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Chapter One: Gotham University

Pamela Isley.

It was true, the name didn't fit her.

Pam paused look at herself in one of the mirrors lining the corridors of Gotham University as she made her way to her first botany lecture. She didn't pause for long, because class started in 5 minutes and she hated being late. She pushed her coke-bottle glasses up her nose, brushed a long strand of bright orange hair behind her left ear and kept moving.

She didn't like all the noise here; she wasn't used to it. The click-clack of shoes against the stone floor, the shuffling of pages, the sound of a million different conversations at once; the cacophony was enough to give Pam a splitting headache. She had never been to a proper school before this, and so far she didn't like it. If only you could get a botany degree online, life would be so much easier. Pam pictured herself back home in Washington, sitting outside on the porch with her tablet laptop, surrounded by trees and fully at peace. That was what school should be like.

But no, here she was, on a scholarship to Gotham University, in a big, dark and gloomy city on the other side of the country. The university was nice enough, but the city was too enclosed for her liking.

Why did it have to be Gotham, anyway? Why put one of the country's top rated universities in one of its worst cities? All of the stories Pam had heard about Gotham were warnings. The city was full of murderers, gangs and corruption.

She checked her watch and groaned.


She was late. And going the wrong way. This was Pamela's problem- she was always drifting off and loosing herself in thought. This wouldn't be the first time it had caused problems.

She lifted her bookbag back onto her shoulder, turned around and started running, carefully dodging other students as she crossed the courtyard. The beads on the cord around her waist jingled behind her as she ran. She hoped her professor wouldn't be too mad at her. It was a big place, easy to get lost, and she was new to the city….


Pam's bookbag hit the ground with a loud clunk and her books scattered out across the floor. She felt a pain in her chest where she had fallen, and slowly pushed herself up from the ground. She took two deep breaths in before realising her glasses had fallen off. She got down on her hands and knees, frantically feeling around for the metal frames against the stone tiles.

"Shit." She hissed. Her glasses weren't exactly a fashion statement, but if she didn't wear them she was close to blind.

"Are you okay?"

Pamela looked up. The person speaking sounded male, but appeared to her as a large multicoloured blob.

"Yeah." She lied, smiling weakly. "Yeah, yeah…I just um…."

"Tripped?" the boy asked.

Pamela nodded. "I'm beginning to re-consider the practicality of running in flip-flops."

He laughed. "I think you dropped these."

She the familiar feeling of wire and glass in her outstretched hand.

"Thanks." Pamela said with relief, pushing the glasses up her nose. "I'm blind without these." She laughed.

She looked again at the boy, who was currently collecting up some pages that had fallen out of her portfolio. He was tall, with short brown hair and hooded grey eyes. He looked nice, or at least nicer than anyone else Pam had encountered in Gotham.

"Here you go." He said with a smile, handing Pam her folder. She hurriedly shoved it in her bookbag, stood up, and brushed off her dark green tunic.

"Thanks." She said with a blush and a quick smile. "Hey, could you tell me where Room 124 is, by any chance?"

"Sure." The boy said. "That's near where I have my next class. I'll show you."

He motioned for her to follow him down the corridor.

"My name's Wes, by the way." He said. "Welcome to Gotham."

Pamela laughed grimly.

"That's the first real welcome I've gotten since I left Bremerton." She paused. "That's in Washington. The state, not the city."

"Yeah, I know." Wes said. "That's near Seattle, isn't it?"

Pamela nodded.

"My name's Pamela by the way."

"Really?" Wes asked. "You don't look like a Pamela. You look more like a….Terra, or Summer, or Ivy. Something…earthy like that."

"I get that allot." Pamela pushed open the door of the laboratory. "Well, nice talking to you." She waved shyly and went into class.