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"Hm? Where's Yuuri? It's already really late." Akiko glanced down at the watch on her wrist. She continued searching for him. Until her gaze rested on the right guy. "YUURI!" She walked toward him. "What took you so long?"

Yuuri blinked, "I'm sorry. We had to fix up the classroom for the festival." He smiled at her. She smiled back, saying, "It's okay. I didn't wait that long. So, who are you taking to the festival?" The image of Wolfram popped up in Yuuri's mind. He shook his head. "I already promised a friend that I'd go with him."

"Him?" Akiko repeated. "Do you mean…Ken Murata?" Yuuri shook his head. She frowned a little then said, "So, who?"

"Wolfram von Bielefeld"

Akiko lowered her head. "Yuuri, do you want to know why I asked to meet up with you?" Yuuri, again, shook his head. "Why?" he asked. "It's because," she started, "I really like you. I really enjoy spending time with you. And, I would really like to go to the festival with you. I'm sorry if I'm being too fast. I know you just broke up wh"I really like you. I really enjoy spending time with you. And, I would really like to go to the festival with you." She looked up to meet with his gaze. "I'm sorry if I'm being too fast. I know you just broke up with your fiancée but I really do want you to know that I like you."

Yuuri looked away. "I'm sorry, Akiko, but I won't ever lose my feelings for my fiancé. I'd do anything for him, anything to keep us together, even if I have to ruin his wedding. And, I'm taking him to the festival."

"HIM?" Akiko mused. "You mean…you're gay?" She blinked. A smirk darted across her face.

"Wha—what? N-n-no! I-I-I'm not gay!" Yuuri could hear her giggling now. "Could you please stop that?"

"So, I've been pursuing a gay teenager. How ironic, that's just what my horoscope said before I met you." She hugged Yuuri. "It was nice meeting you, Mr. Gay man! But next time, do state your sexuality." She turned around and waved her hand. Then, she started walking away.

"Hey wait, I said I'm not gay." Yuuri followed her.

"What you just said, how you stuttered, they're all signs of denial." Akiko shrugged. "The more you deny, the more you'll hurt him." She smiled at him. "Don't worry, I'll root for you. Good luck!" Tears rolled down her cheeks as she walked away.


"A-chan~" Miko hugged the young girl in front of her. Ashaira hugged back. "Is everything alright with your grandmother?" Ashaira nodded. "Yes, she's been recovering."

"Ashaira? You're late!" Yuuri exclaimed. "Late?" Wolfram mused.

"I'm so sorry! I got really busy. And, I had to find a way back here. Everything I own other than clothes…got confiscated. Even private jet plane usage. Father got mad and said that I should try to be more down-to-earth. I'm sorry. So, have you chosen?" She stepped inside, removing her shoes before fully entering.

Yuuri nodded. "Yeah, I have."

Ashaira sat down comfortably on the couch. "So, who?"


"So, Alice, who is this lover of yours?" Celi smiled as she spoke. "I mean, from what family does he come from?"

"His name is also Yuri just like His Majesty. He said that his father's name nor his mother's name is important. Even though he was my boyfriend, he didn't want to tell me anything about his family. Not even his family name. So, I call him 'Yuri of Big Cimaron' to compensate for his missing family name."

"That will be a little difficult. Do you have any other information you can give?"

"Well, he said he was from Caloria. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He is about 5 feet 10 inches tall. And, he's a little bit tanned."

Celi nodded. "I'll have some of the soldiers search for him~"

"Thank you very much, Lady Celi." Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Celi had the search for the man called Yuri started. She would get reports and pictures of men who fit the description. But each and everytime, it was not the correct guy.


Yuuri looked at the direction Wolfram was in. "Oh, I see!" Ashaira said in a sing-song tone. "I guess her wish has been granted. That's good to hear. This will be the last time you'll both see me."

Yuuri tilted his head. "Why?"

"Well, you see, I'm most definitely not from here. To you, I'd be an alien." She closed her eyes. "To this world, I'm just a wish your daughter made."

"Our daughter?"

Ashaira nodded. "Why do you think I can appear and disappear easily? It's part of the contract I have with my boss. I can go anywhere I have to, just to grant someone's wish. But it's not always me. Those mirror things as well. Wolfram," Wolfram turned to look at her. He was previously staring at the floor. "Do you remember when I first got to Blood Pledge Castle?" he nodded, "Don't you ever think it's odd that of all places, why would I land there. And how I told you I was going to earth, and not Shin Makoku. Don't you find it odd that if I knew I was in earth, I would at least not say something like 'you know, in earth' so seriously. Regardless if I knew or not, earth magic would never let me go to somewhere I don't know."

"I still don't get it." Yuuri butted in.

"Oh, and also, isn't it odd that I know both of you? Even though you're from two very far places. Shin Makoku is not on Earth, so it's a little to odd that of all the people, it had to be two engaged boys who just recently broke their engagement." Ashaira looked at the ceiling. "Greta loves you two very much. She made a wish when you two were already apart. She wished it be fixed if possible." She looked back at the two. "Why do you think I 'suddenly' returned? In fact, that was the first time you saw me. I constructed a past with us. I'm sorry for tinkering with your memories. But that's basically the only real thing I can do. You see, I was an experiment created by my grandfather." She furrowed her eyebrows, "and since that is not part of the story, I will stop talking."

Yuuri and Wolfram blinked. "What story?" they asked in chorus, then looked at each other, and said again in chorus, "What are you talking about?"

Ashaira smiled. "I'm breaking the fourth wall."

Wolfram studied her, confused. "What?"

Ashaira shook her head. "Nothing~"

Yuuri leaned and whispered to Wolfram, "I think she's crazy." Wolfram nodded. Both boys noticed something flying towards them. It was a baseball. Both boys heard, "It's not nice to whisper in front of someone!" before the ball hit Yuuri's stomach.


"I have to leave now. Goodbye! Oh, and just so you know, just so the both of you know, everyone else will forget about me. Because I don't really exist here, I don't think anyone except those I really interacted with should remember me." Ashaira smiled and winked. "Go on, Yuuri, tell him already…I mean ask him already." With all those said, she went out of the door.

"Ask who what?" Wolfram turned to face Yuuri.

"Wolfram, do you want to go to the school festival with me?" A quick image of Ashaira beating him up and saying, 'that's not what I meant!' played in his head.

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