Those of you who have seen this Fic before today would know that I set up a competition for my lovely readers in wich you had to write a sequel for Sexy Back.

This is the WINNER of my little Sequel contest. It was VERY, VERY close. I had no idea so many talented authours read my Fanfic!!! In the end it came down to two awesome fics... and so I had to choose.

But I present to you THE WINNER of The Sexy Back Sequel Contest...

Undeserved Punishment By CullensGrl (The real version is on her profie and my Favourite stories list. Go and REVEIW HER!)

Song included: Right Round – Flo Rida (Deutsche Version)

I arrived back at the house within the minute. If I had actually needed to breath it would have been difficult, because I was laughing so hard. Ideas and plots for revenge was running through my mind faster than a cheetah could run. The thought of their faces when they found out what I'd done was making me double over with mirth. Then I remembered that Alice might be watching my future carefully and immediately began singing "Right Round" in German to distract myself. The good thing about being a vampire was that I could think of more than one thing at a time, which meant that while I was inwardly singing ("Du spinnst meinen Kopf recht herum...") I was also vaguely deciding which punishment I would execute first. Emmett, I decided...

If you want to read the rest the link is in my favourite stories list!!!!!

I Loved it. Honestly HILARIOUS! Go give her a review. Thanks to eveyone who entered! If you were wondering, Revenge of The Crullest Kind By Kisses Of Chocolate came in a close second (I just loved her revenge, it was so original and AWESOME!) so thats a good Fic to check out too.

There's also a Sexy Back Sequel Community on my Profile if you want to see the other entries. Some of them are really great!

Much Love, Sorry for the A/N!