BoomGoesThePeter02: Look, Excel, that's all really nice, but I'm tired..

Ilpalazzo4ever: But I'm not finished!

XemoXXdonkeyX singed on.

BoomGoesThePeter02 signed off.

Ilpalazzo4ever: HI! I'm agent Excel of ACROSS!

XemoXXdonkeyX: hi... I'm Eeyore of Cammy's Room!

DominosPizza signed on.

DominosPizza: Excel, have you seen Hyatt?

Ilpalazzo4ever: She's at our apartment, Sir!

DominosPizza: oh, okay.. wait, then where are you?

Ilpalazzo4ever: Library.

DominosPizza: Oh, well, Cya!

Ilpalazzo4ever: Wait! Meet Eeyore!

DominosPizza: yes, hi.

XemoXXdonkeyX: hey.

DominosPizza signed off.

XemoXXdonkeyX: who was he?

Ilpalazzo4ever: He's my Lord Ilpalazzo! Excel will continue to serve him forever!

XemoXXdonkeyX: That explains your s/n?

Ilpalazzo4ever: Yeah!

XemoXXdonkeyX: yeah...

XemoXXdonkeyX signed off.