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The Only Question

It was just another Wednesday afternoon to Inuzuka Kiba as his alarm clock rang. Another day of boring lectures from Iruka-Sensei, and another day of getting yelled at for sleeping in class. He lazily got up and sat on the edge of his bed, still trying to wake up. Akamaru was curled in a ball at the foot of his bed. Kiba let out a long, pessimistic sigh before he finally stood up and made his way to the bathroom. The warm water in the shower had almost made him fall asleep again. Kiba detested mornings, he was always groggy and cranky. His parents used to scold him for that, saying that only little kids were cranky in the morning, but after three years, they had all but given up.

His parents were both working the early shift, so they had already left. That meant that Kiba would have to make his own breakfast. He half-walked, half-fell down the stairs that led to his kitchen. He scratched his thigh and wondered what he knew how to make. Eggs? No, they always ended up scrambled. Pancakes? No, half of them ended up burned and the other half ended up being just a warm pile of batter. So, cereal it was.

A less than satisfying bowl of Cheerios later, he was on his way down the street to Konoha High. He often wondered why he even bothered going to school. He wasn't taking any classes that interested him, he always did poorly on tests, and he couldn't remember the due date for any major projects to save his life. Though he always bitched and moaned to everyone he knew about how much he hated school, there was a part of him that looked forward to the first period bell. It wasn't that that was the best time to sleep, or that he was able to top off his breakfast with some chips. No, it was the fact that he sat directly behind Uzumaki Naruto.

He had known the guy since before he could remember, but it was only recently that he had started looking at the blond differently. He couldn't put his finger on what it was though. Kiba had always liked girls. He never passed up an opportunity to check out a cute girl as she passed him in the hallway. But, lately, he found that he was less and less interested in girls, and more and more interested in guys. No, that wasn't true. It was just Naruto, he hadn't had any other feeling about any other guy, even those half naked underwear models in the ads he saw his mother looking at a little too often. All he could do was hope that this feeling would pass and he could go back to smuggling Playboys from the box marked "Taxes" in the bottom of his Dad's closet.

He was still a block away from school when he heard the warning bell ring. "Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" he thought as he sprinted to school, not wanting the have yet another tardy on his record. Iruka-Sensei said that if Kiba was late one more time, he would have detention for an entire month, copying his biology textbook word for word, and let's just say that there weren't a lot of pictures in it.

He skidded to a halt outside of Iruka-Sensei's door just as the late bell started to ring. He collapsed in his chair still gasping for breath. Well, at least he got to stare at his newfound crush for the next hour. It took Kiba a second to realize that the seat in front of him was empty. "Naruto can't be absent!" he thought. He started reciting his colorful vocabulary under his breath until he heard the classroom door slam. He looked up so fast, he was sure he broke something somewhere. But, it was worth it. Standing in the doorway was the unmistakable spiky hair and childish face of Uzumaki Naruto. It appeared that Kiba wasn't the only one that had trouble getting up this morning.

"I'm sorry Iruka-Sensei" Naruto said as he bowed to the teacher. He continued to bow until Iruka waved his hand for Naruto to take his seat. Kiba found that he was disappointed when Naruto took his seat because he had been enjoying the great view of Naruto's ass. Now came an hour of staring at the back of the blond's head. He imagined what it would be like to kiss those soft, warm lips. To hold Naruto, and for Naruto to hold him back. Standing on the beach at sunset watching the sun go down together as they held each others hand. Hugging him and feeling Naruto's warm body heat Kiba's. Laying on the beach after the sun had set playing with Naruto's swim suit, slowly moving it off of his hips and... "Whoa!" Kiba broke out of his stupor at this point. That had gotten a little too weird for him. He found several students staring at him, he must have started to fall asleep when he had that little fantasy.

"Good morning, Mr. Inuzuka." Iruka said, giving Kiba an evil smile from across the room. "I'm so glad you decided to join us today." The rest of the class snickered as Kiba's ears turned red. Then he saw Naruto looking at him, which made him even more embarrassed, which made his ears turn even redder. If Iruka hadn't have returned to the lesson right then, all the blood in Kiba's body might have gone to his brain and caused him to get a fever. He once again found himself gasping for air. It felt like the side of his head was on fire. He was about to raise his hand and ask to go to the bathroom so he could splash some water on his face when Iruka suddenly turned to face the class with an excited expression on his face. "I almost forgot, we will be going to the beach just down the road next Friday to see the oysters that have gathered there."

He then began passing out a yellow paper to the class. "Please have your parents sign this and return it to me by next Wednesday. Not next Thursday, not before the bell on Friday, Wednesday!" The bell rang and the class shuffled out as Iruka continued to rattle off the days that the permission slip was not to be turned in.

As Kiba made his way to his second period class, he thought about the upcoming field trip, this could be his chance to get Naruto alone, and on the beach no less! There was no way he was going to miss that trip. Not even the Devil himself could stop him.

-One Week Later-

It was just another Wednesday to Inukuza Kiba. Wait... no, that was last week. Today it was the 2nd best day of his life; the best being the following Friday. He had gotten his permission slip signed the second his parents got home from work. He had paced around the living room for one hour, fourty-six minutes, and eleven seconds before his mother came in the door and Kiba practically forced her to sign the yellow sheet which would bring him closer to the blond-haired boy his heart so longed for.

Kiba ran out of the house twenty minutes before he usually got out of bed, like if he got to school early, Iruka would say "Since Kiba was here so early, we're going on the field trip today, everyone strip!" Ok, maybe not the last part, but he couldn't contain his excitement. He had never been at school this early before, apparently no one had as the only ones who were there were teachers and custodians. He saw that Iruke-Sensei wasn't at school yet, so Kiba decided to walk around for a few minutes. He walked out into the courtyard which served as the social center of the school. A giant fountain was in the center where a stone hawk continuously streamed water out from his open beak. There were benches at irregular intervals, each serving as a kind of headquarters for each major social clique. The seat with all the flower stickers and weird-smelling perfume was where the preppy cheerleaders hung out. The bench that had little skulls carved into it was where the Goths socialized, or rather, shared suicide methods with one another. The bench with a giant "EMc2" was where all the math geeks hung out. That was the only bench with an occupant which was odd for two reasons: Obviously, school had a long way to go before it started, and the dark clouds looming overhead didn't exactly scream "come sit under me!" It appeared that he was reading a book, probably something with a title along the lines of How to Use Math to Get a Girlfriend.

In the seat was a short guy sitting cross-legged on the bench in an orange jumpsuit of some kind which oddly resembled...

"Nuh-uh!" Kiba thought. No way was that Naruto. But when the boy looked up at the newest arrival to the courtyard, Kiba could see that there was no denying that the math geek was in fact Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto looked surprised at first, but then he started to smile and waved Kiba over. Kiba experienced several emotions at this point; excitement for being invited to sit with the single most attractive person in his life at the time, confusement at being invited to sit with a guy that he had barely said two words to since the beginning of the year, and fear that he would catch some disease that made you like math. After swallowing the 20,000 frogs that seemed to have gathered in his throat, Kiba made his way over to the bench.

"Hey Kiba, it's been a while." exclaimed Naruto.

"Yeah, it has." Kiba replied, having to muster up the courage to even open his mouth, let alone form words.

"What have you been up to?"

"Oh... nothing special. What about you Uzumaki?" Kiba scolded himself for calling Naruto by his last name, what was he thinking?

"Just exploring my sexual orientation."

Kiba nearly had a heart attack. "Come again?" He said, with his voice cracking at every possible syllable.

"Just exploring my mental retention. Why, what did you think I said?" Kiba could see that Naruto's book had absolutely nothing to do with using math to get a girlfriend, in fact, it read Remember Faster Longer

Kiba just laughed a little bit. "uh... I've got to go talk to Iruka-Sensei." Kiba lied.

"Alright, see you first period."

Kiba tried to mutter some kind of response, but the best he could do was raise his hand to make, what must have been, the most pathetic wave "good-bye" in the history of human civilization. Kiba ran to the bathroom, afraid that he might throw up from all the stress that small little exchange had created. He used to be able to talk to Naruto like any of his other friends. He never had this problem when he talked to Neji or Choji. Kiba thought it was safe to say that this was not a "phase" and that it was not just going to pass.

-The End of First Period-

"And that is why blood is red." Iruka finished his lesson for the day. "Alright, pass your permission slips up." Kiba opened his backpack and found the yellow piece of paper not that it was difficult to find, he had put it into a bright orange folder and labeled it "BEACH". He took it out and looked up to see Naruto looking back at him with the same smile that he had greeted him with just an hour or so before. The nauseating feeling that had Kiba hunched over a toilet for fifteen minutes returned with a vengence. He quickly thrust the paper into the blond's outstreched hand, eager for Naruto to look anywhere but at him...