Chapter 3



Earth September 1985

Jack O'neill brushed aside a lock of dark blonde hair from his four year old son's sleeping head. He'd been called in to the base for a last minute briefing. Covert ops were difficult on the family life, but luckily his family was very supportive. Taking one last look at his son, he moved to leave the room. There in the doorway was his wife.

Arms folded, she gave an unreadable look at her uniformed husband, and she moved down the hall. Following her, Jack quietly shut the door to his son's room. Taking her in his arms he gently kissed the top of her head.

"I don't want you to go, Jack. I have a bad feeling." She snuggled tightly to his chest.

"Don't worry, it's a routine operation, and I'll be back in a week or two. I'll even be here in time to meet your cousin." Jack reassured her, moved down the stairs, and grabbed his duffle.

"What was her name again? Nancy ?"

"Narcissa, dear, and she is very interested in meeting you and Charlie. You'll have to be on your best behavior when you get back." She wondered why her younger cousin could possibly want to meet her family after the last few years of no contact. Sarah couldn't simply refuse to see her though.

"I'll be good around your posh English family. Don't worry about a thing." Kissing her soundly he made his way to the jeep parked at the curb.

Two weeks later she opened the door to find an Air Force official. Her husband was trapped behind enemy lines, and she'd be kept apprised of the situation. Not a day later the distant cousin made her appearance.

Consoling Sarah was a masterful act. Meeting the child was of more concern to the wife of Lucious Malfoy. Watching the boy play in the drab little yard, Narcissa could hardly stand the suburban atmosphere.

"Dobby." Shortly after she spoke a young wide eyed elf appeared next to her on the back porch.

"What Dobby do for Mistress?" Asked the poor, cowering being of his owner.

"You will keep watch on both my son and this child.. Alert me the moment either exhibits enough magic to use a wand. Is that clear?" She did not take her gaze from the boy playing with a muggle toy.

"Yes, Mistress, Dobby be doing."

'They are a close enough match. Some careful blood rituals…' Moving to sit on a surprisingly comfortable lawn chair she enjoyed the crisper air of the clear afternoon sky. England could be so murky at times.

Elsewhere in the galaxy.

Loki, respected Asgard Scientist and loose cannon among his people, was worried. Each of the children brought to the ship from the planet's surface were still unconscious. The scans of the additional children were fascinating if troublesome. Each had been altered in minor ways and yet all bore enough genetic similarities to be considered immediate family.

Pulling up various segments of DNA for closer analysis, the geneticist made a startling discovery. Comparing them to the baseline genetic model stored in the computer, he found the same, if not as dominant, markers.

"Well, it seems my work will soon be taking a different direction." Five images accompanied the DNA models. Examples of the four alliance races, Jörmungandr's, and the average human genome appeared. Hidden in plain sight were aspects from each of the great races combined in the human sequence. Jörmungandr's held roughly two thirds Alteran and basic attributes of the Nox, Asgard, and the Furlings.

Only now that the Furling on the surface had taken an interest did these genetic sequences show themselves against the rest. Because each of the individual 'clones' had different sequences placed in dominant forms.

Each would have some aspect of the dominant race involved in their physiological development. In one form or another these six were unique, and yet connected by blood.

The Nox had mental powers, the Furling physical adaptability, the Asgard mental processing speed, and the Alteran information storage. Being related to the Nox proved a potential to develop telekinesis, and similar powers.

Furlings held biological nanites throughout their systems allowing for amazing physiological alterations.

The Asgard, before the common use of cloning, had an incredibly short lifespan and developed the ability to learn at a prodigious rate. When your existence was based on a lifespan of fifteen earth years developments were pushed to occur at greater speeds.

The ancient and formidable Alterans had come from another distant galaxy bringing only a tenuous link with those they left behind. The Alterans could, theoretically, hold the entirety of the Asgard collected information using only five percent of their mental storage capabilities.

This was why Ancient Databases, scattered across the galaxy, were designed to simply download one mass of information into an individual's mind. The databases were periodically updated to pass to the next generation at their maturation.

None but an Alteran could make true use of the Databases… Until this point that is. As long as one of the children held the gene to activate the Ancient technology there shouldn't be a hindrance.

'Though what has the Furling done to you that prevents your awakening?' Loki contemplated all of these thoughts with unease as the children remained asleep.

Deep within the children's minds many events were taking place.

Jörmungandr was learning about the Earth, as a passenger, through the disassociated memories of one Tom Marvolo Riddle.

Each child was having unique memories develop. Distinct personalities were forming with a personality based on Jörmungandr's early personality with different experiences. Each had been given memories from children based from different species perspectives.

Most memories would fade with time, but these were carefully being integrated for retrieval in each host mind.

However, twelve magical months of memories involving Harry James Potter, his parents, God Father, and Uncle Moony were the foundation of all the growing personas.


On a distant planet in a Trinary star system the large, serpentine form of a Furling was basking in the energy provided from the three stars. Even as internally hundreds of cellular adjustments were made to its biological structure.

Deep within its system a new organ was being constructed based on a mutation found in the most recent biological samples.

'An organic, subspace energy collector, and associated energy circulatory system. Such an interesting developmental mutation.'

Neither quite in phase with normal matter, yet, allowing for energy manipulation at an instinctual level.' Settling in for a long, patient, reconstruction the ancient serpent rested, and waited for its time to shed the current form for the last it would ever take.

To Be Continued…