Requiem for a Dream – Orchestra version (6:34) Clint Mansell

She knew what had to be done. There was no doubt in her mind. They saved her so many months ago. Now she must save them, save her family. Simon, Inara, Zoe, Kaylee, Jayne.

Her Captain.

Now it was her turn.

"My turn."

She ran towards the fray, legs pumping hard beneath her, carrying her to the chaos waiting. She would not go quietly into the night. She would not let them, her family go quietly in the night.

She would fight for them. She would do what she had been trained to do, but would do it on her terms, for her own people.

One, two, three. Then she must jump. It had to be perfect or they might all die. She sized up the opening as she ran and then she was there.

In the middle. In the chaos.

Simon's bag.

Close the door.

Now fight.

One, two, three. Turn, fight, twirl, down, metal clashing against metal, flesh tearing. Blood pouring.

Her opponents were tangled and snarling, no doubt thirsty for the taste of her flesh. But they would not get it. No, she would fight. This is what she did, after all. This was what they trained her for.

They trained her to kill.

So now she did, but on her own terms. For her own life. For their life. For her family. Now and always, she would fight for them and not her creators.

One, two, three. Chaos chosen. Chaos vanquished.

Doors open.

They are safe until the uniforms come. She will kill the uniforms, for the sake of her family. They will not be caught. Not by the chaos, not by the order. They will live their life free.

"Stand down."

Must she? Her Captain is there, before her.

"Stand down."

She sees his eyes. She sees his fear. She is not his fear. She will not be his fear. And so she relaxes.

She looks at him and he looks at her. There is no fear. There is only family.

Her family is safe.