Okay, I have to write a vampire fic, sorry

Okay, I have to write a vampire fic, sorry.

I'm so obsessed with vampires right now!

And technically this isn't a cross over fic, because I'm just using the traits from Twilight, not the characters or storyline or anything…

Sigh, this is going to be my first try at Parental!RoyEd, just cause, I don't know.

I'm basing Ed's vampire-ness from the vampire from the Twilight series. (sorta mentioned above…)

Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist, or Twilight, or the vampire-ness (traits) from Twilight.

(and when I say 'flashlight' think of the thingy he used in the FMA movie when he found Envy…)


Ed's P.O.V.

When I was attacked, I wasn't expecting what was coming. Central had been invaded by an unseen enemy and people were turning up missing.

Of course, I was sent in to investigate. People thought it was the homunculi again, but that's impossible; they have all been destroyed.

So, the last night of my human life started out as any other night on the job. I was walking though the tunnels under Central with a flashlight and I heard a clutter of heavy foot steps.

"Who's there!?" I called out, whipping my flashlight in all different directions.

Three people rounded the corner about ten feet in front of me. Two females and one male. The male called out in a low, yet soft, voice.

"It's just us…" He answered calmly. That was a blunt remark…

I lowered my flashlight to aim it to where I could see their faces and I gasped loudly when I did. They were gorgeous.

The male, who walked in front, was remarkably tall, and paler than anybody I'd ever seen here. His well kept light blonde hair just barely touched the tops of his ears, curling slightly at the ends. (A/N: kinda like Roy's hair…well, the style anyways).

The girls were the prettiest people I'd ever seen. Pretty seemed like an insult, the way they looked. The older looking female had caramel shoulder-length hair and was only taller than me by a few inches, maybe, and she was just as pale as the male. The second female looked like the younger sibling of the first girl, maybe six-teen. Her bronze mid-back length hair swayed lightly as she bobbed her head as she winked at me. Again, she was pale white. They were all dressed well; they were probably well off.

Their eyes startled me the most. Their dark and full eyelashes made them pop out even more. Amber with a tinge of bright red around the outer lining of the iris and hugging around the pupil. It has to be the lighting…

"I –I …uh…what are you doing down here? It's off limits the military is leading an investigation on the dis-" I was cut off by a high pitched voice.

"We know, Fullmetal Alchemist. We came looking here for you, actually…" the older girl said, keeping all emotion out of her voice.

"For me?" I asked, startled again.



"We believe you will have great potential once you have been changed; we've never had an alchemist among our kind. Our kind, get very sensible after a few centuries," the older female shrugged, "they didn't want to risk what could happen, but us three, we rebelled against them and told them that we were going to find you and change you. They didn't believe us."

She smiled to reveal a set of perfect, glistening teeth.

"Change me?" I asked, confused.

"Are you so stupid, boy?" the male spoke. "I saw the reaction in your eyes as they stared into mine. They aren't the same as any you've ever seen. Now you are an alchemist, but have you ever read any material on mythology?"

Mythology? How confused I had been then… Ha, now it seems such a stupid question.

I answered, "A few…" I wasn't liking the way this was going.

"Have you read about…vampires?"

"Yeah, a few things, that there are many kinds but the one that have been seen though out history were the beautiful and pale ones," I don't know why it was so easy to tell them this; the words just flowed out, "they have traits like their skin is cold and hard as stone, they are unable to sleep for all eternity, and they don't burn in the sun; they sparkle. They can run so fast they go blurry and they don't even have to breathe."

And then, it clicked and I finished the rest of what I'd read, wide-eyed and quietly.

"The color of their eyes can be anywhere from gold to black. They were gold if they only drank animal blood, black if they were thirsty, and red if they were new born, and amber-red if they drank…human blood." Why didn't I make this connection before!?

Well, at least they weren't thirsty…

I didn't notice as I was talking sly smiles had appeared on the male and older female's faces.

The younger one, the one who had winked, gave thumbs-up and a quick, "You got us!"

The older female spoke again, looking up at the male, "He's going to run; I can read it in his eyes…"

That was true; I was thinking about running…how did she…read it in my eyes so clearly?

"That's not smart, boy, if you know what's good for you, since you know so much about us, you'd stay put. We have no intention to drain your body of its blood, simply to turn and train you and have you back with people in one year's time. I am surprised though...you got us first try; no other alchemist was as smart."

"What…happened.., to them? The others, I mean."

"They turned out badly, so we deposed of them?" the male spoke again.

The way he said it sent shivers down my spine; there really was nothing I could do. I odd numbing sensation spread though my body as I realized this.

The smaller female pulled a hair-tie from her wrist and brought her long hair around her shoulder and tied the hair in place. She grinned, what was wrong with these …vampires? The others failed, what makes them so sure I'd do any better?

"He's decided to let fate have its way with him…" the older female spoke the words like she was talking about the weather outside.

I was so deep into shock I didn't make sense of her words; I just nodded to confirm her words.

"Excellent…" the older female hissed.

"Edward Elric, I'm going to give you some medication to numb some of the pain, this transformation will not be an easy one."

I just stood there as he grabbed into his leather messenger bag and pulled a syringe already filled with clear liquid.

I numbly held out my arm and I didn't even wince or look away as the needle made its way into my skin. I was too numb all over anyway to even think rationally or to think at all for that matter.

"In three days, dear Edward…" the younger female spoke as she brought her icy lips to my out stretched arm and then I slipped into blackness.


Burning…all over. The pain made me want to cry out in pain but I couldn't. The fire was running though my veins. It felt like instead of blood running through my veins it was gasoline (A/N if they had it…) and some one had injected fire directly into the stream if gasoline.

Floating in the blackness, on fire, I heard voices.

"It's almost over…his heart rate is starting to accelerate…soon, it will drastically drop until it stops beating for good."

A girl's voice….

" I 'd say he had thirty minutes more before he comes around, what do you think, Meike?" a man's voice this time. (A/N: pronounced: mee-keh)

The same female voice from before spoke again, "Yes, Ian, I think so…where has Sara run off to?"

The male voice again, "She left to hunt, she said she had to leave the area…she didn't want to attract attention; the search has begun for him and she didn't want then to search here."

I lost the voices to the fire. It was so intense now I wanted to scream again and it scared me when I heard one. Mine.

My eyes flew open and I let out a strangled cry once more before I felt a pair of hands retraining me.

"It doesn't do any good to scream. It just hurts our ears."

I looked sharply to my left and saw the younger girl, Meike, I think her name was.

My eyes saw everything so clearly. I could even see dust particles and it was completely pitch black in here. Even the girl was clear as day.

And my ears! I could hear everything, too. I swear I could hear a butterfly flutter by, if it did…where ever I was…

Then, abruptly, the pain vanished. The male in the corner of the room sighed, "That's the end of it…"

The bronze haired girl all of a sudden grinned and then looked at me and sighed as she looked into my eyes, "Ah, what I lovely shade of red, how I've missed that…it's been about two centuries since I've seen it this vivid…"


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