By Axel Ingleson

Born in autumn's fiery glimmer

As her father's chakrams shimmered

Hidden by protective charm

To stop Nobodies doing harm

To her she lived for many years

Without heart, or love or fears.

A proud Nobody was her sire

Mage of chakrams and of fire

His secret child ere unseen

By Organization XIII

To keep her from their wicked ways

And keep happy her heartless days.

So Kajiko remained secret

And her father had no regrets

About keeping her alone

Until a new King took the throne

In dark Castle Oblivion

And of survivors there was one.

That lone survivor was her dad

The only hope she'd ever had

And also she had, too, survived

Though no one knew she was alive

She wielded chakrams like her father

Fiery Kajiko; Axel's daughter.