« Owen, are you sure these DNA samples have been analyzed correctly. »

« Of course I'm sure, what's the problem. »

« I can't integrate them into the matrix. Says the DNA substructures are incorrect. »

« Send me the reading... »

Ianto storms into the hub looking murderous.

« Owen!! What's this? »

« I wouldn't know Ianto. You tell me »

« It's a case file Owen. Guess for which creature. »

« Oh ..turning it into a quiz are you?? OK. Let me guess then... I have no idea. »

« It's the file your wrote about the kreznog »

« Right, the slimy buggers. I remember them, it took two days to clean the autopsy table. »

« Yeah, I would know, as it's me who did all the cleaning. »

« Oh right ..So what's your problem exactly? »

« You filed it under T!! Kreznog does not start with a T. »

« 'The' starts with a T »

« Owen!! Do you have any idea how many cabinets I'd need to reorganize if we start filing everything under 'The' »

« Well, knowing you, you already did the math. »

« Well ...yes I have actually, 148 cabinets it would cost me 7 days and 6 hours!! »

« Ok! Bloody calm down will you!! Next time I'll.. »

« NO!! There'll be no next time, as of now you'll put your files on my desk when you're through and I'll file them !!»

Ianto leaves the hub obviously happy with the way things went.

Tosh throws Owen a disapproving look.

« you did that on purpose didn't you »

« Yep, any idea how I can get him to do my laundry? »