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The Beginning


Danny, Jazz, Maddie and Jack were all sitting in their lounge room back at Fenton Works. They had all been examined in turn by on-the-scene doctors but none had been confined to a hospital. They had inspected the marks on Jazz's neck and had suggested that she have an x-ray done just in case something was damaged, but she decided that it could wait. For the time being, they had given her cream to rub on the wounds each night.

Danny occupied the arm chair while Maddie and Jack had the sofa. Jazz was sitting cross-legged on the floor hugging her bear, Bearbert Einstein, to her chest as though she were still a small child. Danny didn't tease her for it – if he had a bear to cuddle close to he would probably be doing the exact same thing that she was doing. Today had been an emotionally and physically exhausting day.

"Danny, I'm so sorry," Maddie apologised, tears filling her eyes. Her lower lip quivered as Jack put his arm supportively around his wife. "It was an awful thing… oh god, I can't believe… I'm so sorry, Danny."

"It's okay," Danny smiled weakly. He had to be strong for all of them. He couldn't reveal the fact that he had been lost without his parents love. He couldn't tell them that her words had wounded him for life. And most of all, he couldn't tell them that he hadn't wanted to go on – he had contemplated killing himself. He had stopped himself from doing that one selfish thing – committing suicide.

"I don't know how I could ever make it up to you," Maddie babbled in a high-pitched voice.

"It's fine," Danny assured them. "I'm serious. You made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes at some time – and if you didn't, then who would Jazz and I learn from?"

Maddie laughed shakily as she realised that her child was trying to comfort her. "Oh, Danny, you don't know how proud I am of you."

Danny looked down at his lap bashfully.

"We all are," Jazz whispered.

Danny hadn't seen Sam since he had delivered her to the ambulance workers. He hadn't returned to school for the rest of the week – the school was notified of the reason for his absence – and hadn't spoken to any of his friends. He had needed a bit of time to relax, and to be by himself. He had to sort through all of his unfinished business. He hadn't even hunted a ghost. His parents had taken care of them for him.

But now it was once again a Monday and he had decided that it was time to make an appearance at school. He had heard from his parents that none of his friends had shown up at school last week, either. But he had messaged Kelly as soon as he woke up on Monday morning to see if she was going. She had answered with a yes. The fact that he would see Kelly made him all the more eager to return to his normal life. Well, semi-normal life.

Tucker wouldn't be returning to school yet – he was stuck in the hospital for a little bit longer. He couldn't move his left arm because Palindrome had severed one of his tendons with her teeth. He had lost a fair bit of blood and was still being examined for infection or other problems. He was due to be released at the end of the week, if not earlier.

Danny wasn't sure what had happened to Valerie – she hadn't talked to any of them as she left the battle scene. Danny knew that she had been the one to save Sam from the ghost he had sucked into his Fenton Thermos and he owed her a debt. She had had a choice – to run or to save Sam. She had been brave and courageous and she had saved Sam. Danny was forever grateful.

It was his hope that Sam would also be at school that day, but he couldn't be certain. He had tried to call her a few times but her mother wouldn't let him speak to her. She was the sort of paranoid mother that would have had Sam confined to her bedroom for the entire time that she'd been home. But it was better than having a frivolous mother who didn't care for her child's welfare.

Danny left for school.


He smiled as he turned around and spied Kelly running towards him. Her face was lit up by a grin and wasn't smeared with blood – unlike that terrible day she had stood up against Vlad for the first time. She was carrying a small exercise book in her right hand but as she neared Danny she dropped this upon the grass. Danny opened his arms wide and she flung herself at him.

"Danny," she whispered as he placed his arms around her body in an embrace.

"I love you," he whispered against her hair, inhaling the apple scent of her shampoo. His stomach fluttered as these words left his mouth – for he knew that it was the truth. Despite the fact that he'd only known Kelly for a maximum of two weeks, it seemed like they had spent their life together. They had been through so much since she had come to live in Amity Park. His feelings had developed quickly and intensely.

"Oh, Danny, I love you too," she confessed as she pulled back to look into his delightfully baby blue eyes.

Danny smiled and leant forward, his eyes focused on her soft pink lips. She met him halfway in a kiss – the first contact they'd had in almost a week. Danny felt himself melting against his girlfriend. His girlfriend. He still couldn't quite believe that it was true. Kelly… She had brought so much to the town, much more than she had expected. She was not only another hero for the town of Amity Park to gossip about, but she had filled the void in Danny's heart.

Sam and Valerie met them at Danny's locker. It seemed that the two girls had been there for quite a while, waiting for the two lovebirds to make an appearance. The people in the hallway gave the four some space – they had all heard a version of what had occurred in the abandoned hotel. Danny's parents had thought up the story to explain everything.

"Sam!" Danny grinned as his best friend wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tightly.

She wasn't as skinny and haunted-looking as she had been when she was unconscious, and she seemed to be in a good mood. She was almost completely recovered – it would take a while for her to return to her usual self. But for the moment, she was as close as she got to the old Sam. Danny pulled back from the hug and smiled happily at Sam.

"I'm so glad that you're okay, Sam." Danny whispered.

Sam just nodded. "We should ditch first period. We need to talk."

Valerie had come with them because she had decided that she wanted to talk to them about everything that had occurred since Kelly Stager had moved to town. Although Sam had been in Dreamscapes clutches before Kelly had arrived, it wasn't until that time that things began to get more serious. They still didn't know what exactly had happened to Sam.

So they had gone to a spot in the park – not Danny and Kelly's special spot but one similar – where they would be undisturbed so that they could discuss this. They all promised to make sure that they were back in time for second period – they had already missed too much school as it was.

"So…" Danny began, his arm firmly around Kelly.

"I'll tell you what happened to me," Sam volunteered. There was a silence so she decided to dive into her story. "It's only short, though. Basically, I felt a bit strange. I felt as if someone was playing with my emotions. I would get upset for no reason at all. Sure, that's normal for a teenage girl, but this was a bit eccentric. I couldn't remember any of my dreams and I'd black out for short periods of time. It was really beginning to freak me out. I had no control of myself. It then got to the stage where I was only awake for about ten minutes of the day at the most. I do remember the five minutes after I had set the school on fire – I was scared and I ran. But then I blacked out once more. I can't remember much else until I woke up at the hospital."

Valerie cleared her voice, seeking permission to speak. "Dreamscape was a ghost that played with people's dreams and their emotions. One of the most powerful ghosts there ever was. His powers were bound many years ago, according to Vlad. Vlad used Dreamscape to invade your dreams and manipulate you into doing the things you did. Once Dreamscape had a better control of you, he began to toy with your emotions. And then he put you into an endless nightmare. According to Vlad, that is." She informed them reluctantly.

"According to Vlad?" Danny was slightly suspicious. Why would Vlad have told Valerie his plans?

Valerie hesitated before replying. "I pretended to want to join Vlad. I got all of his information out of him and then went straight to free Sam from Dreamscape. I needed to do something – I just couldn't sit by idly as Sam was killed. And this was the best idea. I wasn't actually going to betray you."

"We believe you," Kelly assured Valerie kindly. "I would have taken the opportunity had I been you."

Sam was still a little bit confused, though. "So… Kelly's half ghost?"

Valerie put the flowers beside Tucker's hospital bed. She hadn't felt up to visiting him at an earlier time but now she felt guilty because of her selfishness. He was stuck in a white bed, bored out of his wits while she moved around freely. She should've come to see him. But there was nothing she could do to change anything.

"Hey," Valerie grinned at Tucker as she took a seat beside his bed.

"Hi, Val." Tucker was pleased to see her. He wasn't his usual joker self – instead he seemed slightly worn out. He had almost been eaten alive by a hungry ghost.

Valerie wasn't sure what to say to him so she just looked around at the get-well cards that he had acquired. There was another bunch of flowers with a large card on it signed by Fiona. On the bottom it read, thanks for saving me! Valerie felt warm inside as she considered how brave Tucker, an average human boy, had been. She had sure discovered a lot about him in the past two weeks. She had once loathed him. Now she was beginning to like him.

"How's everyone?" Tucker asked as he tapped his fingers nervously against the side of his bed.

Valerie slid her hand hesitantly into his and blushed. She smiled shyly at him as she remembered that he'd asked her a question. "They're all getting better and everything. Danny's back to normal and so is Kelly. Sam's really close to being her old self. She wasn't hurt all that much."

"Did she really set the school on fire?" Tucker wondered as he stared at his and Valerie's interlocked hands.

"Yeah. But we blamed that on the ghost, so no one is suspicious anymore."

"Thanks, Val." Tucker whispered, his eyelids shutting.

Valerie looked at his sleeping figure in adoration. She removed her hand from his, placed a kiss upon his cheek and left his hospital room, her outer appearance conveying none of the outrageous emotions inside her body.

Danny sat with Kelly on his lap at the top of a hotel, this one not abandoned. He looked towards the beautiful sunset, his arms around Kelly's stomach. She leaned back into him comfortably with a satisfied sigh. Danny felt a shiver going down his spine – it wasn't a ghost, but his body's reaction to Kelly.

"I love you," he whispered once again, wanting to express his feelings as much as possible while he still could. One day he could be gone, and he wanted her to know exactly how he felt. But words couldn't possibly convey his feelings to her.

Kelly turned around to look at him. "I'll always love you, my beautiful Phantom," she whispered into his ear.

He caressed a cheek before their lips met in a kiss. It was a promise – a promise of everlasting love.

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