Emmett stood very still at the table and looked across.

"Do you smell the blood coming from the other room?" He began quietly. "Can you feel the blood pulsating through each vein?"

Emmett looked through the kitchen at Bella sitting on the couch. His hands clenched.

"You have to be very careful, you go to her unsuspectingly, look at the skin, feel the heat, and wait…"

Emmett sighed. It was going to take more than one lesson; it was going to take at least several.

"Ok buddy, were the same kind, I'm just more evolved than you are, but you have to listen to me on this…"

Emmett's eyes implored his friend.

"Let the scent find you, when it does, make sure you look around, so many of your kind get so blood hungry that you go for the obvious places, you need to find the place that's unsuspecting, something that you can get what you want and get out of there before they find you…" Emmett brows furrowed, he knew life was unfair for his friend.

"Be unsuspecting, but you need to fulfill your needs too, if you listen to me, I can give you more…"

"Remember; let the scent find you..." He trailed off. He poked his head up again to make sure Bella was still in the same place watching the movie with Edward.

"Ok, she's still there, she's your best bet, she has some good blood, just make sure you stay on this side…" Emmett motioned the left side of Bella.


He shot his head up to look at Edward.

"Leave that mosquito alone, and stop trying to make it bite Bella"

Emmett sighed. "Sorry buddy, we've been caught."