TITLE: "Very Good" (1/1)
AUTHOR: Marie-Claude Danis
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SITE: http://fangy.net/mc.html
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SPOILERS: "Once More, With Feeling" & promo for "Tabula Rasa"
PAIRING: Spike/Buffy
SUMMARY: A little ficlet based on the first two pictures here: http://fangy.net/tabularasa.gif (from the Tabula Rasa promo)
NOTE: I'm salivating. That's not weird, is it?

* * *

Well. This is just... very, very good.

So I'm at the Bronze, right? Last time I was here I was demon-ed into doing some pansy little choreography along with the damn Scoobies, and I high-tailed it out of there the second free will kicked back in. Not my scene, you see. But tonight, things are back to normal. The place is packed with bright living bodies once again, the loud music making the walls shake and conversation impossible. It would hurt my ears usually, but tonight I'm able to tune it out completely. It just feels like a thick shield of white noise around us as I press the Slayer up against a column and kiss her senseless while her sneaky little hands are holding on to every possible surface of me. Making out like goddamn high school kids, barely coming up for air.

Christ, this is good.

Yeah, fighting gives me a rush. Prowling, pouncing, kicking, punching, sparring, hurting a little - makes me dizzy with glee. And shagging... well I don't have to spread THAT gospel. Everybody agrees on sex. Fucking is basically the be-all and end-all of everything. You know it's true.

But this - this is the best.

Heavy, wordless, clingy, loud making out, mouths and tongues meeting moistly, incessantly, right there in the privacy of our little wide-open corner of public property, tucked intimately between curious onlookers and mildly interested passersby. Lazy too, in its rhythm, the intensity stretched out over countless moments, not going anywhere. Just... kissing. Grasping, gasping. Moaning and moving, just so, so it's easier to keep going. Just two bodies moving together, shook by the occasional childish chuckle, laced with just enough lust to make it slightly inappropriate.

I forget what else we came here for. Funny, innit?