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(A/N characters such as Sara, Ian, Elliot and Meike (and others soon to come) are based off real dorks I call my friends haha)

Edward's point of view is the default unless I say otherwise. First person isn't my most talented point of writing though, so bare with me.


As we walked through the white oak, double doors, slower than normal I took in my surroundings.

This place was huge. A rather large mahogany spiral stair case started in the left-center of the room; a hallway just to the left of the foot of the stair case led to a small ballroom with a chandelier. The floor was tiled with squares of polished marble. The walls were painted a dull blue color that beautifully accented the marble. Few paintings hung on the walls but the few that did looked like originals of famous artists. To the right of the main room was a dining area, complete with plates and napkins of silk. Next to that room was a medium sized hallway which I couldn't tell where it lead to.

"Wow…" I breathed.

"Yeah, Master is pretty much loaded…" Meike said, flashing her teeth.

I walked toward the dining area when I noticed a door behind the stair case. It was barley visible; only from this angle and appeared to be made from steel or some other hard metal.

Hey, Ian, what's with the door?" I pointed towards the stair case. He looked where my finger was pointed and I saw something that looked like fear cross his face. he quickly composed himself as he now appeared confused.

"Door? What door?" he said looking around. I stared at him quizzically.

"Fine, play stupid, but I will find out what that door leads to. You can't stop me; I'm stronger than you."

Sara cursed and suddenly Elliot was at the top of the stairs.

"Ah, my guests! Enjoying the view, young Edward?" Elliot had changed clothes now in an all white tuxedo holding a glass filled with a red liquid to thick to be wine, not like we were able to drink wine anyway.

No sooner had he spoken, my throat was burning with intensity worse than flames. Even that tiny amount filled in that crystal glass was worse than that man's scent in the woods. Loosing what part of me that was still remotely human, I dashed as quickly as my body would allow up the stairs. Right before the glass was in my hands I was stopped short.

Regardless if I was stronger, his guards were faster. I hadn't noticed before but there were at least 10 of then in sight, standing still as if they had been carved.

Elliot rose and eyebrow and chuckled quietly. "Now, now, Edward, you are on a special diet, you are not allowed to intake one solitary drop of human blood." He took a small sip, leaning forward with a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

I struggled against the hold of the two burly guards with eyes of burnt ruby trying my hardest to get to the glass that fueled the flames in my throat.

"You bastard! Why are you taunting me like this!?" I screamed, out raged.

Elliot looked taken aback. "Taunting you," he scoffed, "Edward, I am preparing you for what you will have to face in one year's time, at least, that's what Ian and the two females have planned, correct?" he leaned past me and looked down upon the other three vampires in the room, who were on their knees, also struggling to control their thirst.

Ian looked up, his face twisted into that of agony, "Yes, that's what we have planned, Master."

The master pressed his lips into a hard line and nodded, "Hmm, if you think that is enough time to prepare him…I'd hate to have to destroy him." He looked thoughtful. "Well, enough of this, Quinn, Mallick, take young Edward outside for some fresh air then escort him back to my room. Thank you, that will be all, you are dismissed." With the he turned briskly and entered what I guessed was his bedroom. As soon as the bedroom was shut I instantly felt a little more in control.

Without a word the guards carried me down the stairs by my upper arms and out the double doors we had come in. Sara, Ian and Meike all followed behind us. As I hoped, as soon as the dusk air hit me I was back in almost complete control, the fire was still raging on in my throat but it was nothing I couldn't handle.

I took a few deep breaths, trying to exterminate the fire that was burning away in my throat. I was in the middle of a breath when I felt a hand harshly swipe my left check. It didn't hurt but I got when the person, or rather vampire, was implying; a slap.

I turned to face Sara. She looked as if she could kill, which she could but this was pure hatred.

"You imbecile! You called him a bastard! Do you know how much we,"
Sara said, pointing to herself, Meike, and Ian, "are going to get punished for that?!"

"No, obviously not or I wouldn't have said it…" I really didn't want them to get punished for something I did. I had to try and stop that from happening. "Look, I did it so I'll talk it over with him."

"Well, Master really likes Ed so maybe, just maybe he'll listen to him." Meike said gracefully sinking to the ground, lifting a perfect finger to her chin. "Master has gone to his room for the night, he won't be back out till the first light…but if Ed is going in there soon he can prevent our punishment!" she smiled, he teeth still partially glowing in the darkness.

"Well, Master is going to have to wait." I sank down next to Meike, smiling at her, over looking the ocean that we had swam across only a day before. Ian and Sara announced they were leaving to do a little hunting while they had the spare time, I didn't pay much attention to where they said they were going but Meike said something that I didn't listen to, replying to them. After they left, she just sat with me on the dewy, soft grass watching the moon shine off the midnight blue waters, seeming in just as deep of thought as I was.

Just across those waters was land. Land that belonged to a different country, a country that was connected to the country where my little brother was waiting for me to come home. Home. Where that bastard Mustang is; a bastard that I kinda miss. He's like a father to me since I really didn't grow up with one. Without him I wouldn't have restored Al's body. But if my so called father hadn't of left in the first place, my mom would have lived and I wouldn't have even lost Al's body. I'm never going to forgive that man for mom; he didn't even come to her funeral. Some few hundred miles across land and water is my life; the life I used to lead. I felt myself frown.

Slowly, I clapped my hands together as the sound made Meike's head whip around to my direction. I ignored her though as I softly placed my hands to the ground and watched the mystic blue lights form under my hands. I brought them up as the object I was transmuting pressed against them; if I didn't bring them up the object would be crushed by just my left hand alone. Meike looked at my hands; her eyes full of wonder and curiosity. As the blue light faded a saw a smiled creep across her face and felt my face turn dismal.

I picked up the basic small metal dog like creature and held it in my hands. It was the exact same figure Al and I and both made, mine better than his, and ran up to show mom.

"You're defiantly his kids, alright." Mom smiled.

I rubbed its smooth surface and my eyes started to dully sting as I felt my chest tighten the slightest. I couldn't cry, not as what I am now. Meike patted my back, catching me off guard, making me jump.

"Hey, are you alright, you look sad…" she cooed comfortably.

"Uh, yeah, I was just…thinking about my family." I smiled feebly. "Is there a phone anywhere around here?"

"Yeah, in the ballroom to the right of the entrance. I'll just stay here; the water is so beautiful tonight." Meike said, already sounding distanced.

I thanked her quietly and she didn't respond but I didn't expect her to. And rose to my feet, at vampire speed which was now just normal speed. The guard on the outside of the double doors opened the right one and nodded as I went in.

I found the phone quickly and hastily dialed Mustang's office number. If Al wasn't with him, Mustang could tell me where I could reach him at. I waited impatiently as the phone rang slowly.

"Mustang." A rough and tired sounding voice barked.

"Mustang, its Edward…" I trailed off.

I heard his grip tighten around the receiver as it did the last time I had talked to him. Then I heard a sigh of relief. "God, Edward. Where the hell are you…?" he sounded calm, angry and happy all at once.

I told the truth, "I'm not sure, an island. Don't worry I'm not in any danger; they can't even hurt me, not physically anyway." I let my eyes wonder to the array of diamonds, rubies, and lights hanging from the middle of the ceiling, waiting for his response.

"Edward," he said and I noticed he didn't use my state issued name, "please come home." I heard paper crumple and a very faint splash hitting something, his desk I guess.

I was surprised and I stood up straight as I asked, "Mustang, are you crying?" Holy shit.

"Ed, you haven't watched Al the past week and a half. All he does is mope. He's sleeping on my couch, here in the office, right now. He talks about how worried he is about you not only when he's awake but when he's sleeping. All he ever thinks about is you and your safe return home. Here; listen." I heard a shuffle of feet and then soft breathing. I sighed as I realized this was Al, even if he wasn't awake. Then I heard his breathing pick up into a series of panicked breaths. I heard Al's voice for the first time in what felt like forever except it wasn't what I was wanting to hear. I felt my eyebrows knit together and my lips curl upside down.

"Brother," he sounded as if he was awake, yet whispering, "Brother, where are you? No brother! Don't hurt him, please, he's all I have!" he was obviously dreaming but my heart was breaking just at his words. The stinging in my eyes went into over drive and my chest was so tight it felt as if I was suffocating from the inside though I was breathing perfectly normal. I started to grip the receiver with my left hand but stopped when I felt parts of it give way under my hand, but it still worked.

I heard Mustang's now gruff voice speak into the phone, "He does that three or four times a night; he's staying with me. I know you're not happy about your brother staying with a bastard like me," he laughed bitterly, "but I want to make sure his body you worked so hard for was taken care of. I've got to go but…"

I cut him off, "Wait! Make…make sure you tell Al I love him, alright? And Thanks…for this." I felt weird thanking Mustang and it also felt weird that he wasn't teasing me with his usual "short" stuff, but I guess I shouldn't have expected it.

"No problem. Ed…I got to know…you'd come home, to Al, if you could right? You aren't just away to…I don't know…be away, right?"

Mustang, in all the years you've known me, you have the guts to ask that?" my tome was slightly sarcastic.

"Yeah, I guess I knew he answer but I had to be sure. Al and I, believe it or not will be wait for you, Edward. I wave to go home and get some rest but…don't hesitate to call. Bye Fullmetal."

With that, the line went dead.


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