Revenge of GUILT

by Naglfar

(an: this is a request by HMJoeVX423 for a trauma center story about his guilt! you will find out mroe!!)

dereke stiles was a MASTER SURGEON who knew how to treat the GUILT. one day there was a patiant named sam tennerman and he had guilt. his guilt was very advanced and only DEREK could treat it!

"i will ahve to operate immediately!" said derek and he put on some gloves and a mask and said "lets begin the operation!!"

"but shouldnt we do this in an operating room" said aptient and then angie hit him in the head with a hammer and he wa sknocked out

"thank you nerse" said derek and hegot his scapel and cut the guy open.

"i have never seen this type of guilt before!!" exclaim angie

"this is new guilt DARK EVIL" said derekk "victor told me. we must treat it with SUDNLIGHT!!"

"but we do not have the sunlight!" said angie.

"so we will TAKE HIM SOUTSIDE" sa derek and they move him and a stretched outside and operate on grass.

"she the DARK EVIL is wekening!" said derek triumphantlay.

'no it si EVOLVING!!" and then dark evil became DOOM EVIL and it spread to the heart

"dammit victor lied!" said derek. "we need to LASER!!"

"but we need mroe laser then a pen one..." said angie. and thend erek had an idea

"lets go to an ALSER LIGHT SHOW!" said derek and then angie went to go find the nearest one it was at chapmans theatre is la.

"ill drive you there derek!" said dr. cvhase hwo caem out of the wall and went to his car.

"ther eis not time to loose!" and they sped to the theatre. then suddenly they were chased by cops!"

"dammit i am going too fast!!" and chase went to go even faster! the cops went faster too and there was now a high speed chase! but then the cops stopped for donuts and got blowd up by meteorites and derek gotted to the alser light show. then they bought tickets and went in andthy stuck him on the ceilnig with silly putty and THE LASERS HURT DOOM EVIL!!

"its working!'s aid derek!" but then doom evil evolve again into DOOMEKELIA THE GOD OF DEATH and it got BIG and grabbed angie!!

"derek help!!" yelled angie and derek drew his sword and slashed at DOOMEKELIA until it died. then the patient was saved!!

"ncie operation" said angie and they kissed.


DOOMEKELIA was not really guilt but and EVIL DEMON living inside the patient and derek saved the word from evil.

sadly the patiune had bad head trauma and derek enver fixed it and so he had to read backwards from now on.


(an: good story huh? please read and review; i may do a sequal about doomeklias brother austin)