LAPD: Attention all units there is a hostage situation at the bank.

Carter: I'll be there.

Lee: Me too.

Carter: O.K. we'll go right after I finish my nachos.

Lee: Carter, someone can die!

Carter: Yeah someone can die and I can die too I'm starving.

Fine Lee we'll go. You go to the bank ,and I go to the dream of

digestion of nachos.

Lee: Carter, if you don't take me I'll go myself.

Carter: You'll never make it it's on the other side of town.

(Lee walked out very happily ,and then there was a sound of

Carters' car. Carter checked his pockets and his keys were gone.

Carter ran outside and saw that his car was already down the

street .)

Carter: Lee you better come back here!

Dang it ,Lee, you better bring it back in one piece.