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Read and Learn 2

"Girl Friend!" I was pulled from my self made dream world by Monique's hand waving in front of my face. I shook my head and looked at her. The black beauty was wearing an evil grin on her face and her brows were going up and down her forehead alternately

"What's with you Mo?" I asked frowning

Monique's jaw slackened and she waived a hand in front of my face again to catch my seemingly short attention span, "What's with me? Hello GF! I wasn't the one looking out of space and I wasn't the one zoning out!" Monique said then she bent her head sideward as she looked at me trying to act cute

I frowned and slumps my shoulders before replying, "Okay! So I was zoning out, is there anything important I should put my attention right now?" I said a bit irritated

Monique's slack jaw is now accompanied by her widened eyes, "I can't believe you put that tone on me Kim!" Monique said now indignant

I sighed and banged my head on the table in front of me, "Sorry Mo, I think I'm PMSing and yet I'm on the middle of my cycle!" I said and this deflated my friend


"Okay Kim…what's wrong, I know you've been having a good week and today is not one of them, so spill it so we could work it out…"

"I don't think there's a way to work it out or to work around it or through it…WHATEVER!" I said and ends my tirade with a scream

"Whoa GF! That definitely sounds like help…anyone to me." Monique told me as she scooted closer and she placed a hand on my back, "Come on girl, tell me what's the problem,"


"Is it that jogging partner of yours?" Monique suddenly asked breaking the silence. I turned my head to look at her, my eyes were wide and my jaws slackened

"How did…" I saw Monique grin, "Am I that transparent?"

I watched as Monique shook her head no, "To others who don't know The Kim Possible, no you're not, but girl…we've been through thick and thin and there's no way you can hide…" Monique made a quote-unquote gesture in the air, "…major, as in major happenings in your life, ah-uh, not from me Girl Friend!" Monique emphasized her point by shaking her head 'no'

"God Monique…I don't know if I should label you as God send or…"

"An agent from hell?" Monique finished my sentence, "However you label me girl, I'm not stopping until you tell me what's wrong with you,"

I nodded my head in understanding, well this is Monique and she has her way or there's hell to pay! "Alright, so yeah…you're right about my jogging partner as my problem, but it's too complicated now and I don't think we have the time to…"

"You know…" Monique interrupted me, "I haven't cut class yet, not once in my entire life as a student!" she added

"So what are you insinuating?" I asked after I straightened my body

"How many times have you cut class Kim? As in cut class without the reason of saving the world from megalomaniacs?" Monique asked me


"There! I think we need a break!" Monique said, she stood up and took my hand and she pulled me out of our table and out of the university in no time, "And you better start telling your story while you enjoy the ride!" she said as she pushed me inside her car



(Flashback, the night before...)

The red headed teen heroine was pacing in her room, "To call…or not to call…" she chants as she kept on repeating her action. A knock on her door stopped her from trying to burn her room by her constant walking to and fro, the head of her mother was revealed after some time of her not answering or opening the door

"Kimmie honey, I accidentally pass by and saw through your ajar door that you have been pacing back and forth for quite sometime now, is there a problem I can help you with?" Anne Possible asked without letting herself in her daughter's room

"Oh mom!" Kim exclaimed when she saw her mother's head through her door, "Come in, sorry I was just a little off…"

Anne smiled at her daughter and entered the room, she settled at the computer chair after closing the room door and then she looked at her daughter intently, "I don't always see you like this Kim, is this problem about boys?" she asked smiling sweetly

Kim's eyes widened, "Boys? Why would you think that I'm having problems with boys?" Kim asked

"Well…you and Ron broke up for a while now and I haven't seen you dated anyone yet, but I haven't seen you this bothered before too, so I'm assuming the reason for you to act like tonight must have something to do with boys…" Anne stopped herself from going further when she saw Kim's head shook in disagreement "No? Not boys?"

Kim sighed, "Not boys or boy or men mom, no…not that…"


"But still, this attitude of yours is about…you know, attraction?" Anne asked, she had been under stress before when she was trying to think and explore her feelings for her very first attraction…which is now Kim's father, James Possible and she has been acting the same way as Kim

Kim replied by just turning her face into something that would be likened to a tomato, "Mom…"

Anne stood up, stepped closer to her daughter and embraced the younger red head, "Okay, I won't force you to tell me, but if the situation becomes hard for you, you know that I'll always be here right?" she told her daughter and smiled when she felt her daughter nod on her clavicle, "And you must always remember that whatever it is you've decided regarding this attraction you are undergoing, you will always be our Kimmie-cub, okay?"

Kim pulled away from her mother and looked at her face, then she nodded her head, tip toed and kiss her mother on her cheek, "Thanks mom…"

(End Flash back)


"So what's the problem girl? It seems to me that your mother was the same old her: supportive and intuitive." Monique said after hearing the first part of my problem

"Oh yeah…she is but how long 'till she knows about who I'm attracted…"

"Look girl friend I don't see your mom as someone who will stop supporting you just because you're gay," she said and I turned my head to look at her, she has her eyes on the road as we drive to anywhere she wants

"Gay? What are you saying…"

"You're attracted to that jogging partner of yours and she's a she, plus I haven't seen you this distraught over Josh, Eric or Ron."

"Monique!" I said with wide eyes, "I wasn't distraught because being attracted to them was nor…" I stopped; I'm not attracted to them…Josh was my crush because he was almost everyone's crush, Eric…well he made me feel special that time and Ron…Ron is my best friend and it seemed that it was the right thing to do, be Ron's girl friend, "Okay, so I wasn't distraught but it doesn't mean that…"

"You're not as attracted to those three as you are attracted to this jogging partner of yours." Monique finished for me

"Mo, I'm not attracted…"

"So tell me why are we having this conversation now after cutting classes for the first time Kim?"


"Okay…I…I'm attracted, but I can't be attracted to her!" I confirmed

Silence and Monique suddenly pulled on the side street and stopped the car engine, she turned to look unto my face, one of her brows was raised high on her forehead and her fingers were drumming on the car's steering wheel, "Tell me Kim why you can't be attracted to her? Are you some kind of a bigot?"

My eyes opened wide at her question, "No! Of course not! I'm no bigot and I have no quirks with gays and lesbians and the like!" I said

"Then why can't you?"


"Kim! I'm waiting for your answer girl. We can't work this out if you'll leave me blind here!" Monique said sternly

I inhaled, let out a long breath before facing Monique with determination, "Because…because that would mean that I'm attracted to…to…to Shego?" I said then winced while waiting for Monique's violent reaction, but nothing came, and when I looked at her, my girl best friend was grinning wide at me, "Monique? No violent reaction? No what the heck are you thinking about speech? No?" I asked and each question was answered with a shake of her head 'no', "Why?"

"Because I already had a hunch on to who was making you like this, well it's not as if that green skinned hotty doesn't get into your skin since the very first time you've met!"

Hotty…Monique thinks that Shego is a hotty?! "You think Shego is hotty?"

"Duh? All that curves, those long, wavy silky hair, pristine white, flawless skin and killer smile? Even a straight woman would think your Shego is one hot mama Kim."

My Shego? Hot mama?

"Oh, and add that dangerous aura and her flaming hands? Oohh, every guy will drool over her and you will be the envy of them for snagging that woman!"

I looked at Monique with a slack jaw, "You…it's…its okay with you if I ended hooking up with Shego?" I watched Monique nod her head

"But tell me girl…how did this started?" Monique asked before she started the car engine again and drove on the road

"Well it started about a year or so ago, right after graduation…"



You know what one sweet thing a guy or anyone can do to a woman? I don't know but I don't see my dad do it and I haven't seen anyone or any guy who've done this to any gal, Ron didn't even bother about buying or even thinking of it…that is for a guy to give his special girl a bouquet of flower just because he wanted to give her, no special reasons or occasions, just because he remembered to buy her a flower with no reason at all

(I say her favorite flower is a red rose!) Jim said over the computer speaker

(I tell you Jim, Kim's favorite is pink as in Pink!) Tim argued

(Yeah, but she likes pink in her clothes and stuff, not with flowers!) The other reasoned

(There's no way one person can have two favorite colors!)

"Stop you two, stop!" Shego sighed deeply and the twins shut up, "So Kimmie's favorite flower is a rose, not a gumamela, not an orchid but a rose?"

(Yes!) The twins replied together

"Okay, so whatever color as long as it's a rose, okay…"


(That's it?") Tim asked (You're not going to ask us to do anything for you?") He added

(Yeah, like you know, contact a flower shop…) Jim was cut by Shego

"I can handle this, this is one mission I don't really need much help from you two. So get off my computer now and leave me alone to think."

(Yes boss!) The twins replied and snickered before signing off

Oh yeah… I think I really am becoming sappy…oh no not weak, only sappy. Well Princess' idea of a perfect guy/date is really one of a kind. Anyways, entry number three is sweet…I could go for a date like that as well…how many guys gave their special someone flowers just for the heck of it anyway?

I don't want to admit it, but Kimmie's brothers were really of great help…I'm not sure if I should feel guilty doing this…but I'm kind of desperate, I've been suppressing this whatever feelings for Kimmie for so long I feel I could explode anytime.

Well…if Kimmie decided not to accept my feelings for her despite all these efforts, then I don't know what to do…perhaps I should consider doing what that crazy red headed woman on the bus did to get back her girl…it was sweet but Kimmie is not after me, there's no was between us, so I'm the one pining over princess not vice versa, besides its hard to ask her to tie a black and green ribbon around a tree…

Maybe I should just do this right…


"Hello Miss Go," the gay-man from the shop greeted the green skinned woman, "It's nice to see you back here in my shop, it has been long since you visited!" he said smiling

"Well seeing that it's also been too long since I had a reason to buy flowers…well…" Shego said smiling sweetly,

"So finally you found a match?"

"Piolo, I found my match a long time ago…I just…"

"Gain the heart to make the move and show her how Sharona Go do the loving thing?" The oh so neat and divine smelling man said giggling, "And I can smell your new perfume from here, and I say you just got a thousand points from me, though I wouldn't want that on my man!" he said

"This is my new favorite scent…"

"She must like it then." Piolo said, "So what can my artistic talent do for you?"

"I want a bouquet of roses in a combination of red and pink and I want it to be catchy…"

"Roses in red and pink, aren't they a bit of a cliché?" Piolo asked

"It's her favorite flower…"

"You know I could do better…if not the best," the man said smiling, "And since you've graced my shop after five long years, I'll have this on my tab,"

Shego just looked at the man, "Why are you offering such a nice thing to me?" she asked skeptically

"I like to play cupids for my own kind…"

Shego frowned then nodded when she realized what he was saying, "You're doing this to help me huh?"

"We never know Miss Go, I might need your help in the future…barter?" he said laughing lightly

Shego smiled, "Okay, so I want the best of course…"

"When will you be back for it? Or rather would you want me to send it…"

Shego shook her head, "I'll be at the vicinity tomorrow and will be with my girl…on a date…if she even knew that we were dating…"

"So…a surprise then?" he said and smiled when Shego nodded her head, "Then, I shall wait for you to come by and pick it up tomorrow," he said handing Shego a card, "I have a new line so give me a ring when you and your girl are in the vicinity already okay?"

Shego took the card, nodded and smiled, "Thanks."


Saturday morning Shego and I were at the park, all wet with perspiration as we jogged the morning away while talking and chatting happily together, it has been exactly 5 days since Shego came back or should I say showed herself to me, and it's been 5 days since she turned my world upside down…since she made me realize that she's not just Shego my arch nemesis but a lot more

"I haven't asked about Dr. D Shego, what was he up to now? He wasn't doing any world domination in the last 15 months…is it?" I asked Shego suddenly to break the sudden silence

"Well, Dr. D was trying his hands on developing something useful for the world but I guess he wasn't really successful with that." Shego replied

That answer made me nervous, does that mean Drakken and Shego have plans on returning to their evil works again…as in take over the world evil schemes like before? I don't want that to happen, not when I…shit! I thought

"I told him that he should just venture on that coco moo he loves so much, I think he could make millions on them. I just hope he doesn't mix stupidity with real genius." Shego added without noticing the sudden discomfort inside me

I stopped running and that she noticed so she stopped as well, "I think I had enough Shego, I'm beginning to have leg cramps," I said but it wasn't my legs that's having problem at the moment

My eyes widened when all of a sudden two strong arms carried me to an empty bench near the place where we were standing, Shego sat me on the bench but she remained standing, so I eyed her face and she was wearing her sincerest smile I've ever seen, "Wait for me here while I'll get something for you okay?" She told me before she turned around and ran away from me

What the hell is happening to me? One time I was wishing that Dr. D would go back to taking over the world so that I can face Shego mano y mano again, and now the thought of her going back to villainy makes me sick! Ahh!

"Kimmie," Shego was back right after my thoughts left me, "I bought some energy drink, I think this is better than regular water and it may alleviate your cramps." She said and then she handed me the energy drink and sat beside me, "Do you want me to massage your legs?" she asked and I turned my head to look at her abruptly and with wide eyes, "What? I was just offering princess," she said and snickered

But then she forced my legs up and let it rests on her thighs, "SHEGO!"

"I just want to help princess, massaging a cramping muscle works wonders you know!" she said then she ignited her hands to a very warm heat and started kneading my tired but not cramping muscles

-Good thing you weren't wearing a centurion project or you'll be another human-robot look alike-

Can't I erase conscience in my head? I drank from the bottle of the energy drink as Shego started massaging my legs, and then I closed my eyes as the heat of her hand and the delightful sensation her kneading hands brought to my sore legs escalates higher…and into my brain, "That was divine Shego…" I found myself whispering, her deep emerald eyes were locked with my forest greens when I opened my eyes


I…what do you want to say Shego? "What is it?" I know I'm blushing since my brain is conjuring up things it shouldn't, Shego professing her love to me? Very unlikely…so stop dreaming Kim

"There's this newly opened cinema at Upperton Princess and it will show The Mummy three…" Shego began again, I see, it wasn't only me who's blushing… "I heard the cinema shows only 3D technology and it's one of the most comfortable…"

"And costly cinema in the whole city," I finished for her, "Are you asking me if I want to check the cinema with you?" I asked

Shego grinned at me and nodded her head, "I already got two tickets!" she said

I smiled at her, Shego wasn't stopping her massage on my legs as we speak, "So what will you do with the other ticket if I decide to say no?"

Shego frowned, "Well I really don't think that you'll turn me down…"

"You're that confident about yourself huh?"

She smiled a very dazzling smile at me, "You haven't turned me down yet in this 5 days Kimmie, so I don't think there's any way for you to turn me down, but just in case? I have someone in mind to which I could give it."

I laughed at her, "Okay, so I've wanted to check out that cinema for long now, it just doesn't suit my budget, but who am I to say no to God's grace?"

"Hey it's not HIM who paid the tickets I did so it's Shego's grace for you!" And her sarcastic yet funny remarks always make me smile

"So when will this checking be?" I asked

"The ticket's schedule is tonight at 6?" She said stopping her massage

I smiled and brought down my legs off her, "Good thing it's a Saturday and I have no homework to do…"

"You don't, I heard you cut class yesterday." Shego told me and I faced her and slapped her arm lightly

"Who told you that?!"

She waved her hand in the air to dismiss the topic but I frowned so she answered, "Reliable sources!" she then stood up abruptly, "You on for another 30 minutes run?" she asked

"Bring it on Shego!"

And we did run for another hour…


It was 8 in the evening when we went out of the cinema, we both were wearing casual clothes just right for the occasion, Kim was wearing a sleeveless black blouse over a pleated brown pants and brown moccasin shoes while I on the other hand was wearing a green cardigan over a spaghetti strapped white blouse paired with a black cut off jeans and a pair of black sandals.

"It was great! The cinema was the best and the movie was good too!" Kim said excitedly

"Oh yeah, I think I'm in love with Jet li!" I said then I looked at her and smiled, "Had a good time?" I asked the smiling red head

Kim looked at me with twinkling eyes and nodded her head, "Yes, I had a good time…" there was silence between us all of a sudden, "Thanks Shego." She added breaking it

Silence again

Why the hell am I nervous about what I'm about to do? It's not as if I'm doing something illegal…well I never get this nervous when I'm about to do some criminal activity…God Kim…the things you do to me! I thought as we walked along the street, "There's a nice diner near hear pumpkin, want to hit it and you know…" Jeez, I'm like a bumbling teenager! Gah!

"Sure Shego…the popcorn was good but it's not enough!" she said and then she tapped her unexposed abdomen

"Good, so a little walk is alright with you?" I asked God Kimmie you have to say yes or this mission will not be fruitful at all!

"Oh yes, I need to burn down some calories when we are to take thousands in a little while!" Kim said happily

Yes! "Okay, I think I need that too!"

So there we go, we started walking towards our destination and as we walked along the road, we pass by the flower shop so I stopped and looked at the window where the arranged flowers were exhibited and my eyes widened at the sight of the most gorgeous arrangement I've seen…a bouquet of roses in all colors

"Wow…" I heard Kim say, "That is a very beautiful bouquet!" she said then she looked at her stomach when it growled, "But I can't eat that right now!" she said before turning around to face the diner where we are suppose to go

I saw Piolo looking at me thru the window and pointing at the flower bouquet I was looking at, so I nodded my head and turned to look at the way of the diner, "Come on princess!" I said then I jogged towards the diner and looked back to see Kim jogging after me

"Hey! I'm not that hungry!" she shouted

"I know!" I shouted back. Once we entered the diner, we sat ourselves on a vacant place and started ordering, about 5 minutes after we made our order, "Hey princess, need to go to the ladies room." I said

"Okay," then I watched her look around, "I don't see any restroom sign here,"

"It's outside princess so wait for me here okay?" I smiled when she nodded at me

Outside, I hurriedly run towards the flower shop and took the bouquet Piolo made especially for Kimmie, It's lovely…I hope you like this princess,

Kim's eyes widened when I get back inside the diner, her eyes were at the bouquet of roses in my arms, "Shego…"

"I like it, I thought it was very beautiful and it reminds me of…" I smiled at her after I took a sit in front of her and handed her the flowers, "…you,"

I saw her eyes watered as she accepts the flowers, "Why?" she asked suddenly

"Why what?" I asked

"Why are you giving me this…"

I frowned, "Do I need reasons to give out flowers? Besides I saw how your eyes twinkled when you saw that from the flower shop,"

"Shego…" she was looking at me and then the waitress with our food came, she put the food down and then she looked at the flowers too

"That was sweet, so what's the occasion?" the waitress asked

I looked at her and shook her head, "Nothing. We were walking and I saw this flowers, doesn't this flowers reminds you of her?" I asked then pointed a finger on the now blushing, teary eyed Kim Possible

The waitress looked at her and nodded her head, "Right you are miss!" she said, "Just call me when you need anything okay…" she said then she looked at Kim again, "You're one lucky gal! I would have given my boyfriend anything he wants if he could only give me even a single flower out of the blue!" she said before leaving

"I could have done the same…" I heard Kim whispered

"So the buffoon didn't…"

"Ron, his name is Ron and he's not my boyfriend anymore." Kim said smiling

I started eating, "Eat your food Kimmie, it's not good when eaten cold!" I said and watched as she lay the flowers gently beside her

"Thanks Shego…you've done so much…"

I waved a hand in the air to tell her to forget it, then we ate silently before I asked, "So what happened to you and the buf…Ron," I saw her smile at my slipped and she started telling their stories

We've spent about an hour at the diner and then I drove Kim back home. The driveway of the Possible's house was still brightly lit and it seemed that someone is waiting for Kimmie. So I didn't go down to play gentle-lady to Kim because I'm afraid I might get Kim into trouble if her parents saw me taking her home at this hour of night. She was carrying the flowers and was already at the front of their door, I wasn't getting out of the driveway as I wanted to wait for her to go inside, and made sure she's safe before I leave

And then I saw her returned to my car, walked over to the driver's window so I opened it and my eyes widened when Kim leaned forward and captured my lips with her I think I died and went to heaven I thought as her kiss lingered for a little while. We were both sporting a blush when our lips parted

"Thank you Shego for this very lovely evening," she said, I wasn't able to formulate any words as I had two fingers across my lips…trying to feel Kim's lips on mine, "I'll see you again right?" she asked and all I can do was nod my head and watched her walked towards their house, got her key and opened their door before she finally vanishes from my sight

God…I am really in love with Kim Possible…


Mission no. 3 successful, My Kimmie kissed me on my lips…and it's not just a peck, but it was full of emotion, if I didn't know Kimmie I'll say she too is in love with me…but whatever, I think I'm making progress, probably I'll treat the boys out tomorrow for doing a job well done.

Hope I could keep this up…I suddenly wanted to sleep and not think of the future…I'm not brushing my teeth tonight no water is going to touch my lips and erased Kim's memory there…and I'll revel in this feeling of Kim's lips on mine! That's all for now evil diary!

Shego then pressed enter and prepared for bed


Last night was the greatest, my mom was waiting for me to come home and she was ecstatic when she saw me coming with the most beautiful bouquet she and I have ever seen in our entire romantic life


"How I envy you Kim, your dad hasn't given me such a bouquet yet…and to think this has all your favorite flowers!" Anne Possible said giddily

"Yeah…and…" Kim was speechless

"So what's the occasion? Is he asking you out for a date or proposing to you?"

Kim then looked at her mom, "Mom…I…I need to tell you something…"

Anne's ecstatic look faltered, "I hope your not pregnant Kimmie?"

"MOM!" Kim said indignantly "Of course not! I'm still a virgin for Pete's sake!"

Anne deflated, "Good, so what are you about to say?"

Kim took a deep breath and let it out, "This came from…Shego,"


"Shego? The one who helped you fight the aliens? Shego, Drew's evil sidekick?" Kim nodded her head, "How sweet! Is she dating you?"


(End Flashback)

My mom and I had a very long talk last night, I told her everything including Shego's recent gig with me…in detail

"GF, you're zoning out again!" Monique told me, it was Monday, first day of classes and yet what happened Saturday seemed so fresh in my memory. Yesterday Sunday, I wasn't on the park to jog so I didn't get the chance to see Shego…and I missed her already as if like I haven't seen her in a year or more when we only parted for a day and a few hours, "Kim!"

Instead of replying to Monique, I took my Kimmunicator and show her the picture of the bouquet Shego gave me

"That…that was so sweet!" she squealed, "Tell me the whole story!"

And that I did

Silence after my story telling

"You know what GF? I think you're knight in shining armor doesn't have that goofy grin on his face, you're prince charming doesn't melt into something green and gooey thingy, you're perfect date is not even a he but a she with an enormous ego." Monique said while smiling as if she has just watched the most romantic film in her entire life

"I told my mom about Shego," I said which caused my friend to stop talking and silently look at me, "…and she thought Shego's gestures were sweet…"

"Your mom is waayyy too cool Kim." Monique said smiling

"And guess what? My mom told my dad and my dad said as long as its not boys then Kimmie-cub can date her, was that the normal reaction for parents?" I asked. I myself have been wondering how come they did not reacted the way normal parents would when they've learnt that their only daughter is/was dating another female…and an ex…or was Shego an ex-thief?

"GF," Monique looked at me solemnly, "Your parents are not normal, duh…" she made a quote-unquote gesture, "…brain surgeon and rocket scientist? Add the fact that they let their daughter run around the world saving it from dangerous people with their dangerous lasers and traps? Tell me Kim if that can be considered normal," Monique reasoned


"You know what Kim, if I were on your shoes I would have sung to the world because my parents understood and supported me for whatever I am, but it seems you're not happy about it."

I sighed, "I'm happy, elated actually but the problem now lies with Shego…because it means that there is no way to stop me from falling in love with her…" my eyes widened at that sudden revelation

"You…you're in love? Whoa!" Monique eyed me with a grin, "One day we were just talking about attraction and now we are talking about falling in love?" she asked in bewilderment, I dropped my head on the table causing for a loud 'thud' to be heard, "That should've hurt GF," she said and then she patted my back. I'm glad that there weren't much student in this history class and we were seating at a corner at the back of the room

"I think I have been attracted to Shego for long Mo, and her sudden niceties towards me and probably the long absence just made me realized what she really was for me, I don't know…" I said trying to pieced up everything

"So what's the problem? You're in love and she's sweet…"

I cut Monique's impending tirade, "Because I'm not even sure if Shego is in love with me or she's just being nice, I'm not even sure if she's just doing this to put me off my game and sooner or later I'll find out that it was another brilliant scheme by her and her employer Drakken! I don't think I could take another of that Diablo and Eric incident Mo…"


"If you're sure about your feelings for her then why don't you just tell her?" Monique said trying hard to uplift me

"And if she says sorry pumpkin, but I'm not into girls then what will I do?" I asked Monique after I straightened myself up and looked at her

"Hello! I don't think she's not into girls Kim, not after what she's been doing? She maybe nice to you and not in love as you've said but there's no way that she's not into girls!" Monique said, "I'm straight and I can still smell her GF!"

I looked at Monique

"You only have one chance GF, so whether she feels the same way about you or not at least you'll know."

Should I tell her?


I'm facing my computer, the screen is glaring at me at the moment, the word password keeps on blinking and my fingers were on the key board…but my brain is debating whether I should typed it or not

AHHHHH my head screamed inside me, what the hell am I thinking about? I'm making big progress with Kimmie…there's no way that I'm stopping…I need to see what she wants next and I need to do it to look perfect in her eyes…


I…look perfect…

But it's not me…what she was seeing right now, it wasn't me, it was Kimmie's ideal date, boyfriend…whatever and no matter how perfect I become with the help of her diary and let us say that she fell in love with me…then she fell in love with her description in that diary…not with me

What the hell am I thinking? What matters most is that I get to bed Kim, I get to be the first one to feel her naked underneath me and I'll take her no matter what

Then what? You get her body, she'll learn about it and then? She'll hate me and will not want to see me ever again. Do I want that?

The hell with consequences! You're still her first and that's a prize itself!


Do I look at Kimmie as a prize? If I wanted that…I could have just abducted her and raped her and that will still be the same

Well I won't go to jail if she consented

I looked at the glaring screen once again and snickered look what you've done to me princess…

I slump my shoulders as I pressed cancel, press start and turned off my computer

"The things you do to me princess, the things you do to me…"


(What?) Jim and Tim asked loudly for Shego

"You heard me clear Tweebs, I'm letting you two off the hook…"

(But what about your dream to bed my sister?) Tim asked

"Oi Tim is it?" Shego asked and Tim answered with a low "yeah" before the green skinned female proceeds, "It's a dream, but I'm not going to live it, this is unfair…to her, to me…"

(How will it be unfair to you?) Jim asked this one

"She won't be falling in love with me; she'll be falling in love with the very description in her diary."


(Are you sure? It would have been cool to have you as Kim's girlfriend.) Tim said

(Yeah, we haven't seen Kim this happy not even when she was with Josh or Ron, not to mention that synthodrone you and your boss made.) Jim added

"I'm sure."

(Okay, if you say so boss!) The twins said before they quietly signed off


It wasn't everyday that I get to see my twin brothers quiet, no building rockets, no tinkling on things, no tricks or jokes, my brother were just silently sitting at our couch and silently watching a movie. If my parents were here, they would have been rattled by these unsettling facts, so I decided to join them at our living room.

"What's the matter tweebs?" I asked then my eyes focused on what they were watching on TV. My eyes widened as it wasn't their regular show that was now on, instead it was a video feed of me and Shego fighting, "Where did you get that?!" I screamed there's only one source for this…WADE! "Where did you get that?"

My brothers looked at me sullenly, something I wasn't expecting. Usually, when I used this kind of tone on them, my brothers will be at their feet explaining themselves and trying to elude me, but tonight they were just looking, their eyes sad

"We hacked it from Shego's diary." Tim answered

Shego's diary?

"We knew about her and about you…" Jim added then my brothers turned their head to watch the fight scene again, "We really never thought that we'll miss her."

Miss her? "Miss who?"

"KIM!" My brothers suddenly stood from the couch and jumped on me and then they started hugging me, the two were saying something together and I can't understand them

"WAIT!" I screamed and the tweebs stopped, "You two explain to me what this is all about…one by one!"


"Shego! Good to finally see you here…" He was busy with his experiments of who knows what when I entered his laboratory and placed an enveloped on top of his working desk. He took off the mask on his face, raised his face and looked at me, "It's not my birthday Shego, why are you giving me a birthday card?" he asked and I growled at him

"That's not a birthday card Dr. D!" I shout at him

"Oh…" he then looked at the envelope, "Christmas isn't coming yet…"

"And it's not a Christmas card…can you just take it and open my damn letter!" I told him my face wearing a frown I can't believe I'm doing this…God Kimmie…all of these, only for you!

"Can you spare me the excitement and just tell me what's inside? My hands are full Shego…"

I sighed deeply and looked at him seriously, "That's my two weeks notice which started 2 weeks ago." I said

I watched my employer frown as he ponders about my words, "Shego…you're not being clear! Two weeks notice for what?" he asked irritated

God! For a genius…you sure weren't the brightest! "Okay Dr. D I'll spell it out for you, I QUIT!" I yelled "I Q-U-I-T, I QUIT!"

I watched Drakken thought of it and I smiled when it finally sank inside his dense and thick skull, he faced me and suddenly knelt before me, "NO! Shego! Please don't leave me, I'll give you a raise! I'll give you more vacation time just please! Don't leave me Shego!!" he wailed like a child being abandoned by her mother

"Uh-uh Dr. D, I had it with you…plus I need to move on with my life…I…"

"I'll quit villainy just don't stop being my sidekick!!" Dr. D added

"Sorry Dr. D…" his last offer perked my ears, "You…you'll give up on villainy?" I watched him nod his head, "You'll do legal?" I asked with hope in my voice, I get a raise, more vacation days and Dr. D's going legit…am I dreaming because if I am…then please don't let it be a nightmare! "You swear by your momma's name?" I asked knowing that he wouldn't make false promises in her mother's name

"I promise Shego! As a matter of fact, I'm starting my invention!" He said happily as he stood and started gloating, "Jack Hench…"

I frowned, "Wait a minute! Jack Hench is bad news!"

"Oh, not this time, he wants me to make a machine that could increase the production of milk of his cattles, that's what I'm busy about now, and I thought about your suggestion about the coco moo patent and…Jack Hench and I will try to venture on that business…"

And my employer kept ranting about his newest invention as if he was to take over the world…Aren't I the lucky one? Perhaps this needs a celebration with pumpkin!


"Say it again Kim?"

"God Monique I've been played at!" I wailed on the phone over Monique, "The Tweebs told me that they hacked my diary and gave Shego my password and even helped Shego to scheme on me!"


"And not just that, Shego read my list of ideal date and used it on me! Monique! I'm falling in love with my Diary and Shego must be laughing at me right now for being stupid!" I cried harder at the thought of Shego making fun of my emotions to the extent of using it when we faced each other again to fight! God…I fell hard this time!

"Wait GF!" Monique interrupted me

"Monique!" I wailed once again

"You're brother squealed on you, betrayed you and like literally feed you to your enemy…why the heck are they telling you all these now?"


Why are they? I didn't…I didn't hear their words…what they've said before they blurted all out to me…

"Look GF, If I were your brother and I made that huge ruckus, I am not going to tell you about it especially if the deed is not yet finish."

Monique has a point, but this is Shego, "She must have brain washed them and the tweebs were…"

"Too intelligent to be brainwashed, brainwashing is only possible to people who has low IQ's Kim. Another argument please," Monique said

"Wait a minute…" I said sniffing, "Why do I sense that you're taking Shego's side?"

"Because you're not thinking about this things through, you're going along with your hurt feelings!"

"Because Shego hurt my feelings Monique! She made me believe that she's who and what I need! She made me feel gaga over her! She made me fall for her! And all of these were just a lie Mo! A lie!" I screamed over the phone


"I know I'm not on your shoes Kim, but you should talk to her and tell her about it…"

"What's to talk about?" I said dejectedly

"Lots Kim, I've never seen you so happy in the times we've been together compared to the last week you were with Shego. Your eyes never sparkled that bright when I mentioned Josh, Eric or Ron compared to when I say Shego's name…maybe she lied, maybe she used the diary…but if I just wanted to make fun of you, I won't go to that length unless there's something else…something deeper…"


"She should have just come to me as she is…no mask, no pretensions, no deceptions, just her Monique…"

Silence between us again

"Think about this Kim…will you accept her as she is?"

Will I?


"Good evening Mrs. Dr. Possible…" I greeted as the older red head opened the door to their house. I was so nervous doing this, coming to Kim's house, facing her parents with these bouquets in my arms, showing them the vulnerability in Shego

"Why…good evening, Shego," Kim's mother returned my greetings and I handed her one of the bouquets,

"For you, sorry I have no chocolates with me to go along with, this is some kind of a…" I smiled nervously and had my hand scratch my head once it was liberated from the flower, "…spontaneous thing," I said

Mrs. Possible smiled at me and stepped aside to let me in and just as I've come in, two identical boys came bounding from the stairs and slammed their bodies to me

"Boys!" Mr. Dr. Possible shouts at the twins, he was following the two excited boys

"We missed you…" Tim said

"Yeah, we heard Dr. Drakken go legit!" Jim added and I nodded at the news

Mr. and Mrs. Possible were looking at their sons, "I didn't know that you're close with my boys," Mr. Possible said smiling at me and then he reached out to shake my free hand, "James Possible, Kimmie-cub's father." He introduced himself

I reached for his hand and smiled back, "Shego…"

"Oh, we know who you are, please sit!" He said then he led me to their living room as Kim's mom closed their door

"Oh dear, I think Shego here is looking for Kim," Mrs. Possible said and then looked at me, "She's been in her room the whole day, we have no idea why but she wouldn't come out, she missed dinner as well, we were asking her to come with us at the concert but she declined,"

Mrs. Possible's account of Kim's action for the whole day was accompanied by guilty looks from Jim and Tim and from the way they looked at me, I already got the idea that the two slipped and told them about our heist. I nodded my head not in agreement with Mrs. Possible or telling her that I understood but nodded for the twins to know that I got their message.

The twins smiled at me before the two suddenly stepped closer to me and hugged me, "Please don't make Kim kill us," Jim whispered

"We promise to do anything you want for free if you get us out of this alive," Tim added

And that was the reason for their sudden hugs

"Actually I was thinking of calling Monique so she could keep Kim company 'till we arrive but since Shego is here…" Mrs. Possible said

"Wait…you're leaving Kim alone with me? As in me Shego…"

"Aren't you a reformed woman now? You helped Kimmie-cub stopped those aliens before right?" Mr. Possible asked and all I can do was nod my head in affirmation, "So what's the big deal? I'd rather leave my Kimmie to an ex-villain than any boys in town!" he said smiling

Oh…that's why

"And it's so sweet of you to bring me flower!" Mrs. Possible added


"We'll leave now and you can just get Kim upstairs, and don't forget to lock the front doors so that you two will be safe." Mr. Possible said before he led his family out of their house and I on the other hand went up to face Kim…nervously


The two Dr. Possibles frowned when they heard loud banging noises outside just before they boarded their car. It sounds like some breakable figurines have been tossed at someone or something angrily

"Are you sure we did the right thing to leave Shego with Kim right now?" Mrs. Dr. Possible asked her husband

"Of course, there's no way they can patch whatever rip it is between them if we won't let them sort it out themselves," He replied then the two older Possibles looked at their guilty looking sons, "And for the two of you…"

"We were kidnapped and there's no way for us to get out of it!" Tim said

"And Shego did make Kim Happy!" Jim added

"You two might have a good reasons but still, there's punishment for selling out your sister!" Mrs. Dr. Possible said

The tweeb's brows and eyelids twitched at the evil smile their parents were giving them, "What…punishment?"

"Oh…you'll just spend your night and your whole week with your Aunt Gertrude." James Possible said before he activated the child lock of their car and the two boys started screaming…HELP


Having a superb Martial Art skills were really useful on many occasions and tonight's just one of them. I kept on dodging all things Kim was able to get a hold and threw at me causing it to slam at her wall and door, the debris from it flying everywhere near me, some hits my face and neck causing some bleeding…but this was nothing compared to how hurt Kim was

I could see and feel her and my heart is breaking for doing this to that one woman I adored, I cherished, I respected and loved the most

"Get out of my room! I hate you Shego!" she screamed as she found another breakable figurine and threw it at me

"I'm not getting out here without explaining!" I screamed back and dodge the flying figurine

"I don't want you're explanation!"

"Yes you do!" I screamed

She stopped throwing things and I sighed in relief, "Why would I want an explanation from a liar like you?" She asked. Her eyes swollen, congested and teary, her face red from anger, she was panting from the exertion of grabbing and throwing things at me, she was tired of the emotional roller coaster she was in…and I am here standing watching her, wanting to step closer and hold her in my arms…but will she let me? "You lied to me Shego, you made me believe that what you did were real…"

"They were Kimmie…"

"You're even lying right now!" She screamed at me again, "You were doing what was in my diary and that wasn't real!"


"And you made me fall for you…you made me think that you're the only person who understood me…"

"But I do pumpkin! I do understand you…"

"You do? Then why do you have to lie Shego if you do understand me? Why did you pretend to be what the diary says if you do?"

What can I answer her? I have no idea why I did it myself…except that the idea was tempting…and I needed her badly…maybe I should just tell Kim everything…tell her about my real feelings…the one I've been hiding for long, "Be…because I need you…"

My head was bowed down and my eyes were locked on the floor where I'm standing, I can't see what Princess is doing now…if she decides to hit me, there's no way for me to dodge…but it's okay…I really deserved it, "What?" she asked but I guess I didn't hear her

So I went on, "I'm already out of ideas how to be near you, I wanted you for so long…I've been in love with you for so long but I know that I'm not what you wanted…I know you're straight and all…" I stopped and waited for any words from her but there was none so I continued, "I know you like guys, and you like good guys like Ron…you even fell in love with the goody synthodrone Drakken built…So what was my chance of having you?" I slump my shoulders as the burden kept on becoming heavier on my shoulders, "I'm a girl, a villain, evil with a capital E and to top it all? A freak of nature who can spew fire at will…I know I don't have much chance…and the opportunity came and…

"You're not a freak." I heard

"And I'm not a freak…." I frowned and then I raised my head to see Kim looking at me with a frown, "Kim…sorry…I…"

I watched her stepped closer to me, "You know I enjoyed every day of the last one week?" She asked me and I can't even answer her, I stepped back as she stepped closer to me afraid that she might just hit me on my face…and though there's no electrical tower here, going through her wall was not something I'll regard as a lucky break, "You know you made me feel things I've never felt before…" she stepped closer again and I once again stepped back, "But all those things you did were all a set up…" she stepped closer again and I felt the wall when I stepped back and away from her

"I…I'm sorry Kim, I know that all the things I did were not real, they weren't me…but the feelings behind every action was all me. Maybe I used your diary…Maybe I needed a boost or didn't played fair, but everything I've said back then…they weren't rehearsed, they all came here…" I said then pointed at my chest, "The actions I made, the gestures were all me…"

I could feel a tear run down my face

"The perfume, the flower, the cuddle buddies, the ride…they were all patterned to your diary…maybe not the motor ride as you didn't specifically wrote it, but the idea and all that I've said, the intentions and the emotions behind all of it were true." I said then I sighed deeper, "I'm sorry…I…" I looked at the door that was a bit ajar, "I know I really am not worthy of you…I…I'll leave you alone and I won't bother you anymore…and you don't have to worry about Drakken too." I said as I wiped my tears with my arms, I was about to turn and walk out of the door when I felt a hand stopped my advance

"And you expect me to let you go after saying all those things?" Kim said so I turned my head to look at her


"You think I'll let you walked out of my life after making me this gaga all over you? After making me want you…need you?" she asked again


"Didn't you hear anything I've said? I fell in love with you…and you think that I'll just let you steal my heart away from me?" She finally said stepping closer, she pulled me to her and her lips caught mine


Shego is in love with me… she wants me and needs me just like I want and need her. She cried for me…she cried…and I could taste her tears, I pulled away form her and looked at her teary eyes…well my vision was bleary as I was crying too…I raised my hand and wiped her tears with my thumbs, "I love you Shego…"

She didn't reply instead she pulled me closer to her and embraced me, her face buried at the crook of my neck and I heard her sobbed. I raised my arms and massage her back as I let her pour herself out

"I longed to hear those words from you Kimmie…I really do…"


"You owe me another bouquet Shego…you ruined mine…" I said to lighten the mood, and then I pushed her away from me a bit so that I can look at her tear stained face, "Crying doesn't do you justice!" I teased and she smiled at me…

And it was funny that at this moment, she became the shy woman and I was the one teasing her. I leaned again and caught her lips in mine.

We were deep in our kiss as I pulled her away from the wall and near my bed, I move so that Shego's back was now at my bed and then I pushed her lightly towards my bed and I hovered above her

"Kimmie…" she said as she looked me in the eye, green met green

"Will you be mine Shego?" And her nodding head was the only answer and I dove down once again. My hands started roaming on her body, "I want you Shego, I need you..."

She raised her hands towards me and slid my top off me revealing my bra clad chest. She was now looking at me, inspecting me, "You're much beautiful in person than in my dreams pumpkin," she said hoarsely as she propped herself on her elbow and her lips caught my exposed neck, "I'm yours Kimmie…all yours…" she said

I smiled then I pushed her on her back once again and I started stripping her clothes off her. I was dumbstruck as her naked body was presented to me. Everything I imagined about Shego was just that…perfect…alluring…beautiful. And as I lavished with her beauty, I started removing the remaining articles of clothing on me, and after removing the last, I straddled her thighs, "You're so beautiful Shego…" I whispered before I leaned down to capture her lips.

Moans of pleasure resonated inside my room, thankful that there was no one but us; I felt her hands clasped my buttocks and it started massaging it causing me to gasp at the delightful sensation. I freed her lips and my tongue ran down her supple neck, tasting her there until it goes lower and found one hardened greenish nipple. I heard her call my name, her voice trembling…and I caught that nipple in my mouth as one of my hands traveled to the lonely one and started making hard pressure on it. The action brought Shego's hands to clenched my butt with her hands and her body arch towards me, presenting me more of her…my mouth made pressurized, hard movements and I made a popping sound as I released the nipple and paid homage to her other one

"Kimmie…please…Kimmie…" Shego begged; I have an idea what she wants…how about her? Does she have any idea what she wants?

I pulled away from her chest and looked at her sweaty and tear stained face, "Are you sure?" I asked and Shego nodded her head

I smiled at her and kissed her lips as I let my hand travel down to her wet center, I motioned my hand so that she parted her legs and I placed my hand over her waiting, aching center….and slowly I slid inside her, I felt her gasp at the intrusion and her walls contracted around my fingers, my thumb wanders around and found that nub that made Shego's hips thrust towards my invading fingers. I let her relax and made her feel comfortable before I started thrusting my fingers in and out of her wet center, my thumb unrelenting and playing with her bundle of nerves, and soon my fingers and her hips thrusts in rhythm, harder, faster until she cried from orgasm…after orgasm…after orgasm

We were so spent when I released my hands from her

I was lying over her and her arms were around me, she pulled the cover over us as we decided to rest for a while

I was about to be taken into dreamland when suddenly I felt hands on my breast, kneading, massaging, playing with my now erect nipples, "Shego?"

"It's my turn…you're not going to sleep on me are you?" She asked, I looked at her and smiled when I saw her grinning at me, that mischievous eyes looking at me as she kept her actions

"How about a bet?" I asked

"Okay…what's the bet about and the prize?"

I smiled at my ex-thief, "I made you come three times…if you could top that then you win…"

"And my prize?"


"You can do anything you want next time?" I said smiling

"You're on!"

2 hours later…Shego grinned at me

"It's unfair…you have that plasma surge with you!" I said indignantly after every pant

"That's 5 princess, 5 orgasms if you could count that high!"



"So what's on your second list on your date's do's and don'ts?"

"Didn't you read it?"

"Nope, I stopped with three…thought it wasn't fair to both of us,"

"Well kiss I want a man…I mean a woman kiss who can be bad all she wants, kiss who can be rude at times kiss and yet good at heart, you know someone who do good deeds to other despite their rough exterior kiss."

"Aren't you describing me?"

"Of course not!"


"Does supporting a little league team get a point?"

"kisssssss, is that good enough?"

"And what's number one?"



"I love you Kim."

"I love you Shego."

end again-

"Let me see…"

"No James, we need to rest now…you don't want to go in I promise…"


"I'm going to have that black hole talk with Shego tomorrow when they get up."

"Isn't that my line?"

"Yes…but we're not dealing with boys anymore."

"You're one scary mother aren't you?"

"Just learned from the best!"