By Andie O'Neill

Summary: When Nathan Stark and Jack Carter are trapped in rubble after an explosion at GD, they will have to put issues aside as they try to survive until help arrives.

Genre: Friendship/Humor

Disclaimer: I don't own Eureka or any of the characters… I just wanna borrow them for a sec!

A/N: Thanks for all the reviews guys! Now enjoy Part Two! Glad you guys liked it! ;)

Part Two

Nathan smiled, looking down at the Sheriff, unable to hide his amusement. "… Sheriff Carter, you never cease to amaze me," he said, shaking his head.

Carter chuckled, which he immediately seemed to regret as he winced in pain. "I'll admit that wasn't one of my… finer moments."

"No, I would think not," Nathan agreed, unable to wipe the smile from his face. It'd been almost an hour since the explosion that had trapped the would-be enemies in their little pocket prison. They'd done what they could to pass the time, trading stories and occasionally insulting each other just for the heck of it. During that time the impossible had happened… Stark and Carter were actually getting along. "At least you got to keep her autograph," he joked, making Carter laugh.

The Sheriff groaned in pain as his laughter agitated his injures. He grunted, trying to keep from crying out, his eyes closing tight.

"Easy Sheriff… you okay?" he questioned, moving to his side.

"No… the pain, it's getting worse. Much worse," Carter told him, before relaxing once more, taking a shaking breath. "I don't have much time left."

"Zoe wouldn't wanna hear you talk like that," Stark reminded him, hoping his daughter might be motivation enough to keep the Sheriff going.

Carter grabbed Nathan's arm. "Look Stark… if I don't make it-"

"No… don't talk like that. They'll find a way to get us outta here," Nathan interrupted. He wasn't quite ready to let the Sheriff die. Whatever issues the two had were always put aside in life or death situations, because in the end although they may not have always seen eye to eye, they did value each other. Stark knew how much the Sheriff meant to the town… including Allison.

"Tell her I love her-"

"Carter," Nathan fought.

"Please Stark! I just want her to know! If I don't make it out of here-"

"She knows, Sheriff," Stark assured him, without hesitation.

Carter frowned, looking away. "I gotta say, I'm surprised at you, Stark. I mean… we're supposed to hate each other."

Nathan sighed, sitting back next to the Sheriff. "I know we have our issues, Carter, but I see the good you've done for this town. With everything that's gone wrong in this place… you've always found a way to make things right. I've come to trust your judgment, even when I was sure you'd lost it… more than usual," Stark smiled. "This town needs you. Zoe needs you."

Carter was quiet for quite some time before he snorted. "Who ever thought you and I would actually be getting along?"

"Don't get used to it," Nathan joked.

The Sheriff snorted, and then winced. They sat in quiet for a minute before Carter spoke once more. "In two weeks… there's gonna be a Yankee game. I invited Allison, Kevin, Vince, Fargo, Jo, Taggart, Zane, and a few others. If you want… you could come, might even enjoy yourself."

"Baseball?" Stark questioned, not quite so sure it was his idea of fun.

The Sheriff rolled his eyes. "You don't have to come… it was just an invitation-"

"Sure Carter, I'd uh… be happy to come," Nathan answered, touched by the invitation, though he'd never let Carter know it. "Sounds like… fun."

Jack smiled up at him, nodding. "Great… now I just gotta get out of here alive."

"At least I'm here," Stark told him with an almost suspicious smirk.

The Sheriff frowned at that, looking suddenly disturbed. "Yeah… I'm screwed."

Nathan smiled.

"Report!" said Allison, a little gruff. She was worried about Stark and Carter, and everyone understood her mood.

Fargo looked up from his computer. "We're setting up Henry's device now, but it may take a minute for the pulse to charge. We'll need a half an hour at most," he told her.

"Nathan and Carter may not have a half an hour!" Allison protested.

Fargo sighed, looking around at the destruction and devastation that Doctor Calvin's little 'test' had made. "It's all we've got, Doctor Blake."

Allison folded her arms, looking at the rubble of almost three floors of GD. The DOD would not be happy, but she would worry about that later. All she cared about at the moment was getting out Nathan and Carter. She wouldn't let them down. When she felt a hand on her shoulder she immediately turned around to see Deputy Jo Lupo with a nice steaming cup of coffee. "I thought you might need this," Lupo told her, handing her the cup.

Allison smiled at her gratefully. "Thanks," she said, taking a sip.

Jo looked over at Fargo who was typing furiously on his computer. Zane was nearby fighting with another scientist as they all worked together to set up Henry's device. "Any news?"

Allison sighed. "They're setting up Henry's little device, but it'll be a half an hour before it's completely charged. I just hope they're okay," she admitted.

Lupo smiled. "They'll be fine. Their both tough. Carter's too stubborn to die," she joked.

Allison laughed at that. "I think the same could be said for Nathan. I suppose it's what they have in common." It seemed ironic that the two would be equally stubborn when it was just that shared quality that kept them as enemies.

"Come on, Sheriff… stay with me," shouted Nathan as he shook Carter awake for the twentieth time. He wasn't sure how much longer the man could hold out. His injuries were severe, and without treatment Stark knew he wouldn't last much longer.

"You can call me Jack, ya know," Carter told him, his eyes fluttering open and closed.


"Jack… it's my name. Call me Jack," he told him with a faint smile. The smile was tainted with the pain Stark could see in his eyes. He was fading fast and Nathan was praying help came soon.

"In that case… call me Nathan," he told him with a small smirk.

"I think I can do that," Carter told him, his voice barely above a whisper. "Hey Nathan?"

Stark looked down at the Sheriff. "Yeah?"

"Thanks… for getting me through this," he told him.

They stared at each other for a second as Nathan realized just how much their relationship had changed in the small amount of time they'd been trapped. Finally Stark looked away. "What are friends for?" he finally asked.

"Friends?" questioned Carter.

Stark turned back to him, and gave a stern nod. "Friends," he assured him, offering him his hand.

Jack took it and shook. "Friends," Jack agreed weakly before his hand fell limp.

Nathan felt his heart race as he saw that Carter had passed out. "Jack?! Carter!" he shouted, shaking the man, but he was out. Stark could see he was still breathing, but just barely. 'Come on, Allison! Hurry,' he thought to himself.

"We're ready, Ms. Thorne," reported Fargo as she came to check on his progress.

"Then by all means, please," said Eva Thorne calmly while the rescue crews stood ready.

Allison stood by her side, more nervous than she ever remembered being. She didn't want Henry's machine to work only to learn they were too late, and somehow the feeling that that would be the case was growing with each passing second. She watched as Zane pushed a few buttons on his computer and nodded toward Fargo who then immediately turned on the device. Suddenly everything began to shake as they watched debris drift to the side, Henry's machine which looked suspiciously like a ray gun, was working. "Oh my god," she whispered as the rubble began to separate revealing the damage done to GD. Dust surrounded them, but through the dust Allison could finally make out two bodies and her heart was suddenly beating a mile a minute. One lay on the floor, his still form scared Allison far more than she ever would have thought, while the other lay over him, shielding him from the dust and rubble being lifted away. "Nathan!" she called, coughing.

Nathan looked up, shielding his eyes. "He's hurt badly, Ally!" he shouted back.

"It worked!" shouted Fargo excitedly.

"Was there ever any doubt?" asked Zane with his usual smug smirk.

"Good work, gentlemen!" said Thorne as she moved out of the way so the rescue workers could get to Stark and Carter.

Allison moved as close as she dared as the crews reached Nathan and the Sheriff. They were covered in debris, and she could see Carter was a bloody mess as Nathan hesitantly moved off the man to let the rescue crew do their job. They immediately got Carter on a gurney while Stark got up, walking beside the fallen Sheriff. She could see the worry in Nathan's eyes and suddenly she couldn't breathe. Minutes later the crew had left the danger area and Fargo and Zane immediately got to work again as they separated more and more debris in the hopes of finding Doctor Calvin. In the end all they found was a mangled body that made Blake sick to her stomach as she turned away.

"I want to stay with Carter!" Nathan told the rescue worker calmly. "He's going to be okay, isn't he?"

"You did a good job keeping him alive, Doctor Stark. He should make it, but we need to get him to the infirmary."

"I'm coming with you!" Nathan insisted, worried for the Sheriff.

"Doctor Stark, let us do our jobs. The Sheriff will be just fine."

Nathan was about to argue further when he heard a familiar voice. "Nathan?"

Nathan turned around to see Allison Blake, looking a mixture of worry and relief. He immediately pulled her into his arms, happy to see she was okay. "I'm okay… I'm okay," he assured her.

"I thought I'd lost you there for a minute," she told him, holding him just as tight.

"He's awake!" someone shouted from behind him and Nathan immediately pulled out of the hug as two Doctors pushed Jack back down. "You've broken your leg, Sheriff, and we believe there's internal bleeding. We need to get you into surgery."

"Nathan? Where's Nathan?" Jack asked, almost panicking.

Nathan rushed to his side, Allison right beside him as he rested a hand on Carter's shoulder. "It's okay, Jack… you have to go. The Doctor's gonna take good care of you."

The Sheriff nodded, smiling weakly. "What about you?"

Stark shook his head. "Just a few bumps and bruises. I'll live," he assured Carter, unaware of the curious look Allison was giving him. "Told you we'd make it outta there."

Jack rolled his eyes. "Okay genius, promise not to doubt you ever again," he replied sarcastically, his voice rough from the stress his body was enduring.

Nathan knew Allison expected some snide remark, and perhaps normally he would have done so, but after what he'd just been through, he didn't have it in him. He simply squeezed Jack's shoulder. "Hey… it comes with the ego," he joked. His hand slipped from Carter's shoulder as the crews began taking care of the Sheriff, and prepping him for immediate surgery. Nathan pulled Allison into his arms, watching Jack's gurney fade away as others ran back and forth, mostly clean up crews.

"Think he'll be okay?" questioned Allison, worried.

Nathan smiled, kissing her forehead. "Yeah… he'll be fine." And somehow, Nathan knew he was right.

"Oh yeah! Good play! Good play!" shouted Carter with enthusiasm as he took a sip of his beer.

Allison was sitting with Jo and Zoe, all three women laughing and talking, completely ignoring the game. Zane was sitting on one of the chairs arguing with Fargo on who would win. Taggart and Vince were having a discussion on animals and which ones taste better. Jack rolled his eyes, suddenly wishing he wasn't in a town full of genius. His buddies back in California would have kicked back with him, drunk a few beers, and relaxed as he was trying to do. Kevin was ignoring everyone completely as he lay on the floor drawing what looked to be a baseball field… close enough.

It hadn't been long since the unfortunate accident that had almost killed him, but he'd managed to walk away alive… or rather rolled away. His leg had indeed been broken, in three places, and they'd put on a cast. He'd also broken four ribs, which was a bit of a pain, but he was managing. He'd had a bad concussion, but the headaches weren't too bad anymore. He'd also managed to dislocate his shoulder, which had been fun. Jack wasn't sure how he'd survived, but he knew he probably wouldn't have if not for Nathan. Stark had visited him during his recovery almost every day. Their once bitter back and forth had been replaced with a far lighter teasing and Jack liked it. As much as it sucked that Nathan and Allison were getting married, at least he now had found some sort of peace with things. His feelings for Allison were still there, but if he was going to lose her to anyone, he was okay with it being to Nathan Stark. They were, after all… his friends.

"Sheriff Carter, Doctor Nathan Stark has finally arrived," S.A.R.A.H. announced.

Jack smiled. "Let him in, S.A.R.A.H.!" he told her and watched the door open to reveal Nathan.

Nathan walked inside, looking slightly awkward. Instead of his usual suit and tie, he wore jeans, and a black button down shirt. "Sorry I'm late."

Jack handed him a beer and scooted over so Nathan could join him. "You didn't miss much."

Nathan nodded. The two watched the game, sipping their beers as Jo and Allison stared at them, both amused. "Okay seriously… tell me this is just the concussion," said Jo.

"Well, they were hit pretty hard by all that rubble. Could be a viable explanation," replied Allison.

Jack rolled his eyes. "What? Something wrong with Nathan being here?" he questioned.

"Nathan?" questioned Jo.

"It is my name, Deputy Lupo," said Nathan with a smug smile.

"Hey… it's Eureka. Anything's possible," Zoe spoke with a playful grin as Lucas walked from the bathroom and joined her on the floor.

"But Nathan and Carter getting along? That's far-fetched even for Eureka!" Allison said, smiling.

Jack just shrugged. "Who said we were getting along?" He immediately turned to Stark. "You ever remember saying that?"

"Nope," he answered nonchalantly.

"That's what I thought," said Carter as they tapped their beer bottles, taking a swig.

Allison laughed. "Home sweet home," she muttered.

Zoe just shrugged. "Welcome to Eureka!"

Jack and Nathan shared a brief look before they focused on the game. Yup, things were finally going to be okay… of that Jack Carter was sure… just as long as he stayed far away from wormhole experiments!

The End