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Chapter 4: The Explosion

Pain. Of everything around him, pain was the first thing Tony noticed. He opened his eyes very slowly. The cabin of a plane. Tony blinked, and noticed that it was the cabin of Air Force One.

A soft moan sounded from his right. Tony's eyes immediately searched for the source of the sound. Tony slowly crawled over, "Jimmy?" He asked softly, placing his hand on the younger man's shoulder.

"Agent DiNozzo?" Jimmy asked, opening his eyes, and finding the worried agent's hovering over him.

"Tony," He corrected absently, "You know what happened?"

Jimmy shook his head, and then winced. Maybe moving his head wasn't the smartest idea. Tony's hand didn't move from his shoulder, "What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Agent McGee, Officer David and I were sent out here to find out what happened to you, and get the President back to DC," Jimmy explained.

"Ziva, and McGeek? Where are they?" Tony asked sharply.

Jimmy pointed to the part of the room Tony hadn't looked yet. The unconscious forms of the other two lay slumped on the floor. Tony hurried over, and checked each one's pulse. Both were strong and steady.


"Any word from Jimmy and the others?" Ducky asked, concerned.

Gibbs shook his head. "None. I think it's time I went out there," Gibbs said slowly.

"I'm going with you," Ducky said firmly. Gibbs nodded, and together they left Autopsy.


McGee and Ziva woke around the same time. The four spent the better part of 6 hours searching for a way out.


Mrs Mallard and the younger woman sat together at a coffee shop, plotting the assassination of the President. Finally, as they left, Mrs Mallard took her purse, and hit the other woman on the back of the head. She proceeded to drag the body to a back alley, and beat her to death. She didn't play that.


Gibbs and Ducky landed. Gibbs immediately went and got the President on a plane to DC. Air Force One remained in the Chicago airport. The pair saw Mrs Mallard walking toward Air Force One. They hurried to catch up with her.


Tony struck the wall with his fist. Almost 7 hours and they still had no way out.


As Gibbs and Ducky turned the corner, they saw Mrs Mallard step into Air Force One. The next thing they knew was a bright flash and a loud noise. All the planes, and the hanger of Air Force One exploded in a huge fireball.


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