Note: This is a rewrite of Fenton to Phantom: Not Just a Date

Fenton to Phantom: The Beginning

Sam tapped her foot impatiently against the stone footpath beneath her and checked her watch once again, to find that only a minute had passed since the last time she'd glanced at it. "Come on, Danny," Sam complained as she shifted her weight onto her left foot. "Stop mucking around and catch the ghost."
"Yeah, don't forget, Lancer's forcing us to do that project on American history." Tucker reminded Danny with a roll of his eyes.
Danny glanced back at his friends, irritated that they couldn't just keep quiet and let him do his 'thing'. Sure, he could've been quicker about it, but it was best to take your time when capturing a ghost, especially if it was one by the name of Klemper. What's worse was if it behaved like Klemper, attaching itself to your leg and pleading for you to accept their offer of friendship. One wrong move would bring out the wrath of this "vicious" snow ghost.
He reached behind his back once Klemper had loosened his grip and felt his hand hit something solid. He wrapped his fingers around the cylinder shaped object and pulled it out, knocking the cap off as he did so. He ignored the fact that he probably looked stupid, pointing a thermos at a terrible ghost that was clutching his leg, he muttered triumphantly, "Bye, bye!"
Klemper let out a moan and muttered something about revenge – as he always did – when he was sucked into the cramped up Fenton Thermos, but Danny ignored it as he replaced the cap. He glanced towards his two impatient friends – Tucker and Sam – before drifting to the ground and closing his eyes. He thought of his transformation into a human and squeezed his hands. His body was encircled by a pool of light, which covered himself and changed him into a regular boy with ink black hair and icy blue eyes.
For Danny was a half-human, half-ghost hybrid.
"Oh, come on, let's go." Sam huffed as she turned from Danny and Tucker, staring into the distance. "Rain's going to be here soon. I'm not getting wet."
Danny shrugged his shoulders at Tucker and jogged slightly to make up for the distance between the three of them. He could see his odd-looking house in the distance, not even a five minute walk, let alone run. If Sam was in such a hurry, so be it. He would race them both to his house, though that didn't necessarily mean he'd win.
"I'll beat both of you to my house." Danny told them confidently before increasing his speed.
Before long, he heard the crashing of Sam's heavy boots catching up to him and Tucker's uneven footsteps as he lagged behind. Danny grinned as Sam overtook him, knowing that that'd be the result. "Come on, Tucker, its Friday!" Danny called back to his friend as he crashed through the front door of his home, into Fenton Works.

"Dinner's ready!"

Danny glanced at Tucker, whose stomach rumbled in reply. Then Danny glanced at Sam, who seemed to be dreading going down to dinner and watching two teenage boys slurping up meat juice. She rolled her eyes and raised herself from the chair that she was sitting in.
"Quite frankly, I'd rather be doing a project on American History than sitting with you two pigs at a dinner table." Sam muttered, a shiver running down her spine.
"Say, I've forgotten… what's for dinner again?" Tucker asked absently, sniffing the air with his nose. "Smells like…"
"Meatloaf." Danny replied as soon as Tucker exited the room. He turned to Sam with a wink. "With no meat in it."
This was the reason that Tucker had to call his mother and go home. He mentioned to Danny that his stomach had felt like it was about to explode, which only happened when he ate the dreaded food – vegetables. This was kind of unusual, considering that the meatloaf was made entirely of meat… or so Tucker thought.
"So, I guess it's just you and me, huh Sam." Danny muttered conversationally as they watched Tucker being hauled away by his concerned mother.
"Actually, no. My mother called while Tucker was on the phone to his parents. She told me that she wants me home straight away. Sorry, Danny." Sam informed him.
And that's when they left him.