Lord of shadows.


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Summary: Harry and Lucy are the twins who lived. They are also a weird hybrid, powerful and slightly insane. Watch them as they grow up, as they fool and enrage Snape, Dumbledore, Voldemort and the DE... and Fudge and the ministry too.

There will be a few pranks (The legend of the queen, the prince, the princess and the nundu - fourth year), but not too many. There will be dark humor.

This fic is rather Dark. Harry and Lucy escape from their relatives at the tender age of 8. They will meet a 14 years old natural vampire Alicia...

AU, Independent, Gray, Slytherin, Harry. Harry/many. Yuri (girl love).

Harry/Alicia/Lucy/Ginny/Daphne/and a few more girls.

Harry is not exactly human. As such he does not have human morality. The girls are not only a harem... they are more of a trusted inner circle. Those who hate a whipped Harry...fear not. Harry's only equal is Lucy.





Before school.

Death and Rebirth.



Harry Potter, an eight years old green-eyed boy, was walking down the street with a pensive look on his face. His wale of a cousin Dudley and his moronic sidekicks, tried once again to beat the crap out of him.

I wonder if two hours are enough for uncle Vernon to calm down. That pig Dudley got what he was looking for. It's about time for that crazy dog to bite someone other than me and Lucy. I'm a little worried that uncle Vernon is going to punish me for hurting his precious son, though. Well, at least this time, I really got that bastard and not my so called "freakiness".

The boy looked at the door, steeled himself and entered the house. "I'm home!" Harry entered the kitchen and froze on the spot.

Dudley was sitting on a chair, smirking at him, with his horse-faced mother Petunia fawning all over him. But that wasn't what made the boy worry. It was the purple face of his uncle and the absence of his twin. Usually she was present for his "punishments". The only time she wasn't, was when she was beaten as well. It hadn't happen since they were seven, though.

They tried to run away after a brutal beating. After a few days however, they were caught and returned home. They still wondered how they were found out. But, more weird was that their relatives appeared to be surprised that they returned. They seamed to not have informed the police that they ran away. He still wondered why and how they were captured.

After that day they never hit Lucy. Of course the other forms of abuse were still practiced, but fortunately beatings were not among them. Harry of course was not excused from them.

Harry hoped that his voice wasn't trembling. "Where's Lucy?" He could not help himself from flinching, when Vernon gave him an ugly smile. "Is she okay?" Harry started towards the cupboard under the stairs. Before he made two steps he felt his arms caught in a vice.

"You'll see her soon enough, freak," sneered Vernon. "I hoped that I beat the freakiness out of her, but it seams that you are both freaks." He started squeezing the hand harder. "I'll beat the freakiness out of you, so help me God!"

Harry hoped that his uncle didn't hurt Lucy as hard as him.

Ten minutes later Vernon dragged the badly abused child after him. He opened the cupboard and threw him inside, locking the door. "Lucy!" Harry managed to moan before he fell unconscious.

Harry woke up disoriented. His head was on Lucy's lap. "How long was I unconscious?" he felt that it was already night. "Hey sis, are you ok? I was so worried when..." Harry lifted his right hand to his face and sniffed. "Blood!" He was in a pool of blood. His sisters blood. Harry crawled to his sister's head. "Lucy," he shook her, "Lucy, wake up!" He touched her face. Her skin was clammy. "Don't be dead. Please don't die." He touched her neck. She had a pulse, a faint one, and she was breathing, barely. "You're alive, you're okay, will be. Lucy!" he shook her again.

"Those bastards. I'll kill them. They'll never hurt you again!" Rage and madness shone from sickly green eyes, illuminating the small dark cell. "Sis, wake up, please wake up!"

"Harry?" she coughed, blood trickling from her lips. "I'm sorry, he was saying... about you...and I got mad... I hit him with a plate... the room shook...strange... and he hit me."

"It's ok, you're going to be ok, just rest." Tears were falling down his face.

"No, I won't... sorry Harry... run away after I'm gone."

"No! you...", he froze as he felt her hand touch his face.

"I love you..." and her hand fell with a thump.

Harry felt her dieing, felt her leaving him. Alone. "No!!" he screamed. "You can't go. You can't leave me alone. You're supposed to live!" Harry cried.

Harry took her in his arms. He didn't even feel the pain of his broken left hand. "Don't die!"

"Don't die!" he kept repeating over and over.

Suddenly the door was flung open. His uncle Vernon was in the doorway. He felt Dudley's eager smirk and aunt Petunia's satisfaction - that he would be beaten again.

Vernon didn't seem to think anything was wrong. "Freak! Shut the hell up! We can't sleep because of your screaming."

Harry froze like a broken record, slowly turning his face towards his uncle. "It's your fault, you should all die. Not her, but you!"

Vernon entered the cupboard and raised his foot to kick the child. "Shut the hell up, you freak!"

Harry looked at Vernon and felt the hate of 8 years of life bubbling inside. "You should die, she should live."

Harry felt something snap, felt power, so much power, power to kill them, power to save her. He let go to his control. He felt Vernon, Petunia and Dudley die in an explosion of blood and gore. He felt the power their deaths gave; felt the circle around the house containing the power, felt his sister as life was leaving her. He took the power and pushed it inside Lucy. He felt her bones mending, her flesh knitting. She was alive, safe. But there was still too much power. He pushed it into himself and felt his body mending, He felt the years of abuse disappear.

But again, there was still too much power, power and blood. "We will be strong, fast, and powerful, no one will hurt us again." Harry shoved the power into himself and his sister, felt her change, felt himself change. The power was gone now.

Both felt sleep overtake them.


Harry woke up with light in his eyes and in Lucy's arms. This was the first time he remembered waking in light. It was nice.

Green-eyes opened and looked into green-eyes.

Harry hugged Lucy. "You are alive!"

She smiled, "Yes," then frowned, "What happened to ... to them?"

She was such a sweet and kind girl. "They're dead, I killed them." He watched her closely and hoped she wouldn't react too badly.

"Good, they deserve it," she said smiling sadly.

Harry smiled, climbed to his feat and offered a hand to Lucy. They looked around. Everything looked normal, there were no bodies, no blood. It almost seamed as if nothing had happened, as if it was all a dream, but they knew it was real.

The children went into the kitchen. For the first time in their life they could eat as much as they could. They made breakfast in silence, in an odd synchrony.

After they finished eating, Lucy frowned and asked Harry. "When we were preparing the food, why did you give me the ingredients?"

"Didn't you ask me?" Harry replied, blinking in confusion.

"No, I didn't."

"Well, then we are telepaths," Harry said with a grin.

"Telepaths? Harry you are a genius!" she shouted.

"I was just joking, Lucy."

"Well, I'm not. Let's have a test," she said, almost bouncing in the chair with excitement.

"OK, just calm down."

Lucy dragged Harry to the couch; put him in a yoga position, holding each other hands.

"Now what?" Harry asked still confused and bemused.

"Now, we concentrate. Think of me and only of me," she said happily.

"If you say so."

For a long time they stood like a pair of gurus. As they were about to give up, they felt each other.

Lucy entered Harry's mind, then retreated. "Now it's your turn!"

"I don't know how, can you explain?" he asked hopefully.

"I can do better." She entered his mind and showed him.

"Wow!" Harry did as he was shown, immersing in her mind. "Beautiful!" For the first time he felt at peace. He retreated and hugged Lucy. "It's so cool".

Lucy concentrated and send him a mental ping.

"What is it?"

She smiled and told him silently. 'We can talk like this now, mind to mind. Isn't it cool?'

'Yeah, it is,' Harry replied in the same way.

"Harry, we should go, it isn't safe here. This isn't our house anymore."

Harry smiled bitterly. "It never was. But first we should clean the dishes; five people live here, so it would look suspicious if they found only two sets of dishes. And I think we should wait till nightfall."

"Yeah, we'll need money too," Lucy said.

"I know where." Harry returned with a lot of bills. "We don't need to worry about money for a while."

"Good, I think we should wait for the night before leaving. It's a weekend, so no one will disturb us." Lucy walked to a window and looked outside at the wards. "It's beautiful!"

Harry looked over her shoulders. "What? I don't see anything."

Lucy entered his mind and showed him how to see it.

"You are right, it's nice, but what is it?"

"I don't know," Lucy replied. "But I think it's dieing."

"Dieing? How do you know? It doesn't look like dieing to me. It looks like it is just pulsing."

Lucy looked thoughtful. "I don't know how, I just do. It feels like it will disappear in time."

Harry nodded. "No need to worry about it now. Let's rest for now; we'll have a hard night."


Harry shook Lucy from her sleep. "Lucy, it's night, time to go."

Hand in hand, they left the house and begun creeping in the night.

They heard a snarl, and from some bushes the crazy, old, cat woman stepped out.

With a confused look on her face she asked "Why aren't you in the house? You should be home!"

"We're on an errand from Uncle Vernon," replied Harry.

"But you should be in your home." The crazy woman was looking at something in her hand with a look of consternation.

"What do you mean?" Lucy asked, frowning at the old lady.

The old lady shook herself. "Just that it's late; you should go home, dears."

'She's telling lies, and she is worried about something. I think I can read her mind if I concentrate. What do you think?' Lucy asked mentally.

'Go for it, but I'll come with you.'

The children launched a mental attack and plunged in the woman's mind.

Nothing prepared them for what they found in the mind of the old lady: their parents-the Potters, muggles, the magical world, Voldemort, the war, that they were famous for killing the dark lord, the wards, Diagon Alley, Gringotts.

What infuriated them was Dumbledore, who knew they were abused, and kept it secret. He was the one who brought them back to the Dursleys when they ran away, and then apparently put a mental block to not run away again. He also kept the police and neighbors from getting involved. He made the social service people and the school teachers ignore them and think they were well treated. Dumbledore was paying the old bitch with Potter money to keep an eye on them and make sure no one found out they were abused. They were rich and were not supposed to live with their relatives.

Dumbledore also put a locating charm on them so he and the old woman would be able to keep track on them. However the charm was not working witch meant one of the three: the charm was gone, they were in the warded house, or they were dead.

'Dumbledore won't know about us until the ward is down,' Harry said silently. 'The old lady is supposed to contact him only when something goes wrong. I don't want him to know that we are gone.'

'So what do we do?' Lucy replied. 'Get rid of her?'

'Yes, she's an evil old bitch; they knew about the abuse, if Dumbledore is so powerful he could have made sure we were well treated. It would be easier to make sure we are happy, than to keep erasing the memory of those who learn about our abuse. This means he wants us to be abused. We suffered because of him. I'll kill them and won't feel any guilt over it. The question is how?'

Lucy frowned, and then smiled. 'I think I know how.' She concentrated on the old woman, then took Harry's hand and tugged away.

The old lady was standing with a blank expression on her face.

"What about her?" Harry asked.

Lucy smiled nastily. 'She'll get what she deserves. I told her to kill herself and to make sure her body isn't found.'

'And you think she'll do it just because you asked?' Harry inquired.

'No, not just because I asked, I used my power; she'll never say anything to anyone. Don't worry.'

Harry nodded and smiled. 'If you say so, then I believe you. Useful power you have.'

"So where should we go?" Lucy asked.

"London, we should visit that goblin bank. See if we can do anything about Dumbledore control of our lives and money. In any case we have weeks till he finds out that we are missing. In the meantime, we should find out more about our powers and magic." said Harry.

Lucy nodded, and then grinned. "Let's go to London!"


Chapter 1.

Before school.

Rescue and Belonging.


After three weeks of experimenting the two children learned more about their magic. Lucy found out that she is good at reading minds, learning any skills other people had in only a few minutes and teaching them to Harry. She also learned how to make people in single or in crowds not to notice them or to think that they were older. Harry, on the other hand found that he had the power to manipulate things with his mind and a high regenerative power. He was also much stronger and faster than Lucy, which was no small thing since Lucy was stronger than a bear and faster than a panther. Coupled with the martial arts and various stiles of fighting they learned after raiding the minds of a few dozens of people at a martial arts competition they went, they had no fears of a normal person.

This is why they got in the habit of taking long walks in the night. The kids got in a few scuffles, no one got hurt... on their side of course. As they approached the middle of the park they were exploring that night, a scream of fear and hate shook them from their complacent walk. In the distance, a hooded figure was bend over the figure of a girl. As they shouted and rushed to the scene, the figure rose to its feet in an odd, graceful way.

The figure looked at them for a second, and then waved its hand. "Leave!" it said with a deep voice that attracted and repulsed at the same time.

Harry could not help himself. He copied the exact hand movement of the dark figure and replied in the exact tone of voice. "We are not the droids you are looking for!" he quipped grinning like a maniac.

The pale-skinned figure seamed surprised. 'The children are still there grinning madly. And they are certainly not the droids I'm looking for.' The surprisingly young looking man stopped his next aberrant thought. He took a few steps towards the children and gave a small dignified sniff. "I smell human, no... wizard, and vampire, and veela? And something else. You both smell the same. But how can a male smell like a veela?" The man gave a small shrug. "Were I a few centuries younger I would take you as my pets. Especially you, little girl, you would have grown into a beautiful woman. Alas, I am older and wiser now, and I know not to keep strange and dangerous creatures. You should not have interrupted my kill." The man walked to Harry. "Now be kind and die."

Harry was scared, for his life and Lucy's. This guy was dangerous. When the figure approached striking distance, he launched himself at the bigger man. Moving faster than he ever managed, Harry drove his fist in the figure's gut, his foot into his knee while bringing his other hand in an uppercut to his falling head.

The figure fell backwards a few steps, and then righted himself. He snapped his knee back into position, then tested it. "There! All better now," he told the surprised boy.

"You heal fast," Harry replied.

The man did nothing for a few seconds, and then launched himself at Harry faster than anything the two children ever saw.

Harry felt his head bend to the side, and then fangs pierced his neck.

Lucy did not know what to do. If the man, the vampire could beat Harry like this, then I won't be able to do anything, physically. She smiled grimly and looked at the creatures head. The vampire opened his eyes and looked at Lucy and in the moment their eyes connected, she struck with her mind. She hurried to the region of the mind that held memories, skills, and knowledge of the way to fight as a vampire. She then began integrating them into her own mind and in the mind of her twin as well.

The surprised vampire felt the other mind rummage through his own. He stopped feeding and concentrated on stopping the mental attack.

When Lucy felt she had enough, she closed the connection, and then let the vampire instincts rise to the surface of her mind. She felt her other half do the same.

Harry forced the dazed man to his knees and drove his fangs deep into his neck. He felt his other half, his mate, sinking her own fangs on the other side of the vampire's neck. They left the empty husk of the ancient master vampire that was one of the most feared assassins of Europe, and glided towards the girl whose scream started all of this.

She was kneeling and supporting herself with her back on a tree, with a hand touching the ground and the other on the neck clutching the bite mark that the assassin gave her. She watched as the two child-master vampires glided towards her. She could not help herself but tremble in fear. Here there were two untrained kids that snuffed the life of one whose name sent shivers of terror amongst the vampire clans. And they did it the way two dragons feed of an elephant. Alicia wondered what would happen to her, what will they do to her? She did not fool herself with false hope even if they helped her. Because master vampires used labels for anyone: my master, my servant, my slave, my pet, my mate, enemy, allied (for a short while - as short as possible), food, dangerous food, dead. As she felt the girl gently move the hand that she had pressed on the bite mark and then slowly lick the blood and the puncture bite, she knew what she was: food. But as soon as she begun to wonder if she was lucky or unlucky to be food, the girl-child gave a final lick and retreated. She could not help but moan in disappointment as the pleasant feeling left her. Alicia stopped gazing at the girl's blood-red lips when she felt the other master vampire move.

Harry offered his left arm to the vampire.

Alicia was frozen in surprise. Was he offering...?

"Drink!" ordered Harry.

"Yes master!" Alicia managed to say before she sank her fangs in the offered arm.

Harry was continuing the integration of the new information with Lucy, while petting Alicia's hair. It would take a few days, at least until the completion of the integration. They felt the vampire instincts taking precedence over all things as they buried deeply into their psyche.

As soon as Alicia felt that she drunk enough, she retreated with a final lick and relaxed in the healing power of the powerful blood she received. After a few minutes of healing she opened her eyes and gazed in the emerald orbs of her two rescuers. Then, her gaze slid on their forehead and she gasped. "You're the twins-who-lived!" From the look on their faces, they did not know that whatever glamour they had, disappeared in the fight, nor did they seem to like that she knew who they are.

Lucy looked at the kneeling face of the girl they saved. "I'm sorry. I promise that it won't hurt at all."

Alicia felt her heart froze in fear. I am so stupid. Why didn't I keep my mouth shut? "Please, you don't have to kill me. I won't tell anyone."

Lucy blinked in surprise. "I wasn't going to kill you. I was going to erase us from your memory."

"Ah! I'm sorry. But ... but why?"

Harry looked at the girl in front of him. She looked so lost. He couldn't help himself but feel older than her, as if she was a frightened 8 years old child. Harry smiled gently and shook his head. "I'm sorry. We can't afford an unknown stranger to know about us."

They would leave her alone, and would even take back the memories of her saviors. She would be alone again. Alicia blinked back blood-red tears. What could she do? Alicia smiled, rose to her feat, and gave them a curtsy. "Hello. I am Alicia, 14 years old. I am the daughter of Michael, who was the leader of the Moon Shadow coven. I wish to join your coven." She then kneeled and bowed her head.

The twins looked shocked by the strange request or plea. After they rummaged in their minds, they found out what to do, if they were inclined to accept the strange request.

"What about your coven?"

Alicia shook her head sadly. "My father's second betrayed him. I was cast out and hunted down for weeks. The man you killed was the assassin sent for me. He was an ancient master vampire, one of the most feared vampires alive. I have no other place to go."

"So if we accept you in ... our coven, we will risk other assassins?"

Alicia felt despair, but answered truthfully. "Yes, there is that risk, but they will be much weaker then this one."

The twins glanced at each other then answered in unison. "We accept."


As answer, the twins begun chanting in a strange harsh language, then cut their palm with an elongated claw and offered the blood to the still surprised vampire.

Harry looked from the purring vampire to Lucy. "You have any idea, what we just chanted?"

Lucy shook her head in a negative. "No. But must have been something like: "Will you join my coven?""

Harry grinned. "Yeah or something like, "Lick my blood!""

They collected the still smiling vampire, restored their glamour and started walking towards their hotel.


One of the hotel employees looked at the strange black clad trio and shook his head at his co-worker. "Teenagers these days! When I was younger one girl was enough."

The other grinned and shook his head in obvious admiration. "Lucky bloke: rich, has a hot girlfriend who isn't jealous on the second hot girl, and if I don't read too much in the way they are all sticking together, the bloke isn't the only one who'll get something from the Goth-girl.

The threesome entered the lift. Harry asked the girls. "Did you hear that?"

They both nodded and Alicia explained. "Vampire senses."

Harry nodded. "So what did that guy mean?"

Lucy just smiled a secret smile and Alicia giggled, blushed, then looked away, then muttered. "I'll tell you in about four years, maybe three if you are lucky."

After they all cleaned themselves Lucy and Harry climbed into bed. Alicia frowned a bit, and then she laid down beside the bed.

Harry watched her strange behavior. "What are you doing Alicia?"

"Um? ... Sleeping master?"

"Yes I know that. But, why there and not in bed? Do you dislike beds?"

The flustered girl froze. "I don't dislike beds, but that is your bed, I couldn't..."

"Alicia! Come here." Harry moved a little and Alicia crawled between the two.

"Good night, Lucy," murmured Harry.

"Good night, Harry," responded Lucy.

"Good night, Alicia," they said together.

"Good night, master, mistress," the tired vampire managed to say, then promptly fell asleep.


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