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Two's a Crowd: The Blood Stone

Harry growled deeply as he mounted his broom and flew up so that he was level with Malfoy. He confidently stood up, balancing easily, and in the process drawing several of his cards from their hiding places and into his hands, showing them to Malfoy threateningly, "Give back what you took or I'll start slicing off body parts."

"You wouldn't dareā€¦and you can't hurt me with some playing cards," Malfoy retorted, but he was unsure about what he had said, he could see the determination in Harry's eyes and saw that the sunlight glinted eerily off the cards.

"Malfoy, I'm standing on top of a broom at least fifty feet off the ground and you're telling me I wouldn't dare hurt you?" Harry responded incredulously, "Also, these aren't just your regular cards, or even the ones used to play Exploding Snap with, I can throw one of these into a wall in the castle and they would embed at least half of its length through it! I'll say it one last time, give me what you took."

Malfoy gritted his teeth in anger before holding up the orb, "Catch," he threw the orb as far up as he could before shooting back towards the ground.

Harry growled as he shot off after the orb, throwing a card in Malfoy's direction; he smirked as he heard Malfoy cry out in pain. 'Serves him right, the little snot.'