Eleven ways of looking at New moon

1. Alice

He knows what he wants

He knows what might happen

He had felt the wrenching pain

Yet he made the decision


He had come to me (a last hope)

With an air of despair

He had asked for advice

Fraught, with glossy eyes


My words won't help

I knew he won't listen

Alas! I was vain enough to try;

The decision will impact us all


And he didn't listen

Lost, he gripped his hair

He insisted that it was for her benefit

And that's all that mattered to him


I asked him about himself

I asked him how he will live

He persisted he can handle it

And he will do this, for her


And with the arrival of that day

He sent us all away

Insisting he will be alright

But I saw the agony in his eyes


I saw him put on a hard mask

I saw him straining himself

I saw how he was in anguish

The moment he spoke those words


She pleaded she begged
She cried and screamed
She longed to see the warmth
Once again on his face


But she was disappointed
Oh my sister
I couldn't bear
to look at her future


He came back, his clothes dirty

His face a stone mask

Words couldn't write his pain

Yet he still made us promise


I couldn't say no

But it didn't feel right

Yet I relied on the fact

That he was always precise


He was never alright again

Time tortured him

His face seemed forever frozen

No emotion could be discovered


I watched him waste away

I watched him twist in silent pain

I watched with my own ache

Wishing time could rewind


Sorrow (underrated) wasn't only for him

My family won't laugh again

With the exception of Rosalie;

Rose is too stubborn to think


Soon, he had gotten on a plane

Saying he needed to visit a friend

Mom was happy; he was finally moving

But I knew what he was really doing


Days past, months past,

I was alive, but I wasn't living

I had missed my brother

And I also missed her


I sat down, barely sensing Rosalie

And thought back to the beginning

My every encounter with him

My every encounter with her


I missed my best friend

I missed her kindness

She was perfect for him

And an ideal sister


I hoped she was happy

Or at least fine

But she is human

She should be alright


Humans move on

Humans forget

Without perfect memories

Humans are easily perplex


And then it hit me

I couldn't stop it

She was going to die

She wasn't alright


I had failed her

I had failed him

I had failed myself

I was too late


I had to do something

I had to help someone

I caught the earliest flight

Hoping I could help Charlie


Emotions overcome me

I couldn't speak

I looked at Charlie's shabby house

And thought about the beginning


I waited there

Knowing I should hunt

I expected to see everyone

But her


She came into the room

Looking worse than ever

Yet smelled so delicious

I froze


Then she ran over

And hugged me tight

Tears rained on my shoulder

Joy was clear on her face

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AN: Okay, before you scream at me, going 'why isn't she updating her other fanfics?', I need to explain.

Believe it or not, this is for SCHOOL. We have a poet week. Surprisingly, it was fun. I never really saw myself as a poet (and I still don't). So some feed backs would be good.

As for the ending; you all know what happened.