My master," he remarked.

"I see the human girl has managed to earn the Matrix of Leadership, allowing it to be restored," he mused, ignoring Megatron. He then turned his gaze to Optimus before saying, "Hand the Matrix over to me or else I will rip it out of your chest."

"I'd like to see you try," Optimus remarked as he prepared to attack The Fallen.

"Not so fast," The Fallen stated.

Elizabetta gasped when her feet suddenly left the ground and she began floating towards The Fallen. She watched as Optimus immediately stiffened, unaware that The Fallen had anti-gravitational abilities. There was nothing she could do as The Fallen took her in his hand and said, "Hand over the Matrix or else."

"Let her go!" Optimus ordered.

He laughed, "Come now Optimus, is one single human life worth more than the restoration of our planet?"

"There are other means," the Autobot leader tried to argue.

"But this way is the simplest," The Fallen said before grabbing Optimus by the shoulder, "Megatron, rendezvous with me at the Great Pyramids." And they disappeared.

The Autobots tensed when they realized that The Fallen had teleported away with their leader. Megatron just laughed at their confusion before transforming into his jet form and flying away, shouting, "Decepticons, fall back and regroup at the Great Pyramids of Egypt!"

"Looks like we're going back to Egypt," Ironhide remarked as he powered down his cannons, watching as the Decepticons retreated, "And we better make this quick. There's no telling what The Fallen is capable of."

Elizabetta could have died when she realized that they were back in Egypt. The last time she had been to the pyramids she had made love with Optimus beneath them and the stars. She didn't want this to turn into a battleground…she didn't want to see Optimus die here either. She had just gotten him back and here he was not only fighting for his life again, but for hers as well.

"Well Optimus," The Fallen spoke, "What will it be, Cybertron or the human?"

Without warning, Optimus rushed at him, punching him in the arm that held Elizabetta. Surprised, he lost his grip on her and she watched in horror as the ground suddenly got closer. At the last second, a metal hand wrapped around her and nervously she looked out, only to see that Optimus had her. She relaxed immediately, knowing that she was safe in his grasp. But, she was surprised when he set her on the ground.

He said gently, "Elizabetta, you need to run, get as far from here as you possibly can. Find a place to hide. I'll come find you afterwards."

She looked him over before she did as he said and ran. She stopped when she reached a cliff and hid behind it, knowing that she was out of The Fallen's range here. Elizabetta peeked out from behind the rock face, watching as The Fallen and Optimus fought over possession of the Matrix. She knew that this was a fight to the death and she prayed that it would be Optimus who did walk away.

He had said that he would come get her afterwards, that meant he absolutely had to survive in order to honor what he said. However, when the battle became too intense, Elizabetta couldn't watch for fear that she would have to watch Optimus die a second time. She pressed herself against the cliff, not caring how sharp the rocks were. Desperately, she tried to think about something else to calm her down. She looked herself over and saw how filthy she was. She was covered from head to foot in dirt and her clothes were torn and burnt from when Megatron shot her. When she got back to NEST, she would take a three hour shower, and she would take it with Optimus.

She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard someone walking towards her. It was then she realized that the clashes of metal against metal had stopped. The battle was over just as quickly as it had started. That meant one of them was dead. Elizabetta started shaking; not knowing who it was that was currently walking towards her. She swallowed hard, before calling out, "Optimus?"

"I'm here, Elizabetta," he replied as he appeared beside the cliff.

Overjoyed, Elizabetta ran out and he picked her up in his hand and brought her to his face, not caring how dirty she was, and let her hug him tightly. "My love," he breathed, kissing her stomach, "I owe you my life."

"No Optimus," she said, "You've saved my life so many times that you don't owe me anything."

"Are you alright?" he asked her, "It looks like you've been through a lot."

"I'm fine," she answered, "I just am so happy that you're back."

"When we get back to NEST," he said, "We'll get you cleaned up."

She nodded.

It was sometime later before NEST and the rest of the Autobots arrived back in Egypt only to see that Optimus had killed The Fallen and that the Decepticons were left to lick their wounds until the next battle. When they finally got back to the military base, Elizabetta had barely stepped off the plane when her parents had crushed her in a hug. "Thank God you're safe!" her mother exclaimed, "I can't believe this is where you want to be, fighting battles with those giant robots."

"It's my destiny," she said with a smile as she noticed Optimus walk her way, "I'll catch up with you guys later, okay?" And she went to Optimus, who lifted her in his hand and brought her inside of the base before taking her to his room.

When the door closed, he activated his holoform and took her in his arms, holding her tightly. "Come on," he said as he guided her towards the cleansing room, "Let's get you cleaned up."

When they were inside, he helped her out of her clothes, before deactivating his own and starting the shower. When the water was warm, he stepped inside and Elizabetta followed him, drawing the curtain once she was in. The water rinsed away most of the dirt that had collected on her body almost immediately, and it felt so good to get it off. However, she watched as Optimus took a bar of soap in his hand and gently began to scrub her, but it felt more like a massage than anything else. When he finished, she rinsed off before washing her hair. As she rinsed the conditioner out of it, she felt him wrap his arms around her waist before pulling her against him and breathing into her ear, "You're beautiful, Elizabetta."

She shuddered as he kissed her neck, his hands roaming her body. "Optimus…" she breathed as he gently squeezed her breast, his erection pressing against her hip.

He adjusted his position and Elizabetta winced a bit as he entered her. When it was alright, she looked to him. He leaned forward and kissed her before he pressed her back against the wall. He held onto her hips tightly as he slowly began to make love to her.

"I promise…to never…leave you again," he breathed.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he kissed her again, increasing his pace as he did so. Elizabetta had never felt so complete, so at peace in her entire life. She knew the painful hole that was there after Optimus had passed had been filled. Despite what she had told herself, despite what others had said to make her feel better, she knew that she couldn't live without him, and she hoped that he felt the same about her. Even after death had separated them temporarily, he had still managed to come back for her, he had defeated The Fallen, and even though Megatron and his Decepticons were still a threat, there wasn't anything that she and Optimus couldn't get through together.

They came together, cascading into blissful ecstasy. After a few long moments subsided, Optimus pulled himself out of her and just held her against him. "I love you," she breathed, gazing into his beautiful blue eyes as she clung to him, never wanting to let him go.

"I love you most," he said, kissing the top of her head, "Come, let's go get some sleep."

She proceeded to dry herself off before following him over to the recharge berth. He deactivated his holoform and his robot form picked her up. He held her against his chest as he lay down, waiting for her to fall asleep.

"It's good to have you back," she said.

He smiled, "It's good to be back, Elizabetta."

Even though the battle had been won, there was still a war to be fought. But, no matter what happened, she would never leave Optimus' side. Even if they ended up losing the war, she would never stop loving him. She planned on spending the rest of her life with the Autobot leader. It was what she had chosen.

It was her destiny.

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