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Title: Just So You Know

Pairing: YuuRam

Summary: Wolfram plans to break their engagement but his plan keeps getting pushed back because of two reasons: He loves Yuuri and there are just too many things that stop him from doing it.

Warning: None really other than OoC

Wolfram angrily stomped into his bedroom and plopped himself on his bed. After a few minutes of thinking, Wolfram got up and took a bath. When he got back he approached his desk then sat on the chair and got a piece of paper and a pen then started scribbling something on it…


I don't know exactly how to say this but I think it is best for everyone, especially me and you, if we break the engagement. I guess you wouldn't mind much, right? I mean the slap was an accident and we all know why it happened: I insulted your mother and you slapped me for doing so. And isn't it that this is what you always wanted? The earth traditions you grew up to is the reason why you can't accept our engagement, right? Well now I grant that wish of yours. The remaining hours of today will be the last time you'll see me…see me in the castle and…as your fiancé.


'Who am I kidding? I'll never give this to Yuuri' Wolfram thought to himself 'I have to be crazy to give this. If I give it to him now he'll think it's because of what happened earlier…but it's not. I'll just give it to him some other time...a time that is appropriate'

Wolfram continued to think of what had just happened earlier that day…

Wolfram woke Yuuri up in the form of a kick because he was still sleeping. "Hey!" Yuuri shouted loud enough to make Wolfram stir. Yuuri noticed that Wolfram was as usual, still asleep. Yuuri got up from the bed and decided that he would take a bath early in the morning so that he wouldn't be drowsy during his morning routine. When he got back to his room he saw that Wolfram was already awake and he was being interrogated Günter about why he wears a pink frilly nightgown for when he sleeps. Yuuri joined in on the conversation and asked the same thing which got Wolfram irritated for he thought that Yuuri was agreeing with Günter when he should help his fiancé instead of his advisor. Wolfram stood up from the bed then headed to the door and slammed it shut as he exited…

Knock knock

Wolfram flinched then turned back to face the door 'Oh it was just a knock'. Wolfram stood up and headed to the door 'I wonder who it is this time'. Wolfram opened the door and saw that it was Yuuri who was knocking on his door.

"Yuuri?" said Wolfram almost whispering

"I'm sorry" Yuuri sounded sincere when he asked for forgiveness from the blonde

"Wimp…" said Wolfram teasingly then smirked

"Don't call me a wimp" Yuuri shot back at Wolfram while glaring

"A wimp is a wimp and nothing's going to change that" Wolfram teased Yuuri some more then smiled 'I'll tell him some other time'

"Fine…I guess you're right…I'm just a wimpy king…" said Yuuri while frowning

Knock knock

Wolfram raised one eyebrow then approached the door. "Yes?" he asked the soldier who was standing outside of his room

"Excuse me your Excellency but Lord Gwendal is calling you and his majesty for a short meeting" the soldier had spoken confidently compared to Dakaskos when nervous

"Thank you" said Yuuri from behind Wolfram

After the soldier bowed and left, Yuuri and Wolfram followed but instead of going to where the soldier was headed, Yuuri and Wolfram headed to Gwendal's office. When they got in, they were greeted by Gwendal's normal scary expression

"You called for us?" Yuuri asked and Gwendal nodded. "What about?" he asked again

"The humans are getting restless and they are doing everything they can to start a war with us" Gwendal explained. "Before you can complain, I will just say this: That is not the reason I called for a meeting"

Yuuri put a hand behind his back then laughed. "Then what is the reason?" Yuuri was still smiling

"Lady Flynn Gilbit had sent you an invitation to Caloria" said Gwendal calmly. "Here's the invitation" Gwendal handed the invitation to Yuuri

"Wow" said Yuuri "An invitation to go to the celebration of the completion of Caloria". Yuuri looked at Gwendal as if pleading him to say yes

"Hey, if you're going then I'm going to" Wolfram declared to Yuuri "As your fiancé, nothing will stop me from going"

"Fine" Yuuri agreed to Wolfram "But remember we're traveling by boat and I'm sure you know that you don't do so good when traveling by boat"

"I know but as I said I am your fiancé and nothing is gonna stop me from going with you, you hear?" Wolfram started to raise his voice at Yuuri

"When do you plan to go to Cal-" said Gwendal but was interrupted by Günter who entered the door

"Your Majesty…is it...true that you are going to Caloria?" said Günter in between loud sounds of panting

Yuuri kept quiet not knowing what to say for he knew that if he said he was going, Günter would stop him almost immediately and tell him that he has to stay because he was the maoh and because he had to study. But to his surprise Günter just said "Oh I wish to join you, Your Majesty, but I have to stay here to help Gwendal with all the paperwork that will stack up while you are away"

After dinner Yuuri and Wolfram readied the stuff that they'll bring to Caloria and the stuff that they would be using during the boat ride.

Knock knock

Yuuri opened the door and quickly let Conrad enter who greeted him with a warn smile

"Are you and Wolfram getting ready for tomorrow, Your Majesty?" asked Conrad

"It's Yuuri not Your Majesty" said Yuuri "And yeah, we're getting ready for tomorrow"

After a lengthy conversation with Conrad about what they would be doing the following day, Yuuri and Wolfram slept peacefully…

End of chapter 1

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