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Party Night

My life was just about perfect! My mom had gotten remarried to Phil and now she was pregnant! Although Charlie wasn't with us anymore, it was nice to have a fatherly figure around again, and now I wasn't going to be an only child!

Charlie had died when I was 9 years old. He was driving home when a truck side swept him. We don't like to think about it anymore though; we just focused on the best memories. After a brutal year of mourning, Phil came into our lives. Mom fell in love not long after.

Not only was life at home perfect, but school was great too! I had many friends, though I only really hung out with a few. I could always rely on them and I loved them more than anything! But, a boyfriend wasn't in the picture yet. My last relationship ended about 2 months ago when Jacob Black cheated on me. Soon after, he moved to a small town in Washington. Forks I think it was called. It was hard, but my friends helped me through it. I was enjoying the single life.

My grades stayed pretty high, getting A's and B's. With junior year nearly halfway over and senior year being next, I worked harder than I did last year. Speaking of school, it was time to go. I quickly got into my Nissan Altima and drove to school.


"Bella! Oh my ga! You won't believe what just happened to me!"

"Nice to see you too Alice." I was used to this kind of hello from Alice, but they were still annoying.

"Jasper just asked me out!"

"You're right, I can't believe it. Alice! He has a girlfriend!"

"Not anymore, he broke up with her about 2 weeks ago. Just found out. He came up to me and asked if I wanted to go out to eat this weekend."

"Wow, Alice Jane didn't know about something for 2 whole weeks!"

"Yeah, I'm glad to see you're happy for me, and don't ever say my last name again!" Alice always hated her last name. She also always knew everything, and I still had no idea how she found out about stuff.

"You know I'm happy for you, Alice. Speaking of the devil, look whose coming!" Jasper was making his over to us with a small smile stuck on his face. "What up, Jasper!"

"Hello Bella. May I walk you to class Alice?"

"Sure! Se you later Bella." They walked away into the crowd leaving me alone. Wow I feel loved. I decided to head to class myself. I walked into English class, only to see Rosalie already there.

"Wow, the first to class, that's new." Rosalie was always the last.

"Yeah, whatever. We're going to the annual party tonight!"

"Really? Wow, that's um great."

"You're making this really hard to enjoy, Bella." The school throws this huge party every year for the juniors and seniors. I don't do dancing so I wasn't so thrilled about going. "Don't even think about skipping it! You're going and that's final." Great. The class started pouring in. Alice was in this class too. She took her seat in front of me and Rosalie sat beside me.

"You're coming over before the party so we can get you ready." Alice always had to get me ready for everything. Annoying but she always did great.


"Alice! There is no way I'm wearing this!"

"Oh yes you are! It looks hot on you; the guys won't be able to keep their hands off you!"

"That's kind of a bad thing for me!" Only Alice. She had me in skin tight, low-ride jeans, they would be shorts but the weather was cold at this time of year. I had on a shirt that showed about 3 inches of midriff that tied around my neck. She would have put me in a tube top, but I refused. I had on 2 inch heels that I knew I would fall in.

"Come on, Bella. You've refused like 100 outfits! You will wear this and like it!"

"Fine, but when we get to the party, the heels come off!"

"That's probably what will happen to me so I won't complain." Alice dragged me out of the chair and to the car. The ride to the building where the party was being held wasn't long. The school wasn't big enough so it was always held at this "club". It was where a lot of parties were held. There were already a bunch of people there. Jasper and Rosalie met us when we got out of the car.

"This party is going to be great!" Rosalie's excitement could actually match Alice's for once. Jasper was still laid back, as usual. "You don't seem to excited Bella."

"Parties aren't my thing." His face turned to confusion.

"So why are you here?" I pointed to Alice and Rosalie and his face turned to understanding.

"Okay guys! Let's go in!" Alice grabbed my hand a dragged me into the building. All three of our jaws dropped. There were streamers everywhere; every color was shining along with a few strobe lights. There was an amazing band playing Dance Dance by Fall out Boys. There were many refreshments against the wall along with punch. There wasn't a chair in sight like prom has. This wasn't a sit down party. Balloons covered the floor AND ceiling. People had silly string and it covered the decoration.

"Whoa! This party rocks!" It was hard to hear Alice over the music. In The End by Linkin Park started playing now. I had to admit, I think that even I would love tonight. Hard to believe a school threw this party. Alice pulled Jasper toward the dance floor. "See you guys!"

Rosalie leaned over to me. "I'm asking him to dance!" She yelled pointing to a very muscular guy.

"Sure, have fun." I was left standing here by myself. This is why I hated parties!

"Want to dance, beautiful?" I turned around to see Jason Cain. He was pretty hot, but a total player. I decided it was better than just standing here. "Sure."

We walked toward the dance floor. I let my hips sway to the beat, hands in the air. He put his hands on my hips. The next song started, Train by 3 Doors Down. We danced for what seemed like hours. The song stopped as the band went on a break and a DJ stepped on stage. I decided this was a good time to catch a break. I pulled Jason out of the crowd with me.

He leaned in a little "You're a pretty good dancer!"

"Thanks, you're not so bad yourself."

"Love that shirt on you." Wow, awkward! What he really meant was, 'That shirt would look better off of you'. Every girl knew that.

"Um, yeah. Thanks I guess."

"I'll get you some punch." He walked off and Alice and Jasper walked over, panting.

"Oh! Look who's enjoying themselves at a party!"

"Don't get used to it, Alice. Jason isn't exactly who I want to be with."

"Don't tell me he 'complemented' your clothes." Alice put extra emphasis on complement.

"As a matter-of-fact, he did."

"Don't dance with him! Next thing, he'll be trying to get you in bed with him!" Jasper laughed a little then tugged on Alice's arm till she followed him to the dance floor just as Jason came back.

"Here's your punch. Why don't we leave this party, it's more peaceful at my place. Plus my parents are out of town."

"I don't think so, Skippy. Look for one of your sluts if you want fun." I headed for the dance floor, leaving him in shock.

"Hey Bella! Want to dance?" Mike was heading my way, better then nothing. I wrapped my hands around his neck and danced to Flavor of the Week by American Hi-Fi.

"Alice! I'm heading home."

"Take my car, Jasper's riding me home. You're staying at my house tonight."

"Later." I headed for the bathroom. I had drunken way too much punch. In the bathroom, I saw how bad I looked. My curls had fallen out; my makeup was smeared from the sweat, which was clearly visible on my face. Dancing does a lot to me. I laughed a little as I realized that Technologic played. I walked out and headed for Alice's car. It took a while to find it, even though it stands out in the crowd of cars. I wasn't really paying attention. I tied my hair into a pony tail and was trying to wipe of my makeup when I ran into someone.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying-" I stopped when I realized who I had run into. I stared into the eyes of a drunk Jason. "Ah, you again."

"Hey, hottie! Let's dump this stupid party and head to my house!"

"Look Jason, I told you, I'm not sleeping with you. So goodbye." I walked by him but he grabbed my arm and slammed me against one of the cars.

"Shut up. You don't know what you're saying. You'll change your mind." He crushed his lips to mine. I tried to push him off but he was stronger than me. I tried to yell. "Ge off mmm!" That was all I could manage. I could taste the liquor. He forced his tongue into my mouth. I kicked him in the groin and tried to run for it but he as he fell he grabbed my leg and I went down with him. A minute later, he was on top of me, keeping me pinned down. He reached for my shirt. The only thing I could do was scream. "GET OFF ME! HELP! SOMEONE!"

"Shut up!" he put his lips to mine once again. I pushed his face away and quickly punched him. It only made him madder. He grabbed something from behind him. He swung his arm and blackness surrounded me.

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