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Title: Lost in a Sea of Harmony
Rating: PG-13/T
Summary: A series of drabbles/shorts centered around the Harry/Hermione ship.
Prompt: Study (42)


Despite what Hermione said, Harry Potter studied, but instead of studying books like she wanted him to, he studied her. Her favorite color was blue, and even though she quoted Hogwarts: A History more often than he could count, her favorite book was actually a Muggle Novel, Pride & Prejudice. Her eyes were brown, like coffee, which was her drink of choice in the morning, especially after she stayed up all night studying or sewing hats for the House Elves.

Hermione bit her nails when she was nervous, which explained why her nails were never as long as Lavender or Parvati's. Sometimes, she would bite her lower lip when she was in deep concentration or when she was torn on a decision. She would tap her feet or drum her fingers when she was impatient, which was more often than not when she was waiting for him or Ron. Hermione was always punctual, except for when she lost herself in her books in the library.

Hermione also wasn't a fan of public displays of affection, and she would scowl whenever she passed a couple brazenly kissing one another where all could see. She was a hopeless romantic at heart though, if her love of all things Austen gave any indication, and she got a certain sparkle in her eyes when she tried to explain to him and Ron the wonders of Mr. Darcy.

So when Harry decided to put his studying skills to the test, he went to the library, her favorite place, and pulled her aside and kissed her. It tasted of coffee and when they pulled away, her eyes sparkled like diamonds.


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