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Forget Me Not

It's been 5 years since Morgan ended things with Hunter. Their own separate destinies were taking its toll on their relationship, they were hardly spending time with one another and it wasn't fair for them to hold each other back. Hunter wasn't willing to let Morgan go but he knew that ultimately she was right. But fate keeps intervening, after promising each other not to see each other again they end up walking back into each others lives and realise the enormity of their mistake but will it ever work out?

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Don't lose faith!!

"I missed you," Hunter planted a kiss on the tip of Morgan's nose as she climbed into bed and snuggled up to her husband as close as she could, "I missed you too," he said planting a kiss on Morgan's swollen stomach.

Morgan smiled, "I only went to the toilet," she said, "She likes playing soccer with my bladder"

It had been almost two years since Morgan and Hunter were reunited, and now Morgan was a full 9 months pregnant with baby Moira and was due over a week ago. Morgan was now a fully qualified Doctor with a decent Job at the New York General Hospital with Doctor Dawson as her mentor; she had begun some work with the Charter using her healing abilities. She'd also begun training as a high priestess and is expecting to go through the Great Trial.

Hunter had set up the Charter's head quarters in New York and was based there, only needing to travel for meetings one weekend a month or in dire emergencies.

"She's going to be a handful," Hunter said stroking the bump, "I can tell,"

"How so?" Morgan asked

Hunter cracked a smile, "Well just look at her mother,"

Morgan playfully swatted him, Hunter chuckled and pulled Morgan closer to him being very careful of the unborn child between them and his kissed his wife lovingly, "I've wanted this for so long," he breathed, "I can't believe how lucky I am"

"I can't believe it either," Morgan smiled, she placed her hands on top of Hunter's which were resting on her bump, "That's our baby in there, Hunter, our daughter" she watched their hands entwined together stroking her skin and then she giggled, "Did you feel that?" she asked, Hunter nodded with a smile, "she moved,"

"She's also a fidget bum just like her mother," Hunter grinned and he nodded his head forward so that his forehead was touching hers

"I wish she'd hurry up," Morgan said, "I can't wait to meet her,"

"You've made such a nice home for her in there she don't want to come out" Hunter smile

"Don't give me that rubbish," Morgan stuck out her tongue

"Its not rubbish, it a good look for you, Morgan" Hunter smiled

"What being pregnant?" Morgan chuckled, "I'm like a beach whale, my ankles are like tree trunks, I have to pee every two seconds, and I have no idea what to do about these!" she said pointing to her breasts that had grown at least 3 cup sizes due to the pregnancy,

"You are glowing," Hunter assured her, "You are a goddess… and you are very wet…" he pulled back the down comforter to reveal a large wet patch on the bed sheets between Morgan's legs

Morgan sat up, "My waters have broke!" she cried

Hunter lunged for the phone and punch in the number of an old friend of theirs, Bethany Malone; she too was now working with the Charter and had agreed to be Morgan's midwife.

Luckily for them she was still in the city and would be there within 20 minutes, Bethany lived upstate and it would have taken her over an hour to get to them. She told Hunter over the phone that she was on her way and to make sure Morgan was sat up and kept comfortable.

"Have the contractions started yet?" Bethany asked him

Hunter looked over at Morgan who shook her head knowing the question he was being asked, "No I don't think so, not yet,"

"Then we'll have plenty of time, just keep her relaxed and I'll be there soon," With that she rang off

Hunter plumped up all the pillows and placed them all behind Morgan trying his best to make her as comfortable as he possibly could.

Morgan took her husbands hand in hers, "I love you" she said

Hunter smiled and leaned over and kissed her forehead, "I love you too" but he was then startled when she cried out in pain

"My first contraction!" Morgan cried

About 17 hours later Morgan was now sat up in clean bed sheets looking down at the tiny child in her arms, and she was beaming. It was hard to tear her eyes away, even to smile up at her husband who was sat on the bed beside her, he flashed her a smile back and kissed her forehead, Bethany Malone was stood at the foot of the pair grinning at them both, "Congratulations," she said, "She's beautiful"

"Thank you, Bethany," Hunter replied

"Here you go, daddy," Morgan said moving slightly to pass their daughter over to Hunter to hold her for the very first time; he cradled the baby so delicately afraid to hurt her in any way.

The doorbell rang, Morgan automatically cast out her senses she knew the baby welcoming tribe were here, "Allow me," Bethany said and headed downstairs to answer the front door

Morgan relaxed back into the pillows and let out a long yawn just as Bethany returned with Morgan's parents, Mary Grace and Sean Rowlands, and her little sister Mary K, and Bree and Robbie.

"Oh my God! she's gorgeous!" Mary K cried, everyone crowded around Hunter who was holding his new born daughter

"Congratulations you guys she's beautiful" Robbie smiled

"So what are you going to call her?" Mary Grace asked

"Moira," Morgan said softly

"That's beautiful," Mary Grace said, "May I?" she asked holding her arms out

Hunter smiled, "Of course," he carefully handed Moira to his mother in law and sunk back onto the bed and put his arm around Morgan's shoulder and she rested her head on his chest as they watched their friends and family pass their baby around,

Both Morgan and Hunter felt Sky, Alwyn and Daniel at the door but they let themselves in, "Where's my little grand daughter?" Daniel asked when he entered the bedroom.

Bree was holding her at the time; with happy tears rolling down her cheeks, "Here she is Mr. Niall" she passed Moira to her beaming grandfather

"I can't believe I could have miss this" His struggled to contain the obvious lump in his throat, Hunter and Morgan knew he could have meant two things, the first being when he and his late wife Fiona, Hunter's mother, left home years ago leaving Hunter and his siblings behind to protect them from the dark forces that were after them, only Daniel Niall survived, but barely, he'd attempted suicide and was in pretty bad shape when Hunter found him, the second thing was Hunter and Morgan themselves, if they continued to live without each other then non of them would have been blessed with this beautiful child in their lives. But, Morgan knew, this was fate, destiny, something you can't run away from no matter how hard you try.

For the next 3 or 4 hours, visitors continued to show up to see the new child, including Harvey and the members of Kithic, close work colleagues, Alyce had come bringing with her some old friends who used to work for the ICOW but now worked in the Ireland head quarters of the New Charter, Erin Murphy and Eoife McNabb.

But the visitors soon got the hint that they should leave the new family be when they looked over and saw Morgan fast asleep. Sheepishly they handed back the baby to the new father and quietly left.

Hunter cradled his daughter in his arms, and looked over to the bed where Morgan was slumped over to the side in a half sitting, half slouching sleeping position on the bed, and he smiled broadly at her, she became more beautiful everyday to him and it still bewildered him how that was even possible.

"We did it, Morgan," he whispered and then looked down at the sleeping child in his arms who was fidgeting and trying to open her eyes, he chuckled to himself, "You are a fidget bum, just like your mother," he said sweetly and looked over at his wife who was fidgeting in her sleep right at that moment. The child stretched and slowly opened her eyes, and it was the first time father and daughter gazed into each others eyes, both mesmerised by one another. "You have one green eye one blue" he said and also noted that in her blue eye, which was the left eye, there was a thin streak of brown, the same colour as Morgan's eyes.

He cast his senses out to Moira and immediately felt the strong connection between them, how much Moira instinctively loved him and felt safe with him.

"You're perfect" Hunter said, still in disbelief that this tiny child in his arms was his daughter; he was the father of Morgan's child, he was somebody's Da now, "I'm going to protect you and always keep you safe" he promised, "And I will never, ever leave you, ever!" he made the promise knowing he would never want his daughter to go through what he and his siblings did when they were growing up, and never would he want to leave his perfect creation, "I love you so much" he lightly stroked Moira's cheek with a finger. Moira's head had a thin layer of light hair, she was going to be a blonde like himself, and her green eye was the same colour as his own eyes, he noted that she also had his nose but everything else about her head, the shape of it, her rosy cheeks, her tiny ears were all Morgan.

As Moira fidgeted some more he noticed the tiny birthmark, same as the one he and Morgan shared, the Woodbane athame, on the right side of her neck, it looked like his baby daughter had a tattoo.

He was so fixated on his daughter he didn't notice Morgan had woken and was watching him with a smile as he spoke to the child about plans for the future.

"…and when you're 16 and come home with your first boyfriend, don't get mad with me or embarrassed when I interrogate him, it's my job as your father to do that…"

Morgan couldn't contain her giggle, Hunter turned from where he stood and smiled at his wife, "Heard some of that did you?"

Morgan nodded, "Come over here," she said softly, Hunter carried himself and Moira over to the bed and sat gently beside his wife and handed over the tiny baby over to her mother.

"Look at us, all grown up" Morgan said, Hunter kissed Morgan on the lips softly and careful of the child between them

"We should get some sleep too," Hunter said now that Moira had fallen to sleep

"I don't want to take my eyes away from her," Morgan beamed

"I know, it's very hard," Hunter agreed, he rose and took the child back and walked over to the other side of the bedroom where the crib was placed temporarily and gently laid her to rest.

He climbed back into bed, clicked off the light and snuggled in behind Morgan wrapping his arms around her and pulled himself as close to her as possible.

"Good Night my love," Hunter breathed into her ear and kissed her lovingly on her neck

Morgan allowed the blissful sigh escape her lips, "Good night,"