"No but honestly, what did you give him?"

"Some alien uppers I tested on rats last week. They didn't react in the same way tough; they just seemed happy and relaxed."

"I think that's just how I'd describe Ianto at the moment, happy and relaxed."

Jack had a hard time concentrating as Ianto was rubbing his hips against the railing of the stairs in a casual, albeit wanton way.

Suzie and Tosh had gone home because Jack wanted to spare Ianto the embarrassment later on but Owen needed to stay, just in case things went terribly wrong and Ianto had to be sedated or confined to the vaults.

For once Owen had wanted to do good. Ianto had been so uptight and stressed the last few days that slipping some drips in his coffee had seemed like a good Idea.

He'd never expected Ianto to go all sexy-dans-queen on them.

Jack caught Ianto's tie, apparently dancing wasn't the only thing on Ianto's mind as he was positively unbuttoning his shirt. All this while doing some impressive moves.

"God he's flexible…"

"Jack you're drooling."

"No but really, can you bend backwards that far? You'd think he does this every day."

Owen just rolled his eyes then jumped to catch Ianto's shoe before it knocked over his computer screen.

Jack was grinning broadly.

"I can't believe there's a half naked, drugged, young Welshman at the hub and I'm not going to take advantage of the situation. I must be getting old."

"Or you're growing morals."

Jack thought about that for a minute. Nah, getting old it was.

"So you think he'll go full Monty?" Owen tried not to look because Ianto pulling down his pants while wiggling his ass in their direction was downright perturbing.

Jack didn't seem to have the same reservation as he kept his eyes steadily on the young men.

"Ianto? No…He's to well bred to do anything… wow!! Not that well bred apparently."

Owen turned round in time to see Ianto's shorts land on his keyboard.

"Now that is gross! Jack I want a new keyboard !! NOW!!"

Jack just smiled and Owen was almost certain Jack wetted his lips. Of all things he hoped to achieve by drugging Ianto, arousing Jack wasn't one of them.

"Ok, big boss. You go to your Office and you don't come out of there unless I call you." Owen shoved Jack towards his office door. "This is embarrassing. Not only do I have to deal with 'mister happy puppy' there" he said pointing at Ianto "but also make sure 'mister horny boss' doesn't get his hands on him."

Jack pouted but went into his office. Before he closed the door he reminded Owen of the obvious consequence of his action.

"Ianto will kill you for this."

"Yeah about that… I was thinking. You know with Ianto being… well Ianto, maybe, for the poor bloke's sake..."

"Retcon and deleted CCTV footage?" Jack nodded.

Owen breathed a sigh of relief.

"And Owen! Call me when he sings 'like a virgin' again, I loved what he did to that chair…"