This is set sometime after School Reunion.

I do not own doctor who… yet.

Mickey's POV.

I don't really know what I expected. Oh, I knew there'd be aliens and we'd be going to whole other planets. With danger. Adventure. And so much space.

But – those two; what's there relationship? He's an alien. She's a human from the Powel Estate. She's his companion… his friend, but no – they're too close for that. She once told me he wasn't her boyfriend – he was so much more than that.

They aren't just friends… that's impossible to think just by looking at them together. Best friends, definitely. But there's somethin' else there too.

"Oh no, no, no, no," the Doctor backed away, hands up in front of him. He was trying to look firm but the smile gave him away I think.

Rose was grinning all over, a pair of washing up gloves in her hands, edging ever more further to the Doctor. "Oh, no. It's your turn and you are so not getting away with it this time."

"You – you're turning me domestic!" the Doctor stuttered, his eyes wide, but mouth still failing to keep in line with his tone. "I don't do domestic."

Rose simply edged closer as he backed away, chasing him round the console as he backed off and she edged nearer. I stood to the side, watching them, feeling a little bit left out. The spare part I was.

The Doctor and Rose were laughing. I smiled at them. It was good they had each other. Good the Doctor made Rose smile too. She certainly didn't need me anymore. She had the Doctor and they obviously cared a lot about each other. I'd go on one trip I decided, and then I'd go. Sometimes, after all… three's a crowd.


It wasn't until a while later... after the clockwork men… after France… after Reniette…

When Rose's head was perched on my shoulder.

The Doctor had withdrawn himself, and so had Rose.

I realised.

Sometimes, when times got tough, and the Doctor couldn't be there... 'Cause he was venerable… 'cause he had things on his mind… it's then, that I realised, that maybe…

Maybe, just sometimes, she did need me.

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