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Summary: Shego learned something after kidnapping the Tweebs. Will Shego use the knowledge for her own advantage? (KIGO syempre!)

Rating: M (For safety purposes)

A/N: I can't think straight so instead of updating any of my stories, I decided to write this two shot fiction wherein the plot was plaguing my head for days now (Oh and expect a very long two shots). This won't reach my beta so expect a tremendous grammatical error and incongruence (Hyper!). If anyone knew about "Diary" by Neil Sedaka, not the one by bread (I found her diary underneath a tree…started reading about me…, no not that one.) then that song inspired this story.

Early note: I won't be telling if a part is written in POV or not, I'm sure you'll get it.

Read and Learn

Today is supposed to be my vacation. I told my employer that I am taking this whole week as a vacation, but no…my damn employer had to call me in the middle of my spa day because he suddenly had a bright idea on how to take over the world and finally be rid of my archenemy…

Well…Kim Possible was my archenemy

Isuntil two alien invaders decided that Earth was the best planet to have…no, I think it was that woman Warmonga's idea because she wanted revenge against me…and pumpkin of course, so she decided to come here and brought with her Warhok…eww, I've never seen two very ugly species in my life…ever

So to continue with my rant, after that incident and with the following recognition of me and my employer, Kim Possible is my archenemy no more. We decided to give evil a rest and my employer even tried doing something good, but I guess him being blue and being a jerk will always keep him from his intended success just like before, when his circle of friends (and that includes pumpkin's father mind you!) laughed at him for inventing bebes so he can have a date! (He could have just dated Warmonga.) So the series of unfortunate events after our recognition brought my employer to turn back to evil once again…not that Drakken really was evil, he was just…stupid.

And after suggesting projects after projects which I always blow off in his face (because all those projects were stupid…how will transforming everyone into a blue skinned male be not stupid and how the hell will it take over the world?), he finally thought of something intelligible

He asked me to kidnap my archenemy's brothers

That wasn't too brilliant, but at least that's evil enough, and though I am not into kidnapping, he was able to persuade me because he promised me a one month, fully paid vacation if I'd be able to deliver the twins in his lair. Well, after bargaining for a month fully paid vacation plus 10 percent increase in my monthly salary, we made an agreement (exclude the 10 percent increase…) and that's why I am here inside his lair right now making sure that the twins cannot escape. (I knew about how tricky they are…from Kimmie's own lips duh!)

I am pacing in front of the twins as I waited for Dr. D; he wants me to look after the two as he doesn't trust his henchmen to look after them without unwanted incident. I stopped pacing and looked at the twins who were now wearing pleading eyes, "Why the hell do you two look like that?" I asked irritated

"Mmmfff hrrrmmph!" One of them said

I scrunched my forehead, stepped closer and removed the plaster in their mouth, "Now, talk clearly!" I screamed. I was hoping that the twins will be scared from my tone of voice, but instead, the two started grinning at me and it made me more irritated, "The hell…"

"We know that you…" Jim said

"…have special feelings for our sister!" Tim added

My eyes widened how the hell did they know aboutI raised one arm and ignited my plasma before I stepped closer to the twins, "One of you will tell me how did you know about that or I swear, when pumpkin rescues you from me, she will have a hard time telling where your eyes, nose and lips were on your face!" I screamed damn! No oneas in no one has crossed me yet! And no one as in no one has read through my private diary!

Read my diarybut my diary is locked and needed password to open it

One of them grinned, "1908050715!" he screamed and then looked at his twin brother beside him

"Kimberly Anne Possible Go…hey Tim does that name rings a bell to you?" he asked looking at his twin brother

"Oh yeah," Tim I assume as that's what this Jim called him replied grinning

"You…" I growled and my plasma intensified, "I don't care if princess kills me or if Dr. D won't pay me but I am going to kill you two!!" I screamed and my eyes narrowed at the two young Possibles before I walked slowly towards them

"NOO!" Jim screamed

"We already gave you Kim's password to her diary! Don't kill us and let us go! We'll even help you!!" Tim screamed the sentence

I stopped from advancing and put off my plasma as I look at the twins with curiosity, "What password are you talking about?" I asked

Tim sighed in relief, "Kim kept her diary in the internet too, just like you keeping your diary at the villain's intranet." He explained, "I gave you Kim's password before Jim announced yours."

I looked at Tim, "Write it!" I said

"But how can I write? My hands are tied, I'm no magician."

I kept my composure intact

"How about we make a deal?" the one named Jim said and I look at him, a bit interested let's see what you two can offer

"Okay…let me hear what you have, if I like it and if I like your price, then we can close the deal, but If I don't…"

"I'm sure you'll like what I have in mind." Jim said grinning

The other one, Tim was frowning at his brother and he said, "Why don't I know that plan of yours? That's unfair! You always knew about mine!" he whined

My eyes got bigger at them holy shit, these two reminds me of the Wegos minus the special powers I thought and shook my head in exasperation, "ALRIGHT!" I screamed, "Stop fighting you two and just tell me about your deal, or we can just all forget it because I am not going to let you two out of this lair with that secret of mine,

entiendes?" I said with finality

"Si señorita!" the twins replied simultaneously



"Okay…my offer is that we can help you bed Kim in one month." Jim said which caused my eyes to bulged out of my face

"BRAT!" I screamed

"What? We knew about your fantasies regarding Kim and we gave you the password to Kim's diary, you've got the edge!" Jim told me and made me think of it

"You're actually selling Kim! Jim! Are you out of your mind?" the one named Tim put some sense in Jim's brain and I admit, he made me smile inside aww…brother's concern for his sister

"I will be out of my mind if that Dr. Drakken comes back with that neural compliance chip and decided to use it on my head! If you want that then stay here, but I tell you, I'm out!" Jim explained well he also had a point, genius children, no wonder Kim labeled them as dangerous I thought

Kim in my bed in one month… I thought before looking at the two in front of me, "One week." I finally said faking apathy

The two frowned

"Two weeks, deal or no deal!" Tim replied

I looked at him, "I thought you're against this?" I asked

"But I don't want to have that compliance chip on my head, besides it'll be cool to have a sister-in-law with such power!" Tim said grinning

Sister…in…law…oh I think I love these kids, "DEAL!"

"Hick a peek a boo!"


So Dr. D came back without the twins and all his henchmen 'pasted' to his lair's wall…



"Mom!!" I ran down to our living room to look for my mother, and there she was on the living room couch watching an episode of Gray's Anatomy,

She looked at me and smiled before she patted the space beside her, "What is it sweetie?" my mom asked

"The tweebs aren't in their room yet, and it's already 6." I asked. So I'm concern, they're my brothers despite the fact that they are tweebs, still they're my tweebs.

I saw my mom's brow furrowed, "Can't you call your brothers by their names?"

I sighed in resignation. "Okay, Jim and Tim aren't in their room yet…"

"They called 30 minutes ago and told me that they were caught in practice and that they'll be heading to their friend's house to do some homework." My mom said happily, "Aren't they quite the responsible students now?"

Alright, something's brewing here. Jim and Tim students, check. Jim and Tim practicing for soccer, check again. Jim and Tim going to their friend's house to study…that's a big, big cross mark. The tweebs' motto: We are genius, we need not study anymore. So this smells so much like…

"Oh Kimmie, don't you worry yourself about them, they promised to be back at 8 and even asked me to leave them some of my brain loaf." My mom said pulling me out of trance

I looked at her and smiled before I nodded my head, but deep inside

There's really something bad going on, if not for them then it's for me


"Okay, how the hell did you two get princess' password?" I asked. I was seated at the chair in front of my computer and the twins were standing at my back, leaning forward to look into my computer's wide screen.

So no one knew about this house of mine. Not even my mother, or brothers or even Dr. D., I think I am really desperate to let these two come inside and even lead them to my computer room. Well my house wasn't that grand, but still this is my house, my safety net against the tumultuous world outside…well when I'm not the one causing the chaos of course

"Kim's password was really easy to hack, she has no originality." Tim replied. Good thing I was able to think of something so I can recognize one from the other

"Yeah, Tim is right, we had decoded her password 15 times, and this is the 16th." Jim added. So I did cut Jim's and Tim's hair at the back and put their initials there, but I also gave Jim's front hair some extra color and he liked it cool he said

"Okay…that was reasonable, how about my password?" I asked

The two looked at me as if I've grown another head,

"Duh? You've been like…" Jim said making a quote-unquote sign in the air, "…sexing Kim while fighting her, so it was a very easy guess." He finished

"It's like a give away already!" Tim added

I could feel my cheeks heat up from Jim's observation, so I was sexing Kim while we're fighting huh? I never really thought of it until tonight and to think it took two kids to make me realize that oh God, I am sexing Kim when we were fighting but how the hell did they get into the villains intranet? I was about to ask that when the page finally loaded, my eyes bugged out from the bulk of entries in Kimmie's electronic diary, "Finally!" I exclaimed exasperatedly and slumped my shoulders when I saw how long it will take me to sort out Kimmie's entry, "How the hell am I going through all of these?!" I asked no one in particular as I raised my hands to the ceiling as if I was asking God for mercy

"Falling in love is really hard to do." Tim said as he shook his head

"And falling in love makes one stupid." Jim added mirroring Tim's action

I saw them through the monitor's silhouette and turned my head to look at them, "You two are going to help me or you'll never get out of here alive."

"You know you can't threathen us with that." Jim said while Tim nodded his head in agreement

I smirked at them, knowing that I had an ace, "Okay, so I'll just spill all the goods to pumpkin, she may hate me but what's the difference? At least I won't be sharing the same roof with…" I haven't finished my sentence yet when the screen suddenly scrolled down to the page where I want it. I smiled evilly at Tim who has just removed his hand from the keyboard, he has his head turned on me and he was grinning like a kid asking for a candy, "Better…maybe I won't tell Kimmie anymore." I said before I returned my focus on the electronic diary

"Oh come on! We'll be helping you here! Can't we at least have your word that you're not going to spill anything to Kim?" Tim begged

"Yeah! We'll do everything! We'll spy for you! We'll even get her underwear samples for you!" Jim added

And Jim's offer made my eyes widened, and I began coughing, what the hell were these boys reading? I haven't even thought any of these if not for them! JeezMrs. Possible will have a lot in her hands when these two grow up! I told myself as I shook my head to eliminate my face with any trace of blush, "Okay! One more idea like that and I'll throw both of you to my wild cats!"

Tim and Jim snickered instead of being intimidated or be scared. I looked at the two and stood up to face them, "So what time did you tell your mother that you need to be home?" I asked

"8," Jim answered

"But we can be late if…" Tim was about to add something not good

"If I skin the both of you alive, so pack your things already and I'll drive you home." I told them before I walked passed the two, "And no one, I mean no one from you will lay a hand on my computer!" I added before I disappeared in front of them, "I can see you!" I screamed again and heard the twins laughed from a distance


I was a bit out of myself when I went to the university earlier this morning. Last night while waiting for my brother's to come, I saw them got off a black sports car. Not that I mind them being driven to our house, that was nice of their friend's parents to do that, but I knew about Jim and Tim's friends and none of them drives such a car. I know I'm being judgmental, but I knew my brothers' peers and those that are close to them. My brothers never go to anyone's houses unless they are their close friend. So I wondered who among their friends took them home last night.

Not to mention the sudden sweetness of the two to me. I know that during rough times, the twins will stop teasing or tormenting me, but there was no occasion that they become sweet to the extent of Tim pulling a chair for me to sit on. How weird was that?

"I tell you GF, if that locker gives out and decided to drop on you, you'll never notice and I will be crying my ass over a flattened Kim Possible. So what's eating you?" My friend Monique asked me.

Me and Monique went to Middleton University for college. I am taking Bachelor of Science in Physics while Monique decided to pursue a career in design.

After graduation, Ron's fear about our relationship happened. He wasn't accepted to any of the school he applied to since his GWA didn't meet their standard, not even for cooking school, but there was this Chinese monk school that specializes with cooking that state their interest in him. He didn't want to go there first, but as days go by I could feel that Ron wanted it and that our relationship was the only thing that hinders him to accept the invitation, so I had to do the right thing…

We broke off

No promises made. We need to move on and look forward to a brighter future for the two of us. There was less communication now but I know that Ron is still my best friend…even after all that happened

"So aren't you going to answer me?" Monique asked me again so I faced her and smiled

"Nothing that isn't normal…" I cut myself, what happened to my brothers isn't normal, "…well, it's not normal but really it was supposed to be normal." I don't think I made sense at all

"You don't make any sense Kim." Monique said frowning, see? I'm not making any sense, "So decide whether it's normal or not."

"Well, I was actually thinking about my brothers."

"Really now?"

I nodded my head and then I sighed before I slump my shoulders, "My brothers went to their friend's house yesterday to study." I told Monique.

Monique's brows were raised high up when I looked at her "That's what's eating you?" she asked me, "GF! Aren't you supposed to be proud that your brothers were studying?"

"Hello, Monique? My brothers…we are talking about Jim and Tim here, not just a…" I made a quote-unquote gesture in the air, "…normal brother that would go to their friend's house for a study get together! This is Jim and Tim, my brothers with a…" another quote-unquote gesture, "…no study policy ever!"

I watched Monique as her frown deepened, "Aren't you going to give them the benefit of the doubt? They might have realized that it is still better for them to study…"

"Oh yes," I cut Monique, "I did gave them the benefit of the doubt and I doubt that they aren't doing something that will jeopardize me." I said exasperatedly, "And that could be the reason why they were so extra sweet to their older sister…and that's me!" I said emphasizing sweet for Monique to get what I mean

"Oh…" she moaned and then she nodded her head in understanding


"Have you…you know, checked on your electronic diary?" Monique suddenly asked

My eyes widened why didn't I think of that? I looked at Monique with a twinkling eyes, "You're an angel Mo, and Thank you for reminding me about that!"

I didn't wait for Monique to answer me instead I turned around to face my locker and opened it to reveal my computer. I opened the computer and contacted Wade. He was smiling when he appeared on my monitor, "Wade, I need a favor," I said without even saying 'hello' first

"Whoa!" Wade exclaimed, his eyes wide, "What's so urgent you look like you're going to eat someone alive Kim?" he asked. I can't believe that an additional year to Wade's age could make him that mature already

"Sorry, "I said smiling at my friend, "I need you to do me a favor, please and thank you Wade." I said, I saw him laugh at my statement

"Okay, you know I can't say no to you Kim."

"You rock Wade," I smiled at him again, "Can you please see if someone hacked on my electronic diary again Wade?" I asked

His face brightened at the thought, "Having brother trouble again?" I nodded my head in agreement, "Okay, will you give me a minute?" I nodded again and waited. Before even the one minute time mark expired, Wade got back at me, "No hackers Kim." I frowned, "It's either there really was no one who hacked in your diary or the hackers found a way to erase their trail so they cannot be traced." Wade told me

That news gave me a mixed feeling of relief and anxiety. But between the two, anxiety weighs more because if the tweebs found a way to erase their trail from Wade, then they can freely hack on my diary anytime they want without me finding out. And to add to the insult, I can't even get angry at them because I have no proof that they hacked into my computer…NERDS!!

"I am so blessed to have a pervert brother and not a genius-pervert brother." Monique said while she leaned on my locker, she has her eyes on Wade and Wade's eyes were on her

"Yeah…you're not helping Monique." I said before a shrugged my shoulders as I saw them exchanging sweet glances, "And will you two please continue that sugary-sweet glances somewhere that is not my locker?" I said

Monique looked at me with a grin, "Jealous much?"

I scoffed at her then returned my eyes on my monitor, "Bye Wade…" I said. Wade was about to protest but I turned off the computer before he could say anything

"That was cruel GF." Monique said then she lightly tagged me on my arm, "So found your ideal 'lover'?" she asked

I felt my face heat up and I know a blush could be seen on my face already, "Still looking,"

We both giggled and then we headed to the school canteen for lunch



I really have no idea why I fell for Ron, maybe I didn't, maybe the real reason was because he was my friend, but despite the fact that we were together, I wasn't attracted to him the way I was attracted to Josh or Eric (and to think he was a synthodrone). The way they carry themselves, the way they dress, the way they speak. I know it's shallow for me to be attracted to a person's physical attribute, but attraction always starts a relation, the rest will followsometimes I even thought that I might be attracted to that most unlikely personjust because that person filled up this hole that Ron wasn't able to fill.

(Target on sight) voice 1 said followed by a low static

"Roger that." The person on the other end of the communication device replied.

(5 minutes until the fox reaches position A) voice 2 from the device

"How many minutes do I have to make it on time before she arrives at point C?" The person asked

(If you hurry, you can be on point C in 10, which will leave you…) voice 2 replied and stalled which was followed by static

(…at least 3 more minutes before she reaches that point..) Voice 1 finished for voice 2

"Need more time, do something to stall target." The voice said irritated

(Negative!) Both voice said simultaneously

"20 dollars." The voice said

Static followed

(25, deal or no deal!) Voice 2 said

The person on the other end of the device growled, "Deal! You two will pay once this is over…TWEEBS!"

(Hey! We're helping you here! It's not in our contract that we distract Kim!) Voice 1 said

(So Jim says, you want us to work, you have to pay!) Voice 2 added

"Brat!" the person growled, "Okay, be sure you two make some good distractions, I need at least 15 minutes. It's hard to look good before jogging on a freezing, fucking morning!" the person said

(You cursed! That's an additional 5 dollars!) Voice 1 said

"I'll give you 5 dollars worth of plasma enema when I get my hands on you." The person added

(We're kidding!) Voice 2 said in a squeal

(Target halfway to point B!) Voice 1 squealed

"Stall or you'll never get your 25 instead you'll get a plasma enema!"

(Roger that!)


Jogging in the morning always calmed my nerves, the last time I had a work out care of Shego was even before my graduation. Yes, Dr. Drakken and Shego disappeared after the recognition given to them by the government and by Global Justice. I was even hoping, (though I knew that wishing for it wasn't good for the state) that Dr. D finally manages to think of something to take over the world again so that I could face Shego one on one again. I miss fighting her…I hadn't needed a jogging or exercise those days…those good old days.

So when I felt that my body needed the work-out, here I am doing some exercise and jogging in the morning before I go to school, so less fight, less sleep over…more exercise.

My mind was wandering about when I heard something, like a high speed projectile object passed by me. I'm not Super girl so there is no way for me to stake my claim, but the scream following that caught my attention and brought my focus to the place where the scream was heard. I almost laughed when I saw no other than the great Bonnie Rockwaller slumped on the ground, her skirt sliding up her now very exposed lower extremity, and there was a noticeable bruise forming on her forehead

"Bonnie? What happened to you?"

-Oh yeah, try being nice when you're dying inside to let that uproarious laugh out-

Who invented conscience anyway? I ignored that voice of reason and focused my eyes on Bonnie

"Someone will have to pay for humiliating me like this!" Bonnie screamed as she tried hard to get up and regain her dignity, "YOU POSSIBLE!" she suddenly screamed as she points a finger on my face

"What did I do now? I was meters away from you! I didn't even know you're here to jog." I reasoned, well that's the truth, why would she point an accusing finger on me when there's no one to be blame for whatever humiliating thing that happened to her?

"YOU'RE THE REASON WHY THIS HAPPENED! YOU BROUGHT YOUR BAD LUCK ON ME!" she yelled again and after yelling, she started bawling like child

I don't know what happened to her, but this is one scene I'll never miss in my lifetime. And if seeing Bonnie like this made me question her sanity, the sudden appearance of Senior Senior Junior, and the young man trying to pacify my brunette ex-classmate/ ex co-cheerleader was really hilarious my GodI feel like watching a circus!

So before I end up peeing my jogging pants from trying to hold on my laughter, I decided to turn around and continue my exercise. Though it's hard to jog when you're laughing your ass out.


(Target about to reach point C) Voice 2 announced

"Good distraction, I'm ready to meet princess."

(T1, T2 out. See you on next mission…Green flame.)

"Over and out."


"Hello Princess…"

Is this day a curse or a blessing…I knew that voice! First, I saw Bonnie for the first time after graduation and have the most hilarious scene ever, and now…another sudden appearance of someone I knew after a very long time of not…

"Watch where you're heading princess!"

Shego said smirking at me

And why would she not? Here I am looking like a dumb pervert! I know my eyes were wide, my jaw slackened and perhaps there are drools on the sides of my mouth. Shego suddenly appeared before my eyes after how many months of being in absentia…looking like a hot (did I just said hot?), okay very hot athlete. She's wearing a dark green and black sport top that ends just below her chest, leaving her well toned abdomen exposed, and paired it with a skimpy black race short. Her feet have black running shoes. Her long, luscious hair was done in a single ponytail, with a dark green band on her forehead. Her wrists have dark green wrist protectors

"If you keep on looking at me like that princess, you might end up …"

End up what?

"OOFF!" I made a sound when my feet suddenly caught a branch and caused me to fall on the ground face first

Well… would have fallen on the ground if not for Shego stopping my fall by catching me in her arms. I have to close my eyes as her scent attacked my nose and decided to freeze my brain…God that perfume this is the perfume I was looking for in a manshe smells so divine! Shego uses this perfume? Since when? Did I miss it when we were fighting? Oh perhaps

-you never tried smelling her during your fightsunless you do and I'm not aware that your doing it-

"Princess are you alright?" Shego asked, she was kneeling on one leg and the other one was supporting my body. My eyes widened when it opened as I saw my arms wounded around her…sweaty…warm…supple neck, "Princess…"

Okay…my brain circuitry is running miles per minute and yet I seemed to not be doing anything move Possible! Move! "She…Shego?" was all I can do despite the millions of stimulus that ignites my nerves,

"Yeah…" she smiled at me…Shego smiled at me, she didn't smirk and she didn't tease!

My eyes widened at the realization and I hurriedly let go of her neck and stood up, "SHEGO!" I yelled, she stood up and look down at me. She was still at a very close distance and I can smell her sweat laden body mixed with that perfume I adore so much…why can't any of my dates ware this perfume?

-Yeahas if any of your dates can afford it-

I ignored that voice once again. "Why…why are you here?" I asked, okay that was a dumb question

"Well as you can see…you're not the only one jogging princess. And I believe you don't own the park?" she replied and her reply caused me to blush

"Of course! I don't own the park…it's just…you…you disappeared and suddenly here you are…"

I watched as Shego turned around and face the other way, "I found something interesting here princess," she shrugged her shoulder, "I'm quite hungry, been jogging long now," she returned her focus on me, "How about you?"

I wasn't able to reply at once. Shego is actually asking me to eat breakfast with her? "Ammm…"

"Come on princess," she didn't wait for me to answer; she just grabbed my wrist and pulled me to a nearby cafeteria.

We had a great time. Shego exchanged thoughts, points of view and laughter with me, and the whole time, she didn't taunt nor teased me. After eating, we jogged again, and I can't help it if my gaze fell on her most of the time. I didn't noticed Shego's body movement, the flow to which her muscles relax and contracts, the sway of her hips, how her green hued skinned never affect her attitude towards herself, the way she carries a conversation, the way she carries herself no matter what she's wearing, haven't noticed all of these until now.

"Well princess…its nice chatting with you, I better go now…you must have classes later on?"

A very acceptable revelation

"Yes," I replied, I only got the classes later on from her sentence. I watched her turn around and jogged away from me, she looked back, smiled at me and waved her hand goodbye, "Shego!" I screamed, she didn't screamed back but she stopped and look back at me, "Will you be here again tomorrow?" I yelled my question Oh please say you willplease say you will

"If it's okay with you…"

Yes! I pumped my arms in my head, "I'll see you then tomorrow! I come here at 7!" I almost felt my face broke apart from the way I'm smiling. I saw her nod her head in agreement before she jogged away and finally disappeared from my sight

A blessed day indeed! I told myself before I jogged back to my family's house


"Dear Diary, Step 1 of my mission success…princess invited me to join her tomorrow morning. Kudos to me…but need to prepare for the second step." I pressed enter to save my only entry for the day

And before I knew it, I was again reading entry number four.



Monique always tells me that I am a very complex girlfriend, one time I like my boyfriend to be sweet, caring, cuddly, and then I'll change my mind and wanted my boyfriend to be all action packed, adventurous, and risky. The truth? Monique and my exes just didn't get me, was it too bad to have the best of both worlds? Someone who's not afraid to take a risk with life and yet sweet and cuddly? Someone who could make me scream with adventure and yetwilling to see my lighter, childish side?

(I've got the address,) Jim said over the microphone

"Did they agree with the price?" Shego asked

(They are willing to sell much cheaper and even considered giving it for free, but they needed something in return.) Tim added


(I think your employer got this diamond that runs one of his doomsday device?) Tim said then followed by static

"You mean the one I took from Conga?" Shego asked frowning, "I am not going back to that place just to be mauled by those meat eating gorillas!" she exclaimed

(They're not asking you to go there, they want that diamond so they can use their new machine to make new models.) Jim explained


(That's what they were asking and as a replacement, you can take home five of their most priced collectibles.) Tim

(A sure hit Shego.)

Shego scrunched her forehead in thought, "Okay, I have a plan. I do hope you get the specifications I asked you to do for my 1098S?"

Shego heard the two snickered before answering, (you'll fly Shego…you'll fly!)

Shego doesn't want to think of what the tweebs did to her priced Ducati 1098S, but she have seen them tinkle on difficult things, and she could trust these two rather than trust Dr. Drakken with her baby, "I'll collect it tomorrow after lunch." She said before cutting the connection and heads out for her employer's lair.


"Three days GF! Three straight days!" Monique said raising three fingers in front of my face. I was smiling at her as she do that, "What is it that made you smile like that?" she asked with her forehead scrunched, trying hard to get deeper into me

"I told you, I had the best exercise…" I was cut by Monique shrieking while her eyes bulged out in excitement

"You're freaking serious?! You found your man and you're shagging with him!" she squealed

I frowned at first but my eyes widened as I realize what she realized, "Oh my GOD! No! Of course not!" I yelled at her, my face so hot it can cook an egg

She stop squealing, "You're not what? So you're not shagging the man, okay…so spill who is this mystery guy?" she asked without batting an eyelash

I slumped my shoulders, "There's no man…"

She cut me again when her eyes widened and she said, "You found a woman then?"

If my face could get any redder, it would have, I found a womanoh yeahI did and guess what? She's not just any woman, she's Shego "Look, I found the best jogging partner, someone who can actually keep up with me. That's it thank you very much!" I said

"Okay." Monique relaxed on her chair, "The bell is taking quite a while, I wonder if Mrs. Kinston will let us leave even before the bell rings. I'm bored." Monique lamented

"You're complaining? Imagine me being unproductive like this for how many months now…" I countered and whatever Monique wanted to say was interrupted by my kimmunicator beeping, wish Wade found me a missionI will climb every tree to rescue a cat just get me out of this boredom Wade I thought before opening my kimmunicator and my eyes widened when it was Shego's face that greeted me

"Hi pumpkin…" she greeted

"Shego?" I whispered after I scooted away from Monique, the black beauty glared at my action, "Why are you calling and how did you…"

"I got limited time pumpkin, I hacked on your friend's site and it'll be soon until he tracks me, so listen, I'll be waiting for you at the alley beside your university, I'm taking you riding with my baby and we're going somewhere."Shego said before she smiled at me and without waiting for my response cut the connection

10 seconds after Shego's call, Wade contacted me asking me If I got an unknown caller, so I lied, "No," Wade frowned, I knew he didn't believed me for I'm a terrible liar, but what could he do?

"Just be careful Kim, Okay?" he said before cutting the connection

And thank God…the bell finally rang


I can see Kimmie coming. I was hidden in the shadow of the large tree where my motorbike was resting. She was looking around probably to see if someone followed her or to look for me. I didn't make it anymore hard for her as I walked out of the shadow and presented myself to her. I almost laughed when I saw her reaction to my appearance. I forgo my black and green catsuit, instead I wore a black leather biker suit that hugs my body just at the right places, showing my well toned abdomen, knee high fitted boots, my hair once again put up on a pony tail, and once again I am wearing that special perfume she liked very much (well…I think I'll make it my official perfume from now on). What's new with my get up was that I am not wearing any make up; I'm not even wearing my black lipstick.

"You should close your mouth princess. We don't want any bees getting in there wouldn't we?" I said smiling at her as she closed her jaw and took her gaze away from my body

"Ah…" Kimmie was fidgeting with her small back pack, her eyes not focusing on one place, "Where…where is your baby? I thought you will bring your baby with you?" She asked with a flushed cheeks you're too cute to be true princess

"Yeah, of course, come on follow me princess." I said before walking to where my baby was resting

She stopped advancing when I leaned on my tinkled Ducati 1098S

"That…that is your baby?" She asked and I nodded my head, "I…I thought…"

I frowned, "You thought I was referring to a real baby? As in…" my eyes widened when she nodded her head and bowed down in embarrassment, "Oh…where did you get that idea that I have…"

"Well…I really don't know anything about you…I mean personally…so I thought…" I smiled at her as she stutter

"Okay, I get it. So let's make a deal," I said and watched as she lifted her head to look at me, "You asked me anything about me today, for only today princess, and you'll have your answers, how about that?" I said

She frowned, "So what's in it for you?"

I smiled, "You will ride with me to our point of destination, wearing this." I said showing her a blind fold

"That's a blind fold?" she said a bit nervously

"I know…I need you to trust me princess with this, then I'll entrust you all my secrets…of course you have to asked intelligently to know all of them."

Silence as I waited for her answer will you trust me princess? I need to know If you trust me enough I smiled when I saw you took a step closer and take the blindfold from my hand, "You'll answer any questions? No holds Barr?" I nodded my head. I stopped Kimmie from putting the blindfold to her eyes

"Later Kimmie, I want you to enjoy the ride first." I said smiling at her and was relieved that she returned my smile…well maybe even more


My voice was now raw as Shego made that final leap. We were riding like a wind with her motorcycle; we were so fast I thought I left my shadow at the university. I feel like we were flying with the way she maneuvered the sleek monster she called 1098S. When was the last time I felt this free? Not even free falling made me feel this way…my heart thumping wildly inside my chest, my brain screaming with delight, my nerves all worked up…my body all hot…

These are all the result of this daredevil stunt me and Shego were pulling offnothing elsenothing else

-You missed this action only Shego can give you, admit it-

It was that damn voice again

We were both breathing hard when she stopped the bike but she didn't turn off the engine, "Sorry princess, but this is where you need to put that blind fold on." She said

The sudden attack of anxiety hit me, are we going to do all those stunts again with me blindfoldedbut I might fall andno I need to trust Shego so fighting the sudden surge of anxiety, I put the blindfold on.

Shego didn't ask me if I can see anything or not, she just held my hands and wound it on her waist before she said, "Hold on tight princess." I took a deep breath and did not let it out in anticipation of the stunt we are supposed to do, but there was none. Shego drove slowly this time, careful and slow. No dipping, no curving, no daredevil stunt, she drove as if we were just trying to enjoy the fresh air, trying to enjoy each other's company. I relaxed my hold on her and later on rested my cheek on her warm back why are you being nice Shegowhy are you doing this?

I wasn't aware when Shego pulled on the parking lot and stopped the engine, "Where here princess." I straightened my body and was about to pull the blindfold off my eyes when she stopped me, "Not yet princess." She said and then she guides me after lifting me up from the motorcycle.

I can assume that we were inside a factory or something, the sudden attack of air-conditioned room and the smell of newly made fabrics…I'm not sure what kind of factory though.

Then I heard two men enter to where we are right now and greeted Shego with glee, to the extent of thanking her for what she have done for them and then I felt Shego took my hand and she lead me once again into another room. After sometime of walking, we stopped

"Okay princess," she said as she let me stop and she went behind me to remove the blindfold, "At the count of three, you open your eyes okay?" she said and I nodded my head .

She removed the blindfold and counted 1…2…3

I opened my eyes slowly, and I get the shock of my life

I am in front of the largest collection of cuddle buddies…how…they are already phased out and…

"I looked everywhere to know where I could find cuddlebuddies, and as it turned out, the one that originally made this toys before DNAmy stole it from them kept the originals, and so you are looking at the real prototypes of the cuddlebuddies." Shego explained. My eyes widened as I recognized each of the cuddlebuddies, but there were lots that were not known to me…perhaps because they were the original batch.

Then my attention was caught by a man carrying 5 cuddlebuddies that I am familiar with, the five cuddlebuddies I wasn't able to collect because they phased out,

"As a form of gratitude Miss Go, we would like to present to you these original versions, these are the last of it but we are glad to give it to you as a gift."

Shego wasn't looking at the man, instead she was looking at me, I caught her staring and she smiled, her face darkened a little, "Really, I don't collect them but is it alright If I give those to someone else?" she asked

"These are yours now, how you disposed of them are not our concern anymore." He said and then he handed the still encased cuddlebuddies before leaving

"You know…you can just ask me later about how I know you collecting these things." She told me after handing me the five cuddlebuddies, "We have to go princess, we want you to reach your house before curfew right?" she told me

"How about my questions?" I asked, I really have so much to ask Shego

"55584737295, the night is long princess…"

I don't know what took over me, but I leaped into her arms and kissed her cheek why am I acting like thisthis is all your fault Shegomy thought as I felt tears welled up from my eyes

And was this just a coincidence…that you of all people could actually understand what I want? What I need?

That you of all people were the one to make me feel vulnerable?


"Dear Diary, Step 2 another success, Kimmie actually leaped into my arms and kissed my cheek. She was crying after that…but really, I never saw her that happy…and I've never felt so contented in my life before…so contented I feel I could face my brothers and still have this goofy smile on my face…" I write and then pressed enter

I'll leave the 3rd entry for tomorrow…right now, I'll sleep in early and basked with the memory of Kim's lips on my cheek

After I answer this call…

-part 1 end-

Proof read by Mistique four, arigato and I edit some too, and change the ending…I noticed an idea that didn't jive. Conga is a movie, I don't own it as well as Deal or No Deal.